Suzie the Redhead

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Tonite had proven quite different. Most of my Friday’s began and ended the same, with the only random event being how I got drunk, and how I got home. This one though…

My last class ended at around 2:50. It was officially scheduled to 3pm, but on Friday’s, every class after noon got interrupted 10 minutes early by the rustling of books and notepads that marked that the students had had their fill of learning and were ready to start filling up on something else. While I enjoyed Psychology to a great degree, my plans for the evening had already been planned out, and I was having a hard time keeping interest in the subject. When the great rustle began, I was more than happy to join in, and quickly took a spot in the large horde of people that took off early.

Stepping into my dorm room, the smell of over-used cologne rushed upon me. Apparently my roomie was heading out early tonight. Flipping my heavy bookbag onto my rickety bed, I made my way to the flashing CallerID box. Pressing the only button on the face of the console, I noticed the number of one of my ex-girlfriends, and another of one of my better friends. A soft chuckle slipped through my teeth as I caught that number. Ted was the sucker, confident to no end, but not quick. He always struggled to find parties, and people to hang out with. He was a cool guy though. Movement at the door caught my attention then, and I stopped my musing.

“Hey man, how was psyche?” my roommate said, a big ass smile spreading his lips as he wiped his mouth and hands after a trip to the bathroom to brush his teeth and shave.

“You look snazzy, what’s up tonight?” I said, noting the slacks, shiny shoes, suit and tie.

“It’s formal night, me and misses are going.” He said, placing various condiments back into his medicine cabinet/mirror. Formal night was when a bunch of sorority and frat people got together to dress up for their own petty pleasures. Dean went for the good alcohol and to make his “misses” feel better about their relationship. It was cute to see them together though, he the rough and tough party boy, and she the delicate intellectual searching for an identity, and a nice paying job.

“Awww…no party tonight, then? That’s weak…” I said, knowing it would drive him nuts to miss out on what I would ensure would be a phat party. I picked up the phone before he could defend his choice, and entered my code to check my messages. One beep marked one message and I pressed the appropriate set of keys to play the message. My ex. Blah blah, miss you, blah blah, boyfriend is better than you though, blah blah, what’s this I hear about you getting dumped. Same old shit, it was like since we went out she knew my every action, and just when to pop up and drive that all-too-familiar knife into my back. Joy. Without a second thought, I pressed the series of delete keys to get rid of the poisoned message.

“Take it easy kid, I’m off!” Dean said as he walked out, the tail of his jacket flaring out as he spun down the hall, greeted by a section of mocking whistles by our fellow dorm hall residents. I couldn’t help but chuckle, everyone knew he was out of place.

A few hours later, a few reassuring phone calls, and I knew exactly how my night was going to go. I always worked it out first, that way I didn’t get stuck in some lameass party with no action, and no energy. Better to be safe than sorry, besides, it was only 5. I decided that a good meal would be a good start, and began to cycle through who I owed meals to, or who owed me meals. Remembering a particularly pathetic evening spent at the local 24-7 fast food joint, I recalled the name and number of Suzie. Suzie was the typical knockout redhead with the body of an angel and the mind to match. A mind she’d constructed purely for the art of teasing, which she did way too well. I’d just broken up with my girlfriend and went to the restaurant to get some breakfast when she’d pulled over, picked me up and given me a ride, as well as paid for my lousy breakfast when my wallet was “misplaced”. She was a sweetheart, and as long as everyone remembered that, she’d stay cool and not a teasing little girl.

So I pick up the phone and dial her number, a few rings later and very formal, but very sleepy voice answers.


“Hey babe, you awake?” I said with a smug grin.

“Yah…more or less…what’s up Mark?” she said, sounding like a mix between annoyed and curious.

“I’m hungry, wanna join me at El Hombre?” El Hombre is this classic Mexican restaurant ran by a family and known for never carding, and serving the largest dishes you’ve ever seen. For obvious reasons, it was a college favorite.

“Mmmm…Mexican taquitos..”

“My treat..”

“You’re on…where are you at?” She said, a little more energy coming into her voice as her stomach took control over her body.

“I’m sitting in my dorm room waiting for you to pick me up.” I said, slipping a soft chuckle into the mix.

“Alright, I’ll be there in a few…” she said, dropping the phone onto the receiver and apparently missing the hang-up as a curse was heard before the signal kartal escort bayan finally ended.

A few soft knocks on his door, and there was Suzie. A soft, but warm smile on her lips as she made her way in and took a seat on my bed. I was sorting through a bit of mail in my chair. I looked her over for a second as I grabbed my shoes and began slipping them on. Sweet Suzie, she stood about 5’10”, and although he didn’t know about her weight, her form fitted the function. No love handles, and no flabby cheeks. Her red hair was short and spiked perfectly at all the right angles. Her smile caused her whole face to light up, and this tool she used with the precision of a surgeon to slay men’s hearts. Today she wore a nice pair of jeans, a simple T-shirt that still seductively showed off her pert little breasts, and a nice red bandanna to hide her bed-head hair.

“I don’t see how you live in this place, its so fucking small! I’d surely bang my head on every wall before I’d be able to sleep at night.” she said, offering me an apologetic smile.

“Well, its fun, its quick, and best of all…its free.” I said. Mom paid the bills so long as the grades stayed at a certain level. The level was set too low, of course, and I found myself breezing through classes with no worries of paying any money back. There’s no greater feeling.

“Are you ready to go? or do you want to critique my life some more?” I said sarcastically, offering a coy smile. She giggled in her typical fashion, then gave me her typical girlish hug in mock apology and made her way out. I followed, locking the door behind me and making my way outside.

El Hombre was just starting to bustle when we arrived. We quickly found a booth in the smoking section and ordered a pitcher of beer to help us decide on something to eat. Deciding I didn’t want to pig out too bad, I opted for the plate of tacos, the only reasonable dish they had which still managed to offer a large amount of food. Suzie went for a taco salad, a deceptive dish that sounded small and girly, but came out larger than your head and with enough meat and cheesy to fill Shaq’s arteries full.

The course of the meal was nice, with both of us sharing our various stories that have formed since we last met. The pitcher of beer was replaced a few times before we were through, though neither of us were really affected. Too much partying. The last, and most impressive, of Suzie’s stories began at the end of their meal, and lasted the entire ride home and back to my dorm. Suzie had a boyfriend! Not only that, but she seemed rather serious about him. She talked constantly about him, described him, mentioned his characteristics, and all other manner of useless information that I cared little about.

“So you passed me up for that?” I jokingly said, although deep down I knew I was jealous. Then again, so was anyone that knew Suzie at all.

“Yeah…I know…but he’s so sweet…” she said. This is the first thing girls say about guys that usually weren’t as sweet as they mentioned. I gave the relationship another week before Suzie was back on the prowl.

“Well…that’s cool.” A small amount of tension had begun to form about them, nothing serious…but it didn’t leave to much room for conversation.

“I guess I’m gonna take off and finish that nap.” She said with a little oddness to her voice.

“Alright…well, you gonna be around tonight?” I said with an honest smile.

“Nope…I’m going out with Chuck, probably watch a movie and do that dating thing.” she said then chuckled.

“Well that’s cool…have a good night babe.”

“You too sweetie.” and with that she made her way out of the door, and then outside.

Damn, two down, and it wasn’t even 7.

I took a quick nap myself, about 45 minutes into it the phone woke me. CallerID marked it as Ted, persistent little shit.

“Hello?” I greeted him, sounding similar to Suzie from earlier.

“Hey man, waz up?” came Ted’s high toned, energetic voice.

“Not much man…wha’cha up to?”

“Checking the menu for tonight, anything goin’ on?” his eager voice came.

I gave him the lo-down on the parties, street by street and who was running each one. He took each one down with obvious happiness.

“Alright man…I guess I’ll see ya around” I said.

“Yeah dude, Lat-ah.”

Well, at least there would be one with me tonight, even if it was Ted. He was an entertaining kid…if a bit annoying sometimes.

At about 8:30 I got up and started to get ready. A shower, shave, tooth brushing and general maintenance. I put on my standard, slacker party attire of jeans and a nice shirt. Goo’d my hair up to its random spiked self, and put on a healthy, but safe, dose of cologne. Checking myself over in my tiny mirror, everything looked in place. I grabbed my jacket, keys, wallet and headed out. My first party had begun an hour ago in a small, college style apartment complex south of town. I worked my way through, taking a few well timed shots and generally feeling nothing from this group of people. I made quickly to my contact at the party and escort maltepe had a short but sweet conversation with him. Faking an engagement somewhere else, I bid my farewells and took off again.

The next party was the swing party. This is the one that keeps you going through the night, and usually gets you in the best mood. When I arrived though, the moods seemed pretty down, as the flashing blue and red lights meant that the swing was in the favor of the cops, and the party had been busted. Joy.

I quickly made my way away from that scene, and made for the 3rd out of my 4 listed parties. No worries.

Pulling up to the small duplex, I smiled. This wasn’t a very organized lot. A few guys had randomly tripped their way into the front lawn and were now enjoying a clear view of the stars and remarking on their exploits as drunken men. A few others were smoking between a few cars. I made my way through the crowd, paid the 3 bucks for a cup, and headed into the garage to get at the keg, and its beer. In passing, I caught the eyes of a few cute looking chicas, but for the sake of a good entrance, I decided to fetch my drink before seeking outside entertainment. Besides, I think that there is a party law governing such action.

Walking into the garage, I stumbled upon the heart of the party. A horde of about 45 people cramped elbow to elbow in a vain effort to stay close to the keg without leaving their friends. There was no telling where the line began or ended, but it was ever-present that the girls were being helped to the front, and that the guys were there for road making and beer holding. Joy.

I sighed a long desperate sigh, but was quickly cut off by a firm tapping on my shoulder. It was Suzie…and she was fucked up. Her eyeliner was smeared down her cheeks, and her eyes were extremely puffy.

“Holy shit, what happened to you?” I said, halfway through catching her as she jumped into a hug. She began to cry quite a bit more freely now, I rubbed her back reassuringly, and made my way with her through the back screen door so I could hear her over the music. Holding her shoulders softly, I created enough room to talk to her.

“What’s wrong babe, what happened?” I said, eyes searching hers for answers.

“That fucking bastard dumped me…didn’t even tell me why, didn’t even take me to the movie first…fucking asshole…” she said, anger relieving her senses of sadness, the tears slowing and eventually stopping altogether.

“Oh..I’m sorry Suzie, that’s pretty shitty.” I said…not fully knowing how to take this news, but somewhere in the back of my head, I think I knew how I wanted to react.

“Its ok…I should have known..” She added with a bit of a whimper and a sniffle for good measure.

I lifted my cup, my boyish smile growing.

“Well, there’s only one way through this.” She answered that with a container of her own, a full bottle of Jack that had been stored in her coat pocket. “Ok, so mabye there’s two.” She laughed sadly at that, which made me feel better, at least she wasn’t too upset about it all.

She looked up to me with her pits of tears, and bit her bottom lip. Nodding back to the party, she grabbed my hand and pulled back through the screen door (or what was left of it, apparently someone hadn’t taken note of it, and now there was a convenient hole the size of a football player within it). Walking into the kitchen area, she grabbed two conveniently placed shot glasses and pushed me onto a stool. She took a seat on one opposite of me.

Slipping her light form onto it, I finally took note of her attire. My senses flared at the sight of her. She was wearing a nice, short black leather skirt. Her perfectly toned and tanned thighs showing right to her knee before a beautiful set of a black leather boots tore down the rest of her leg. A skimpy spaghetti strap top draped over her front, and all of this horribly covered by a leather jacket. She was prepared, another sorry story of post-breakup syndrome.

She smiled to me as I finished my study of sweet Suzie’s form, and then slid a glass over to me, filled with the wonderful fuel to my evening. I glanced to her just as she lifted the glass and shot down the liquor with the skill of a professional, and then slammed the drink down as she struggled to not show the string and hiss of pure Jack Daniels. I followed suit, somehow understanding that I was going to need to be drunk to complete this evening.

We matched each other shot for shot until the bottle of jack was bone dry. Due to my large form (6’5″) the alcohol hadn’t even coursed through my system yet, but Suzie’s smaller form was beginning to show signs of buzzyness. Her girlish smile spread quite a bit easier now, and her eyes were wandering from face to face without care.

“So, Suzie…why are you such a flirt?” I asked without thinking, perhaps the drinks had had an impact…or perhaps I was losing it. Suzie’s reaction was classic, if a little simple. It began with a look of shock, until she realized just who was asking and then that sweet, sweet smile spread her lips.

“Well, pendik escort I gotta keep you on your toes, don’t I? Besides, you always have chicks over, you don’t want to settle for me.” The first comment might have been the truth, but the last one was the purposeful stroke of Suzie. The underlying desire that she inadvertently placed within it caused unknown hormones to form within me, and I couldn’t help but deny the claim.

“I don’t have that many chicks over! and besides that, I wouldn’t be settling…” I replied with a bit more conviction than I’d intended. She looked at me for a moment, like a predator does while analyzing its prey. Sizing it up, and then devising its attack.

“You’re so sweet, Mark…but you know we wouldn’t work out.”

“Oh, so you’ve thought about this?” I replied, once more with a bit too much energy. “what makes you say that?” I asked after a bit. Before she could answer, I pulled out my cigarettes and dragged her outside. I didn’t want to miss this conversation, and I didn’t want anyone to hear my hopeless attempt to win Suzie over. Lighting a cigarette I lifted a brow waiting for her answer.

“I don’t know Mark, I mean…you’re sweet, and we’ve known each other for a long time…but…”

I liked the way this was going, no real reasoning, and plenty left for her to consider.

“but what?”

“..but…I just don’t think you know me, don’t know how I act when I’m not drunk or partying.”

“So, two weeks ago, when I nursed you back to health through that flu, that wasn’t something? When I brought you back from the dead, risking my own life while in the presence of that horrible disease.” All a melodramatic, sarcastic work…but that was my style. It brought out a giggle or two, and that wonderful smile that I love so much.

“Ok, ok…so maybe you have, but what makes you think we would work.” A classic spin the tables, turn the question on me so that I have to reveal my desire, and then she can latch on before it hits the waterfall. The energy and conviction of earlier buried itself into the following response, the sobering reality that I was so close to getting the girl of my dreams lent itself to completing this without any slurs.

“Suzie, you know I’ve been wanting you since the day I met you. You know I’ve been waiting for the day you let me in, instead of leaving me out. I’d do anything to get a chance to be with you, and I think we’ve waited long enough to see if those feelings are shared. Don’t you think?”

She hadn’t been expecting that, she’d prepared for some classic, shy-boy response, but I’d lowered my disguise, lowered the mask…it was all there for her now. She studied my eyes for what seemed like hours. The tears, that earlier had marked the end of her previous bond, now formed for what I hoped marked the beginning of our own. A few seconds later, she stepped forward and lifted herself to me, into a kiss. A budding kiss of growing passion, starting tight and sweet, but ending in a raw thing of passion. Our mouths opened and tongues exploring as our hearts beat out the fuel of love.

The kiss lasted for a few minutes, and broke reluctantly, leaving us both scrounging for air. During the course of the kiss our hands had found each other, and now, based on this grip. Suzie led me back into the party. Tracing an unseen, but remarkably easy, course through the party, she led me upstairs and into a random bedroom. Walking in, she closed the door behind us, and then grabbed me by the neck and pulled the two of us into another passionate kiss as my body slammed into a wall. Her arms rose, locking around my neck. My own hands found themselves traveling along her side, fingers delicately lifting her blouse as our kiss heightened our senses and reactions.

A layer of goosebumps formed as my fingers danced about her back and a low, muffled moan sounded in response as my fingers neared the straps of that simple cloth. Her own hands floated down my chest, down my stomach and under my shirt, matching my own movements in form. Her nails traced lines along my side, lifting the shirt slowly, as my own fingers pulled and undid the tie from behind her shirt. A split second set of movements found both of our shirts on the floor, and our two topless bodies together again, our passionate kiss resuming.

Suzie’s body was amazing, not one ounce of unneeded fat on it. The soft ripples of her ribs led to her beautiful set of breasts. They were perfectly rounded and perky, the nipples poking straight out and into my own chest, as we rubbed against each other in the kiss. My hands began stroking her sides, fingers determined to tease her sensitive skin while not defiling her hard nipples. Her own hands were having more trouble keeping their cool. Both had drifted down my back and across my toned abdomen, to the line of my pants, and the belt and buttons that lay there. Fiddling with the buckle, she opened it and the buttons of my pants with little effort. I released a soft moan of pleasure into our kiss as her hands slowly pulled the zipper down and my pants slowly became a friend with the floor. My body shook, as my stiff member slipped free of its restrains, and quickly pitched a tent before being greeted by a firm, but careful thigh. Suzie stepped into my body with care, her thigh gently rubbing my dick as our kiss and movements began to take on a more sexual nature.

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