Taxi Story

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It’s dark outside. I call my friend to confirm the venue for his show. I had thought it was in central London, but it turns out it’s in East London. At this time in the evening, and with the traffic as it is, it’s going to take us a while to get there.

In the back of the black cab we sit close together and, as soon as we’ve told the driver where we’re going, we start kissing.

Although the street lamps are on and there’s lights from the traffic, it’s dark in the back of the taxi. The driver can see we’re not in the mood for talking, so he just drives and leaves us alone. You are kissing me so deeply. You have one arm around my neck and the other hand is on my thigh.

As we kiss, you slowly move your hand up my leg. I take a sharp breath as you finally brush your hand over my hard cock through my jeans.

I put my hand on your knee and move my hand up your thigh under your skirt. For the first time I notice that you’re wearing stockings. My hand reaches the bare flesh at the top of the hold-ups and you moan slightly. I keep moving my hand towards your pussy.

We stop kissing for a moment ataşehir escort and you hold me close. In your ear I tell you that I want to touch you again, to feel your wetness. You tell me that you want me to, and I push the fabric of your panties aside and l circle my fingers against your already wet, open pussy.

You press on my cock, making me even harder. You move down, kissing my neck, then opening my coat and kissing my chest through my shirt. I know that you’re moving down to take me in your mouth, but I pull you back to kiss me. “Not yet, not here”, I say.

I push my fingers into your pussy again. I slide in and out of you, and the inside of you feels like satin.

You slowly undo the fly of my trousers, being careful to make sure the cabbie can’t hear. You put your purse on my lap to hide your hand from him as you pull my cock out through the open fly. You run your thumb over the top and feel the bead of wetness that you have already drawn from me. You grasp my cock and start to slowly pump your hand up and down.

I push my hand as far into you as I can and curl kadıköy escort bayan my fingers to stimulate the walls of your pussy. I push a third finger inside you and use my thumb to circle your clitoris.

I feel you start to tremble again. I start to push harder into you. I kiss you deeply and our tongues rub hard against each other.

You start to gasp, but the noise from the taxi’s engine means the driver can’t hear. I feel you gasp into my mouth as you start to buck your hips against my hand.

I move my other hand up inside your blouse. I feel your breasts through your bra and can feel the hardness of the nipples against my palm. I reach around your back and flip the fastener. Your bra falls away inside your blouse and I feel your breasts hot and heavy against my hand.

I cup your right breast and gently squeeze the nipple between my thumb and fore finger. It is so hard that it strains against my touch. I then move over to your left breast and softly stroke my finger tips over your soft flesh. You shiver and grasp my cock tighter in your hand.

I can feel your escort maltepe legs quiver. Your pussy feels tighter around my fingers. I curl my fingers again, and you moan. This time it’s loud enough for the driver to hear, but he doesn’t say anything. You start gasping for breath and I feel you tense. You seem to completely relax for a second, then I feel you tense again. Your pussy starts to contract around my fingers. You moan long and deep and tighten your hand around my cock.

You cumming again turns me on to the point that I can feel myself getting closer to orgasm. There’s a tingling, a sort of itch, that slowly works its way up my cock. I can feel the cum rise in me as you pump your hand faster. I start to feel my orgasm build in my chest and throat. I can feel my heart racing and know that any second I am going to release the sexual energy you have built in me.

I glance out of the window I see that we are nearly at the venue. Although I am now desperate to let my cum flow out over your hand, I take your hand from my cock and say, “Not yet, Baby. Not yet”. The taxi pulls up at the venue. You pull your coat around your shoulders to cover your dishevelled blouse, and you zip my still hard cock back into my trousers. I pay the taxi driver, and we get out. We are both breathing hard and our breath shows in the cold air. We go inside just as the band starts to play.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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