Super Trooper

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Big Tits

She could hardly concentrate on her driving as she made her way across town. Amber had fun at the fantasy party, but it was all couples attending. Although, a couple of horny buggers had made passes at her behind their wives backs, nothing she would have followed up on. The guys weren’t that cute anyway.

God! She was beside herself with horniness though! Looking at all the sex toys and all the dirty talk, was enough to make a woman crazy!

Amber bought a nice, new dildo at the party. She had it stuffed in her purse, next to her in the front seat. She didn’t think she could wait until she got home, so she leaned over and pulled it out. At the next set of traffic lights, she paused to remove it from the packaging. Throwing the box on the floor, she pulled the dildo from its cloth sleeve.

What a beautiful sight! Such a work of art, really. It was eight inches long and very realistic, the colour of flesh, with veins and a bulbous head. The best feature, was the very quiet vibrating modes that this one had.

As the traffic light turned green, she began driving again. It was dark as she left the city limits, heading out of town toward home. No one would see, or even suspect the nasty thing, she was going to do on the way home. Amber’s pussy was getting wet just thinking about it.

She hiked up her sundress a little and started to remove her panties, trying to pull them down her legs as she drove. A car approached from behind as she weaved about on the road, cursing as she kicked them off her feet. “Fuck!” she muttered. “Should just pull off the road before I kill myself!”

“What the…” she looked in her rear view mirror. A police car was behind her with the lights on. Whoop, whoop went the siren. “Fuck sakes!” she stammered. Amber pulled over into a clearing at the side of the road and stopped.

She quickly reached for the box on the floor, fumbling as her seat belt prevented her from grabbing it. “Shit!” The cop was walking toward her car. She just sat up, cursing under her breath. She chucked the dildo over to the passenger floor, hoping he wouldn’t see it in the dark and rolled down her window.

“Where are you headed?” he asked. The officer was a tall good looking black man.

“Home, was I speeding sir?” she played dumb.

“Uh, no miss. You’re over the line a few times as you were driving. Had anything to drink?” he asked.

“No, nothing like that,” she giggled.

“Let me see your license, insurance and registration please.” She handed him the papers as he shone his flashlight around, missing the toy on the floor.

“Am I going to get a ticket?” she asked. He didn’t answer her.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” he said. He went back to his car, then returned a couple of minutes later. He handed the information back to her. “Could you step out of the car miss?” he asked.

Amber got out and leaned against the side of her car. “I haven’t been drinking,” she reassured him.

He looked escort bostancı her up and down for a moment. Amber noticed him staring and realized how hot she must look, poured into the skimpy sundress. The air was a little cool and she became aware of her nipples poking through the thin material, as she wore no braw tonight.

“Are you high?” he asked, his gaze somewhat fixed on her breasts.

“No, nothing like that,” she sighed.

“So, what’s the deal then? Are you ill or something?”

“No, I’m just a little distracted. It’s kind of… personal,” she said with some hesitation.

“Well I don’t really want to cite you if there’s a legitimate reason, that’s all.”

“You’ll think it’s stupid,” she said.

“Try me,” he reassured her.

Amber looked down at her feet, brushed her long, dark hair back and said in a low whisper, “I’m horny.”

He frowned at her, forcing back the laughter. “Horny?” he asked.

“God, I can’t believe I just said that! I’m horny,” she repeated. “There! I’ve said it! I’m so horny, I can hardly concentrate on my driving, obviously. I went to this sex party, the ones where you buy toys and skimpy clothes and things and well, it got me so excited. Guys there were hitting on me but none of them were single, but I’m single and have to go home alone and I’m just beside myself with horniness.” Shit! Just shoot me and put me out of my misery!” Amber took a deep breath. “Sorry, I’ll shut up now.”

The big black cop continued to stare at her, dumbfounded. Amber realized he might make her do a sobriety test, here at the side of the road! “I’m not drunk,” she reassured him with a smile.

He paused. Looked at his patrol car, looked back at Amber. “You’re serious.”

“Yes sir. It sounds stupid, I know. Can I just go home now?”

He thought for a second. “So, if I check the car, I won’t find any booze or drugs?” he asked her.

“Nothing like that,” she said, thinking of her dildo discarded on the floor. A car drove by slowly, as the man and woman starred at Amber, being interrogated by this big police officer.

“Ok, I’ll just do a quick check and you can be on your way,” he said, licking his teeth in somewhat disbelief.

This is so fucking embarrassing, she thought.

He aimed the flashlight into the car, scanning around, front and back. Then back to the front, as he noticed something. He walked around to the passenger side and opened the door. Another car drove by slowly, people gawking! He turned to her, a slight grin on his face.

“That’s why I was driving poorly,” she admitted. “I was kinda getting into the middle of something. God! This is so embarrassing!”

“It’s ok,” he said with a hooked finger. “Come here,” he beckoned. He moved back a step as she approached, his eyes looking her up and down, making her nervous. “Put your hands on the hood.” he said.

“Spread ’em?” she teased, as she laid her hands on the hood of her Honda.

He ümraniye escort began to pad her down and Amber noticed right away, by the way he touched her, that this was not the standard way to search a person. His hands had a gentle way, as they felt down her back, pausing at her waist and moving around to her front and up her torso.

Amber’s breath caught in her throat as his hands found her breasts and he gently squeezed. She glanced up and down the street, realizing the quiet area that they were in and this big brute was feeling her up! Amber moaned, hoping that she didn’t misunderstand the situation. He messaged her breasts again and it was obvious that he wasn’t looking for drugs.

She laid her head on her hands, slowly gyrating her hips at his advances. He ran his hands up under her dress, squeezing her buttocks as she moaned. “Are you going to arrest me?” she joked.

“No, just detain you for a short while,” he quipped.

“I wouldn’t mind being detained for a while,” she said seductively.

He knelt down behind her, hiked up her dress and he hissed at the sight of her bare ass. Amber gasped when she felt his tongue on her gash, as he proceeded to tickle her twat. “Oh officer!” she breathed.

“Captain,” he corrected her.

“Oh captain, my captain!” she moaned, grinding her ass in his face. “What a nice tongue you have!”

He stood up behind her and whispered in her ear, “Well then, you’re really gonna like this!”

He opened his trousers and pulled out his cock. Amber reached back and tugged on his meat. “Oh my god!” she exclaimed as she jerked on a huge, pulsating penis and felt his large balls. “Is that your gun Captain?”

“It’s my secret weapon,” he laughed and abruptly bent her over the fender to shove his aching cock into her wet pussy.

“Uuuh!” she grunted as he penetrated her hot cunt.

He took a firm grip at her hips, as he slowly shoved in and out of her. She was wet, but tight around his very large shank.

“Holly… Shhhit! she panted. “You’re sooo BIG!” Amber started moving her ass back and forth getting accustomed to the large prick that impaled her. Her wet pussy lubricated his dong, as the well endowed cop began some serious fucking.

Amber couldn’t believe her luck, to be getting so seriously fucking reamed here at the side of the road, with blue and red lights flashing. “Oh… my… fuck!” she panted, laying across the hood of her car, feeling the warmth of the engine. “You… you… fill… me… up… sssooo good!”

“You like my cock?” he asked as he felt her ass.

“Oh yeah… fuck me… fuck me… hard!” He pounded her faster, giving her a full ten inches of thick meat, his balls slapping against her ass as they fucked.

Just then, he paused, as headlights approached from down the road. “Oh shoot,” she whined in disappointment at having to stop the good fucking.

The quick thinking cop leaned over her back and whispered, “Don’t kartal escort bayan move,” as he pulled a pair of hand cuffs from his belt. He began to put the cuffs on her, as a car load of teenagers drove slowly by, gawking.

Amber looked up and smiled at them, the cop’s quivering cock throbbing inside her. “Whoo hooo!” someone yelled. “Arrest the bitch!” as they drove by.

Once the car was out of sight, he pulled Amber up, and she turned around to see the tool of her pleasure. “That’s one honking piece of meat!” she admired. Sticking out of his trousers was the biggest baddest cock she’d ever seen! The big black thing glistened with her cunt juices.

“Here, I’ll take those cuffs off,” he said.

“No, not yet,” she smiled at him and dropped to her knees, to suck on his dick. He grunted as she put her mouth over his penis and slurped up and down on his shaft. “Oh my god…” she mumbled… “you’re so big!”

She honked up and down on his wang, licking his shaft. She could smell her scent on him as she licked and fondled his balls with her tongue. Then Amber stood up, leaning back against her car. “Take me!” she smiled and wiggled her hips.

He quickly grabbed her by the waist, picking her up as she scissored her legs around him. She giggled, then gasped as he shoved up into her. She tightened her legs around his waist, hooking one knee over his holster and the other leg he held. With her hands cuffed behind her back, she grinded her wet pussy on his enormous cock, as he banged her up against the car.

“You’re…gonna…make…me…cum,” she panted, as he drilled her. He grabbed at her tits as he thrusted up into her. “Oh…fuck!” she moaned as he squeezed her breasts. “Nice cock,” she whispered.

“Mmmm.” “Nice tits!” he replied.

“Mmmm…you’re so…fucking huge!”

“You’re so tight,” he grunted.

She locked her legs tighter around him, grinding as he rammed her aching cunt. “Oh yeah baby,” he hissed, sweat dripping down his brow.

“I’m getting close,” she moaned.

“Me too,” he groaned. He was thrusting her hard up against the car.

“Kiss me!” she stared at his thick lips with a glazed look in her eyes. He leaned in and his lips were on her’s. She loved the thickness of them. Then his tongue was probing her mouth. She moaned as they kissed.

“Oh…fuck!” she blurted. She kissed him back, hungrily giving him tongue, as she came all over his lovely cock. Then, he froze and she could feel his hot jism squirting up into her cunt as they came together. They grinded, moaning and groaning, as they shared the moment together.

Amber could hardly stand as he took the handcuffs off. “So, am I free to go?” she asked, rubbing her wrists.

“Do you think you can drive now?” he laughed.

“Oh I’m much better now,” she giggled, rubbing her crotch.

“Here, in case you ever need to call me,” he handed her his business card.

“In case I’m ever in need of the police?” she teased.

“Serve and protect,” he said with a grin. “Drive safe now,” he said as he tucked her into the car, closing her door.

Amber rolled the window down, “Thank you for the help Captain,” she said and then sped off.

The End. OK… masturbate now!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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