Swinging Party

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Brad stopped by my cube on the way out the door. It has been a long work week.

“Don’t forget my Halloween party next week! Not much time left to get your papers.”

“I have not forgotten, just not sure I am up to socializing yet,” I replied.

It has been 5 months since my divorce. My ex-wife had an affair with one of her co-workers at the hospital where she worked. One of her friends couldn’t stand to see her treat me like that and had tipped me off. I was furious, hurt, and my heart was ripped out. This was my best friend (I thought) who I would spend the rest of my life with.

After the divorce, I poured myself into my work. I had not even thought about dating, staying home all the time. I would look in the mirror, wondering what was wrong with me. I’m 5’11”, 180 pounds, brown hair, with just a slight paunch. I consider myself somewhat attractive.

My friends would always try to invite me to various parties they had. Brad has been a good friend as well as his wife Jill. They would have me over for dinner sometimes and that would be the extent of my socialization.

The papers. Brad and Jill have made it known to me they have been swingers for some time now. They have a tight-knit group and everyone has been tested for Hiv and all the various sexual diseases one could pass to another.

Brad knew that I have not dated since the divorce, but if I was tested, it would set the others at ease.

I was seriously contemplating attending the party. It would be a chance to me to release some sexual tension without the emotional baggage of dating or bringing a date. I would probably wear some type of halloween make-up. I always hated to wear a mask, it was too hard to enjoy the food with a mask.

Monday, I went to the local clinic and went thru the testing procedures. I could pick up my results on Thursday.

I stopped by the local halloween shop and picked up my costume after visiting the clinic to pick up my papers. I had decided to go to the party as a pirate, it would leave my face clear of any interference of a mask, but I would still roughen up my look with a little makeup.

“Hey Brad,” I stopped him on his way out Friday.

“I am planning on coming to the party, I am not sure how long I will stay. It will be good to get out,” I replied.

“Cool Bob! I am stoked and I am sure Jill will be as well, she really likes you,” Brad said enthusiastically!

“Here are my papers, do I need to bring anything else?” I asked.

“We have the soda covered, BYOB for anything else. Food is covered as well. Look forward to seeing you there,” he replied.

Brad looked around then leaned into my cube.

“You know the possibility of sex exists for you. We just have a few basic rules, one being most important. No means NO period. There is nothing extremely kinky that goes on, so whatever you and your partner decide is between yourselves. Nobody will judge you. What happens at the party, stays at the party. And most of all, have fun,” he said smiling.

“Gotta go, see you saturday buddy!”

My mind and my heart were racing. Was I really up for something this wild yet? I think a bottle of whiskey will be in order for this party. Maybe even a little smoke might be in order to sooth my nerves.

Saturday, I was a bundle of nerves as the time rolled around to start getting ready. I packed my bowl on my bong and fired it up. As the smoke took effect, I relaxed and started putting on my costume. I blackened my face a little, and put the fake scar on my face. The pirate hat had some dark fake hair that would help hide my natural hair color. I put on the rest of my pirate ensemble, complete with sword.

Brads house was just a few blocks from my apartment, so I gathered my whiskey in a brown paper bag. I slid a few joints I rolled previously into my pocket, under my costume and I was out the door.

I had waited to leave until it was dark, which was around 9pm and got to Brads house about 9:15. I rang the bell and Jill opened the door. She was dressed as a french maid (my favorite costume for women) and my jaw about dropped. She looked stunning, 5’8″, long flowing red hair. Her costume left little to the imagination. Her 36c tits were on prominent display with her cleavage bulging out at the top. Her fishnet stockings ran all the way up to her creamy thighs attached by garters, and her dress short enough you could almost see her panties (if she had any on).

I stepped up into the house and she gave me a kiss square on the lips, pressing her full bosom into my chest. That certainly got a rise from my backup sword.

“Hi Bob, I am excited you made it,” Jill gushed.

“Come on in and make yourself at home. Lets go into the kitchen and we can fix you something to drink.”

She grabbed my hand and held it while dragging me into the kitchen. In the kitchen, Brad was there, dressed as an english bobbie, complete with the rounded hat.

“Hey Bob, glad you could make kartal escort bayan it buddy,” lightly slapping me on the back.

Jill takes the bottle from me and starts fixing me a drink. Brad leans over to me and whispers, “Jill has had the hots for you for sometime now. I expect you can take care of her burning desires?”

I look at Brad, not believing what I heard. He nodded at me and pointed his glass towards Jill, her back to us making my drink.

He whispers to me, “The real fun starts at 10. I have already told Jill, she can have the master bedroom first tonight. There will be no hard feelings between us, believe it. I already have eyes on superwoman in the living room.”

I stare ahead in disbelief, not realizing my first encounter would be with Jill.

“Here sweetie, I made it a little strong, some liquid courage,” as Jill turned and smiled at me.

“Would you care to join me on the patio for a smoke,” I asked her?

She grabs my arm and leads me to the back door. The patio cover had a small strand of white christmas lights dimly lighting the back patio. The back yard was fenced in with lawn furniture placed strategically in the darker parts of the yard and spaced apart. She leads me out to one of the lounge chairs in the back corner of the yard.

I reach into my pocket and fish out one of the joints. I sit in a reclining lounge chair. I slouch down a little in the chair, but keep the back of the chair sitting up. Jill sits on top of my crotch facing me with her legs over the flat edges of the chair. I fire up the dobie and take a big hit, leaning forward, then kissing Jill with a passion. When she opens her mouth to mine, I exhale shotgunning the smoke into her mouth. She squirms on my crotch and smiles, exhaling.

I start to see other couples coming outside and look at my phone, its after 10 now. We take turns taking a toke of the joint, she reaches thru my costume fly, and unzips my pants. She fishes out my cock and pulls it thru the slit in my costume. Only after she slides forward to hand me the joint, do I realize, she does not have any panties on. I feel her wetness sliding up and down my cock, held close to my body by her slick vulva.

I reach up and slide one of her breasts up and out of the low cut top of her maids outfit. I am feeling the effects of the smoke. I can feel her pussy sliding across my cock, but I am focused on kissing and suckling her breast. She moans. I pull her other breast free and give it the same attention, sliding my tongue slowly around her areola. I flick her nipple with my tongue and elicit a moan from her again. She reaches between us and moves my rock hard cock straight up. She pulls a big hit from the joint and kisses me hard. I open my mouth, knowing whats coming.

She raises up and impales herself on my cock while shotgunning me. She moans, I almost choke, lungs full of smoke. I exhale and moan. Wow, my senses were on overload. She starts pulling up and stroking down my cock with her pussy. I get into rhythm with her and push up as she is pushing down.

I grab both her breast and pinch and squeeze her nipples. That elicits another moan from her.

“Fuck me Bob with your hard cock,” she states while increasing our tempo.

“Oh yea Jill, fuck my cock, make me come in your hot pussy.”

I reach up and grab her hips as I start slamming my dick up into her pussy. I can feel her squeezing my cock as I pull down. I take a finger and starting rubbing her clit.

“I am protected, shoot your hot cream deep in my pussy,” she said excitedly!

I pull her face to mine and french kiss her as my first jet of cum blasts her womb. That throws her over the edge as she moans into my mouth. Her body quivers in my grip as I hold her close. Her body spasming, little aftershocks continue to rack her body, until she goes limp in my arms.

I hold her as I lay back into the lounge chair, my cock firmly planted in her tight pussy. Slowly she stirs and weakly looks up at me and smiles.

“That was everything I expected and more,” she stated matter of factly.

“Let grab a refill of our drinks, and recharge. I believe we have a room reserved for us,” I smiled.

She lifts herself up off my cock, our cream runs down her leg as she smiles at me and grabs my hand. I lift myself out of the chair and we head to the kitchen.

Inside we find a couple making out in the kitchen, his hand fully in the ladies costume, her moaning with pleasure. I fix us both a drink. As I turn around and hand Jill her drink, Brad walks in with superwoman, her top down around her waist, a damp spot in her crotch. Both smiling.

“Hope he was as good as superman,” Jill snickered.

“He was more than adequate, thank you,” she smiled.

Jill grabbed my hand and pulled me into the living room. Brad had pulled some mats into the living room and pushed the coffee table to the side.

There was a couple by the fireplace, she escort maltepe was riding her man cowboy style, the couple next to them, she was get fucked doggy style. There was a woman on the couch getting DP’ed. One guy on the couch fucking her doggy style, the other guy was sliding his cock into her mouth, her head hanging over the arm of the couch.

I heard moans coming from the spare bedroom as we passed by. When we entered the master bedroom, we were on each other right away. She started taking my clothes off as I removed her maid outfit. Clothes were flying everywhere. Jill lay down in the center of the bed facing the door. It was not closed, as I saw movement out of the corner of my eye.

“Pam, get your hot ass in here and clean me up,” Jill stated with some degree of normalcy.

Pam entered the room, she was naked. Brown Hair. She had at least a D cup pair of tits, curves in the right places, she was hot. She drops on the bed in front of Jill’s pussy and starts licking our cream running down Jill’s thighs and leaking from her pussy.

“Bob, don’t just stand there, Pam has a pussy that needs taken care of,” Jill moaned.

I moved behind Pam, her pussy was already dripping cream. I didn’t hesitate, sliding my cock up and down her slit, before burying my cock to the hilt. Pam moaned into Jill’s pussy.

Jill is moaning. Pam is tonguing Jill’s pussy like a pro. Obviously not their first time together. Pam is reaching up, teasing Jill’s nipples with her fingers, while she continues her oral assault. Jill’s back arches off the bed, she is close. Jill grabs hold of Pam’s head and pulls her head against her pussy hard. Pam sucks her clit into her mouth and brings her to orgasm. I see Jill quiver while I stroke into Pam’s overheated snatch. I feel her pussy tightening up, tremors starting to radiate thru her body.

“Ahhhhh fuuuuuckk…,” Pam lightly screamed reaching her peak.

Her body quivered in my hands, her orgasm rippling thru her body. I held my stiff cock buried in her while she enjoyed the afterglow of her orgasm. Then I pulled out slowly, our juices coating her thighs as she rolled down onto the king size bed beside Jill.

Jill motioned me over and she rolled to her side as I stood beside her. She starts cleaning my cock of my recent coupling with Pam.

“You two taste good together! Pam bring your pussy up her and let me taste it from the source,” Jill exclaimed.

Pam straddles her chest and moves her pussy slowly towards Jill’s mouth. Not to waste an opening, I positioned myself between Jill’s legs. With the candles that were positioned around the room, I could see Jill’s closely cropped red hair trimmed in a landing strip fashion, glistening with moisture.

That was it for me, I rubbed the head of my cock thru her moist lips, then drove it to the hilt inside her. I felt her pussy squeeze me as I was driving it home. She moaned, although her mouth and tongue were filled with Pam’s snatch.

I rested for a few seconds, letting her adjust. Then I pulled her ankles onto my shoulders and started pounding her cunt, raising her ass higher in the air. I reached around and fondled Pam’s large breasts. I teased her nipples, eliciting a moan from her.

Jill was moaning as well, as I continued my pounding of her overheated snatch. I don’t know how she was able to keep her senses about her, but I could feel her squeezing my cock while I was thrusting into her.

Pam’s moaning increased as Jill worked her magic with her tongue.

“Ahhhhh, oooohhh, cummmmming,” Pam moaned as she flooded Jill’s mouth with her cream. This set me off as I started pumping furiously into Jill. Jill cried out as her orgasm struck and I buried myself in her and let loose with a blast of cum deep in her pussy. I felt Jill’s pussy spasming on my cock as we both felt our release. Pam rolls off Jill and plops down beside her, while I let Jill’s legs down. I lay down softly on Jill, my cock still buried in her. I kiss her deeply, tasting Pam’s juices and a slight tangy taste. No matter, I wanted to show Jill how much I appreciated our time together.

We broke the kiss, she looked at me smiling. “I knew we could get a smile out of you Bob!”

“Lets get some refills and recharge for a bit,” she stated guiding me up and into the kitchen.

We pass the living room with a bunch of naked people moaning, the squishy sounds of sex, the smell of many couplings occurring.

There are few people in the kitchen, all naked by now. Jill introduces me to one of her good friends, Tammi. Tammi has blond shoulder length hair, about 5’5″ with solid B cups and a petite body to round it out. Cute.

You two are one of the few singles we have let play with the group. There are no jealousies in the group, just like minded people, secure in their relationships, who enjoy sex.

“I feel honored Jill, as I chug a shot.

“Want to play Bob,” Tammi asks?

I look at Jill and she gives pendik escort me a subtle nod.

“Sure, lead the way,” I replied smiling at Jill on the way out.

She leads me down the hall past the first spare bedroom. There is a brunette in there airtight with three men, one in each hole. We reach the second spare bedroom as it was open. We go in and Tammi closes the door.

“I don’t want company, I want you all to myself,” she snickers.

This room is lit by candlelight as well. Tammi guides me to the bed as we lay down together. We kiss sensuously, laying facing each other. I run my fingers across her face. I lightly circle her breasts with my fingers. I feel her petite hand circle my cock and slowly stroke it.

I tweak her nipples, she moans. I snake a finger down to her shaved mound. Her arousal is evident as my finger slides thru her wetness, lightly brushing her lips, avoiding her clit

“Let me take care of this,” she smiles pulling slowly on my cock. I lay flat on the bed.

“As long as I can pleasure you as well,” I say excitedly.

She turns around straddling my chest with her hips. I slowly guide her hips toward my face. I feel her engulfing just the head of my cock, swirling her tongue around. I take a quick swipe of my tongue thru her labia, gathering her sweet nectar. She moans around my cock.

She pulls off the head and slowly licks up and down my shaft. She then slowly engulfs my shaft with her mouth, a little at a time. Pulling up, then pushing farther down. She grabs my cock at the base, pulling up while twisting her head creating a swirling motion. I moan.

I run my tongue up the outside of her left lip and down the right. I flatten my tongue while dragging it across her perineum slowly. I hear a moan around my cock. I slide my tongue from her perineum straight up thru her lips pushing in slightly collecting her sweet juices. All the while avoiding contact with her clit.

I press my tongue into her lips and start tongue fucking her. She starts squirming, moaning, as I assault her pussy with my tongue.

She starts engulfing more of my cock, slowly working deeper and deeper. I moan around her cunt. Suddenly she takes me to the root, her lips against my shaven groin. She holds for a few seconds and comes up for air.

“Oh babe, that was amazing,” I exasperated.

She starts deep throating me as I squirm under her. I place one finger in her pussy and start pushing up just inside her. I hit her g-spot and she shakes and cries out.

“Right there, oh yes, finger me!”

I work her g-spot and she is thrashing around on my finger. I insert a second finger and start thrusting as deep as I can. While doing that, I circle her clit with my tongue. Her gyrations continue as she gets more worked up.

I flick her clit and she moans, “Oh babe, suck my clit.”

I engulf her love button with my mouth and thrash it gently with my tongue, all the while thrusting with my two fingers. She has a hard time concentrating on my blowjob now, but thats ok. It is all about her now.

Her hips quiver and I know she is close.

“Come for me, come on my tongue,” I said excitedly.

I return to sucking her clit, she pulls off my cock. Her body is shaking now, her stomach muscles contracting.

“Aw fuck, cumming, aw fuck, fuck,”she cries out.

I pull my mouth off her sensitive bud as she continues thru the throes of orgasm. I stroke my fingers thru her slit until I can see she is coming down. I roll her over onto her back.

I quickly get between her legs and bury my shaft to the hilt. I start furiously pumping her cunt with my rock hard cock. Her head moves from side to side enjoying the sensations.

She is starting back up to the crest of another orgasm as I feel my own approaching rapidly. Her pussy is so tight, I will not last long. I feel my cum starting to surge thru my loins.

“I’m cumming,” I stated breathlessly.

“Cum in me, I need to feel your cum,” she replied.

I could not hold back any longer and blasted my seed into her womb. She arches her back, as she explodes with another orgasm. I can feel her pussy contracting on my cock, trying to milk out the last remnants of my seed. Her chest is flush, as she looks at me with a smile.

“You are a special man Bob,” Tammi said softly

I hold her close to me and we roll on our sides, my cock still firmly embedded in her pussy. She gives me little kisses all over my face, snuggling close to me.

“For a first time swinger, I think you did an awesome job,” Tammi complements me.

“Thanks, but you were pretty freaking awesome yourself! If Jill had not drained me twice already, I would be raring to go shortly. I just need some recovery time.”

It feels good to hold a woman this close to me. I look at Tammi, her eyelids look heavy, she is drifting off to sleep. She looks so contented in my arms. How could I be so lucky to have this beautiful woman snuggled up against me. I hear a soft knock on the door. Jill pops her head in and said thing were slowly winding down. If we wanted to crash there for the night, it was ok with her and Brad. I gave her a thumbs up and drifted off to sleep, hoping to be invited to the next party!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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