Stepdad Derek and CeCe

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The sun shined through my white curtains. I squinted as I stretched. I looked up to see my step dad Derek standing there. I nearly jumped out of my skin!

“Jesus! Derek you nearly gave me a heart attack.” My hand was now over my heart, but Derek just stared at me. Until he cleared his voice but he sounded hoarse.

“Umm, your mom, umm, she made breakfast, and I, ummm, woke you.” he nodded and quickly turned around. I don’t get why he’s being so weird. I looked down and saw that my basketball shorts rode up, and it looked like I was wearing nothing but underwear so all of my skinny tan legs were showing. My blank tank top was pulled down so you could see the top edges of my dark blue 36C bra. I quickly adjusted everything, now understanding why he was acting weird and stood up. I brushed out my long brown hair in the mirror that was too short for my 5′ 7″ height. I wiped off any extra mascara that was under eyes that I guess I missed last night and walked downstairs.

“Heyo MaMa!” I nearly sang smelling the bacon she must have made. I saw eggs on the stove and an empty biscuit can on the counter. Yummy! I can see where I get my beauty from, but she had bigger boobs than me due to 3000 thousand dollars wasted, but my height and hair color came from my dad. I lost my dad in a car crash 3 years earlier, then my mom married Derek a few months ago. Derek is tall, about 5 inches taller than me, he has jet black hair, and a good build. He has little bit of a gut but the muscle mass everywhere else makes up for it. Derek is the outdoorsy type that likes hunting and fishing and doesn’t mind getting down and dirty, but my mom on the other hand is the complete opposite. Derek is a cowboy basically, because he’s always outside and whenever he has extra time he’s riding our horses. I am outdoorsy, like Derek, because of my dad so that’s what I’m used to.

“Hey CeCe. How did you sleep?” I smiled and looked at Derek, who was already staring at me.

“Great thanks! Breakfast smells so good!” Derek looked away once I looked at him, but when I turned away I sensed he was staring at me again. I wish he would stop doing that.

“It will be ready in…two…seconds.” she turned around and smiled at me.

I was super happy today because tomorrow is my 18th birthday! But my friends are doing something with me today because most of them are two busy tomorrow on my actual birthday, tomorrow. My mom turned around with two plates in her hands and handed one to me, the other to Derek.

“Thanks Ma!” I stood up from the stool I was sitting on and went to the table. Derek followed me and sat across the table from me. Mom joined us at the table and we started eating. I didn’t want to eat too much bacon and biscuits as if I’m a teenager and need to keep my weight under control for obvious reasons. I ate half of what I was given and thanked my mom. I ran up the stairs and took a quick shower. When I got out I got dressed and started to walk downstairs when I saw Derek push my mom up against the counter and start to make out with her. His hand slid up her shirt and I turned away before I saw anything else. I had to get ready to go with my friends!


I really needed a drink. My friends took me to a nice restaurant and offered to pay, but I said I’m going to pay for any drinks. The restaurant didn’t even check to see if I was 21, they just gave me the drinks. I was happy that it was busy that hour. My friends kept saying I should be drinking but I felt like I needed it for some reason. We finished our lunch and went over to my friend Jaime’s house. Her mom has always liked me. We started talking about each other’s families until Sara, my other friend, said she thought Mickaylas brother was cute, then we started talking about who was cute. I don’t remember how, but it soon escalated to our dads till we got to my Stepdad.

“Okay CeCe, you gotta admit that your stepdad is pretty hot! I mean, have you seen his arms? Like Damn!” I didn’t want to answer because I honestly have thought about him like that, but I wasn’t going to admit it. And it’s not like I, or him, would do anything, not like he’d want to. “CeCe? Are you listening?” I snapped my head up and nodded with a smile. They all smiled at me and we finally changed subjects.


I got home at about 7 and mom and Derek were watching TV. I walked into the room and the first person I saw was Derek. He was shirtless, and he was wearing sweat pants. I couldn’t help but kind of check him out. He looked at me and smiled. We must be cool now that I’m wearing jeans and a jacket so no skin is showing. But I still couldn’t help but look at his green eyes and perfectly perfect smile. Damn. I waved to mom and I turned around to head upstairs. I was already heated from either today, and thinking about him seeing me in pretty much nothing but my underwear and a tank top that showed off my bra, and now seeing him shirtless. I closed my door and sat down on my bed. I took off my jacket and laid down on my bed. I honestly wanted to give myself to Derek. bahis firmaları I’m still a virgin, just because I want to wait for the right guy that won’t hurt me, or fuck me then leave. You know? But I know that Derek won’t hurt me and he kinda can’t leave.

I slowly took my pants off and slipped my hand into my underwear and slowly started rubbing my clit. I thought about him standing over me, his weight keeping me down, slipping his cock into my pussy slowly in and out. I speed up as I imagine he would and slip a finger into me. I want him in me, but I know I shouldn’t do anything about it. I heard a faint knock on the door and I couldn’t help but jump.

“I’m umm, changing hold on!” I quickly grab my sweat pants and through them on. I opened my door and tried to control my breathing sense I was so close to cumming.

“Oh. Um. Hi Derek. Whatcha need?” I smiled and almost got my breath under control.

“Your mom needed you for something.” He pointed behind him and let me walk by.

“Thanks.” I walked downstairs not knowing what she needed. “Whatcha need mama?” I sat on the couch across from her.

“Nothing bad. I just wanted to know if you wanted to go to a dinner tomorrow for your birthday.” she smiled and I couldn’t help but smile back at her.

“Yea sure.”

“Okay where?”

“I don’t know, surprise me!” I through my hands up and stood to get some water.

“Okay, I will.” she laughs and I take my glass of water upstairs. Derek walks down past me and he looks flushed, which is weird. But I don’t care to ask why. I take out college applications and start to fill some out till it’s almost 11 o’clock. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?


I woke up to a loud air horn in my ear and Derek screaming happy birthday.

“OH MY GOD! CAN YOU NOT!?!?” I yell at him and through a pillow randomly behind me, but he doesn’t stop. “UHGGGGGG!” I stand up, my vision still blurry, and grab the air horn from him.

“Hey! That’s mine!” he groans and tries to take it back but I raise my knee and hit him in the stomach.

“Hahaha! I said to stop but you didn’t so now it’s mine.” I flop back down on my bed.

“Okay okay, I’ll stop, just give it back. And I hate to say it, but your mom got a call late last night and there was a complication at their work in New York. They had everyone from her team fly out. So you’re stuck with me today! And were not just gunna sit around so get dressed lazy ass!” He thought he pillow that I threw at him back to me, hitting me in the head. I groaned and turned back over. “Now!” he laughed and left my room.

I rolled off my bed and stood up. I quickly took a shower and dressed in a short Blue dress and put on black flats. I pinned up the bangs on the left side of my face. I put on a little make up and walked out of my room. I didn’t realize it took me almost an hour to get ready. I guess my wanting to look sexy for Derek took longer than I thought. Whoops.

I saw Derek sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee facing the TV, which made it to where his back was to the stairs. I snuck up behind him and poked his sides.

“Derek!” I yelled his name the same time I poked him. He jumped a mile in the air and spilled his coffee.

“Jesus motherfucking Christ CeCe!” He screamed gripping his chest, which actually looked quite sexy. I was still laughing and my stomach was starting to hurt. I grabbed my stomach and bent over still laughing.

“You should have seen your face!” He just glared at me and stood up to get napkins. When he walked past me, he shoved my shoulder with his. I stepped back to catch myself but there was a dog ball there, which I slipped on. I fell right on my butt causing my dress to fly up onto my face. I realized I was flashing Derek and I quickly tried to put my dress down. I tried to quickly stand up but ended up slipping again only to be caught by Derek. I loved the feeling of his strong arms around me.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. “I kept mumbling and I quickly stood up. I am humiliated. So fucking embarrassed. I tried to run upstairs but he caught my hand. He pulled me to where my back was to his chest and his head was basically in the crook of my neck. I felt him move his head to my ear.

“I should be the one who is sorry. I shouldn’t have shoved you…” he was now whispering in my ear. He paused for a minute, “But, I did love the view.” I’m honestly shocked he just said that. I wanted to pull away but for some reason I couldn’t. I love the feeling of him against me, If only he was naked.

I pulled away and I could feel my cheeks heat up. I ran upstairs and shut my door. I can’t believe that just happened. At least he liked what he saw, right? I looked in the mirror, my face is flushed! Dammit. I heard a faint knock on my door, knowing its Derek.

“I’m sorry CeCe, I shouldn’t have said that. Please open your door.” I want him to take my in his arms right now and just hold me, kiss me, love me. I want him so bad. I walked over and slowly turned the kaçak iddaa knob, knowing what I was planning on doing is wrong but I wanted it. I swung the door open, making it slam against the wall, just to see Derek with raised eyebrows. I quickly walked up to him, through my arms around his neck, and full out kissed him. He didn’t kiss back at first, hopefully surprised by my sudden attack. But I soon felt his lips move in sync with mine. Our lips starting Dancing with each other as I ran my hands down his chest. He rested his hands on my hips until my hands got to his. He locked our hands together, turned and pinned me to the wall all in one swift movement. He slowly slid our hands up the wall until they were above my head. His tongue ran across my lip asking for entrance, which was granted. His tongue tangled with mine and an electric feeling filled throughout me. I pushed my hips forward to grind against his hips. God I wanted him so bad.

“Shit.” He quickly pulled away from me leaving me against the wall. “CeCe. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t, no, I couldn’t take advantage of you.” Hess now looking me straight in the eyes. His green eyes looking deep into mine.

“It’s not taking advantage of if… if I want it too.” I look down at the ground realizing I just admitted that. He took a step towards me and captured my mouth again.

He stopped kissing me just long enough to ask if I was sure and for me to nod before he captured my mouth again. I pushed my hips against him again, just to have him do the same thing. I could feel him start to get a hard on through his jeans, which really turned me on. He let go of my hands and lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me down the hall to his and my mom’s room. He dropped me on the bed, not breaking our kiss. I grabbed the hem of his shirt and lifted it above his head, sadly breaking our kiss. He sat up, pulling me with him, and helped me pull off my dress. His hands ran up my thighs, then my stomach, and lastly rounded around to my back. His hands rested on the link to my bra, looking at my face for approval before I nodded. I felt the straps slide down my arms and saw Derek look down. Him looking at me made me self-cautious. I started bringing my knees to my chest but he pushed them back down and smiled at me before he leaned in and started kissing me deeply again. My pussy was yearning for him.

I reached for the button on his jeans and started to pull them down. He moved his hips so I could unbutton and unzip them better. I slowly lowered them. I could see his cock making a tent in his pants. His hands made their way to the top of my underwear before he pulled them down, and I stepped out of them. I pulled his down as he pushed me back on the bed. He kissed down my neck until I whimpered at my sweet spot, that only a few people have ever found. I have gotten close to having sex, but I always stop them. He sucked on the spot making me moan until he made a trail down chest, stopping to suck and nibble on each of my breasts. After giving both the same amount attention, he continued down my stomach till he got to my pussy. Running his fingers through my public hair and kissing down as far as he could. He spit on his fingers and ran them along my pussy lips, making me jump at his cold fingers. He lowered his head and ran his tongue up in a circular motion until he found my clit. He sucked on it while he ran his finger along my lips until he pushed on inside me.

“MMM baby, you’re so tight. I’ve been wanting to do this for so long.” He hummed against me, making me moan with all sorts of good feelings. I pushed my hips into his face and ran my fingers through his hair, wanting more. He slipped one more finger into my wet pussy moving in and out faster and sucking harder than before. If he kept this up, I’m going to cum soon.

“Mmmmm uhhhh. I’m cumming.” I moaned pushing my hips into him again. He slowed his movements and didn’t stop until my body stopped shaking. He licked up all my juiced and made a trail up my stomach again. He took over my mouth and I could taste myself on him. I need him, now. I want to feel his cock in me.

“Mmmm, I need you. Now.” I broke our kiss only to have him connect us again.

“Beg baby. I want to hear you.” He found the sweet spot on my neck again, and started sucking on it again, but this time even harder.

“MMM Please Derek. Please. I need you, I want you to fuck me please!” I raised my hips to grind against his. I felt his hard cock rub the inside of my thigh and I couldn’t help but moan again.

“What do you want me to do to you?” he switched from my neck to my breast. Sucking hard on it. He bit it making me yelp but it felt so good.

“I want your cock in my pussy. I want you to fuck me, make love to me. I want you to fuck me as hard as you can. Please, now.” I couldn’t do it anymore. I need his cock. He switched breasts and moaned against it as I said that. He stopped sucking on my breast and looked at my face. “Please don’t hurt me.” I wanted to take the words back right when kaçak bahis I said them. But I couldn’t help it, I mean, he didn’t have the biggest cock ever. It was about 5 or a little less than 6 inches but it was thick and even though I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, I still couldn’t help but say that.

He just smiled at me, “You know I wouldn’t. That’s why you chose me to take your cherry…isn’t it?” I nodded and he leaned down and kissed me. “Just stay calm and you’ll be okay, I promise. We’ll take it slow.” I nodded and he positioned himself at my opening. He slowly pushed into me. I could feel his fat head stretching me, and I could help but scream.

“Son of a bitch!” Is all I could get out? He lowered his head to my neck again, to calm me, I think, but with his cock stretching me it wasn’t going to be easy. After a second of just his head being in me, he slowly pushed more in. It still hurt a little bit, but the pleasure started taking over. Next thing I knew, he quickly pushed the rest of his cock into me. Taking my cherry, my innocents

“Fuck me Cowboy” He looked up at me and started kissing me again. He pulled out, just to ram his cock back into me. He continued to do this until I reached my climax for the second time. “Holy Fuck.” I moaned. He started going faster during my climax. I could’ve died right there and been happy. I moved my hips to meet his thrusts. With him being on top of me, he could go deep into me. I could hear him grunt sometimes, which turned me on more, if that was even possible.

“MMMM god damn. ughh harder please! ” I begged him. He rammed into me over and over. His body crashing against mine, hitting my clit. I was soon cumming again and moaning over and over. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him as my orgasm passed. I want him to cum in my dripping pussy so bad. He started grunting more and more and I knew he was going to cum soon.

With his head close to mine, I got close to his ear and whispered, “Baby, I want you to cum in my pussy. Please cum in my pussy.” With that he went over the edge. I felt his cum filling me, making me orgasm once again. I gripped the sheets for what seemed like the 100th time today, and let him slowly pump in and out of me as his came over him. I want to do that every day of my life, to be honest. His cock felt so good in my pussy.

“mmmmm. That was the best love making I think I’ve ever had.” he said as he took his head out of the crook in my neck. “CeCe, I hope you know that this wasn’t just a fuck. I mean, I love you, more than just as my daughter.” He looked into my eyes again. “And I defiantly want to do this again, but only if you do.” I felt his cock slip out of me, and I kinda missed it.

I smiled an exhausted smile, “I love you too, and yes, I defiantly want this to happen again.” I kissed him passionately for I don’t know how long before I broke it and looked at the clock. “Imma go to the bathroom.” I stood up and walked to the door. I could feel him watching me, and again, I got self-cautious. So I quickly ran to the bathroom, feeling his cum run down my thigh. Once in the bathroom, I ran my finger up my leg to collect it, and after a second of debating, I put my cum covered finger in my mouth. It was salty but I liked it. I might have to ask him to cum in my mouth next time. I’m so happy I’m on the pill or I would most likely be screwed right now. I finished, and went back into his room, only to find him not there. That’s kinda, shitty, right there. I was about to stamp out and go to my room when I felt something run into me and pin me against the bed. Derek was now on top of me, for the second time today, but sadly he was wearing sweats now.

“We still have dinner plans that we might be on time too, if we get ready now.” He lightly kissed my forehead and got off me. “So go get ready.” He slapped my butt as I got up and I couldn’t help but laugh. I quickly ran to my room and picked out another dress that was even shorter than the one I was wearing before. I quickly took a shower before Derek, knowing he’s going to take all the hot water. This time I through on a pair of black High heels to go with my bright green summer dress. I looked in the mirror to see my hair screwed up and a nice new Hickey on my neck. Great. I combed through my hair, fixed it, then got my makeup out to fix my face and hide my Hickey as good as I could. I looked pretty hot, and this dress really shows off my curves. I want to see when Derek is wearing because he looks good in anything he wears.

I heard a knock on my door so I yell come in, knowing it could only be Derek. “Here. You forgot these in my room.” He had my bra and panties hanging on two fingers and winked at me as he through them on my bed. He was wearing a white and gray button up shirt with dark blue jeans and his boots. Holy fuck he looked good. His smile widened as he walked towards me He joined me in the mirror and wrapped his arms around my waist from behind. “Damn, we look really good together. But man, look at you.” His faint country accent was noticeable and I couldn’t help but blush.” You look adorable when you blush, did you know that?” He kissed both my cheeks, then the top of my head. “Let’s go baby doll.” He took my hand and almost dragged me out to the car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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