The Anniversary-Six Months On Pt. 02

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This story is the fifth part of a six part story, The Anniversary six months on. Pt 1 shouldn’t be far away as they were submitted at the same time. One more to come when the shit hits the fan.

Warning this story contains a married person cheating on their partner so if that offends you best not read on.



The Anniversary- six months on part 2

I sat out on the deck a beer in hand, watching approaching storm clouds boiling behind the ranges to the north of the house. Jenny had gone to her cousins in Sydney to look after their baby while they both worked on the weekend. The kids were having sleepovers at various friends to celebrate the end of term so I was home alone. It gave me a chance to reflect on the six months since the anniversary weekend from hell. After watching my wife take on two black guys and beg for more I went out and got absolutely plastered. I dreamt of all the ways I could get back at her, cheat on her, sell her to a brothel, disfigure her then kick her to the curb. I settled on murdering her and framing those black bastards, then I passed out. I woke on the grass median strip in the middle of the road outside a bar I can’t remember going to.

Still drunk I went back to the hotel , I had no other way of getting home as my wallet was empty and I must have misplaced my credit card on my bender. Seeing Jenny in the lobby dressed up and looking like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth made my blood boil. I gave her a mouthful of abuse taking pleasure in her discomfort from the stares of the other guests in the lobby. I got thumped by the security for my trouble but it was worth it. During the trip home the rage continued inside, I wanted to rip her head off, to rant and rave, to show her some of the hurt she had inflicted on me. My hangover curbed this as my head ached and my stomach heaved, I don’t think I had ever been that drunk before, so I kept my mouth shut and tried to sleep.

Once home I went inside and collected some clothes, Jenny went to get the kids and by the time she got back I was loading up my truck. She hustled the kids inside then ran out to talk to me but I was in no mood to talk. Slamming my door I started the truck with a roar and dropped the clutch, spinning the wheels. The truck lurched sideways, sliding towards Jenny before the tyres gripped and I shot down the drive.

The hurt and the anger lasted a long time, my parents were asking me to explain but I couldn’t. I wanted to tell them what a slut Jenny was, but I didn’t want to show what a wimp I was. I stayed away from the house for two months only coming near when I was checking stock in the front paddock. Dad a I were drafting cattle for market one afternoon when my phone rang. I didn’t look at the caller ID as I was expecting a call from our stock agent. It as Jenny, before I could hang up she asked me to pick up the kids off the school bus. I had missed the kids a lot, but my hatred for Jenny had kept me away. I had said ok then hung up.

The kids jumped off the bus and run into my arms squealing with delight, I started crying as they began excitedly telling me about what had happened to them that day. On the way down the drive my son asked where I had been and whether I was staying home now. I didn’t know what to say so I changed the subject and asked what they wanted for dinner.

Jenny got home as we were sitting down to eat, my youngest looked awful, big dark rings under her eyes and pale complexion. Jenny put her to bed then came out grabbed some dinner and sat down with us. I’d finished so I got up to leave but the kids jumped up and begged for me to put them to bed. I did, reading them a story then snuggling them down into their blankets.

On the way back to the front door I looked into the kitchen, Jenny had cleaned up and was kneeling down her head in the dishwasher doing something. Her arse swayed invitingly in a pair of denim jeans, she looked to have lost a bit of weight. My cock stirred but I continued to the front door, opening it I was about to step through when I thought, fuck it! I hadn’t had sex in two months, hadn’t even masturbated. I closed the door and returned to the kitchen. Jenny was still kneeling down, I moved so I was standing over her. Fishing my cock out of my pants I offered it to her without a word. She looked up at me then raising herself up slightly, she took my dick in her mouth. Jenny sucked on my head then took it out and ran her tongue around it’s edge. I wasn’t interested in teasing I just wanted to fuck that cheating face so I grabbed her hair and pushed my cock back into her mouth and started fucking it. I used her hair as leverage as I stroked in and out going as deep as I could not caring when she gagged. Feeling my orgasm approaching I went even faster then buried myself deep shooting my shots down her throat. Jenny sucked me till I went soft, then I put myself back together and left.

I enjoyed seeing the kids so much I went back each pendik escort night for dinner, a story and the chance to blow my load down Jenny’s throat. I had just finished reading the kids a chapter from Harry Potter on the seventh day when they all gave me a cuddle and asked me if I’d move back in.

“Please Dad! We want you to be here in the morning, mum’s so sad, she needs you too!”

“Look it’s not that simple. I want to be with you but ….. well it’s complicated.”

“No it’s not Dad,” my son replied. “Just stay home!”

I didn’t reply, I got them into bed and kissed them goodnight. Jenny was in the lounge room in an armchair when I came in. She shifted forward in the chair as I moved towards her pulling out my dick. Jenny gave me a long slow head job as I played with her tits then I left again. That night I didn’t sleep much, my kids pleas came to me every time I closed my eyes. I decided I shouldn’t punish my kids so the next morning I packed my bag up and put it in my truck when I left my parents. That night when I walked into the house with my bag the kids went nuts. They dragged me down the hall to the bedroom and my wardrobe, where they pulled my clothes out and put them away.

That night I put them to bed again then came out to the kitchen, Jenny assumed her position on the floor as I approached her. She open my fly and went to work on my cock but tonight I had a different plan. Once I was hard I pulled her to her feet, spinning her round I bent her over the bench. I pulled her pants down then ripped her panties off, kicking her legs apart I stepped up and slip inside a very wet pussy. If I had have known treating her like shit got her wet I might have tried it before. I fucked her hard until I came then showered and slept in the office.

For the next month I took her whenever I pleased, I came home at odd hours during the day and fucked her where she stood. At the washing machine, in the office, in the garden even bent over the toilet. The hatred I felt was feeding me, making me more bitter and twisted. One day as I left the house after I had just fucked Jenny’s arse in the lounge room I stopped at the mirror hanging near the front door. The look on my face scared me! I stared into the face of the person I had become and I didn’t like what I saw. At work that afternoon it continued to haunt me, I didn’t go home for dinner that night. Staying out on the tractor gave me more time to think things through. When I did get home everyone was in bed, I slept in the office again. During the night I realized if this was going to work, if I wanted to truly have my family back then I had to change. I couldn’t let hate rule what I was doing, I had to try and get my relationship with Jenny back to being about love and trust. If I couldn’t do that then we had to end it because as hard as that would be on the kids, if I kept this on this destructive path it would be worse. So the next morning I woke early went to the marital bed where Jenny was sleeping and climbed in behind her.

A clap of thunder aroused me from my thoughts, the storm was moving closer, as the night took over from the dusk it’s anger became more defined. The lighting illuminating the clouds before striking out to touch the ground, followed by the rumbling applause of the thunder. Lights from a cars headlights appeared on our track, blinking through the trees that lined the road. That’s strange I thought, there is only one property past ours on this dead end track and I knew the owner was away. I had rung him to see if we could go shooting that night but he was at his sisters in Melbourne, seven hours away. As the vehicle approached our drive way it slowed at the open gates, it hesitated,then proceeded through. It made its way the five hundred metres to the house pulling up behind my truck, I didn’t recognize the car, it was hard to tell in the failing light but I think it was a European brand. There were no lights on in the house as I sat on the deck so who ever was inside the car was obviously unsure if anyone was home. I went to the side of the house and turned on the outside light, the car door opened and out stepped Jenny’s recently widowed friend Lisa.

* * * * * *

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” I said with a laugh.

“That doesn’t rule much out!” Was Jenny’s reply.

The phone dropped out as I hit the mobile reception black spot. I wondered if Jenny would sleep with her black text friend, we had talked about what had happened six months before a lot. Whenever she spoke about James it was always in that excited little school voice, when referring to Dave there was almost an air of resignation. When we had gone away together for our thirtieth birthdays we hadn’t talked about sex much, in fact Jenny generally avoided the subject all together. That was probably because I had slept with three guys while I was on that holiday, my husband had given me a free pass to enjoy myself on the trip.

The last six months maltepe escort she has been a lot more curious, I wasn’t a slut but I was more experienced than Jenny. Well most people except for nuns were probably more experienced than her. She had asked about size differences, duration, amounts men normally cum, so my guess was if she met up with him then her panties would be hitting the floor. Bitch.

God, I was jealous, I hadn’t had sex in eighteen months. I had never gone that long without sex since I lost my virginity. After my husband was diagnosed with cancer and had had a stem cell transplant he had been placed on a drug which had stopped his body producing testosterone. As a result his sex drive became non existent, we had tried Viagra but it hadn’t been successful. It didn’t matter while he was alive, I was just keen to make sure he was as happy and loved as he could be in what time he had left. His funeral was four months ago and now my thoughts were returning to my own needs. I had had a few offers, Peter’s brother had propositioned me at the wake, classy! Then one of my child’s teachers had offered his services at a parent teacher interview in the school library. He thought that since my husband had been gone for six weeks I would be keen to drop my drawers for him between the bookshelves, wanker. I was going to decide when and where and with whom and as I was driving I had an idea. Jenny was off possibly having a bit on the side and Dave was at home twiddling his thumbs, would he be up for a little frisky fun to help out a troubled widow?

As I drove on I continued to fantasize about it, in many ways Dave would be perfect. He was obviously hooked on Jenny or he would have thrown her out before this, so there would be no chance of him wanting a “relationship”. I just needed a quick roll in the hay not the drama of some lovesick puppy. Well not too quick. Dave wasn’t too bad to look at, from what Jenny said he was a bit on the small side “down there”. That was also a plus when you have gone without for eighteen months. Earlier in my life I had been something of a size queen, Peter, my husband, had the largest penis of any man I had slept with. It had take me three weeks of stretching to finally get him all in. That was great when I was young and in love, but when you been up half the night with a sick child and you finally get to bed only to be groped by your partner with a baseball bat for a dick the novelty wears off. Many a time I wished my man had a pin dick and a hair trigger so I could get some sleep.

Thoughts of my illicit liaison continued throughout my drive home, I would play with various scenarios then dismiss them. I stopped at the bottle shop and picked up a bottle of wine, then went next door to a deli and grabbed some soft cheese, dip and crackers. I still had an hour and a half drive to get home , Dave and Jenny’s was about half way on my route.

I sighed.

“Best to go home,” I said to myself, prompting a stare from a man walking past on the footpath. I didn’t want to get caught up in crap going on between those two.

About twenty kilometres from Dave and Jenny’s I could see the big storm clouds billowing up behind the hills I had to travel through to get home. The lighting looked particularly fierce, I was tired after eight hours of driving that day so my thoughts began to wander back to Dave at home alone. Of course he would have the kids so he wouldn’t be alone, I could just stop in and say hello and wait for the storm to pass. It would be nice to have some adult conversation for a change. So as I approached their turn off I flicked on the indicator and headed up the side road to their farm. I’d forgotten how long and winding it was, the gravel track was cratered with potholes that I had to slow down to negotiate, no wonder they had a four wheel drive. As I finally approached the house it was dark, maybe no one was home. I stopped at the drive way entrance, then proceeded in, reckoning that they might be around the back in the kitchen so that’s why I couldn’t see any lights. I pulled up at the house and found it was completely dark no sign of anyone, it was being illuminated now by numerous flashes of lightening as the storms moved closer. Just as I was about to start the car to continue on my journey home the outside lights came on and I could see Dave’s silhouette standing on the back deck.

Grabbing the wine and cheese from the passenger seat I got out of the car and headed up the path to the deck.

“Hi Lisa, what brings you this way?” Dave was leaning on the rail around the deck, behind him was a table with a few beer cans on top.

“I just dropped off the kids at Peter parents house in Sydney this morning so I’m on my way home. Where’s Jenny?” I asked, “I thought we could have some wine and a chat, I haven’t caught up with you guys since the funeral.” I moved up the steps holding up the bag with the wine and nibbles.

“She’s in Sydney,” he moved back kartal escort towards the table, picking up one of his beers and taking a sip. “Her cousins had a baby and needs a hand this weekend so she can go back to work.”

“Oh right,” Dave seemed awkward, he probably guessed that Jenny had told me about their weekend away. ” Are the kids in bed?” I asked trying to change the subject.

“No, I planned to be sowing some crops this weekend, so Jen organized for them to have the weekend with some friends. Rain today stopped me, and if those storms hit then I’ll probably won’t get a crack at it again this weekend.”

“Yes, those storms look bad, that’s another reason I stopped off. Is it alright if I hang around until they pass? I don’t like driving through storms at night.” To emphasize my point there was another bolt of lightning and peel of thunder close by.

“Sure, take a seat and enjoy the light show. I’ll go and grab a plate for the cheese and a glass.” He turned and headed inside.

I watched as he walked away, he was shorter than my husband had been and a little pudgy around the middle. His shoulder were wide and he had thick arms connected to his barrel chest. His hair was thinning and he wore it cropped short but you could still see the telltale signs of a little bald patch at the back of his head.

He returned to the deck placing a plate and bowl on the table, ” I forgot to ask, red or white?”

“White, but any glass will do. Hell! I’ll drink it out of my shoe if I have to.” He laughed at that and disappeared inside again.

I unpacked the cheese and crackers and put the chips in the bowl, cutting myself some cheese I sat back down. My handbag was on the table, I grabbed it to put it down when I remembered the Viagra packet I had in there. I grabbed it out popped one of he pills out then I cut some more cheese and placed the tablet between the cracker and the cheese. I started laughing as I thought about Dave trying to hide a woodie. He came out of the house carrying a glass that he was drying with a tea towel.

“I got one of the good ones, it was a bit dusty so I gave it a rinse,” he explained as he placed it in front of me. He grabbed the bottle took off the cap and poured me a glass.

“Thats enough! Anymore and I’ll never get back on the road. Here try his cheese, it’s a different brand to what I normally get and I’m not sure I like it.” I passed him the cracker and he took it and put it all in his mouth in one go.

He crunched it then took a swallow of his beer, ” I’m probably the wrong person to ask, I’m a philistine when it comes to cheese. It taste ok except for a weird sort of an aftertaste.”

“Yes, I thought it tasted a bit funny,” I said suppressing a laugh.

We chatted amiably for a while watching the storm, it appeared to have split into two and was going either side of the house but was still putting on a terrific display of power and noise.

“I think it’s going to miss us.” Dave said peering into the darkness between lightning strikes.

“I’d better get my umbrella then, Jenny’s told me about your weather forecasting abilities!”

Almost immediately there were a few big drops of rain falling. I started to reach for the stuff on the table when a big gust of wind arrived scattering Dave’s empty beer cans, the empty bowl and the plate of crackers. We both set off after the stuff as it rolled of the deck onto the grass, we had just rounded it all up when it started to rain in ernest. It was like someone was above us throwing buckets of water from above. By the time we got the stuff inside we were both wet through.

Dave went into the bathroom coming out with a couple of towels he threw one to me, then headed up the hall saying,”I’ll get you something dry to put on.”

He walked back down the hallway carrying an old rugby jumper and a pair of track pants, I was pretty sure I could detect the outline of an erection in his damp pants. He notice the direction of my stare and began blushing furiously, he passed me the clothes then turned and headed back up to his bedroom.

“I’ll just get changed and be back in a minute. Go in to the lounge room and turn on the heater it will be warmer for you to get changed there,” he said as he disappeared into the master bedroom.

I went into the lounge room, turned on the heater and was about to get undressed when I looked at my reflection in one of the windows. My blonde hair was damp and messed up, my shirt was wet and clinging to my boobs, the nipples protruded out despite being encased in a bra. My skirt was also wet and it clung to my legs accentuating the v of my sex. No wonder Dave had a hard on, I looked hot and what’s more, standing there looking at myself and thinking about Dave’s boner, I was getting hotter! I touched my nipples and they responded by getting even harder and sending a thrill straight to my pleasure centre. Fuck it, time to see if I can get laid. I stripped off my clothes but instead of putting on the dry ones, I marched straight up to the bedroom and went inside. Dave was bare chested trying to arrange himself in his underpants and jeans so his erection didn’t show and looked up shocked as I walked into his room, naked.

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