Teacher’s Condo

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It was an unseasonably warm early September day to be walking too far in Ohio. Mike and Chris would normally do their Saturday afternoon cruising in Mike’s car, but a few too many indiscretions on his part forced Mike’s parents to pull the keys for a week. Not that it hadn’t happened before, but it really took some doing for them to punish the frequently wild eighteen year old.

They were on their way back from a mall that had proven to be less than fruitful in producing girls older than fourteen. With more than a mile to go before reaching the neighborhood the boys lived in, they were both in the mindset to take any shortcut they could find.

“Let’s cut through Westgreen,” Mike suggested. “Maybe we’ll get to see Amy Wilson at the pool in her bikini.”

“It’ll be worth it even if we don’t,” Chris replied. “It’s getting way too hot out.”

It wasn’t unusual for Mike to be giving the orders and for Chris to be the follower, even though Chris was a few months older. Mike was a tanned, good-looking son of very wealthy parents and he was used to getting his way. Chris was a soft spoken, intelligent, shy guy who enjoyed being around his more spirited and impulsive friend. Teachers at their high school were always shocked to find the pair hung out together, but it worked for Mike and Chris and their adventures were numerous.

Mike didn’t have to search out excitement. It found him naturally. Yes, he often stuck his nose in places that might stir up trouble more often than most people would, but he also had a penchant for things just happening to him. Today, Chris was going to be the lucky co-beneficiary.

The single lane that made up the prestigious Westgreen condo community was long and winding. Large, two-story condos rose on either side in groupings of two or three and the boys made their way across the familiar bridge that got them over a small creek. A short hill brought them to the final stretch of lane that would end, on one side, with the pool and clubhouse.

The boys had walked mostly in silence until the top of the hill. Then Chris saw his friend staring off to the side and, soon, Mike’s hand tapped Chris’ arm.

“Hey. Look over there,” Mike said with a nod of his head.

Chris’ eyes followed the path of Mike’s.

“Isn’t that Mrs. Miller from school?”

Chris squinted in the bright, late afternoon sunshine at a woman kneeling at the edge of a flowerbed beside a condo. She wore tight shorts that kept Chris’ attention for a few seconds before he actually glanced at her face.

“Yeah. I’m pretty sure it is. The short hair is the same,” Chris said in a soft voice.

They were within two driveways of the woman’s condo and the boys slowed almost to a stop while they gazed at the long, lithe body of the thirty-something female.

“Shit. There’s no doubt that’s her,” Mike said. “What a fucking hot body she has. I’d like to come up behind her and…”

Carolyn Miller rose to her feet and brushed the dirt from her bare knees. She stood for a moment and surveyed the small garden, and then turned toward the front of the condo, and the road. It was then that she noticed the two boys walking slowly past on the opposite side of the lane. Her initial glance only gave her a general idea of their ages. But the second look, brought on by the sudden recognition of a face, caused her to pause.

Yes, that was Mike from her creative writing class. Although school had only been open for two weeks, Carolyn was very acquainted with his rugged good looks and athletic body. In fact, she had watched him for two years in the same school and included his name more than once in private discussions she had with fellow teachers about guys they would risk their careers for.

Carolyn was single by choice, although she could have any man she wanted with her model-like body and face. Her short blonde hair always had the appearance that somebody’s hands had just disheveled it. It was a combination of attributes that drove any eighteen year old mind to think in the same terms as Mike.

Eye contact was made between the boys and Carolyn and a slight grin crossed her lips. She held up a hand in a friendly gesture and the boys responded in kind. They were nearly past her condo when they stopped at the sound of her voice.

“Hi Mike. Hi Chris. Hot enough for you?” Carolyn said to them.

The boys had stopped and Mike replied, “Yeah. That pool would feel good about now.”

“Where you headed?” she asked.

“Home,” Mike said. “We’re just cuttin’ through. Hope you don’t mind.”

Carolyn smiled. “It’s quite alright, Mike. It’s the cars speeding through here we have a problem with.”

After a short pause, she added, “Do you want to come in and cool off? Get something to drink?”

Mike and Chris were both already walking in her direction when they simultaneously said ‘Sure.’

Carolyn suppressed her smile when the boys got closer and she saw them both scanning her from head to toe. She wore a tank top that fit snugly around her ample, braless tits. The nipples pushed ataşehir escort bayan against the fabric and she felt her pussy tingle at the thought of two students getting to see her in such informal attire.

“C’mon,” she told them. “You look like you could use a break.”

She turned to lead them into her condo and the boys’ eyes locked onto the tight ass accentuated by her shorts. Mike and Chris were met by a blast of cool air as they walked inside and Carolyn closed the door behind them. A short hallway took them past the kitchen on the left and into a great room. A small dining room table sat against the wall and the rest of the room contained a couch, chairs, fireplace and TV mounted on the wall.

“Have a seat, guys. What would you like to drink? Pop? Or a beer?”

Chris looked at Mike, who spoke once more for both of them and answered emphatically, “Beer, of course.”

They watched Carolyn take out three bottles from the refrigerator and open them. A bar separated the kitchen from the great room but it didn’t block the view entirely, especially of her tank top straining to keep her breasts covered. She soon walked over to the couch and handed the boys their beers, and then she sat in a nearby chair. She crossed her long legs and ran her hand through her hair, sighing heavily and commenting on the heat.

The small talk about the weather eventually brought up the subject of the pool, once more.

“Do you use it much?” Mike asked Carolyn.

She took a drink and smiled shyly. “I don’t like to let students…like you, Mike…see me in my bathing suit. It’s not…right. I mean, we’re supposed to be professional at all times.”

“That’s bullshit,” Mike said sternly. “You can’t have any fun just because you’re a teacher?”

“Not in public, anyway,” she said.

It only took a few seconds for Mike to respond, “But you can do anything you want in private, right?”

Carolyn laughed. “Like give you beer? Yeah, I can do that.”

“Or wear anything you want,” Chris added.

Mike and Carolyn both looked surprised at the interjection by the ever-shy Chris.

“Yeah. Or wear anything I want.”

“Then I want to see you in your bikini. In private,” Mike said.

Carolyn peered at him and said, “How do you know it’s a bikini?”

“Because your tits are tanned almost all the way to your nipples.”

“Michael!” Carolyn shouted. “I can’t believe you said that.”

“But it’s true,” he said calmly. “Now, go put it on and let us see what you’re so afraid to show in public.”

Carolyn already knew she was going to put on a show for them, and it was going to be a good one. But she couldn’t let Mike and Chris know that immediately.

“I’m not going to do that without getting something in return,” Carolyn told them.

“Like what?” Mike inquired.

Carolyn tilted her head to one side and gave a quizzical look. “I’m not sure, yet. I’ll have to think about it.”

Mike said, “Chris, do you think we can agree in advance to her terms, if she puts the suit on for us?”

Chris nodded. “Yep. We can do that.”

Carolyn smiled. “OK. But no pictures. This is a private showing. And,” she said with emphasis, “you both have to have your shirts off when I come back. Or the deal’s off.”

The boys agreed and were already pulling off their t-shirts as the teacher walked into the master bedroom and shut the door.

“Damn,” Mike said in a near whisper. “I never expected THIS to happen. I would have been happy with a look at Amy Wilson.”

“Me, too. I’m thinking we’ll get a five second show by Mrs. Miller,” Chris said. “But that might be enough to get me hard.”

Mike laughed. “You wouldn’t know what to do with it if you did.”

Inside the bedroom, Carolyn was stripping off her clothes. She looked briefly in the mirror as she walked to the dresser to find her bikini. She was proud of her firm, if not large, tits and her flat stomach. She worked hard on keeping her waistline slim and her ass and thighs tight. Above all, Carolyn Miller loved to flirt. Finally, after ten years of teaching she had an opportunity to do it with two students, one of which she could fantasize over and another she would just enjoy giving a thrill to.

She nervously tied the bottom and then the top of the bikini; went back to the mirror; and, turned sideways to adjust the suit just the way she wanted it. Carolyn took a deep breath and opened the bedroom door.

An extraordinary silence fell over the room as Carolyn reappeared, with her two shirtless guests turning to look at her and Carolyn staring at Mike’s magnificent, muscular chest. Even Chris, in a nerdy way, presented a respectable sight.

But it was the erotic teacher in her stunning bikini that momentarily took the voices away from the boys.

Mike finally managed to say, “Wow. That was worth the wait.”

Carolyn blushed. “See why I won’t go to the pool in this?”

Chris brought his eyes back up to hers and said, “Yeah. All the old, retired farts would have heart attacks.”

All escort kadıöy three relaxed a little with the laughter that followed and Carolyn moved into the center of the room.

“So, what was it you wanted in return?” Mike asked.

Carolyn shrugged. “Not much. I want one of you to bring me another beer, for starters. And one for each of you, of course.”

Mike quickly headed for the kitchen while Carolyn retook her seat. She couldn’t keep her eyes off his ass and his well-developed back and arms. At the same time, she was being inspected more closely by Chris, who felt the reaction he expected between his legs.

Luckily, Mike was back with more beers before Chris had to try to converse with Carolyn. He wasn’t sure he could yet put together a full sentence.

Carolyn said, “You realize, I think, that I could get in big time trouble for this. So, one of my requests will be that it remains between the three of us.”

The boys nodded. They understood her words but their minds were more attuned to the fact that it wouldn’t take much longer before the effect she was having on them would be noticeable, not to mention painful.

“So, do you guys know anybody else in this complex or were you truly just walking through?” Carolyn asked.

“Well, uh, I guess we kinda know Amy Wilson,” Mike said.

Carolyn laughed. “You kinda know she looks hot in a bikini. And you were hoping she’d be at the pool. I know her and I’ve seen her, too, and I suppose you’d both like to fuck her.”

After his initial shock at her use of the word, Chris said dryly, “Yeah. Can you arrange it? Or at least a blowjob?”

Carolyn laughed even louder and replied, “Don’t you think she’s awfully young? What do you suppose she knows about fucking or blowjobs? You need to sets your sights higher, guys. You need a woman.”

Mike was quick to follow up by saying, “You mean we need a teacher. Do you know any?”

At this point, both boys felt their cocks growing longer and harder. Chris squirmed just enough to relieve some of the pressure, but Carolyn inwardly smiled at the ever-noticeable bulges in the front of both pairs of shorts. She decided it was time to ramp up the teasing.

“I might,” Carolyn said. “But remember, I wanted something in return. So now it’s my turn to give the orders. Stand up, Mike.”

He put his beer on a table and stood in front of the couch, facing Carolyn.

“Take off your shorts,” she demanded.

Mike only hesitated for a second before unbuttoning them, pulling down the zipper and letting his shorts fall to the floor.

“And your shoes.”

A moment later, he stood in just his briefs with the outline of his impressive erection clearly visible. Carolyn stared at it and then looked up at Mike. Without saying a word, she rose to her feet and slowly walked over to him, her eyes locked onto his crotch.

When she reached him, Carolyn stood close enough to let her hand rest on his underwear without having to reach out. She pressed her palm harder against his cock and felt the warmth of it through the thin material.

Mike looked down, but his eyes never got past the gorgeous tits just an inch from his own chest. The bikini hid the nipples but that was about all. He fought the urge to touch them even as Carolyn’s fingers were running up the side of his cock on the outside of his briefs.

“Get naked, Mike.”

Carolyn thought she saw his hands quiver just a little as he pulled the briefs away from his erection and pushed them down his legs. As he kicked them aside, she gazed at one of the largest, thickest cocks she’d ever seen. Her heart raced at the prospects.

But first, she looked over at Chris and said, “OK, Chris. Your turn. Get naked.”

As the other student began to strip, Carolyn turned her back to Mike and said, “Take off my top, please.”

Mike pulled on one of the strings in the middle of Carolyn’s back and soon held both strings in his hands. The teacher held up her arms and Mike dutifully lifted the bikini until it came off.

Chris watched the scene from the couch, his stiff cock pointing straight up at the sight of Carolyn’s perfect tits being exposed. She smiled at him and winked.

That’s when she felt Mike’s cock push against her ass, sliding up and down on the outside of her bikini bottom. Then his hands came around her sides and lightly cupped her tits. She pressed her ass backwards while Mike pressed forward and Carolyn heard his first groan of pleasure.

Mike’s hands massaged her tits a little harder and Carolyn felt her nipples hardening against his palms. Mike did too, and he put them between his fingers and squeezed.

“Ohhhhh God, yes,” the teacher murmured. Then she told him, “Get me naked.”

Mike eagerly untied and pulled off the bikini bottom, revealing Carolyn’s luscious ass. He put his cock on it and pulled her closer, once again feeling his erection sliding up and down in her crack. This time the pressure from her bare skin brought him closer and closer to an orgasm. But maltepe escort he knew there was more to come and held back, waiting for Carolyn’s next move.

With all three of them naked now, she thought for a moment about the best way to please both boys. Her decision was simple: suck one and let the other fuck her.

Carolyn moved over to the couch and got on her knees in front of Chris. She spread his legs with her hands and crawled forward. She looked behind her and Mike was already moving into place behind her ass. Assuming he would know what to do, Carolyn concentrated on Chris.

She put one hand around his thick erection and pumped it slowly. She felt it pulse against her hand, making her even more anxious to please the shy student. She leaned down and ran her tongue slowly from his balls up to the tip, lingering there to lick and kiss the throbbing cock.

Mike was fingering the teacher’s soaking wet pussy, spreading the juices up and over her clit. A minute later, he was ready to enter her.

Carolyn had just put her lips around Chris’ cock and was beginning to lower her head down the shaft when she felt the tip of Mike’s cock at the entrance to her pussy. In the same instant that Chris’ cock finally made contact with the back of her throat, Mike plunged his cock into her with a single, violent thrust.

Carolyn groaned with pleasure and tightened her lips around Chris’ cock. Mike filled her pussy like she’d never felt it filled before and he slowly began to fuck her. Carolyn bobbed her head up and down, in total ecstasy at having a cock in her mouth and another in her pussy. Both boys watched her from different ends, each getting a magnificent view of her at work.

If Carolyn was expecting sex with Mike and Chris to be the same as the last time she’d had sex with an eighteen year old-about a dozen years earlier-she was wrong. In that earlier episode, the boy lasted about two minutes and she never came close to an orgasm. The instant Mike grabbed her by the hips and began a slow, steady pounding of her pussy she knew he would be different. As for Chris, he was slouched back on the couch awaiting what Carolyn hoped would be a prolonged blowjob.

Mike had no desire to hasten to an orgasm the more he felt the teacher’s wet, tight pussy clutch at his cock as he fucked her. The sound of his legs slapping against Carolyn’s bare ass each time he thrust into her echoed in the room. Soon, her moans joined the chorus as Mike reached under her chest and kneaded her tits roughly.

Carolyn tried to focus on the blowjob she was performing, letting her tongue lightly slide up the underside of Chris’ cock while her lips applied the pressure. When she reached the tip and lingered there to lick it, her hand gripped the base of the cock and stroked it rapidly. Chris’ hips began to rise and fall in rhythm with Carolyn’s mouth and hand.

The threesome continued that way for more than five minutes. Mike would occasionally slide a finger across Carolyn’s clit and he heard the resulting moan it produced. Carolyn alternated licking and sucking on Chris’ cock and the head grew harder and turned a bright pink. Chris rested a hand on the back of her head and Carolyn eagerly deep throated him.

A couple more minutes passed before Chris could no longer hold back.

“Oh God. I’m…I’m gonna…ahhhhhhh…I’m gonna cum!”

Carolyn pumped the cock as fast as she could. She could taste the precum on her tongue and sucked him harder.

“Now! Oh fuck! I’m cumming…now!”

The cock never left Carolyn’s mouth as it exploded. One shot after another collected on her tongue and in her throat. Carolyn swallowed and accepted more. Over and over again he drove his cock into her mouth and poured out more cum.

The sight and sound of it was too much for Mike. With only a loud moan as a warning, he pulled Carolyn’s ass back to him, pushed his cock deeper into her pussy and began to cum. With the last of Chris’ cum dripping down her chin, Carolyn leaned forward and marveled at the sensation of Mike’s huge cock unloading inside her.

She only needed to reach back and touch her clit one time to climax herself.

“Yes! Yes! Harder, Mike. Fuck me harder,” she told him while her entire body shook.

Loud smacks filled the room as Mike fucked her from behind. Carolyn’s shrieks were muffled as she put her head on the couch, but both boys knew she was cumming long and hard.

Soon, it was over and Carolyn collapsed on Chris’ lap as Mike pulled out.


Two weeks later, Mike and Chris were slowly driving past Carolyn’s condo, each of them watching closely for any sign of the teacher. Just as Chris was announcing that she was nowhere in sight, Mike said, “I’ve got an idea.”

Chris had heard him say that many times in the past and what followed was normally worth the wait. This time Chris sat quietly while Mike maneuvered the car into one of the visitor’s parking spaces a few condos down from Carolyn’s.

“C’mon,” Mike said, opening his door.

“Where’re we going?” Chris asked.

“Follow me.”

Mike led them to the back of the condos, near a thick line of trees that separated the condo property from a neighboring development. The boys crept along behind the first row of trees until the back of Carolyn’s condo was in sight.

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