Sunbathing Showoff

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During the summer I sometimes sit on my back patio. This one Saturday I was sipping on a drink there when I heard the next door neighbor girls. Their names were Marta and Pam. They had on their bikinis and were getting ready to sun themselves. I had to take a close look. Marta the older girl was college age and Pam was a senior in high school.

They put down their blankets and towels and then Marta proceeded to remove her top. Both the girls were laughing, but I sure wasn’t. I had my eyes glued to Marta’s chest. She didn’t have the biggest tits, but her nipples were pointing straight out. It was if she was inviting someone to touch them.

The strange part was that Marta looked directly towards me. It was if she knew I was looking and she was showing off just for my pleasure. Both girls got on their backs and I had my vision fixed on Marta’s chest. I have to admit my hand went to my crotch.

I began rubbing my dick through my shorts. I was fantasizing what it would be like to be mounting that beautiful, young woman lying there. Unfortunately for me they didn’t stay out very long. It started to get cloudy and they went back into their home. The strange part was Marta again looked over to where I was sitting. She definitely wanted me to see her tits.

I eventually went inside my house and I went into the bedroom. I stripped down and got on the bed. I just had to stroke my dick right then. All I could think of was the girl next door, I had to think of a way to have her. I didn’t come up with any good ideas and then the doorbell rang.

I had to quickly throw my bathrobe on and run to the door. My mouth nearly dropped when I saw Marta standing in my doorway.

“There was a piece of your mail in out mailbox Mr. escort bostancı Martin,” she told me.

“It’s Bill, Marta, would you like to come in for a minute?”

I couldn’t believe my luck, or was it luck? Marta eagerly came inside my house. Marta was just how I like my women. She had straight black hair running down to her back. She had a cute face and then there were those tits. She was wearing a tight shirt and she had no bra on. The stars were in alignment right at that moment.

“Can I offer you a drink? Some wine maybe?” I asked her.

“A small glass, ” she told me.

We both walked to the kitchen and I poured some wine in a glass. Marta sipped it and then set it down.

“Did you like what you saw today?” She asked me.

Somehow I just said what I thought.

You wanted me to see you this morning, didn’t you?”

Marta just smiled and giggled a little bit. I figured this was the do or die moment. I undid the belt on my robe and let it slide to the floor. I guess Marta didn’t expect that from me. She looked directly at my thick cock. She never took her eyes from it. I stepped closer and I put my hands on her shoulders.

Marta knew exactly what I wanted her to do. I pressed on her shoulders and she got on her knees. My cock was dangling there was waiting for action.

“Suck on it,” I told her.

Marta reached out and took my dick in her hand. She gently pumped it up and down for a few moments. Marta then looked up to my face as she brought my cock to her lips. I thought I might just pop my load right there and then. She brought my cock head to her lips. I had to move things along. I put my hand on the back of her head and I pushed my dick past her lips.

Marta’s ümraniye escort eyes got big, but she took my rod down her throat. I started to fuck her mouth. She was gagging a little and spittle was dripping from the corners of her mouth. Marta never pulled away from sucking me. Every time she went down she made a slurping sound with her lips.

I couldn’t believe my luck. I had this young chick working on my hard dick. I knew I had to fuck her. I pulled away after a few minutes and I lifted her to her feet. I pulled her shirt off and I pulled the rest of her clothing off. She stood right in front of me. Her hard nipples looking right at me.

I slowly moved her to the couch and had her get on her back. Marta didn’t protest at all. Her face said it all, she wanted my cock that day. I spread her legs and looked down at her pussy. Her pubic hairs were all wet. I lowered my mouth and lapped at her folds. Marta just went crazy. She pushed down on my head, begging me to lick harder.

I began to bite on her clit and I thought she was close to orgasming. I pulled back and took my cock in hand. I guided it to her wet folds and I pushed into her. Marta’s head went back and she let out this moan. I slowly worked my throbbing prick deeper into her tunnel. There was no question in my mind. She was mine whenever I wanted her pussy.

I sped up and pushed into her until our pubic bones were hitting. I also reached out and gripped each nipple with the palm of my hand. Her nips were so hard, standing like little mountains on her chest. Her pussy was so tight I started to circle my cock around inside to loosen her up.

“God, Bill, fuck me harder,” Marta screamed out.

I drove my bare prick as deep as it could kartal escort bayan go. Over and over I gave her ever hard inch of my cock. My balls were swaying and hitting her ass as I fed her my thick erection. I was getting so carried away I knew I was close to cumming.

I had no protection on and I should have pulled out. Marta’s tight pussy made me want to stay inside.

“I’m cumming!” I cried out.

Marta squeezed hard with her muscles and I erupted inside her. It felt like I was hosing her pussy with my hot cream. I sent ropes of my seed deep into her belly. I could feel Marta’s body shaking. We were cumming together. I arched my back and fed her everything I had inside me. Even after I could cum no more I kept stroking Marta’s pussy.

I looked down and Marta’s eyes were back in her head. She looked spent and my dick was getting soft. I pulled out and then watched my hot cum leak out of her pussy. I knew I should have pulled out, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I lowered my face and kissed the tips of her nipples.

Marta might have came, but my mouth on her nips made her moan even more. I kissed them for some minutes and then I got up from the couch. Marta didn’t move. I went and got some towels to clean up with. I pulled her up from the couch and we cleaned up. After that I pulled Marta to me and we had a deep kiss.

“I wanted you for a long time Bill,” she told me.

“Now you have me for as long as you want,” I told her.

Marta got her clothes back on and went back next door. Thankfully her parents were away when all our fun happened. Marta didn’t leave before I got her phone number and she mine. Later that evening I heard from her.

“Bill, will you fuck me again like you did today?” “Your cock was so big, I want to feel it in me, please?”

It looks like this is just the first episode of a long summer of sex. I hope I am up for it! By the way, Marta took a piece of my mail from my box as a set up for an invite. Don’t call the police.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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