Stripper Mom Unretires Pt. 02

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This may be getting a bit boring for some of you. It does kind of get a bit repetitive after a while, but I have three other stories that are significantly different that I am simultaneously working on. Every so often, I just need a break and put together something that is fun and lazy to write. There are three chapters to this story. Unlike all my other multi part stories, I held off on submitting any of them until all three were complete. As I said, I currently have three other stories in the works, as well as an idea about a fourth.

Standard crap: I self-edit, so don’t bother commenting about using an editor. This is fiction, so don’t bother commenting about it being unrealistic and would never happen. This may come as a surprise to some of you, but there is ‘incest’ in this story. That is probably why I submitted it into the Incest category. Yes, I have had comments because a few people were offended about a story containing incest WHEN IT WAS PUBLISHED IN THE INCEST CATEGORY! I swear, the quantity of stupidity in the universe is rising. All characters are over the age of 18.

There is also a very small part that discusses rape in the first chapter, and it is mentioned a bit throughout the entire story. I rewrote the intro do this three times based on how the story went. This was supposed to be a simple single part story that was open to additional episodes. Instead, I plowed through a second part and rewrote the into to include that. Then, Chapter three took off. I thought that I could finish with that and included that in the intro. Chapter three is done, and I started Chapter four. I really have no fucking idea where this is now going. Buckle up, this going to be a wild ride.

Incest, Group Sex, Non-graphic discussion of rape, 6+M/F, 10+F/F, BDSM, Pierced nipples, Pierced Clit, Mental Illness, Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), Reluctance?, Mature, Mother/son, Mother/daughter, Aunt/Niece….Fuck it — There’s pretty much everything in here except explicit interracial, Gay Male and Transgender, although who know at this point.

FYI, the mental illness and Multiple Personalities don’t start until the third part.

PT 1 — 6+M/F, Mom/Son

Pt 2 — Lesbian F+/F, M/D, BDSM

Pt 3 — Mental Illness, MPD

Pt 4 — I have no fucking idea what is going to happen here. I guess we will all be surprised.

End of Part 1:

Liz came home an hour later, and life got back to normal. I was confident that my secret was safe, because they were all really good guys and they knew how bad it could hurt me — professionally as well as socially — if word ever got out. Candi Sweet was retired again. Things were back to normal and life was good.

For about a month.

Part 2 — The return of Candi Sweet.

The fingers were removed, then a slicked-up cock was slowly pushed in. I continued my head work on the cock in my mouth, but the cock in my pussy stopped all movement as the cock in my ass was being inserted. Eventually, the cock bottomed out in my ass and stayed motionless for a minute to let me adjust to it. I let off like a nuclear bomb when both cocks below began thrusting in and out in unison. I felt the cock in my mouth getting close, so I slowed down my efforts. I wanted to see if I could get them all to go off simultaneously. I began thrusting back with the cocks in my lower regions. Soon, they were pounding into me, and I was thrusting back. I sped up on the cock in my mouth. No, it wasn’t at the same time. It was close though. The one in my pussy had a head start and blew off first. The one in my mouth was half a second behind. My orgasm triggered the one in my ass. That just shot me higher.

Unseen by those inside the house, a lone figure walked away from the window and entered their car. Without using headlights that might attract attention from someone inside the house, the car slowly exited the driveway and left the property. It wasn’t until the car was turning onto the main road before the headlight came on. An evil grin came to the face of the driver of the car. Yes, this will be fun. All my research can now be put to use.

1-month after the party:

It was a Saturday evening. I was relaxing on the patio with a glass of wine when Liz came out and sat beside me. She had gotten herself a glass of wine as well. We sat there in silence for a few minutes, just taking in the quiet pleasant evening. I had glanced at her a couple of times, and it was obvious that something was on her mind that she was nervous about.

“Just say it, sweetie. You know that whatever it is, I will support you and never stop loving you.” I told her in a loving voice.

She looked over at me and steeled herself. “Mom, I’ve been kind of hiding this for a few years now. I don’t want to hide it anymore, so I decided to just come out with it.”

“Whatever it is, I will be there for you. That’s what parents do.”

“OK, mom. The thing is — I’m gay. I’ve known since I was about fifteen. I’ve never been even the slightest bit attracted to boys, but I have güvenilir bahis been attracted to girls. I also have a girlfriend.” Liz rushed out.

“OK. If that’s who you are, then that’s who you are. Just as long as you’re happy, I’m happy. You love who you love.” God, this was easy. I was concerned that she was going to tell me something horrible where I would need to become her lawyer and defend her in criminal court.

“Seriously? That’s it? No disapproving looks or trying to tell me that this is just a phase?” She asked incredulously.

“What do you want? Do you want me to scream at you? Should I ship you off to another state that still has those awful reprograming camps? I mean, if that’s what will make you happy, but I really don’t think that either one of us would like that. Sweetie, you’re gay. That’s what you are. I’m just happy that you found yourself and are comfortable being yourself.”

“Do you think Keith will freak out?”

“I really don’t see why he would. It isn’t that big of a deal, and I raised both of you to be open minded and tolerant of others. Even if you don’t agree with what someone else believes, they have just as much right to their views as you do.”

“I never realized that you were so liberal, mom.”

“That’s because I’m not a liberal. Have you listened to liberals? They are the most intolerant people in the country. Oh, sure they proclaim tolerance and inclusiveness, but that’s a joke. They tolerate and include you as long as you spout what they believe. If you try to discuss an opposing view, they shout you down and try to suppress your voice. Conservatives will discuss the issues as adults. Look at what happens when a conservative tries to give a speech or hold an event. There are protests, there are lawsuits, liberals sneak into the venue and start screaming to disrupt it. When was the last time that a conservative group did that to a liberal event? Never! Conservatives accept different points of view. It’s the liberals who are narrow minded.”

“Wow. I never thought about that, but you’re right.”

“Anyway, sweetie, all I want is for you to be happy.”

“OK. Thanks mom.” She said with a hug.

“There is one more thing, though.”

“What’s that?” I asked carefully.

“I want to have a ‘Coming Out’ party next Saturday.” She said excitedly.

“Well, I let Keith have a party last month, so I guess it would only be fair to let you have one as well. How many people do you expect?” I asked.

“There should be about ten of us total, and they’re all girls.”

“OK. That shouldn’t be a problem. You need to let Keith know that he should stay with one of his friends for that night too.”

“OK. I’m going to call Julie and let her know. Thanks mom. You’re the best.” She bounced back into the house full of excitement.

‘Oh, to be young again.’ I thought to myself. I really wasn’t concerned about her being a lesbian. After all, I had indulged in some experimentation while in college as well. Sure, I had preferred men, at least until the attack. That put me off of men for several years. With therapy, I was able to overcome it and begin leading a normal life. Yes, I had a few female encounters since college, but most of my sexual adventures were with men over the last decade.

Thinking back, with the exception of what happened last month when I lost all control over myself, I realized that I was always in total control whenever I was with a guy. On the other hand, I always seemed to be submissive when I was with a woman. Why was it that I was so comfortable giving up control to women, but not men? Needing to be in control with men probably a left-over psychological reaction from my attack, while giving up control was probably what would have been normal for me. It was most likely because of my psychological need to release everything after spending all day making the decisions and being in charge. I remembered reading about it recently. People in highly stressful careers that spend all day being the decision makers, sometimes need to release the stress by relinquishing all control and having someone else make all decisions for them in their private life. It sounds plausible, but I’m a lawyer — not a psychologist. This thought process was getting too deep for a pleasant Saturday afternoon. I switched my brain off and relaxed with another glass of wine.

“Hey, mom.” Liz’s voice pulled me out of my doze.

“What’s up, Sweetie?” I yawned.

“Julie wants to really go all out for the party. She wants to hire a stripper. I told her it would probably be OK since you let Keith have one for his party.”

Oh shit! “Uuummm, I really don’t think that’s such a good idea. Besides, wouldn’t it be kind of odd having a party where some guy strips for a lesbian? Seems kind of counterproductive if you know what I mean.”

“Oh, come on, mom. First off, you let Keith have one at his party last month. Second, it would obviously be a female stripper.”

“First off, while I did agree to allow a stripper at that party, türkçe bahis you know damned good and well that she never actually showed up. Therefore, saying no this time is a moot point because neither one of you would have a stripper at a party. Second, female strippers typically only do parties for guys. I really don’t think that you will find a female stripper who would be acceptable that would agree to do a lesbian party.”

“It’s not my fault that Keith’s stripper couldn’t make it. The fact is that you gave him permission to have one, and he would have had a stripper here if her ex-boyfriend hadn’t beaten the crap out of her just as she was leaving to come here. Julie also knows of a female stripper that will do the party, and I’m positive that she will be perfectly acceptable to you.”

Oh, what the hell. What’s the worst that could happen. I would check her out, just like I did the last one.

“Fine. I need all her information. Names — real and stage, agency, and contact info.”

“OK. Thanks, mom. I’ll have Julie get you all the info as soon as she books her.”

I poured another glass of wine and got back to some serious relaxing. That lasted for about another hour.

“Hey, mom.”

“Hey. How’s the party planning going?”

“That’s something I need to talk to you about.”

“Sure. What’s up?”

“It’s about the stripper. I need to discuss that with you.”

“What is it? I you told me that I would have no issue with her, so what’s the problem?”

“OK. Hear me out on this. I know exactly who I want, and I know that she is available. I talked to Julie, and she has no idea who this girl is, but I do know her. Julie insists that I am the one to contact her and get her set up.”

“OK. I’m still not seeing an issue here. Do you want me to check her out before you contact her about the party?”

“No. That’s not it. The thing is that the person I want actually retired from stripping several years ago, but I have it from a very reliable source that she recently unretired.”

An ice ball began to form in my stomach, but I quickly dismissed it. There was no possible way that Liz could know……

“She used to go by the name of Candi Sweet.”

I could feel my world beginning to collapse around me.

“Uuuummm, I would think that it would be much better if you looked at younger girls, since you are only 21. If this person retired several years ago, it sounds like she would be quite a bit older. Wouldn’t you girls prefer someone more your own age?” I still don’t know how I managed to pull that out of my ass.

“Nah., We see girls our own age all the time. I want a MILF for this party.”

“Well, if she is retired, I don’t see how you would be able to hire her.”

“As I already said, mom. I understand that she has recently unretired.”

Fuck. This was getting really bad. I needed more information. No need to panic; so far it seemed that she had only heard about this person. It was highly doubtful that she really knew anything. Besides, it very well could be someone else. I’m sure that Candi Sweet was not a stage name that was exclusive to me. Time to probe for more information.

“So, how did you hear about this woman? If she retired several years ago, it would seem that information on her would not be readily available.”

“Mom. You do remember that I’m a Journalism major, right? Well, one of my classes last semester had a research project that was assigned. The project was to find an old crime and research it. We were to find all of the old articles and news segments on it. We were also encouraged to get police reports and any other information on it. Once the research was completed, we were to discuss the different reporting on the crime, then discuss the different ways that the different articles presented it. The last part of the research paper was to examine the evidence in the police reports and to write up an article as we would do it. I decided to do my article on your attack.”

Oh. My. God! My world just imploded. I was intimately familiar with what was in those police reports. I had gone through them at least a thousand times. That’s not to mention the hours of prepping for the trial by the DA. One shot left.

“Well then, Elizabeth!” She knew that when I used her full name like that and in that tone that I was seriously pissed. “Having researched all of that, you should be well aware that ‘Candi Sweet’ retired from that life the night she was attacked. You should also know that ‘Candi Sweet’ remains retired and needs to be left in the past. More importantly, you must realize the destruction of lives that would occur should ‘Candi Sweet’ ever return. Besides, what makes you think that ‘Candi’ would even be remotely interested in doing a party for girls?”

“Oh, didn’t I mention that we were also encouraged to interview any witnesses to see if there was any other information? I really thought about asking if I could interview you, but I decided against it. I really didn’t want to bring back bad memories, güvenilir bahis siteleri and, since you left a lot of the information out whenever you talked about it, I assumed that you would be embarrassed if we ever found out. Instead, I interviewed someone you worked with that night who went by the name Angel. She told me all about you and that lesbian bachelorette party on your last night. She also talked about how you admitted to her that you swung both ways back then.”

“Candi Sweet is dead! She died the night I was attacked. Do you have any idea what would happen to me if she came back? Do you know what would happen to my reputation? My career? My social life? Candi dies over 20-years ago. I would be ruined if she ever came back.”

“But she already did come back. Didn’t she, mom? Tell me the truth; there actually was a stripper at Keith’s party last month, wasn’t there?”

“The stripper they hired couldn’t make it. You can check the police report to verify that.”

“That wasn’t what I asked. Sure, the original stripper didn’t come out, but that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a stripper at the party anyway.”

Fuck, fuck,fuck.

“You see, mom. The night of the party, I was over at Julies. We decided to go out for the evening. I had left my favorite pair of heels here, so I came back to get them. My plan was to quietly slip in the back door, go to my room, get my shoes, then quietly leave. When I got to the back door, I saw you in the kitchen dressed oddly for the situation. Instead of coming in, I went over to a side window and see what was going on. Imagine my surprise when the music changed, and you strutted into the room, then began dancing and taking your clothes off. I watched the whole thing, well, right up until the gang bang started. Gotta say, mom; seeing them make you orgasm the first time was one of the hottest things I have ever seen.”

“I can’t, Lizzy. I just can’t. I would be destroyed if anyone ever found out. Hell, I would probably ruined if anyone ever found out about my past, and that was over 20-years ago. Stripping now would literally destroy everything that I spent the last 20-years building. Can’t you see that?”

“It didn’t stop you last month for Keith and his friends.”

“That was different. It was a spur of the moment bad decision. I also know and trust everyone there I am confident that none of them will ever breath a word about it. I don’t know your friends, and I can’t be sure that word would never get out.”

“Well, you trust me, mom, and I trust them. They will never say a word afterwards.”

“You’re not going to give me any choice in this, are you?”

“Of course, I am. I love you. I would never dream of forcing you to do something that you really didn’t want to do. What I am doing is taking away all your arguments against doing it. I’m not going to blackmail you or anything. Christ; you’re my mom! Sure, you didn’t actually give birth to me, but you stepped up when I really needed you and raised me as your own daughter. I could never hurt you. I just really want this, and I think that you would enjoy it once you decided to do it. I mean, you did it for Keith, and I just want you to do this for me as well.”

“Not a single syllable about this gets out. Not one single letter. Not a sound. Once it’s over, it will be as if it never happened. I’m serious. This cannot get out, and I don’t want anyone coming to me later trying to blackmail me for anything.”

“You have my word. Besides, I know about some of the people who owe you favors. I’m pretty confident that any attempt to blackmail you will not end well for them.”

Fuck! What the hell have I gotten myself into. Things around the house were about to get very interesting. Yeah, that turned out to be the fucking understatement of the century.

Dinner was uneventful. Keith had returned home, and the three of us sat down and ate as a family. Conversation was normal and about things that we had done that day and were planning on doing the next day. The kids helped clean up after dinner, then we moved to the livingroom to relax for a while until the kids headed off to their evening activities.

Keith was already sitting in one of the recliners watching ESPN. Liz had gotten a glass of wine and sat on the couch. Keith did raise an eyebrow when I poured myself a Jim Beam Honey Bourbon. Usually, I drink wine after dinner. I only hit the hard stuff if I am nervous about something that we are about to discuss. I sat down in the other recliner and began it.

“Keith, I need you to arrange to spend next Saturday night with a friend. Liz has asked to have a party for her friends. She spent the night somewhere else when you had your party, so it is only fair that you do the same for her.”

“OK. So, what is this party for, if I may ask?” he replied.

“No, that’s fine.” Liz responded. “I need to tell you anyway. I told mom this afternoon. I am a lesbian. I also have a girlfriend. The party next Saturday is my coming out party.”

“Cool. No problem then. I’m sure that I would rather be elsewhere anyway. Not that I have an issue with any of that, it’s just that it would be rather uncomfortable being the only guy at a party surrounded by women who want nothing to do with him.”

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