Stolen Encounter Ch. 02

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I don’t know what possessed me to get involved with him. When we met, I found him arrogant, conceited, and an obvious womanizer. He was at the bar meeting a friend of mine for Christ’s sake. The typical bad boy that every woman says she doesn’t want, but is, in reality, practically dripping to have. But he was gorgeous, with a great body, and I was determined to end a very long, very frustrating dry spell.

So, against my better judgment, I embarked on a campaign to get him into my bed. I flirted, teased, promised, and sent naughty text after naughty text. In hindsight, I feel moderately guilty for aiding in the process of ending his relationship at the time, but she was a horrid, mousy thing; really unworthy of such a charismatic, wildly sexual man. Wink, wink.

Anyway, after a couple of weeks I had succeeded in my efforts, and he proved to be a stellar lover. I’d oftentimes stop by one of his job sites and would in short order find myself pressed against a wall upstairs with my panties around my ankles while he fucked me mercilessly from behind. He was a tireless lover, and these quick, vicious orgasms were amazing and left me drained and satisfied, albeit, craving more.

The few nights I spent in his bed were quick as well. An hour, two tops, but they always ended happily for both of us, with his hand clamped tightly over my mouth so his roommate wouldn’t hear my cries of release. He often told me I should learn to be quiet. But I loved listening to him as he pounded his own sweaty way toward orgasm, his face tight with concentration until that final moment when he would fill my pussy, his own throaty cries inevitably making me spasm again.

But I haven’t even mentioned ataşehir escort bayan his cock; eight inches of gorgeous, cut , pulsing flesh. So beautiful, and always eager for my touch. Occasionally, I’d tease him under the table at our favorite bar until we’d escape to the car, drive to a secluded parking lot where I would slide my lips over him for a few brief moments until we’d struggle from our clothes. Then, in sudden, sweet relief he’d bend me over the center console and take my ass, making me cum nearly instantly. I loved having his hands wrapped around my neck while we fucked, enjoying the dominance he displayed while he used my body.

But my favorite, of all our encounters, took place in my bed, under my control. So rarely do I take a dominant role, but I was eager to please him. I remember wanting him to remember what I could do for and to him. For him to wake up some night sweating with thoughts of that day, making him masturbate to a fast, heaving climax with me on his mind.

So I dressed in a sexy little baby doll number with a satin robe and waited impatiently for him to arrive. He came straight from work, smelling gloriously of healthy male and kissed me immediately, his appreciation evident in his roaming hands and the bulge in his jeans. I laughed, pushing him toward the shower, but stood at the door watching him as he showered, his hands soaping his dick teasingly, making me more and more aroused.

I turned, smiling, to walk to the bedroom to prepare. He followed a few moments later, dressed casually; he always knew how much I loved undressing him. I removed his shirt slowly, kissing him, running my tongue along his neck and around escort kadıköy the shell of his ear, feeling him shudder against my mouth. He reached for me impatiently and I casually slapped his hands away, laughing.

“No touching,” I reminded him, scolding. He shrugged his assent, but trembled with the effort to stay still.

Reaching up, I used a necktie he had brought as a blindfold and led him carefully to lay on the bed. I paused for a moment to stare at him, taking in his tightly clenched hands in the sheets, and his lips, curved in anticipation. I sank down on the bed beside him, lightly tracing his nipples with a fingertip as I mimicked the movement with my tongue on his lips. He kissed me, moaning as I pulled away. I waited until he was still again, and languidly licked a slow line from his ear to the waistband of his pants, nipping at his flesh as I went. He moaned again as I brushed my fingers over the head of his penis pressing up and out of his pants.

Casually I pulled his pants off, whimpering at the sight of his black jock strap barely containing his pulsing cock. I kissed everywhere but his dick, stopping and waiting when his hands fist in my hair, urging me to taste him.

“On your stomach,” I commanded with much more authority than I felt. I swallowed audibly when his perfect, trembling ass was displayed before me, his hands above his head, back taut as he waited.

The crack of the crop surprised him, wrenching a gasp from him, and then another as I soothed the sting with my tongue. He writhed back against me as again and again I slapped his back and ass, forcing gravelly cries from him until finally I licked a leisurely path from the middle bostancı escort of his back to his ass, stilling his movements beneath me.

Agonizingly slowly I parted those spectacular ass cheeks and delicately licked that puckered hole, tasting heat and him. He bucked back against me, and I scored his back with my nails, pushing my tongue into his tight ass. I held him down as I licked him, teasing his balls and the base of his cock, then delved back to his ass, loving the taste and feel of him.

When I thought he was sure to explode, I stopped and had him turn again. Pulling off his jock, I slowly licked from base to tip and slid my lips over his now dripping slit, savoring the salty-sweet taste of his impending release. Satisfied with his groans, I slid up to kiss him, teasing yet again, pulling his blindfold off to meet those chocolate brown eyes. Suddenly, a wicked gleam lit them, and before I could twist away, I was under him, face down, gasping. His hands dug into my hips as he forced his impossibly swollen cock into my cunt, wresting a husky cry from me as I came instantly, my pussy clenching in sweet release. He continued to pound me mercilessly, slapping my ass hard, teeth bared like an animal. I fucked back to meet every thrust, begging him to use me.

His thrusts grew erratic as he yanked my head back, making me look at him as he battered my cunt. With a final, wild cry, he came, grinding his pelvis into me, making me cum again, gushing. He collapsed over me, shuddering with the final spasms of his orgasm, and when he finally relaxed next to me with an affectionate arm over my back, he laughed, “Apparently, you need to tease me more often!”


He has since moved away, and I have yet to find a lover as satisfying, or as brutal. But occasionally, I’ll wake from dreams of him, a hand buried in my pussy, shaking from the remnants of a fading orgasm that makes me miss him….and write it all down…

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