Summer Of Discovery Ch. 10

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Summer Of Discovery Ch.10


Mark and Melanie are twin brother and sister. Since the Ferris Wheel/lightning incident a few weeks earlier, they had discovered that they could feel what the other twin was thinking about themselves, and what other people were feeling toward their twin. At least, they could feel sexual thoughts, and they found that they were suddenly very hot for each other. Both seemed to be somewhat normal when they were apart, however, when they were together sex was foremost in their minds. Sheri is Mel’s best friend. Jim is Mark’s best friend. (See “Summer Of Discovery 1-9” for more details of the events leading up to the present.) Enjoy!

Mark had been dating Melanie’s best friend Sheri, and Melanie had began dating Mark’s best friend Jim. By ‘dating’, I mean they had discovered, with their sibling’s help, that the friends had the hots for their sibling. So, even though the twins had come to enjoy sex with each other every day lately, they each had new partners to discover exciting and different ways of getting close. Now, they were home.

Melanie went down to the kitchen to get some breakfast the next morning. Her mom and Tammy were finished already.

“Melanie, what are you doing wearing that?” Betty, the twin’s mom, demanded. “Someone might see you. Don’t you have any modesty?”

“Well, I’m sleeping with Tammy, so she’s seen me already. Mark is my brother, and Dad’s out. Who else can see me?” said Mel. She was dressed only in baby blue satin pajama shorts and a matching satin tank top, and it was obvious there was nothing else under the translucent material.

“Well, OK. Tammy and I were going to town to do some shopping. Do you and Mark want to come too?”

“I don’t think so. We seem to still be a little tired from our trip. You two go ahead. We’ll see you when you get back.” Replied Mel.

“OK, we’re off then. See you this afternoon.”

Melanie started cooking some bacon and eggs, enough for Mark too. Right on cue, when they were done, Mark came into the kitchen, wearing only pajama bottoms.

“I smelled something cooking. Is there enough for me too?” Asked Mark.

“Of course, sweetie. I made enough for both of us. If you hadn’t come, I would have awakened you.” She replied, kissing her brother sweetly on the lips.

“Mmm, thanks. Where are Mom and Tammy?”

“They are off to town to do some shopping. Dad is out in the fields already, so we have the house to ourselves.” Mel said, slipping in next to Mark with two plates of steaming breakfast.

“Eat up. You are going to need your strength.”

As she sat silently eating with one hand, she placed the other hand on Mark’s thigh and rubbed it up and down. Soon, she felt his penis as it was growing from her touch, feeling his manliness.

He also placed a hand on her smooth, bare leg, feeling its comforting warmth under his touch. He felt her soft, yet firm breast pressing into his arm as they sat eating, enjoying being near each other.

“So, tell me what happened with Tammy yesterday. Did she take my hint?” Asked Mel.

“You set that up? You little devil! Well, yes, she came into the bathroom as I was getting out of the shower and stared right at me.”

“You mean, at everything?”

“Everything. She was looking right at my penis.”

“Wow. Cool. Is that all? Did she just look? Did you do anything else?”

“I left, then came back in to catch her playing with herself. We wound up playing with ourselves for a while, then playing with each other, then kinda having sex on my bed.”

“KINDA? You don’t kinda have sex. How was it? Was she good for you?

“OK, she came once on the toilet, but I didn’t. So, she sucked me and we made love. Yes, she’s very good at it, and has a sexy body.”

“Oh, I’m jealous. I mean, I’m happy for you both, but I want you too. It’s been so long since we’ve done it together.” Mel moaned.

“Yeah, that dream the other day was fantastic, where we both thought it was real. But I need the real thing too. And you’re very sexy too, you know? Hey, didn’t you and Jim have some fun in the barn yesterday?”

“Oh, yes, and it was good. But I want you. I need you, Mark.” Mel replied, holding Mark’s thickening shaft in her hand to erase any doubt of her meaning.

“Don’t move!” She said, as she quickly cleared the table and returned to lower herself in front of the seated Mark. She grasped his pajama bottoms by the waistband and pulled them down, over his hips, and past his feet, and tossed them aside. Standing in front of him, she quickly lowered her short PJ bottoms and stood for a few seconds for him to take in her willingness, her readiness. She saw by his hard cock standing up straight in the morning air that he was ready too. Straddling his legs, she lowered her hips down to his head, letting the purple bulb enter into her vagina.

“Ohh, That’s so nice, bro. No one feels as good as you. Take me.” She moaned, sitting down slowly until his entire shaft was inside bahis firmaları her. She hugged him close as they kissed each other, pressing her barely-clothed breasts into his chest.

He lifted her butt with his hands, and pulled her back down onto his shaft, over and over again, relishing the feel of her wet, velvety pussy sliding over it. He reached up under her loose top to caress her firm breasts, her hard nipples that let him know how much she enjoyed his playing with them. She pressed up her bottom with her legs, with her feet on the floor. It was easy and comfortable. She could ride him forever like this. They were in no hurry. No goal. Just enjoying the feeling, loving each other deeply.

“This is so good, sis. We have to do this every day. I miss it so much when we skip a few days, don’t you?”

“Oh, yeah. I’ve wanted you every minute since the last time we did it up at the cabin. But that wasn’t alone. I had to share you then. This is what I needed, just you and me, making love to each other, endlessly.”

They kept at it for a long time, feeling, caressing, kissing, fucking. Her legs got tired and she just sat down on him, rotating her hips to rub her clit on his cock. He sensed her tiredness and picked her up, hands under her butt, and laid her down on the table, never breaking contact. He began pumping her now, at his pace, faster and faster, long strokes, feeling the need to cum. She sensed his need and raced to reach her own climax with him. She wrapped her legs around his butt and waist, pulling him in with every stroke, feeling him stroking her swelling clit each time he moved inside her. It wouldn’t be long now.

She felt his cock swell up inside her and knew he was close. He exploded into her with great force, blasting his cum up deep inside her, over and over. She felt him cumming and let herself go too. She, too, came in big gushes, convulsing and screaming as her body shook under his. He laid on her and hugged her close as the orgasms ended.

“I love you, Sis.”

“I love you, Bro.”

“Well that’s a great way to start the day. I feel so good now. That was just what I needed. Wonder what will happen next?” Mel pondered.

“It was good for me too. I don’t know how we can have these insatiable needs for each other, but I don’t care why we do any more. I hope they never end. Hey, I haven’t seen Sheri for days. I’ll have to see if she’s busy and maybe you, Jim, and the two of us can do something together, like a movie or something.”

“What about Tammy? We may have to take her too.”

“Almost forgot about her. That could be awkward, having her and Sheri together. I feel guilty, like I cheated on Sheri with Tammy. It doesn’t feel like that when I make love with you, because it’s something we can’t control, and she knows about us.” Said Mark.

“You know, I’m sure Tammy will be discrete about it if she wants more of you, and I think she does from what you said about yesterday. And I don’t think it is cheating because you don’t have an emotional tie with Tammy do you? So, it’s just sex with her and besides, she’s family so that makes it OK too.” Reasoned Mel.

“I sure like your reasoning, Mel. You make it sound OK. And, you know, I really couldn’t stop myself with Tammy. A freight train couldn’t have stopped us once we got started. And she actually seduced me, not the other way around. And that’s the lightning’s fault, not mine. You and I can’t stop ourselves from doing these things now.”

“Not that we’d want to stop.” Smiled Mel.

“…Wanna do it again!?” Pleaded Melanie while rotating her hips to entice her brother to give her more.

“How can I say no? And why would I say no? Sure, sis.”

Later that afternoon, when Tammy and their mom had returned from town:

“Hey, Tammy. Mark and I are double dating and wondered if you wanted to come along with us?” Melanie asked to her cousin.

“Now that sounds terrible for you. Why would you want a third wheel along with you?” Tammy wondered.

Mark replied, “You wouldn’t be in the way at all. We’re just going to see a movie at the drive-in.”

“Drive-in? I didn’t think they had those any more.”

“Sure. The old Hwy 39 drive-in over in Jefferson County is still open. And they have a special on Thursday nights where they show “R” rated movies. Don’t worry. You won’t be in the way. We like you and want you to have fun too.”

“Good. It’s on then. Get ready. Wear something cool.” Mel said.

So they were off in the big Ford – plenty or room for everyone, to pick up Jim and Sheri on the way. All three were in the front seat.

“So, Tammy, tell us what college’s like. What’s the wildest thing you’ve done there?” Prodded Mel.

“Well, I assume you mean sexually? I not too wild with that but I’ve seen a lot more than I’ve done. About the wildest thing I ever did was two couples together.” Tammy answered.

“Wow, that sounds wild. What did you four do?” Asked Mel.

“Nothing too outrageous. We just kinda shared each other’s kaçak iddaa date, you know? We were all a little drunk, and it was fun. But at a couple of frat parties, I saw a downright orgy going on. People were doing everything and didn’t seem to mind that others were watching.”

“So that’s what we have to look forward to in college?” Asked Mark. “Sounds like fun.”

“It’s not all fun. School is hard work. Us serious students, and I AM one of those, study very hard and long. Then we really need some time outs to relax and enjoy ourselves before going back to the studies. Yeah, I have some fun. Why not?”

They stopped and picked up Jim. He and Mel climbed into the back seat.

Next, they picked up Mark’s girlfriend, Sheri. Tammy had slid over into the driver’s seat.

“I’ll drive. You two lovers can have more room over there. Hi, Sheri. Nice to meet you. I’m cousin Tammy. Remember me?” Said Tammy. “You’re Mel’s friend, right?

“Hi, Tammy. Yeah, we’re best friends. And Now I’m Mark’s friend too.” She gushed, leaning over to kiss him hello.

Marked sensed Melanie kissing Jim and already rubbing his penis through his pants, even while they were driving down the road.

‘Jeez, Mel,’ thought Mark to her. ‘You can’t even wait until we get there? Didn’t I satisfy you enough this morning?”

‘Oh, yeah, you did. But I love Jim’s cock too, and want to make him happy, ya know?’ Thought Mel back to him. ‘Besides, I can “see” your cock getting bigger as I think about it, so maybe I didn’t satisfy you?’

‘Oh, you did. However, feeling what you’re doing back there, and holding the lovely Sheri in my arms, who wouldn’t get a rise?’

They got to the drive-in and parked in a semi-secluded place. Soon, the movie started and the lights were dimmed. In no time, both couples were kissing and making out. Tammy was aware of the heat being generated. Between that and the sexy movie, she soon wished she had a man for herself. Mark was feeling one of the pretty redhead’s big breasts and rubbing her leg.

“Stop that. Your cousin’s right here. She’ll see us.” Whispered Sheri into Mark’ ear.

“No she won’t. It’s dark. Besides, she’s watching the movie, see? Come on. I’ve missed you.”

“OK, it does feel good. But take it easy.”

‘What are you people doing up there? I sense Tammy thinking about your cock, and she’s envious that it’s not her you are making out with.’ Thought Mel to Mark.

‘Oh, nothing much. It’s a good thing she can’t see what YOU two are doing now. She’d cream in her panties.’ Mark thought back.

Mel had removed Jim’s growing cock from his pants and was slowly stroking it up and down as they watched the movie. It was a pretty good movie, with some sexy scenes in it.

Tammy couldn’t help stealing a glance over at her cousin and his girlfriend now and then. She saw that his hand had loosened a couple of buttons on her top and he had his hand inside, massaging her large, firm breasts. She checked his pants and saw the growing bulge that proved he was getting excited by touching her, and maybe the movie too. All guys like the nudity thing, you know. She remembered how nice it looked to her, and how good it felt inside her when she and Mark had had sex in the bathroom and his bed. What she didn’t know was the images he saw in his mind of what was happening in the backseat with his sister and friend. She sighed and lowered one hand to her own crotch.

After a while, Tammy felt she needed a break, so she exclaimed, “Hey guys, I’m going to the snack bar. Anyone want some popcorn and drinks?”

“Yes, I’ll take one.”

“Sure, bring a couple of bags of popcorn and drinks for all of us if you would, cus?”

The twins wasted no time in escalating their actions. Mark unhooked Sheri’s bra, freeing her breasts to his gaze and hands. She left her blouse on in case she needed to cover up quickly. He felt up her legs to her warm crotch with his other hand until she sighed and gave in to his ministrations.

In the rear seat, Mel had lowered her head to Jim’s “head” and was sucking his cock with fervor. In a while, there was a knock at the rear door of the car, startling them all.

“Hey, someone give me a hand with this stuff.”

It was Tammy, back from the snack bar. Lucky the windows were fogged up. Mel covered up Jim’s cock as best she could and blocked him with her body as she opened the door to help get the goodies from Tammy. She passed some to the front and to Jim as Tammy slid into the rear seat beside Mel, not knowing what she had interrupted.

“Just thought I’d sit back here to eat. There’s more room here, and the two lovers up there can have some privacy.” She grinned.

Mark and Sheri were happy that they had some more privacy now, and Mel was quick to improvise.

“Hey, that’s fine. There’s plenty of room. I’ll just sit in Jim’s lap. You don’t mind, do you, my love?” Asked Mel as she slid up into Jim’s lap discretely so as not to show his condition to Tammy; lifting her skirt in kaçak bahis the rear so as to not block the feel of Jim’s cock. Her back was to him so she could face forward and watch the movie. She felt his hard cock rubbing her pussy through her panties as it pressed up straight between her legs. Mel was very glad she had worn a skirt tonight!

Meanwhile, after eating most of the popcorn and settling into the show, Mark and Sheri had reached a level of excitement where they both had to have more. Sheri unzipped her pants, allowing room for Mark’s hand to move inside and around her panties to touch her clit and pussy. She gave a big sigh as her nipples became rigid under his touch. She finally reached for his cock in his pants and was surprised at how hard it was already. Mark unzipped his pants and lowered them enough for her to grasp and play with his cock. All was good.

Although Tammy felt some movement and heard heavy breathing, she had no idea what was going on, or what was about to happen right next to her.

“Oh, Jim, put it inside me. Pull my panties and let it slide inside me when I raise up.” Whispered Mel to Jim; her body at a fever pitch from his big monster rubbing her clit all this time.

Her pussy was wet and waiting and as she lifted herself up by pulling on the front seat, he reached under and pulled her panties aside. Silently and slowly, she lowered her pussy over his cock, her body giving a shake from the pleasure of it. Without moving, she squeezed it with her pussy muscles, not wanting Tammy to know what was happening.

‘OMG, Mel! I can’t believe you did that! You horny girl! That’s so hot that it made me grow another inch.’ Exclaimed Mark in a thought to his sister, feeling exactly what she was doing. ‘Wow, if Tammy knew what was happening…’

‘Oh, God, it feels good. You have the best friend, you know? Tammy doesn’t know about what I’m doing yet, but the movie is turning her on. And she’s still thinking about your cock, imagining it doing nice things to her. You two must have had a good time the other day. Maybe our pheromones are doing something to her, do you think? Oh, my. Her hand is rubbing her crotch now too.’ Mel thought back.

“Sheri, would you suck me, please? I’ve missed you so much I’m going to burst if I don’t get some relief.” Mark whispered.

Like a dutiful girlfriend, who is also very turned on by Mark’s aura, she moved around and plopped down to gobble up his hard cock, stroking it with her hand too. Mark pressed a finger up her tight, wet pussy as she spread a leg to allow him access.

Jim started rotating his hips up and back to slowly fuck his horny girlfriend without making the car shake too much. He rubbed her pussy and clit under her skirt with his hand, bringing Mel closer and closer to an orgasm with each stroke.

Tammy felt some strange movement now and glanced over to see what was going on. In the dim light, she saw Mel grasping her own breast, and the both of them moving in a way that could only be sexual. She squeezed her hand tightly between her legs and shuddered at the realization of what was going on right beside her, with her own cousin, here in the drive-in. She saw both of their eyes were closed, so she didn’t look away, but wondered if they were really doing it, or just rubbing, as she increased her own pussy rubbing.

‘Mel, Tammy knows now and is trying to get off now too. Don’t stop. I know you are close. Don’t worry about her. Do it for yourself, and for me. I want to feel you come too.’ Mark thought to Mel.

Jim had been hard a long time now, and could wait no longer. He thrust up hard inside Mel and gave up a big blast of cum inside her. Feeling him cumming, her body shook hard and involuntarily as she rode through her own massive orgasm, trying to keep it from Tammy, but without luck, as it was out of her control. Together, he squirted and she shook on top of him until they were finally only breathing hard.

Seeing this, Tammy had her own orgasm, still not fully believing what she was seeing, but being very turned on by it, nonetheless.

Feeling his sister’s big orgasm, Mark let his own sperm erupt into the lovely redhead’s mouth, taking her by surprise. But she never backed off and sucked him dry, swallowing every drop like a pro. She rose up to give him a big kiss with tongue, letting him taste what she had just enjoyed.

“I owe you one, Sheri. Thanks. I won’t forget. That was so good.” Whispered Mark.

The movie ended shortly after and Tammy returned to the driver’s seat just as Mark and Sheri had pulled their clothes back on, but she could tell that more had happened up front than she had seen. Jim and Mel managed to disengage and wipe off their cum before it ruined their clothes. There were smiles all around as they drove back home.

“That was fun. Thanks for inviting me. You guys are nice to be around, for high school kids. I hope I wasn’t in the way too much.” Said Tammy.

“Not at all. We hardly knew you were there. It’s nice having our cool cousin around too. And, hey, we’re not in high school any more. We’re almost in college like you, but for now, we’re having a fun summer and nothing’s going to stop us from that.” Mel exclaimed excitedly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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