Summer Vacation

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Although my passions are ignited by and with older men, it was a younger man who would someday be an older gentlemen that led me to make an exception. Clearly he sought and needed the experience that an older woman could provide him. This story couldn’t have found a voice without him.

LovelyLadyFaire … in concert with RKK … welcome you into their world of lust and seduction. We give you “Summer Vacation” … a story of the coming of age … and ageless passion.

Layla and RKK … for your pleasure.

Turning down my street I’m headed home for a summer vacation alone as my parents are off on a cross country trip in our motor home and will be gone most of the season.

My mind is bursting with copious, thought provoking, pleasurable images of girls, booze and sex. The fortuitous circumstances leaving me virtually at liberty assure me that there won’t be anyone around telling me you can’t do this and shouldn’t do that. I’m experiencing a young man’s sexual freedom and awakening, perhaps my fantasy will actually become my reality?

I’m already semi-hard just from the scenes my mischievous kinky mind is focused on. Erotic, sensual scenarios of pure naughty unadulterated sex are streaming at warp speed. As if the powers that be were stealing into my thoughts pulling into the driveway I spot Ms. L out on her front porch sprucing up the area looking like a million. I don’t recall a time when she didn’t look put together. I’m confident that Ms. L purposely dresses to show off her lovely curvy figure, a sensuous inviting body which has long been a fantasy of mine to fuck.

Ms. L has always been so kind my favorite color is blue.” God, she looked fantastic not just good.

Layla was wearing a shimmering flowing dress that draped across her shoulders and hugged every inch of her body. Deep sapphire blue against those eyes and that hair would have made a dead man cum. I watched her move, she was graceful and quiet. There was nothing that was out of place. The dress fell just above her ankles and she was barefoot. When she moved it clung to her like a glove escort bostancı allowing me to see the cheeks of her ass and the fullness of those tits.

“Thank you Richard, you look quite handsome yourself. You’ve certainly grown into a man over the year. I might not have recognized you if I didn’t see you get out of your car. Come in, I thought we’d eat on the terrace, it’s such a beautiful night.”

I followed behind her like a puppy dog waiting to be patted. Behind her, I would give anything to be behind her plowing into her.

We walked through the living room and she had candles burning everywhere. There wasn’t a single light on and I thought how erotic she must look, her body drenched in sweat, steamy and flushed. silhouetted in glowing hot candle light after being furiously and ferociously fucked hard?

“Here let me open this, have a seat and get comfortable, it’s just you and me so no need to stand on ceremony.”

Trust me Layla, I know it’s just you and me. What would she say if I told her that’s all I’ve been thinking about for the last few hours?

“I’ve been thinking about just that very thing for several hours.” I saw her smile, of course she knew.

I stared at her hands, soft and confident as she opened the wine and poured it into shimmering glasses. I wanted those hands, her fingers gripping my cock, stroking it up and down while her tongue licked and sucked me.

“What have you been thinking about Richard?”

I’ve been thinking about fucking you. I’ve been fixated on your tits. I’ve been imagining what you taste like. I’ve been wondering how tight your sweet ass is and if I can make you scream?

“Oh, just what you said about it being just you and me, no need for ceremony.” Yeah, right I’ve been thinking about no need for anything but fucking the hell out of you.

Her back was towards me and I watched her moving. Layla was curvaceous, you might say voluptuous and you’d be right. I could feel her body seriously writhing on mine in the throes of a mind blowing fuck.

“Here you go baby, let’s toast to a fabulous ümraniye escort summer together.”

Are we spending the summer together? Was she telling me what I wanted to hear?

Layla walked slowly to me, smiling and licking her lips. Her eyes were on fire and her nipples were hard, straining against the thin fabric of her dress.

“Here you are Richard.” Take the glass fool and get it together.

I wanted to rip that dress right off and throw her on the ground, bury my still throbbing cock deep in her wet warm pussy and fuck her, long and hard, an unrelenting battering of pussy and raging, ramming cock.

When she bent down and kissed me, her tongue wet, slipping between my lips, searching for my tongue, finding it, sucking it gently, I could feel the front of my slacks warm against my thigh, cum soaked, cum was oozing from my cock.

“No need for ceremony baby, we both know what we want, don’t we? You want to fuck me, and I want you to. We have all night and the entire summer together. I’ll chase the boy in you away tonight, you’ll see the sun rise as a man.”

To say that she caught me by complete surprise is an understatement of gigantic proportions. Here was my long time masturbation goddess, her tongue dueling with mine as the passions within both of us seemed to ignite. Hearing her breathlessly murmur the words of us fucking the summer away was just throwing gas onto an already blazing fire as my cock stretched another inch at least.

As our tongues sparred, our mouths engaged in fever pitched kissing, licking and sucking face, ear lobes, and I found her neck. How often did I imagine my mouth on that neck? I pulled her gently onto my lap so I could explore some of her awesome curves, this woman’s body that I’d dreamed of for so long. The feel of her lush breasts filling my hands as our mews and moans of erotic pleasure filled the air was surreal for this young man.

Our hands roaming over each others bodies, aching to feel, caress and exploit. My desires for orgasmic pleasures are just too compelling to continue a lot of kartal escort bayan foreplay. I reached for the hem of her dress. My hand slowly inching up her legs seeking her hot wetness to feel and of course taste as she bites my lips. Mewing in her sexiest voice I heard the words I’d never thought she’d utter.

“Yes Richard … yes … I belong to you now.”

This creature belonged to me? Did I actually hear her say that? Layla had a mind of her own I was soon to realize.

“You want me, you want to feel every inch of me, taste every secret place you’ve only thought about. You’ll have me and I’ll be at your beck and call… but… tonight… I take the lead.”

Looking into her eyes I knew there was no point in my trying to change her mind, not by touching, feeling, teasing or for that matter protesting. To say that all I wanted to do was throw her down and fuck the hell out of her would be diminishing the reality of the current path she was obviously determined to follow. There was no question that she wanted control and I wasn’t about to even attempt to try and take it away from her. I’d have to be crazy to even entertain the idea.

Layla pulled herself out of my arms and stood up offering her hand. I could easily refuse to be led, get up and walk out. Who the hell was I kidding? I wanted her, she knew it. I took her hand and she turned and walked towards her bedroom, a den of sexual depravity I was more than willing to enter.

The room was barely lit; a small candle was burning on the bedside table. Layla walked to the far side of the room and turned on a lamp that veiled the room in a soft amber glow. Her skin was glistening in the radiance as she walked towards me and stopped just short of the bed.

“Lie down Richard.” I began to unbutton my shirt and she said “just as you are.” She wasn’t kidding, she was as dominant as I could have believed she would be, taking total and complete control.

My head was spinning. I couldn’t think of anything but ramming my throbbing cock into her wet pussy and fucking her like a dog humping a bitch in season.

“Much like a spirited chess match we each have a strategy that we believe gives us the advantage. You sweet Richard want to fuck me, and I want you to. Play this round by my rules and I can promise you that by morning you’ll have become a Grand Master.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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