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Holi is a mid-summer colourful festive event in India, when a married woman allows strangers to touch her body on the pretext of applying colour without incurring her husband’s displeasure. This was one such Holi, when I got to taste forbidden pleasures.

Then, I was working for one of India’s largest corporate houses. Since I was working in a factory, there were hardly 3-4 female co-workers. One of the female co-workers happened to be Sreelatha with a dark complexion, not quite pretty but had a voluptuous figure to die for. Gossip mills were grinding about her – some said she was married & hiding her marriage, some said she was a plain bitch & open for copulation. Whatever the truth maybe, the mystery around her was only increasing my desire to fuck her. I regularly masturbated by thinking about her in various places. Only that, I never imagined that it will actually happen without notice.

It’s just like that, that we had become good friends after working together for last 6 months. We had also joined in the same batch of recruitment. And then Holi arrived.

On the day of Holi, as planned my group of friends together set out for our friends & colleagues’ houses to throw some colour on our other friends & colleagues & apply some on each other’s faces. Initially, we had decided to visit only our male colleague’s houses. However, as Sreelatha’s house fell on the road to one of our male colleagues’ house, one of our friends’ insisted on applying colour to her also. Although, I was a bit of the shy type & initially objected to the request, I agreed under pressure only to be a lame viewer while they would be applying the color to Sreelatha’s face.

After reaching her house, as soon as Sreelatha opened her door, my friends pounced upon her & forcefully began to apply colour to her face. She was wearing a T-Shirt & pair of Jeans. She strongly resisted the attempts but finally bore the ordeal smilingly as all of us were colleagues. Amidst the noisy atmosphere & cheers from our friends, she whispered me to a corner & asked me to apply some colour to her face. I took some colour from my pocket & gently applied to her face & shoulders. As, I touched her smooth face, I became aware of a strange pleasant feeling in my trousers, which was making me weak. While I was applying colour to her face, she asked me to come escort ataşehir again to her house in the afternoon for helping her with her furniture, but this time alone.

After applying colour, our group had some heavy lunch & then proceeded to our respective houses for a nap. Meanwhile, after changing my clothes, I prepared for going to Sreelatha’s house, as she had asked me to visit her. At that time, I had no inclination about what lay in store for me.

As, I knocked on her door, she gently nudged me to come inside & asked me to sit on the chair. Sreelatha was wearing a simple nightgown. The entire room was dark even in the late afternoon & all the windows were shut. She smelt of a expensive fruity perfume & the room smelt of some flowery room freshener. She asked me if I would like to have hot coffee or Juice. I said OK to tea & she went inside saying that she would be back within a few minutes with the coffee.

After a few minutes she came back with the coffee & while she lowered her body to serve the tea, the front half of her nightgown fell before me & her luscious breasts & nipples were completely exposed before me. My penis jumped to attention. I still do not know whether it was done purposefully or it happened accidentally. While sipping coffee, we were both chatting on company & family affairs. As we finished the coffee& were preparing for some other topic for discussion, she suddenly asked me if I had been close to a girl or liked a girl at any point of time. I sheepishly said no. The she replied with laughter that I was not speaking the truth & that she had caught me seeing nude pics. I was caught dumbfounded by the frank chat & again sheepishly said yes. Then, she asked me what I would do if I saw a naked girl. I stammered while telling her that I believed that I was born without such kind of luck. Suddenly, in the middle of my sentence, she came close to my chair & then came so close to my face that all her loose hairs fell on my face. My blood shot up & my entire body heated up. She told me to touch her & asked me whether I could do ‘IT’. I raised my hands & touched her face, neck, shoulders. She too began touching my face, ears, neck & my shoulders and then all things began to happen one after the other.

She swiftly opened my T-Shirt buttons & caressed my bare chest. kadıköy escort I gently caressed her tennis-ball shaped young boobs over her dress. While, she tugged at my T-Shirt, I was trying to unbutton the damn nightgown. My T-Shirt came off easily, while I fumbled at her buttons. She looked desperate. She called me a stupid, ignorant fool & then herself took off her nightgown in one swift stroke & then threw it aside. She wasn’t wearing any panty or underwear. She stood stark naked in front of me covering her boobs with her hands. I noticed she had tight young boobs & a little stubble on her vagina. Then, she put her hands on her hips & watched me intently for few seconds.

She commanded me to get up from the chair. I got up & went close to her. She embraced me loosely & my hands were moving all over her. She fumbled at my pant buttons. I opened my trouser buttons myself, lowered my zip & threw away my pants not bothering to care where they fell. She pulled down my Jockey underwear & made me stark naked. The entire room was pervaded with the smell of skin & sex, the silence in my ear was deafening. I did not know what I was doing. We were in a tight embrace, my hands roamed all over her back, tight ass & the back of her neck. She was kissing me passionately & her hands were roaming all over my back & ass.

We dropped down to the cold floor right there itself, unable to stand upright or even to go to the bedroom as we both felt completely weak to our intense passions. I kissed her face, ears, bit her nipples, and ravaged her breasts. I kissed her stomach, tongued her belly, & lowered my mouth into the most prized crevice. All the while, she was just playing along either by simply lying still with her hands spread wide in either direction or by caressing my head & hair. I also kissed her legs & knees in between as I wanted to enjoy every part of this mystery woman.

I lowered my mouth into her rose valley & dug my nose into her cunt. As I was a virgin, slowly a pent-up feeling grew in my private parts. Her vagina smelt dirty, the smell of piss but at that time, it smelled like heaven to me. I continued sweeping, madly digging her vagina with my nose & pulled her clit by my teeth. All the time, she was continuously licking her own lips & muttering Ahh!! Ohh!! Hmm!!. which encouraged me further.

After maltepe escort bayan about 15 mins of snuggling her nether areas, I turned her around so that her tight young ass was directly staring at me. I kissed her entire back, then fondled, grabbed & bit her ass & sniffed & sniffed. Then parted her ass cheeks & licked the insides of her shiny ass. Finally, after turning her around, I paused for a moment & then grabbed my erect penis & began to insert my penis into her vagina. Suddenly, she caught my penis & stopped me from going further. I asked her why she was stopping me. In between gasps & touching my shoulders, she asked me to do anything to her except inserting my penis into her vagina.

As I was content with just enjoying her body & not quite interested in penetration, I continued my biting her & torturing her body. I behaved like a male chauvinistic, not once asking her whether she was enjoying.

After an endless moment of playing with her, I sadly realised that could not hold back my climax any longer. As the ultimate moment came, I held her tightly by wrapping my arms around her, settled my cock into her valley in a way that only my curly hairs were entangled with her bush hairs & waited for the throbbing to begin.

It happened & ended soon. My entire body convulsed involuntarily, my penis throbbed in ecstasy & with one jerk violently spewed a huge blob of semen on her vagina, belly & thighs. We were both panting & sweating heavily. I rested my face on her neck, while she gently caressed my neck & back with her fingers. There was a sweet smile on her face. I asked her whether she was satisfied but no sound came out of her. She just lay there beneath me, eyes shut with a sweet gentle smile on her face. The chirping of birds & the rustle of leaves gradually became louder, after few moments of utter silence.

After few minutes of lying together, we got up with wobbly legs & while absent-mindedly gathering our clothes, were laughing at each other’s naked bodies. This time I prepared coffee & after chatting for a few minutes, I left her house after thanking her profusely for discovering my manhood in me. That day, the road to my home seemed a long distance & once there I collapsed in a heap due to extreme exhaustion. From the next day, in our office, we both acted as if we were still just good friends & never shared this secret session with others. Not once did I let anyone know, that only I was the lucky one who had seen Sreelatha’s womanhood in all its glory. And even between ourselves, we never discussed this incident since that day.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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