Emma’s Big Surprise

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Saturday night and Emma, Annie and myself were off to the local pub for dinner.

Emma had come over the previous night for dinner followed by a lovely night together.

The next afternoon she would give me one of her relaxing yoni massages, resulting in a fantastic orgasm. After my massage Emma and me just relaxed chatting and generally having a good time.

I had booked a table at the local pub/restaurant for half seven for the two of us plus our good friend Annie.

Annie drove over just in time for dinner. She was wearing her coral mini dress with the plunging back and neckline that finished almost at her navel, the front just about covering a small part of her breasts. Emma was wearing her lovely blue strappy dress with a tantalizing glimpse of her delightful breasts through the thin material. I chose a red dress, very sheer and tight fitting not leaving a lot to the imagination.

We strolled down the lane to the pub to enjoy our meal, afterwards we sat and chatted finally returning home around nine.

Back home after warming ourselves by the log fire we made our way upstairs to my bedroom.

Clothes maltepe escort discarded we slipped onto my big bed. Emma in the middle, the centre of attention. We both turned to pleasuring her beautiful body, licking and teasing her tits, belly and pussy.

I told Annie to knee over her mouth so that Emma could lick her cunt. I lay between Emma’s legs and licked her cunt and nibbled at her clit. Licking and slurping the girls were getting more and more aroused. Both girls were now moaning louder and louder obviously enjoying every moment. Finally, with a yell Emma and Annie came at virtually the same moment, bodies convulsing involuntarily as Annie collapsed onto Emma body. I joined them as we cuddled for a short while.

Revitalized we started again switching positions this time with Annie at the bottom whilst I knelt astride her and Emma between her legs. Same delightful outcome then finally another switch so that we had all enjoyed each other’s tongues.

I went to my toy cupboard and returned with a silk scarf, wrist and ankle cuffs plus restraining chains.

Cuffs were put on Emma’s wrists I escort maltepe attached the chains and secured them to the wrought iron headboard. With the ankle cuffs on I attached the chains and secured them to the two anchoring points on the bottom of the bed. Emma’s body was spread-eagled and at our disposal. I tied the silk scarf around Emma’s face covering her eyes, so she could not see anything.

Annie and I position ourselves either side of Emma and set about licking her pert breasts. Chewing her nipples, biting them whilst stretching them away from her body.

Then I sensed the door opening and in walked Big Al, black, naked and beautiful. Al with his massive 10″ cock.

I walked over to him as he stood in the centre of the bedroom. Falling to my knees I took his wonderful cock in my mouth. I took it as deep as I could sucking it to its impressive maximum length. Job done I returned to pleasure Emma’s breasts.

Al came over to the bed climbed on and crouched over Emma defenceless body. Emma sensed something was happening but obviously did not know what because of her blindfold.

Al slowly slipped maltepe escort bayan his enormous penis into Emma’s cunt. Emma was perplexed, who is there she asked. Don’t worry darling I said, it’s a friend. Emma to be fair couldn’t resist.

“Oh my god it’s enormous but so wonderful,” said Emma. Al commenced fucking Emma, on and on he went pounding her cunt. Emma was moaning, her body writhing in pleasure. On and on Al went as Emma was nearing orgasm, yelling and screaming.

Finally, she came, her body shaking uncontrollably. Al withdrew and leaned forward kissing Emma gently on the lips.

I untied the scarf from Emma’s eyes, her eyes focused on Al’s still erect cock, “Wow oh wow” Emma said with a big grin on her face.

I undid the restraints from Emma’s wrists and ankles and threw them on the floor. Al slid in between Annie and Emma and we all snuggled up together.

We spent the next few hours having fun with Al and each other, boy does he have staying power. Finally exhausted we collapsed in each other’s arms.

Al decided he couldn’t stay and had to return home, he kissed us all goodnight and slipped out of the bedroom. I popped down with Al to see him out and returned with a bottle of Sancerre and three glasses for us.

Eventually the three of us settled down contented ready to sleep, Emma still with a smile on her beautiful face.

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