Stories of Beijing Ch. 01

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Thomas was an average looking caucasian student who had just graduated and turned eighteen, when he decided to spend a gap year in Beijing and learn Chinese. He was 6 feet tall, with dark brown hair and deep green eyes. If you asked his friends what to think of him, they would say he was always in a good mood, plenty of energy and ready for adventure. And here he had decided of his own: China. He always had felt attracted to Asian countries, not only for the culture, but also for the hot little women whom he found especially good looking. After saying goodbye to his friends and family he got on his plane on his way to many adventures.

Part One: the flight.

Thomas was sitting in his plane seat and was pretty annoyed. It had been 5 hours he had been stuck next to a petite redhead who was playing death-metal in her headphones so loud that it was driving him crazy. He had tried to sleep, to watch a movie and even tried those stupid games on the plane screens, nothing seemed to calm his nerves about the music. He had gotten frustrated and was tired, and that only meant one thing: he had gotten horny. Thomas was always horny. Since he had discovered masturbation at the age of twelve his sexual lust had only grown, and by his eighteen years he would easily masturbate four to five times a day. It had been a long day before boarding the plane and Thomas hadn’t had the time to jack off so there he was, hesitating to go jack off in the bathroom to cool off. As he was looking to get past his noisy neighbor, he started checking her out. She was actually kind of cute. She had light blue eyes, which were really striking in contrast with her read hair. She wore a red top, hiding her small B cup tits, and wore a little pair of jeans shorts, that ataşehir escort bayan should have made her small behind look pretty good. As his gaze was stuck on her little top Thomas felt his cock swell in his pants, she would be a good image to beat off to. Getting ready in his mind to stand up he realized she was staring at him now. As their eyes met, Thomas felt his cheeks burn: she had seen him checking her out.

“U-Uhm, I’m sorry, could you move a bit? I need to go to the bathroom.” He muttered.

“You’re going to jack off aren’t you?” She asked.

Thomas felt his heart skip a beat. She had totally seen through him, and he had no clue what to do. On the one hand he thought of how embarrassing it was, and how she was going to judge him for doing so, but on the other hand, he actually didn’t really care. He was pissed at her for having no consideration with her awful music and at least him having a little release would calm him. He decided not to care. He was going to China and could be whoever he wanted after all, so he gave her hell.

“Yeah I’m going to jerk my cock, because I’m totally going crazy because of your irritating music. At least I won’t be disturbing my neighbor when I’ll be beating of my meat.” He said in a furious hush.

Without waiting for a further reaction from her he got up and wanted to move to the isle when the girl grabbed him with impressing strength and pushed him back in his seat.

“Sit down”, she said.

Thomas sat quietly for a second, totally shitfaced by what had just happened.

“I’m Karren. I’m sorry if I bothered you with my music, I didn’t mean to. I’m actually pretty nervous during flights and there’s not much that makes me feel at ease. But death-metal often does the trick actually. escort kadıköy Sorry, I’ll turn it down.”

Her voice was sweet and she seemed sincere while saying those words, so Thomas relaxed a little and apologized for his rude answer before.

“I didn’t mean being so aggressive but when I’m tired and frustrated I have a short fuse, my bad.” He said.

“No worries, I know how you feel, it often happens to me too.” She replied with a little smile.

They started chatting and for a little while Thomas forgot about his half hard dick still waiting for attention, but then he got surprised when she asked:

“Do you want me to suck your dick?”

A long silence lasted while Thomas looked at her like she were an alien.

“What?” He asked, not believing his ears.

“You know I told you death-metal often does the trick to keep me from going crazy in a plane, but when it doesn’t, sucking dick does. I love feeling a penis in my mouth, tasting the pre-cum dribbling down the shaft and slowly licking it. The smell, the feeling just makes me relax, so if you want to I’ll gladly suck yours, because you’re kind of cute. Plus, you haven’t gone to the restroom, meaning you’re still horny aren’t you?”

And just as she was finishing her words Thomas’s penis hardened like never before in his jeans. Still in disbelief he was just staring in awe at this hot petite girl who wanted his cock. Since he wasn’t replying, Karren decided to take things in hand. Thomas watched in trance as her hand moved to his pants, unbuttoning his jeans and just pulling them down till his knees without a moment of hesitation. He saw her going under his pair of boxers, feeling his hard cock. And in one swift motion his boxers had joined his jeans, and her mouth was around bostancı escort his cock. In that moment Thomas’s reality seemed to burst apart. He had never felt so good. Her lips were pressing softly against his shaft, sliding all the way up. Then he felt her tongue on his knob, slowly swirling around it. Her mouth went back down all the way till the shaft and he felt his prick hitting her throat. Meanwhile his hands had found her ass, and he was playing with her cheeks, his hands under her shorts, his fingers groping under the thong.

He grabbed the lacy material, and pulled it up so it would push against her lips. He repositioned himself, and slid his fingers past her asshole till her lips, where he pressed two fingers against her clit, with the thong still separating both. A moan escaped of Karren’s mouth as she was still stuffing herself with Thomas’s dick. It had been months since she hadn’t had a penis, and this one was perfect. She started fastening her movements and Thomas was going crazy. Pure desire made him focus attention on only him and his hands grabbed her hair and he started fucking her mouth with all the pent up energy he had. He didn’t last long and with a final trust and no warning he came right down her throat. Karren tried swallowing as much as he could but there was so much, it started dribbling from her mouth and when he finally was done she had a little of his semen on her cheek. Just as she was wiping it, the flight attendant came by with drinks.

“That was fun.” She said, her eyes still watery because of the rough face fucking.

“Yup, it wasn’t bad.” Thomas answered.

He finished his drink and looked at her.

“Seriously thanks. It was a lot of fun, and I feel more relaxed now. I’ll sleep a few hours, but wake me up before we land and let’s do this again.”

“Sure thing!” She answered with a little laugh.

As she put her headphones back on, Thomas started dozing off with a little smile, thinking of how much more adventures he’ll have in the future.

To be continued

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