Teasing Larry

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Big Tits

“What are you doing here?” I asked my 20-year-old brother in law as he walked into my office.

“And a good day to you to.” He said. He was a tall good-looking kid that was strong as a bull from working with Sam as a carpenter.

“I’m sorry. It just surprised me to see you that’s all.” I said as I hugged him to me.

“Sam said he had to work late and asked me to pick you up.”

Larry’s mom had died in childbirth delivering Larry and the boys dad had not ever forgiven him thinking it was his fault his wife had died. Sam and I had married when I was 16 and he was 21. Larry was 10 at the time and he had moved in with us. I was so very young and he and I kind of grew up with each other.

“Please tell me you came in the car!”

“Nope!” he laughed.

“You know I hate that thing!”

Larry smiled at me. “And you know I hate the car. Besides it’s not every day I get to have the best looking woman in town ride behind me.” Fire was dancing in his eyes as he blushed just a little. “Think of what my friend will say if they see me!

I slipped my arm in his as we walked out to the Harley Sam had bought Larry for graduating high school. “I think it makes my ass look big when I am setting on it.” In truth I loved the way the thing shook and vibrated between my legs and was often got very wet after I went for a ride with Larry.

I was wearing some tight pen striped suit pants with a button down white cotton blouse that let my lacy bra show through with out revealing too much. Larry smiled at me as he made a big deal out of looking at my backside.

“Well, not that I have ever looked sis, but you have the best looking bottom I have ever seen!” He turned bright red as he realized what he had said. “Not that I have ever seen it for real or any thing!”

“Just start the fucking thing before you dig your self in any deeper young man!” I had caught him checking my body out on more then one occasion in the last few months and thought it was nice that he thought I looked good.

I held onto to him as we drove the 10 miles home enjoying being out side in the worm fall air. We stopped at a light and as I leaned forward to talk to him I realized the nipples that capped my 35 B breasts were hard and pushing into his back. The light changed and as I sat back again I wondered if he had noticed as we took off.

We arrived home and between my thinking about my nipples in Larry’s back and the way the bike felt between my legs my pussy had soaked threw my thin nylon thong panties.

“I’ll go change cloths and then get dinner going.” I kissed him softly on the lips, which was nothing new. We had kissed like that since he was little. “Thanks for picking me up. Did Sam say when he would be home?”

“Nope. He just said not to wait dinner.” He caught my hand stopping me as I turned to walk away. “Look Sissy, about what I said. Umm I do love the way you look but I, well I’m sorry that’s all.”

I stepped back to him resting my hands on his chest as I kissed him again. “Larry you are a good looking young man and I would think something was wrong if you didn’t look a little. I am glad that you think I look good enough to check out once in a while.” He had put his hands on my waist as I leaned into him.

“So we are Ok then?”


He looked into my eyes and I saw that fire was still there as his cheeks burned red. “I love you Sis, thanks.”

I kissed him again pushing my boobs into his chest when I stepped close, enjoying teasing him. “Good then. I am going to go shower.” I said as I pulled my blouse out of the top of my pants. “Give me 20 minutes.” I turned and with my back to him walked into the house undoing the buttons of it as I went.

I went through the back door and as it slammed shut I pulled it off of my shoulders and by the time I got to my bed room I had my bra off. Not closing the door I tossed them on the bed. Then as I pulled the zipper to my pants down I looked at my self in the full-length mirror. Larry was right. At 6’ 2” in my bare feet and 150 pounds I did still looked good. Nothing sagged as turned this way and that and I watched how my boobs moved as I bent and slipped off my high heals. I let my pants fall to the floor in a puddle at my feet and stood with my legs spread slightly. I could see my clit as it slipped from between my shave lips and I liked how my dark brown pubic hair was trimmed and shaved. I tried to keep it clipped into a strip about an inch wide and I was standing with my hands on my hips looking at how it looked through my thin white panties when the phone rang.

Larry picked it up and I could hear him talking to some one as I went in ataşehir escort bayan and turned on my shower letting the water get worm. I walked out of the bathroom and was just bending over to pick up my pants when Larry walked into the room!

We both kind of froze. Larry with his mouth open, and me with my tits hanging down as I bent over. I stood up and started to put my arm across my breasts to try to cover them, but I could tell it was to late. So I just picked up my pants trying to act like nothing out of the ordinary was going on.

“Oh fuck sis I’m sorry!” He said, but he didn’t look away as I laid my pants on the foot of the bed. “I could hear the water going and thought you were in there! I was going to yell at you through the door.”

“It’s ok. Just knock next time.” His eyes ran over my body touching every part of it as he looked at me.

“If you have seen every thing you want, you might tell me what you wanted to tell me?”

“Oh Shit Sis I really am sorry! It’s just that fuck you’re beautiful!” I could feel my face flush as I turned my back to him thinking I would try to hide something. “Sam said it’d be at least midnight before he gets home.”

By turning away from him all I had done was give him a look at my ass and how my thong was pulled up into it pulling my cheeks apart and now he was looking at me in the mirror to. My nipples grew hard as he looked at me and again I could feel the wetness between my legs.

With out even thinking about it I hooked my thumb in the waist of my panties and pulled them down. I watched his face in the looking glass as I bent down pulling them over my leg in effect letting him look right at my swollen and fully exposed pussy lips as I bent at the waist! I wadded the panties up and turned throwing them at him making my boobs bounce all over my chest.

I laughed just a little. “Get out of here you little shit! Go pour me a glass of wine and I will be out in a minuet!”

Larry turned and walked to the door stopping when he got to it. He turned looking at me again. “Fuck Terry you are fine! Fuck! I think I died and went to heaven!” he looked at me and in a soft almost shy voice said. “I have never seen a girl like that before.” He ran his hands into his pockets and I looked at the bulge in them. “Naked I mean.”

I smiled at him. “Just go pour my wine.”

I showered resting the urge to touch my self. I was right on the edge of Cumming and I like the way it felt to be wound up that tight. All I could think about was the look on his face as he looked at me. “You fucking freak! He’s your brother in law!” I told my self. But in my hart I knew I would have to let him see me again!

I drank my wine as I made us dinner and was just about through when Larry walked into the room. I was wearing a halter-top and shorts and I thought I could see a little disappointment in his eyes as he looked at me. “I really am sorry Sis.”

“Don’t worry about it.” I smiled at him. “As long as it was an accident.” I said as I turned and pulled him up to me. I kissed him. “I love you, you know?”

He pulled me tighter into his strong arms. “I know and I love you to.” My nipples were on fire as they pushed into his chest. He kissed me again but this time it was a long wet loving kiss. His lips were burning hot on mine as I pulled away trying to catch my breath. Fuck he was turning me on!

I did my best not to touch him the rest of the evening as we played Sorry and watched TV. But every time his fingers would touch mine it was like sparks would shoot through us.

Larry went to bed about 10 and I sat up waiting for Sam when to get home. I didn’t even wait when he walked into the living room. I pulled him down on me taking us both down to the floor! I began jacking him making him hard kissing him as I pulled his cock out of his pants.

There was no foreplay as I pulled his hardening dick to my waiting pussy. I put him at the entrance to my pussy and came as he entered me and then twice more before he finished shooting his love deep into my soaking vagina.

Sam kissed me as he lay on top of me, his once hard dick growing soft in our mixed juices. “What was that all about?” he asked.

“Well, Larry walked in on me as I got ready for my shower.” I told him the whole story not wanting to keep any thing from him, also knowing how much he liked me to show off my body. But not being sure about how he would feel about me showing it to his little brother!

His cock was still in me had grown hard as I told him about finally just letting the young man look at me. “You really bent over and let him see it? What did he do?” He escort kadıöy asked as he pushed his hard dick deeper into me for touching the bottom for the second time in a half hour! I lasted a little longer this time as I told him in more detail what the boy had said. When Sam began pumping his cum in me I came with him crying out as I pushing my hips up hard into his pubic mound. I was trying to get his cock as deep into me as I could. I closed my eyes seeing Larry’s eyes looking at me as I stood before him!

Later lying in bed Sam told me he had to leave in the morning for a job in Fallion Nevada. He would be gone for at least a week. He smiled at me. “Just don’t break his hart Sis. You know how much he loves you.” He kissed me as he pulled on my nipple. “Sissy I don’t care if you tease him but don’t hurt him.”

“I’ll take good care of him Sam.”

“I bet you will.” He laughed a little as he fell to sleep.



“I just wanted to be sure you were home.” I said as I stood in the parking lot of the store adjusting the waist of my short skirt. I pulled it up so that it was even shorter on my long legs. “I have a bunch of grocery’s I need help getting into the house.” I said as I looked at my reflection in the car window. “Will you be there?” The hem was about 2 inches below my crotch and as I turned I saw a man setting in his car watching me as his wife walked into the store.

“Sure! I’ll be here Sis. What’s for dinner?”

I watched the man looking at me as I bent into the back of the car putting the last sack in the trunk. “Chicken.” I said as I bent way over at the waist letting my skirt pull up over the back of my thighs knowing he was seeing my pantyhose covered ass. “Potatoes and I don’t know, something.” I said as I rose up and smiled at the guy. I walked to the basket return feeling the cool air on my bottom enjoying the look from the man as I clicked along in my 3” heals. I could feel the guy’s eyes on my legs as I opened the car door and with out looking at him I let my skirt pull up to my waist as I sat down. “I’ll see you in a little bit.” I said to Larry as I felt the wetness begin to seep between my full soft pussy lips.

“I’ll be ready.” I gave the guy a slight wave, as I pulled out hoping I had made his day a little better.

I tooted the car horn as I pulled in the drive way and Larry came out of the garage. He walked up to the car door just as I pushed it open with my foot. My skirt was still pulled up to my waist and his is eyes went to my pantyhose covered pussy “Hi!” he said as he looked at it through my hose. Larry let his eyes run over my legs as I slipped out of the car and walked to the back.

I leaned into him kissing him softly as I put the keys in his hands. “Open the trunk while I get my purse. Will you sweet hart?”

I smiled at him as he again let his eyes run over my legs and then my ass as I bent and leaned over into the car. He never looked away as my very short skirt pulled up over my bottom exposing my full round nylon-covered ass to him. I watched him as my sticky pussy lips opened like a flower under my hose.

“Can you bring the bags in while I get out of these cloths?”

I thought his dick would bust the buttons off of his 502s. “Sure Sis! I think I can handle it!” There was a lot of excitement in his voice.

Larry was still standing there watching me as I walked down the sidewalk and into the back door of the house. I went into my room and pulled off my blouse and bra as I herd the back screen slam.

“Will you start putting things away for me sweet hart?”

A very shaky, “Sure.” came back to me as I slipped my skirt off and let it fall to the floor.

I pulled out a thin white spaghetti strapped T-shirt and pulled it on over my bare breasts. The form-fitting shirt came to just below my crotch when I pulled it down. I smiled knowing it would work its way up so Larry would be getting a nice look at my bottom as I moved around cooking dinner. I looked at how my nipples showed through the very thin material as I brushed my hair smiling at how hard they were and how my nipple rings stood out. I checked my self on last time as I freshened my lipstick and then walked back into the kitchen.

Larry’s eyes almost popped out of his head as I walked up to him and kissed him again. “I am so glad I can relax around you and I don’t have to hide from you all the time any more!” I pinched his cheek. “Will you get me my apron over there Larry?”

“Sure.” He handed me the cloth. “I think that will be a good thing Sis!”

“Whys that?”

“Because I have never seen anything in my life as maltepe escort exciting as you like that! God!”

I leaned back on the counter pushing my chest out at him as I held the apron in my hand. “So what are you saying? Is this too much for you? Do you want me to go put some more cloths on?”

Larry stopped and turned back to me. “No I don’t.” He came back to me and pulled me into his arm and kissed me as he ran his hands down over my bottom. He cupped my ass cheeks pulling me tightly to him and then let his hands run up my sides. He cupped my breasts through the shirt as he sucked my lips between his own.

I kissed him back letting my tongue slip into his mouth as I gripped his ass cheeks. Suddenly her tensed up and let out a soft groan. “Ho God! Oh god oh ophmmmm.” Came from him as he pushed his hard dick into me. He came in his pants! I held his trembling body in my arms kissing his face softly as he shook. “I’m sorry!” he pulled back and started to turn away from me. “Fuck! I’m such an idiot!”

“Wait Larry! Stop! It’s ok!” I pulled him back to me kissing him again.

He looked at me. “No, No it’s not Sis!”

I knew he had come in his pants but played stupid trying not to hurt his feelings. “Why? We just kissed and Larry, I like you looking at me. So what’s wrong?”

“Ho Sis when I touched you I.” He looked at the floor and spoke very softly. “I came.”

I reached out pulling the waistband of his pants out and as I pushed my hand down into his crotch a look of terror came into his eyes. “Whoa you sure did!” I said as I played in and rubbed the sticky stuff all over his still hard dick. I looked into his eyes watching him as I began pulling on his slippery dick.

“Tell me Larry do you think of me and touch your self?” I asked as I cupped his balls. He closed his eyes as I let my hand run back up the long hard shaft of his dick.

“Yes.” He whispered as I felt the juices that had been building up in my over heated woman hood leak out of me and into my hose.

I had to stop this! I needed to push him away! I knew it but god I was hot! “Have you ever tasted a woman?”

He had an uncertain look as he looked up at me. “No, I told you I haven’t ever seen any one before.”

“It’s ok baby just relax. I want to help you.” I took my soaked hand out of his pants and as he watched me pushed it into my pantyhose and down into my wet slit. I slipped my cum covered finger into my soft puffy pussy and pushed it up into my open sex. God it felt good! But thinking of the boy I pulled it out and put it to his lips.

“Here taste me!”

“Oh crap Sis! What are you doing to me?” he looked deep into my eyes as he sucked my finger into his mouth.

“Do you like it? Do you like the taste of my pussy Larry?”

I pulled my finger from his mouth and kissed him again. He was trembling again and I was afraid he was going to go off in his pants again. I turned my back to him as I pushed my pantyhose down over my hips. I leaned over the counter pushing my naked bottom back at him as I looked over my shoulder. “Take out your cock Larry.” He pulled the buttons of his pants almost ripping them open. He pushed them down letting them fall around his knees along with is boxers. I reached back taking his cock in my hand and pulled him up to my open flower. “Do you want to taste it or fuck it?”

“Oh my god Sis!” he said as he pushed forward. His cock pushed between my slippery wet vagina lips and up bumping into my clit.

“Easy baby! Here let me help you.” I reached between my legs and guided my young brother in laws dick into his first pussy. My pussy!

I cam almost instantly as Larry began an unsteady fucking motion in me. “Ho Larry honey I’m cumming! Oh yes baby do it! Ohweoooooooo!” he held me by the hips and began to thrust hard. He was learning fast as I felt his cock begin to swell. “That’s it cum in me! Make me feel it Larry! I want tto, oh god yes! I feeel it ewooooooooo yesssss!”

He began to grunt as he fucked his self off in me. “OH FUCK SIS! Ohhhhhaaaaaaaaa!” He leaned over onto my back putting his trembling hands on my shoulders as he finished. I could feel the heat of each shot as he emptied his balls into me filling me with spurt after spurt of his seed. He held me leaned over the counter as he began cupping my breasts catching his breath until his dick slipped out of me.

I rose up from the counter and finished pulling my hose off. “I think we need a shower. Don’t you?”

“You mean I can shower with you?” the excitement and awe was still in his voice as I pulled him by the hand toward my bathroom.

“Yes! That’s what I mean! I would think if am going to let you fuck me I am going to let you shower with me!” I said as I turned the water on. “I want to be nice and clean for you when I teach you how to eat me.”

I smiled as I watched his young dick start to grow knowing it was going to be a while before dinner!

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