Tertiary Education Ch. 00

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Mark Lancer was an adult. There was no way around that. He’d had his eighteenth birthday months before, and now he’d even graduated high school. The celebration for that went late into the night at his friend Lyle’s house. Yeah, there was drinking, but so what? Eighteen was drinking age in plenty of other countries. Most of the revellers went home, but by the end of the night, Mark was passed out in the guest room.

Later that night, a series of noises woke him up. A car’s engine. The opening and closing of doors. Footsteps. Water running in the shower. He wasn’t fully awake until the shower’s cadence faded, and by then, he’d decided it was worth investigating. He dragged himself from the bed, and made his way down the semi-familiar halls. The bathroom door was closed, but not locked.

And there she was, standing in the warm mist in front of the mirror. She was already dressed again, clothed in a white tank top and flannel pants as she brushed her hair. Mark was sorry to have missed out on the view, with how stunning an image she still was.

Her hair was like a waterfall of liquid gold that washed down to her shoulder-blades. It was still damp and slightly messy from the shower, but her patient brushing was smoothing it out. Her eyes, shining in the mirror, were as bright and clear a blue as a cloudless sky. The structure of her creamy, smooth face had girlish angles steadily giving way to the rounded definitions of a beautiful young woman. Even more womanly was her tall figure: her pyjamas’ close-fitting outline showed a slender shape, balancing athletic tone with soft curve. His gaze slid along her a number of times, back and forth, but there was one part of her which had an almost magnetic pull.

Aah, her tits. They weren’t gigantic, porn-star tits, or anything; no, these weremovie¬-star tits, the kind of ample orbs that could fill out a dress fit for the red carpet. Large enough to call attention, but modest enough not to shout for it. Modest enough to be comfortable in that thin tank top, and in that perfect shape: high and perky even without a bra’s support, but with a tangible weight to them that assured him they were natural. Her fans would dream about those breasts, but never see them. Not unless they were lucky enough that she made her debut in a B-grade horror movie. They even had a sprightly jiggle to them as she turned around, and now he could really look atthemand not their reflection.

“Oh, did I wake you? I’m sorry, I tried to be quiet.”

He jumped at the sound of that light, girlish voice. Ohgodshecaughthim. “Oh, no! I mean, uh, yes. But, um, it’s okay?” He forced his eyes upwards.

She was even more radiant from the front, especially with her hair now totally straight and smooth. Despite catching him red-handed and leering-eyed, she still greeted him with a friendly smile that showed freshly-brushed teeth. “You can relax, you know.” Then those soft lips pursed. “Hey, aren’t you… Mark? Lyle’s friend? Wow. You’ve grown up so much, I didn’t even recognise you.”

After a moment, details dropped into place, and his jaw just plain dropped. “Wait. escort ataşehir April? Lyle’ssister?” He couldn’t help looking down at her again. “You’re so…” ‘Thin’ was one word that came to mind, but it damn sure wasn’t the only one.

She giggled, her eyes still bright with friendliness even with the further ogling. “Mhm! I’m home from college. Now, we can talk in the morning. I was on the road for hours, and I’mreallylooking forward to curling up in my old bed.”

“Um. They’ve, ah, turned your old room into a guest room in the meantime… or at least, that’s what Lyle said.” Dammit. He was going to have to do the right thing, wasn’t he? There she was, looking so put out…

But then an idea occurred to her, and she tilted her head as she made an offer. “Would you mind sharing? If I remember right, it’s big enough for both of us…”

His eyes widened so far they were probably going to dry out in short order. There was absolutely no way he was that lucky. To get in bed… with a girl likeher? “I… uh…” He cleared his throat, trying to push past the nervous stammering. “Sure! Sure. I wouldn’t mind that at all.” If not for the shock, he’d probably have been jumping around in a way which would completely fail to ‘play it cool’.

Just a few moments later, Mark was in bed again, with April beside him. He could feel how her body made a dip in the mattress, feel the warm radiating from her. He could smell her natural, sweetly floral scent. Just the knowledge that she was right there made him… tense in all sorts of ways.

He couldn’t even keep his eyes closed. He kept turning to look at her, admiring her features in the moonlight. No matter how much he wanted to, he wouldnottouch her. Hell, he couldn’t even touchhimselfwith her there. He really hadn’t thought it through…

April turned to him and opened her eyes. In the dull moonlight, the sapphire of her gaze looked like colourless grey. “Mark, are you okay?”

He blinked. Had she been awake the whole time? As if being caught staring once wasn’t enough. “I’m fine, April. Really.” He was not a good liar.

She gave a cheekily knowing smile. “Neitherof us are going to get to sleep with you so tense.” She paused for a moment, lips pursed as she thought. Then, out of nowhere: “How about a blowjob?”

There was no way he’d heard that right. “I. Wait. What?”

“A blowjob.” She enunciated it carefully, making sure he heard. “I mean, it’d ease the strain, and I have to practice them anyway.”

“You can’t be serious,” he whispered.

Instead of answering aloud, she slipped under the covers. Her breath was added to the list of things he could feel, though its warm wasn’t the only reason he was starting to feel hotter. “Just lay back and relax,” she said. Her voice was muffled, coming from under the covers as it did.

Light, sensual kisses brushed their way down his body, moving along his chest and stomach. With his shirt still on, he was insulated from really feeling the pleasure of her lips against his torso. Other parts of him would not be so lucky: she soon had his pants kadıköy escort pulled down to his knees, and his shaft sprang free, throbbing with arousal. The sensation of her soft, warm breath on him was just a prelude. Soon, her tongue dragged along the shaft’s side, from tip to base and back again. The lick sent erotic fire all through his body, making him arch up off the bed. He tried to strangle his moan, but it just felt sogood…

She continued, moving with a slow patience. That wet tongue explored every inch of his cock, leaving him slick and moist. Except for the smacking of her lips and the wet noises of her tongue, she worked in silence. He grabbed handfuls of the sheets and gripped at them until his knuckles turned white, trying to hold on in more ways than one.

Then she drew back again, until it was just the tip of her tongue circling his glans in a slow massage – and such a dextrous tongue it was. After a further moment of that, she slipped gradually forwards, taking him actuallyintoher mouth. Her lips squeezed at him as they glided along his lubricated length, but distracting him from the pleasure was the feeling of something rather more rigid scratching just behind them.

“W-Watch the teeth,” he whispered. Still, it helped him to haul himself back from the brink; without the worry of those teeth, he probably would have already finished.

“Oh, sorry.” Hearing her soft voice reminded him that it wasAprilsucking him off, even though the darkness and blankets kept him from watching her work. That added to the thrill when she got back to it, even more so than the refinement. Her jaw was held open wide enough that he felt the softness of her lips without the unpleasant rigidity of her teeth coming with it.

Then he feltmorethan her lips. The cavernous warmth of her mouth surrounded him as she lowered herself, and her tongue lavished attention on him, rubbing along his lower side with a tender pressure and plenty of saliva. As she coated him more and more liberally, she started sucking it back down, the fluid’s movement towards her throat adding another layer to the suction. He was reminded of her lips when they bumped up against his groin, having made it all the way to the base of his member.

She started sliding back and forth, each cycle taking her as far back as the edge of his glans and as far forwards as his groin. She started grunting and groaning, and though it was soft enough that he could barely feel it, the sounds’ vibrations joined in with every other bit of attention to drive even more pleasure into his body. It started as a simple warmth in his belly, but it steadily intensified. As warmth turned to fire in his loins, the heat seeped outwards. Inside of a minute, he could feel it tingling in his fingers and toes.

With her concealed by the cover of blankets and shadows, Mark could only imagine how gorgeous she looked, moving along his cock over and over. That shining, blonde hair, shaking with each motion. Her full lips, kept in a constant squeeze around him. That such a woman as her would be willing to service him was mind-blowing maltepe escort bayan as well as more literally blowing.

All too soon, the psychological and physical thrill became too much for him to contain. A dam broke inside him, and passion washed through his whole being like a tsunami. He was scarcely conscious of anything but the mouth around him, and the twitching of his cock as he spilled his load. The ecstasy started to abate with the last of his spurts, leaving him again perceptive enough to notice a boost in the suction, dragging out the last little bit that hadn’t left him under his orgasm’s power.

After pulling his pants back into place, April slid out from under the covers again, and sat up beside him. Even with his needs sated, he still adored the sight of how that tank top conformed to her curves. Her breasts didn’t hold his gaze this time, however. She opened her mouth, and moonlight glinted off the pearly fluid that lay on her tongue. After a closing of her lips and a single bob of her throat, she showed him that every last drop had vanished, giving him one last bit of titillation before she lay back down. Despite what she’d just done, she still just lay beside him, with no more closeness or cuddling than before she’d even made the suggestion.

Now that the excitement was over, the adrenaline left Mark’s system, and other, sleepier hormones took its place. Relaxing was nothing near the struggle it had been earlier; in mere moments, he was asleep.

The next morning started as could be anticipated, with how late they both actually got to sleep.

April was already up and dressed, wearing a blue babydoll t-shirt and matching pleated miniskirt. She sat on the bed’s edge and leaned towards him as he stirred. “Hey. It’s, like, eleven. We missed breakfast, but there’s a nice café around the corner if you want to get something?”

She went with a burger and chips, but there was no way Mark was going to pass up the chance at a chicken salad sandwich. And the mayo was just as tangy as he liked it – he’d definitely remember the place.

Conversation was had between bites of their meals. April offered some explanation. “So, yeah, semester’s over. I’m home from school, but not for too long – just this week. After that, I’m going on a trip with some friends of mine until the beginning of the next school year.”

“Aw.” That was a bit disappointing. Still, he could smile, put a brave face on it. He reached across and brushed her hand. “Still, thatisa week. Plenty of time to get to know each other.”

She smirked at him, though she didn’t take her hand away. “You’re going to have to be satisfied with that BJ from last night, Mark. I have a lot of old friends to catch up with. Booked solid until my flight leaves.”

Well, that was a shoot-down in no uncertain terms. He could feel his cheeks heating up. “Oh. Um.” Time for a subject change. “You said you needed to practice? Is that for a friend of yours, or…?”

“Homework,” she admitted with a smile. “It’s a sexual education course. My TA said my fellatio skills were what needed work.”

His eyes widened, completely on their own. “I… I saw that course, in the electives list. I thought forsureI was reading it wrong. You seriously mean it’s…”

She grinned. “A practical course. Oh yes.”

He took a breath. “Well. I know whatI’msigning up for.”

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