Surviving in the Old West Ch. 02

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This is the second part of a story. It is recommended that you read part one first. As always comments are welcome.

Mat and Martha entered the bigger town early one morning. They were instantly excited by the hustle and bustle that had already grown at this early hour. In the sleepy prairie town Martha had left, there would be still quiet in the main street at this time.

The two young lovers immediately felt a sense of safety and security that had been absent for them over the last few weeks. People hustled by, seemingly in a rush to get someplace or another, but none were in too much of a rush to not say ‘howdy’ to the young couple (and take a second look at the stunning beauty that was Martha.)

They noticed that nearly every street corner had a Sheriff’s deputy on it, the badges shining in the already hot sun. This gave them an even bigger feeling of safety which in turn relaxed them, so much so, that before they knew it they were giddy with happiness and excitement about the lives that lay ahead of them together.

The first saloon they saw (Martha being surprised to find that a town could have more than one!) had a notice that all guns must be checked before entering.

“This is such a wonderful place,” thought Martha.

Presently Mat found a hotel, the ‘newly weds’ did not have to worry about money too much for quite a while, as Mat had several hundred dollars on him.

Before setting out on their journey, Mat had performed the gruesome task of robbing the bodies of the outlaws he had slain. Martha pleaded with him not to do it and to leave them alone.

“Listen Mart, he had started. These men all carry valuable items, it would be foolish to leave them here to go to waste or for someone else to take.”

Martha knew he was right but Mat still continued.

“The money I have taken from them is a great deal, admittedly it will have been stolen from someone else but we may as well have it. Mat paused then continued, look at the quality of handguns they all carry, these are professional killers and would be proud of the quality of the piece they carried, look at all the rings and jewellery they have in their possessions, they do not steal rubbish Mart.”

Mat would have loved to have been able to take along all the horses and expensive saddles but it was impractical. They had unsaddled the horses and turned them loose, just saving an extra horse each which could be led (and more importantly they could only carry enough grain to feed.) and be sold on later.

On arriving in the town Mat immediately turned his possessions into ready cash. He laid out all the quality hardware in front of the gunsmith and asked how much he would give him for the lot. After being given an insulting offer Mat said,

“If you like I will set up a table outside your shop and sell these guns there at a good price. No one will pay you your price for new guns when I am selling such quality so much cheaper.”

It did the trick, not just with the gunsmith but the same tactic worked with the Jeweller and the Blacksmith too, as Matt sold the jewels and horses for a fair price.

Mat and Martha entered the hotel. They approached the owner on the desk and asked for a room for the foreseeable future (Martha loving how hard a bargain Mat drove when negotiating a price for such a long term stay.)

Ethan Bartlett was not as interested in the price he could get as Mat and Martha had assumed. He stared at Martha with a wicked glint in his eye.

“Just you two young ones wait here and I will get Mrs Bartlett to arrange your room for you.”

Ethan rushed off and left the Paytons at the desk,

“Clara, Clara,” he shouted which drew her to him.

“What is all the fuss about now?” she asked flustered.

“Get the people out of room six now,” he ordered.

“But we only just put them in last night, you seemed to enjoy them,” she said.

“Just do as I say, you will soon understand, just get them out now,” he ordered again.

Clara Bartlett re-organized the room situation much to the displeasure of the people who for forced to move again, and showed Mat and Martha to their new home for the days and weeks to come.

After a long day exploring the town, meeting people and acquainting themselves with the locations of all the different places, Mat and Martha had bathed and eaten and wanted to retire to bed. They entered their room and took off their coats.

Behind the mirror not only did Ethan Bartlett watch with trembling anticipation but Clara also sat beside him, a trembling hand on his thigh.

“They are both so beautiful,” they whispered to each other.

Ethan and Clara Bartlett were forty years old and childless. They had been watching other couples fuck for months ever since Ethan had come into the possession of a one way mirror. They would watch as the man rutted, humped and fucked the woman, then climb onto the bed and do the same.

In the age that they lived, sexual gratification was still the sole kartal escort preserve of the man. Although Clara had orgasms over time, this was more by luck than judgement and was more a by-product of Ethan taking his pleasure of her, than any specific attention paid to her sexually.

Martha stood in the middle of the room and undressed. First her hard youthful breasts came into view, the pale pink buds already hardening in anticipation, the small areola tightening around them. When she lowered her pants Ethan inwardly gasped. Martha’s cunny only had a slight sparse covering of pure blonde hair, which was novel, new and exciting. The sight of her tightly closed slit underneath, visible through her soft downy bush was stunning.

Mat quickly stripped off to join his beautiful ‘wife’ in her nakedness. Clara gazed at his hard, youthful but powerful looking chest and physique. Her eyes drifted down his body and fixed hungrily between his legs. Mat was big, not as big as some men she had seen over the months, but in proportion to his hard young body he was very nicely endowed.

What happened next changed the lives of Ethan and Clara Bartlett.

Martha moved to Mat and took the lead in kissing him. They kissed gently and tenderly, there was no rush to what they were about to do. After a while Martha pulled away from her lover’s face and stooped in front of him. Martha moved down his chest and kissed his nipples. She sucked on him and gently bit his hardening buds each in turn, before slowly sinking to her knees.

Martha held his cock against her face in an embrace before pulling her head away and gently kissing the large helmet. She seemed to pull on his cock in order to raise his balls up so that she could caress them with her mouth. She kissed each testicle in turn, then gently sucked on each, drawing them into her hot mouth and rolling her tongue around them..

She gazed up at Mat and never lost eye contact as she sucked his balls and then slowly ran her tongue up along the bulging muscle throbbing along the underside of his hard long length.

When Martha lovingly kissed the angry purple head of Mat’s cock, then sensually slid the big pulsating meat into her mouth, Clara Bartlett realised what it was that was so stunningly different about what she and her husband were watching.

The groans of pleasure were coming from HER and not just him.

Never before had they seen a woman so active and in control over what was happening. They had witnessed a man fucking a woman on many occasions and they (like all other couples of the age) had no more thoughts or ideas other than the woman being passive and submissive. Any thoughts of a woman acting like they were currently witnessing would have been considered the actions of a whore, trollop and a harlot. But they were starting to realise that they were just about to watch a young girl, no more than a child, make love to a man.

She was not simply going to be fucked.

This ‘old fashioned’ attitude to sexual behaviour may have seemed strange to those adventurous couples who did not follow the puritanical code of behaviour, but it was a sign of the times that they were a very small minority.

This newly married young girl of 18 was about to shatter all the established ideals and preconceptions of the ‘puritanical’ Bartletts.

As Martha sucked Mat’s cock she performed as though she worshipped his rod. The sensual manner in which she took him into her mouth as she pulled his foreskin down simultaneously, was matched by the low moan which she emitted at the same time. She swirled her tongue around the head of his cock and took him as deep as she possibly could.

Clara Bartlett suddenly realised that Martha wasn’t just sucking his cock, she was making love to it orally.

This may have meant the same thing to some people but what Clara was watching, was Martha displaying the real difference between the two.

Clara was transfixed, she had sucked Ethan’s cock many times and had seen women do the same for their man. Every time she had done it (and seen it done) it had been in a perfunctory and mundane manner, which suggested they were simply pleasing and readying their man to fuck. Clara realised as she watched Martha, that yes she was sucking him for his pleasure, but that she was also sucking him for her own pleasure, a concept that was both new to her – and exciting.

When Mat lifted Martha to her feet and walked her backwards to the bed, Martha fell onto her back. Her slender alabaster thighs parted and the watching couple got their first sight of her tight young pussy. The sparse curls hid nothing and Ethan felt his cock stir and harden even more than it was already. Martha’s tight closed slit flowered open to reveal tiny pale pink lips glistening with moisture. They seemed stuck together with wetness, creating a pink barrier to her intimate depths.

Mat lowered his head down between her legs and kissed her young pussy. He slowly ran his tongue maltepe escort bayan the length of her rapidly swelling and lubricating folds. Licking, kissing, nibbling, gently biting and sucking on Martha’s sweet little vaginal lips.

Mat’s mouth made love to Martha’s tight hole for what seemed like hours and finally drove Martha towards orgasm.

Ethan and Clara were amazed by Martha’s reaction.

She talked to him, ordered him, cajoled him, and directed him in how he should perform and how she wanted him to pleasure her. She pulled his head down into her groin and ground her pelvic mound up towards his darting tongue. She demanded HE pleasure HER. Martha sounded to the Bartlett’s watching, like a tramp and a whore, never before had they even considered that a woman would talk and act in such a sexually frenzied way.

Nice girls didn’t do that.

Martha, without the constraints of convention immersed herself in the beautiful climax that her lover brought her.

Again shocked by her verbal nature Ethan and Clara listened to Martha telling her man,

“Oh God yes baby, oh lick my pussy, suck my little button, oh God I am coming, yes, yes, yes,” then a stifled scream filled the room as Martha arched her pelvis as far off the bed as she could, whilst shaking and shuddering against Mat’s mouth.

Ethan desperately wanted to use Clara’s cunny now, he was ready to take his pleasure of her, but they both remained in their position as Mat lay on the bed. Clara was incredibly turned on by the young boy’s big, hard and rampant cock which stood proud like a flagpole.

Nearly every time they had sex the Bartlett’s simply took the missionary position and expected the two young lovers to do the same. Now they watched this young girl as she took the lead yet again. Mat stayed prone as Martha straddled him, her tiny lips opening as she spread her legs above him. Martha reached down between her legs and wrapped her tiny fingers around his large cock and guided him to her entrance. Her outer lips seemed to bulge slightly as they were pushed apart and Martha’s pale pink labia enveloped Mat’s cock as she slid herself down his length.

Clara was stunned by the actions of the ‘dirty little whore’ but epithets which also leapt into her mind were, sexy, beautiful, lucky and gloriously uninhibited. She was also incredibly jealous of her youth, her beauty, her body, her free spirit, but mostly the fact that she was now impaled on the gorgeous cock of the handsome young man who Clara had found herself incredibly attracted to.

Martha simply used her lover’s cock to fuck herself. She rose upright and ran her fingers through her hair, she clasped her own breasts in her hands, trapping her hard nipples between her fingers, pulling and stretching them out. Martha grabbed her rigid buds between her thumbs and index fingers and quite roughly and harshly pulled on her own hard pale pink erections to the point of pain. Sweat glistened on her body due to the warm night and the exertions it took for Martha to raise herself up and down on her man’s long length.

Clara unwittingly and unconsciously touched her own nipples through her dress.

Mat lasted no time at all before he was panting Martha’s name and telling her he loved her and was going to cum. Martha slid her tight little pussy up and down his cock for a few moments longer then to the watching voyeurs surprise, she leapt from his rod and quickly slid down to engulf the pulsating head with her lips.

As was the norm (due to the fears of pregnancy) Mat came in Martha’s hot, eager and willing mouth. Martha had begun to love the taste of her lover’s semen and was thrilled to take the hot, salty, thick, potent and powerful jets into her mouth. She savoured the taste for a little while then greedily swallowed his huge load.

The Bartlett’s were stunned.

As the Paytons lay in each others arms, Ethan and Clara slowly made their way from the wall to the bed. Clara had so many things running around her head and wanted to try to be like Martha. However both Ethan and Clara were so turned on and worked up by what they had witnessed, that they simply reverted to type.

Ethan threw her on the bed, and climbed between Clara’s legs which opened faster than he would have believed. He positioned his throbbing cock against his wife’s hairy pussy and slid straight into a cunny wetter and more open that he had ever known.

He simply fucked her.

Luckily Clara was so far along the road with excitement that she was ready to cum almost immediately, so Ethan’s rapid fire hump for once didn’t leave her wanting.

Ethan and Clara Bartlett had the orgasm of their lives (up to now.)

Laid together in the aftermath of the frantic fuck they had just had, Clara touched herself and felt the river of semen that Ethan had shot into her. Ethan saw the movement of her hand and watched as Clara (done without shame for the first time ever) idly toyed with herself.

“I want escort pendik you to look like her Clara” Ethan said.

“What do you mean? I can’t just look like her,” Clara replied.

“What I mean is, I want your slit (a word for her vagina they had agreed on some years before as they searched for polite references for their respective parts) to be less hairy so that I can see your ‘cooch’.

Clara was unsure about ‘messing around’ with her appearance, but there was something happening here with her husband and they both knew that they seemed to be on the verge of something changing in their lives.

“What do you want me to do?” asked Clara.

“Get the scissors and see if you can trim it down a bit,” Ethan suggested shyly.

“If we are going to do this, then you can be the one to do it.” Clara said sternly, desperately hiding the mounting excitement she was beginning to feel.

With Clara laid back on the bed, propped on her elbows, Ethan made a complete mess of trying to get Clara’s tight black curls trimmed down and neat. After looking down at herself, the words were out of Clara’s mouth before she realised.

“You may as well have shaved it off completely for all the mess you have made of it,” she said.

(In the times they lived the very idea that a woman would shave herself between the legs was unheard of. If any woman did it, they certainly did not talk about it. The lack of girl talk and the fact the people never saw one another naked, left Clara to assume that such a thing was never ever done, in fact Clara had always assumed the heavier the growth then the more feminine the woman was.)

The silence was deafening.

“Do you really think I should?” asked Ethan excitedly.

Again with the feeling of being on the verge of something new and exciting, Clara found herself agreeing to something her mind had never even contemplated until just moments ago.

“Yes do it, darling, I want you to look at me and want me, like you do the girl next door.”

Leaning back on her elbows Clara Bartlett watched as her husbands shaking hand scraped the razor over her pubic bush. As curl after curl fell between her legs Clara was shaking with a nervous fear of the razor and an inner excitement at what they were doing.

Clara stood in front of her mirror, the child-like smooth and hairless bulge of her vagina looking strangely at odds with the rest of her womanly figure. The childless Clara had retained a nice figure, which was now starting to fill out and beautiful curves were developing on her mature body. Clara’s breasts were still full and shapely, although a lifetime unsupported had made them sag and they now pointed about halfway down towards the floor, which Ethan had always found surprisingly erotic.

Clara was amazed at how she looked, her smooth, clean and hairless slit still closed together hiding the smaller lips that barred her entrance. Her outer labia were a little more prominent, puffy and curved than Martha’s tighter young lips and they looked incredibly sexy.

Just as the young girl who now slept in her lover’s arms in the next room, believed that she had invented the act of swallowing semen and that she alone performed the act, so Clara Bartlett now believed that she and her husband had done something unthinkable to others and that somehow they too had invented a whole new idea.

To be hairless, smooth and exposed was incredibly daring and exciting.

Ethan Bartlett took his wife’s hand and led her to the bed and made love to her properly for the first time ever.

Emboldened, inspired and somehow empowered by watching Mat and Martha make love, the Bartlett’s sensed that for the first time ever, THEY and not just HIM, were performing this mutual act.

When Ethan kissed his beloved wife it was different from any other time he had ever kissed her. When he teased and caressed her breasts and nipples it was different from any other time. When he kissed slowly down the sexy paunch of her stomach it was the first time he had ever done it. When Clara flinched with wanton excitement as his lips reached her lower stomach and paused above her trembling, flowering and sodden pussy it was the first time and when Ethan lowered his lips to hers and kissed them tenderly, he realised that for first time it was about her pleasure, her satisfaction and her sexual enjoyment, not just his.

The only time Ethan had licked her ‘cooch’ he had performed the task like a dog worrying a rabbit. He had been quick, crude and frantic, now Ethan simply followed his instinct. There was no book to learn from, there was no manual to consult, he just took his lead from Mat and pleasured his writhing wife with slow tenderness.

Swirling his tongue around her clitoris rather than launching a ‘full on assault’ he teased Clara to distraction, gently sucking on her engorged inner lips which had become a deep crimson with the attention they were receiving and sliding his tongue into her hot, dripping folds.

The flood of her intimate juices on his lips and tongue, meant Ethan tasted his wife properly for the first time.

Clara tasted like he had never thought she could and Ethan drank in the sight, the smell and the taste of his beautiful wife as a man transformed.

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