Latte Leads to Sex

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Digital Sin

After a wild 4th of July weekend, there were red plastic cups and disposable silverware littered all over Rachel and her neighbors yard. They both had let the mess accumulate over the weekend and had agreed to clean up as a team. Sunday had finally arrived and it was time for a carafe of coffee and work gloves.

Rachel woke from her hangover slumber and spent an extensive amount of time scrubbing the fuzz from her mouth. She took a quick shower and sprayed some sun screen on her bronze skin. She wiggled her ass into a pair of cotton thongs and short cut off jean shorts that revealed the bottoms of her ass cheeks. Rachel skipped the bra and threw on a loose crop top tank that showed off her firm stomach. The thin fabric hung lightly over her round breasts and did little to hide the peaks of her thick rubbery nipples. She ran down the stairs enjoying the feeling of her tits bouncing freely. Just as she was about to start her coffee maker, there was a knock on the door.

Rachel flung the front door open with her arms wide. It was barely morning but the heat and humidity attacked her like a giant wet towel. Her neighbor was standing outside with a white coffee cup with her name written on the side. His eyes slowly lingered up and down Rachels delicious frame admiring her nips and slender limbs.

“Good morning! Thought you might like a caramel latte with extra whipped cream on top? I ran to the store to get yard bags and gloves.” The neighbor beamed a friendly smile and handed Rachel the special treat.

The neighbor was a 40 year old single man that lived alone. He worked the typical 9-5 job during the week and drank beer on the weekends. He jogged and biked around the neighborhood so he had a lean fit body. Though after years of living next door, Rachel never witnessed him having any girlfriends or even one night stands.

“Awesome, I was just about to make some coffee myself. Come in for a while and enjoy the A/C before we have to take care of the shit outside.” She turned and walked towards the kitchen allowing her curvaceous hips to sway seductively at him. Rachel leaned back placing her bands on the counter and with one big jump, hoisted herself on top of the counter. The neighbor witnessed her big round breasts bounce high enough for her flimsy loose top to show off her under boobs. He felt his member twitch with excitement. She took a sip of her latte and moaned.

“Now this is delicious…,”said Rachel “the perfect way to start the day.”

Just then the morning sun shone through the side kitchen window. The illuminating light making Rachels top virtually transparent accentuating her silhouette for the neighbor. He could make out her hourglass torso and where her full breasts sat nice and high. He sipped his coffee as he imagined cupping Rachels full C tits in his hands and drawing them in towards his face. His thoughts quickly flipping through his mind bringing more blood to his cock, he walked behind the island to hide his growing hard on in his gym shorts.

Rachel opened an app and outreached her arm in preparation for a selfie.

“Come over and take a selfie with me, there’s a super cute filter today!” While motioning for him to come over.

The neighbor stood next to Rachel with one hand behind her me one hand infront bahis firmaları of his groin pushing down on his half mast. Rachel put her arm around his shoulder and hugged his face against her tit, they both smiled and she clicked the perfect selfie. Without saying anything, she placed both her arms around his neck and hugged him tight while leaping off the counter. He was overwhelmed by her aroma that all his senses tingled. His palm gently caressed Rachels lower back while pressing her in close to him making sure she didn’t fall. Rachel didnt pull away and instead allowed the close encounter to linger a bit longer while she felt her nipples rub against the neighbors chest. It had been months since she’s felt the closeness of another mans body. Rachel inhaled a sharp breathe of excitement because she felt her neighbors growing boner rub it’s helmet against her mound.

“I’m sorry, it’s early, I’m hungover…” apologized the neighbor. He flushed and backed away from Rachel.

“It’s ok sweetheart, let’s get this stuff cleaned up so we can relax” replied Rachel understandingly.

The neighbor put on a pair of gloves and handed a pair to Rachel. They went out into the humidity and began gathering empty bottles and cans into the large garbage bags. The neighbor admired Rachel from behind, every time she would bend over to pick up something he was gifted with an up blouse of her gently swaying breasts. The heat had puckered up her Canadian bacon areolas and they puffed against her top. Rachels garbage bag was full so she heaved it to the curb. She pulled the bag backwards, her arms squeezing her big titties together.

“Let me help you with that” offered the neighbor.

He walked swiftly towards Rachel. She stared in amazement at the neighbors shorts. She could make out his thick sausage like penis swinging against the thin gym shorts. His long thick cock was in one leg hole of his shorts, easily 7 inches long. His cock head a portobello sized mound against his thigh. She smiled. He threw the bag away with ease.

Rachel placed her hands on her hips and heads of sweat were drenching her entire body.

“Only the tables to wipe down and were done!” She wiped the sweat from her forehead and placed her hands on her hips. The neighbors eyes burned with excitement admiring the way the loose fabric clung to Rachels puffy nips. Her round breasts now almost a conical shape from her pillowy puffed tips. He felt his thick cock twitch in his shorts. Rachels eyes strained to not look at her neighbors shaft growing in his shorts.

“Where’s the spray bottles?” Asked Rachel?

“In the garage” relied the neighbor.

They both walked into the garage to get the spray bottles and a couple of beers from the fridge. They found the spray bottles but they were empty. The next best option was to fill the car wash bucket with soap and water, so that’s what they did.

Rachel soaped up a big sponge and drizzled soapy water all over the patio tables as her neighbor watched her lean her slender body over the surface. Her flimsy top draping against the wet table tops and exposing the underside of her breasts. He grabbed the hose to spray the tables clean. The handle wasn’t placed on the hose tight enough and ended spraying them both with water.

“Ah kaçak iddaa shit I’m so sorry Rachel” apologized the neighbor as he admired her glistening body.

“It’s not a big deal, were finished anyways.” Said Rachel.

“Come on in, I’ll make us some bloody Mary’s.”

Rachel smiled and followed him into the house. The air conditioner was set very low and this made Rachels nipples instantly erect. Her gum drop nipples were unmissable as they held her top out an inch. She sipped on the strong cocktail and quickly got a buzz. She rested her head in her hand and giggled at her neighbor for no reason.

“You got me drunk, jerk!” Giggled Rachel.

“Oh me, no… you’re just drinking on an empty stomach. Let’s make you something to eat.” He offered while giving Rachel a pleasant smile. He could smell the liquor radiating off Rachel.

“No… I just need to lay down and get these wet clothes off of me! I stink!” Whined Rachel.

She wobbled off the bar stool and the neighbor placed his arm around her back for support. He didn’t have a guest room so he brought her to his bedroom. It was wide and open with a beautiful view of his luscious green backyard. She plopped on to the bed and lifted her hips high in the air unbuttoning her little shorts and wiggling out of them. They were wet and very hard to get off. The neighbor simply stood and stared wide eyed unknowing what he should do. His cock was tenting his shorts now just from the sight of Rachel on his bed.

He reached over her hands and tugged at the shorts and threw them on the floor. His face was close to her little thong and he could smell her scent radiating from her hot pussy. The neighbor got brave and placed his shaky hands against her outer thighs and Rachel smiled.

“More, take off all my clothes” Rachel mewwed as she arched her back at him.

He moved his hands over her stomach and under the hem of the top. He easily removed the top as Rachel arched her back and pushed her tits into the air. He threw the top on the floor as Rachel squeezed her tits with both hands, and pulled on her big juicy nipples. Rachel spread her legs open wrapped her thighs around his. She pulled him in towards her and he caught his fall right above her. The neighbor could smell the alcohol radiating from Rachels sweet breath. He leaned in and kissed her gently. Rachel kissed him back with tenacity. This was the consent he needed to continue on with Rachel. The neighbor continued kissing Rachel while he slipped off his shorts off, his long thick cock released and now throbbing against Rachels skimpy little thong. He skimmed his finger down Rachels hip bone and slipped her underwear off with ease.

The neighbor tried anxiously to insert his thick glands into Rachels pussy but was a little rusty with having sex since it’s been a long time since he’s last been with a woman. Rachel sensed his nervousness and signaled for her to get on top. Rachel sat gently on his thighs and took his cock with both her hands from the base and about an inch of his red cock head was still exposed. She fingered the glistening precum on the tip and put her mouth around his helmet. The neighbors cock was engulfed by Rachels warm mouth as her tits brushed his inner thighs. She sucked on his cock the best she could, kaçak bahis it was difficult to fit the full length of it in her mouth. Rachels wet pussy was literally dripping onto the sheets. She let go of his cock and kissed his torso up to his lips. He caressed Rachels soft skin as she did so and while he was kissing her felt his stiff cock caressing Rachels velvety crevasse. Rachel was gliding her parted labia around the shaft and allowing only the tip to barely enter her hole. She felt his hips raising trying to push his cock to enter further but she would raise her hips again. It was a painfully sexy game she was playing on her neighbor and he was loving it.

The neighbor groped Rachels big round tits and noticed her moans whenever his hands met her nipples. Rachel’s gum drop sized nipples were overly sensitive that she could orgasm from just nipple play. The neighbor brought his thumb and pointed fingers together feeling every bump on her areola to the plateau of her big nipples. There he gave them a gentle squeeze and felt them raise up even further. Though her half inch long nipples were erect, they were still very soft and squishy between his fingers. He rolled Rachel’s tender meats between his fingers and felt her body shiver and her pussy radiating more heat against his thick cock. Rachel lowered her hips and slid her warm pussy over her neighbors thick cock. He released her nipples and she placed her hands on his chest easing the rest of his big cock in her pussy, she clenched down on his cock enjoying how full she felt.

The neighbor thrusted her from below enjoying his view of her perfect tits bounce up and down. Rachel rode his cock nice and slow enjoying every ridge of his pulsating cock. Her pussy felt an orgasm approaching and she wanted it to last. Rachels pussy clenched down on his cock and began producing dizzying waves of orgasmic pulses. Rachel moaned while continuing to grind on the neighbor.

“Ohh ohh…” the neighbor moaned softly and with several grunts exploded his cum into Rachels tight pussy.

Rachel continued grinding her hips on his cock after they both had came. She reached a second orgasm in seconds and leaned over to brace herself. Rachel let out soft moans into his ear. He placed his hands on her soft skin and embraced her while she continued to massage his sensitive cock. The neighbors cock head was now beginning to feel the gentle pain of post orgasm abuse but he was reluctant to put a stop to it. Rachel could feel him wriggling and becoming uncomfortable under her but denied him to escape. She stoped grinding her moist pussy on him and pulled half his cock out so her labia massaged his big purple cock head, she gingerly let the cock head barely enter her pussy hole and continued this game. As she was doing so her tits hung just above the neighbors chest, brushing her big nipples right against his skin. The neighbor thumbed Rachels thick nipples with his thumbs, paying special attention to just the plateaued tips. She slid her pussy back down onto his semi hard cock and pressed down onto it trying to fill herself with as much as possible and along with the nipple play she was able to squeeze one final mini orgasm.

“Ahhhhh” Rachel softly moaned out.

She collapsed on his chest and they both laid motionless for a minute. Some time later Rachel rolled over and fell asleep. The neighbor went and showered himself off and got dressed. Upon returning to his room he smiled to himself knowing he had just fucked his super hot neighbor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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