Taking One For The Team

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“Come on, just do it.” Destiny looked at Alisia, trying to convince her it was a good idea. “It’ll only be like three minutes.” They sat in Destiny’s room where they waited for Brooke, one of Destiny’s cheer mates. The two girl were older then Alisia by two years, her being Eighteen. They met when Alisia seen them picking up Destiny’s younger brother.

“When is he supposed to get home, Alisia asked her,” I’ll have to think about it.” She tied her hair in a ponytail uncovering her 36 D boobs, her yellow skin glowing in the light from her body lotion. Destiny got up to change her clothes, dropping her pajama pants to the floor, along with her favorite red thong leaving her plump caramel pussy lips exposed. Light fuzz covered the area above it, making it even more pretty. Next her shirt came off showing her curve and boobs. They weren’t as large as Alisia’s but they were still appealing.

“I’m here. Why’d you want me to come over so quickly?” Brooke opened the door slowly as she spoke. She seen Destiny’s naked body and started laughing. “Umm, am i interrupting something?”

“Shut up, Slut.” Destiny said as she pulled her black spandex shorts over her fat ass cheeks. They jiggled as she bounced up and down to put them on. “I’m just getting dressed. I called you over because our friend here decided to help us get that bottle from the liquor store.”

“What escort kartal is she going to do?” Brooke looked at each girl with curious eyes.

“She’s going to give my brother head. He’s coming home any minute and he said if I could get someone to suck his dick then he’ll get the bottle for us.”

“Really, that’s all it takes? I’ve been looking for someone to help us for weeks.” Brooke looked over at Alisia, “have you met her brother yet?”

” A few times. He seems OK to me, OK enough for me to suck his dick, I guess.”

Well we’ll see,” Destiny said, opening her door and letting her brother in.

“So are we going to do it in here, or should we go to another room?”

Darian Smelled of weed and beer with his black leather jacket on and dickey jeans. Out of everyone in their family he had to be the darkest.

“I guess we’ll leave,” Destiny said, motioning for her friend to follow.

Darian sat down and took his jacket off not long after. Alisia could see the muscles in arms as he threw the jacket to the floor and began taking his belt off. She took her shirt and bra off showing her breast, they were perky and light like her, except her nipples. They were dark and plump like knobs.

“You know I see you all the time in the hallway. You never look at me but I see you a lot.” Alisia got down on the floor in between his legs maltepe escort as she talked. He pulled his pants down so only his boxers were on his waist.

“Do you? You know I don’t bite. You could always come talk to me.” She pulled his dick out his boxers and licked all the way up his eight inches. It made him shudder and stroked his fingers through her wavy black hair. She looked at him with her big hazel eyes and smiled big.

“Can I suck your dick?” Her voice sounded anxious. She never did anything like this so easily with anyone her age but Darian was older and she really liked him.

“Suck it.” he was assertive with his words and guided her head down his long shaft until his dick was at her throat. “You know I’ve been watching you too, but I got a girlfriend and she likes to watch over me.” He pulled her up and looked her in her eyes. “Look at those sexy ass lips. You’ve sucked dick before?”

“Yes, I used to have a boyfriend.” She giggled as she talked, still holding his long black snake in her hand. Something about him made her feel good when he looked at her so he kept sucking. His dickhead slid down her tongue slowly while added suction going deeper and deeper until he was at her throat again.

“Oh my god, Alisia. Fuck!” The slurping got louder as she added spit and soon his cock was shining with a wet glaze over his veins. pendik escort bayan Her lips were wet as well and her pussy was drenched.

“Fuck me, Darian. I’m your slut.” She met his eyes with a possessed lust, pulling her jeans off and laying on top of his slippery member.

It slid inside with ease, the walls clenched on him as he went deeper into her. Alisia leaned in close to him and bounced her pussy on the entire length of his cock.

“Oh fuck. Right there Darian don’t you fucking stop!!” She couldn’t control the shaking in her legs as her ass bounced up and down, clapping over and over again.

“Harder, harder. I’m about to cum all over your dick. Please don’t stop!” She rubbed her clit until she came, squirting all over him and the bed squealing and gripping the bed sheets.

Damn. You must have had to let that one out.” Darian laughed as he rolled her over and stood to put his pants back on, “next time you see me in the hall say something” he smiled as he left the room . Immediately the girls came into the room.

You fucking slut,” Destiny said as she came and sat next to her. Brooke just stood at the door smiling at Alisia.

You should find some more friends to bring over. Brooke had an idea for us. Darian is going to get the Paul Mason now, do you drink?”

“Yeah, I’ll drink. Just a little though.” Her eyes were half closed and Destiny could tell that’s she came hard.

“What was the idea you had, Dest?”

I’ll tell you later, she said smiling and jumping up. “Oh yeah, Brooke wants to eat your pussy.” she left the room and Brooke jumped on Alisia hungry for her wet cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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