Snowbound With Security

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“Good night, Janie! Don’t stay too late. The weather is getting bad.”

I waved to the last of my co-workers as they left, then punched the button on the fax machine a little too hard. The high-pitched electronic whine of the online connection was grating on my nerves, like so many little things that irritated me lately.

Deep down, I knew what the problem was. I’d been so preoccupied with work, with friends, with my family, that I’d been neglecting myself a little, and was feeling spent. How long had it been since I’d done something nice for my mind and body?

Particularly my body. Damn. Steve might’ve been an asshole, but he was good in bed. I closed my eyes and could almost feel his familiar weight, the thrust of his cock, his talented mouth and fingers. I was starting to melt and become slippery between my legs.

I realized that I’d been too preoccupied to notice that the weatherman hadn’t been kidding about the snow, and the wind was starting to pick up. I could feel the building sway in my corner office, making me a little dizzy. It always amazed me that they actually built a building flexible enough to give when there was a stiff wind.

Shuddering, thinking of the cold walk to my car that awaited me, I began to gather my things. I was never ready for the cold weather, and tonight was no exception. No boots, little jacket and gloves, but no hat. As I pushed the door open, I yelped as I stepped into a drift of snow that reached past my ankle. I made my way slowly to my car, wincing as more snow pressed into my shoes with every step. The insistent wind kept biting my flesh under my skirt, hiking it up to my shivering thighs, covered in dark tights, and my jacket kept spreading open, my nipples becoming pink stones under my blouse. I reached my car, only to find it banked with snow behind each back tire.

Now I was starting to get pissed. I blundered my way through the snow to the car door. I tried to unlock the door, but found it frozen shut.

Smacking the car door with my hand, a voice behind me scared the hell out of me.

“Excuse me, Miss?”

I jumped, whirled around, dropping my purse and briefcase, and lost my balance. Teetering, I tried to hang onto the door handle, but it was no use. I went down with a thud into the soft snow. “SHIT!” I have to admit, the sight of me splayed out in the snow, looking like I’d had a wild impulse to make a snow angel, must have been pretty funny. But I looked up at the owner of the surprise voice, glaring, daring him to laugh.

To his credit, he didn’t, although I could see his lips trembling as he tried not to smile. Wide, amused green eyes glanced over me, making sure I wasn’t hurt, only pissed and humiliated.

Unlike me, he was actually dressed for the snow…jeans, boots, a warm parka, good gloves, and a hat. Show-off, I thought, still kind of surly, as I attempted to gather my things and my wits, and stand upright. He held out a glove-covered hand to help me up, and his strength was a quick surprise as he pulled me to my feet effortlessly. Standing up, rather than sprawled on my butt, I got a better look at him. Probably around 6 feet tall, longish dark hair, showing under his cap and tickling his collar, nicely trimmed beard, and a nice…was that a SMILE?

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you. You looked like you could use a hand, that’s all.”

Straightening my skirt, I attempted to give him my best ‘I’m a woman of the new millennium and I don’t need no help from no man’ look, but it immediately collapsed under his wide grin and friendly eyes. I started giggling, a rotten, rotten habit for a liberated single chick. When he saw it was safe, he threw back his head and belly-laughed with me. God, what a great laugh!

“My car door’s frozen shut and I might not be able to get it open.” I took a closer look at him, did a double take, and then realized that this man was the security guard that I passed nearly every day at lunch without so much as a word. He smiled again, when he realized I recognized him. Color flooded my face, even in the cold, when I realized I’d seen him for months and didn’t even know his name.

“David. My name is David.” He held out his hand again, and I shook it, never taking my eyes from his face.

“How did you know that’s what I was thinking?” I asked.

“Lucky guess. C’mon, little one. Let’s get you out of this cold. I’ve got some WD-40 in my bag that we can defrost your door with, but I want to get you inside first.”

Draping one arm around my shoulders, taking my bags with the other hand, we made our way back to the security office of the building. David was nodding to his buddies as he passed them. They pendik escort were either going out on their rounds, or leaving to get home before the weather got even worse. Soon the office was empty except for the two of us.

David brought me into what looked like a room for coffee breaks, with tables and chairs, a fridge and stove, and a couple of couches in the corner. Motioning for me to sit on one of the couches, he took off his jacket, slipping it around me, telling me to put my hands deep in the fur-lined pockets.

“Your shoes are soaked, and your…um…stockings,” he said, a little embarrassed to admit that he’d even been looking at my legs. “You’d better take them off and let me put them on the radiator to dry.” When he disappeared from the room for a second, I slipped off my shoes, and then raised my skirt to remove my tights. He reappeared too suddenly and looked away as I finished. He’d brought back a large blanket, wrapping it loosely around my legs and feet, tucking it in around me.

During this time I’d been mostly silent, which was unusual for me, just watching him. I was still amazed that I’d never gotten a good look at this man. Without the heavy parka, I noticed his trim, solid body. Broad shoulders, long powerful arms, small roundness in his midsection, muscular thighs. What planet had I been on that I didn’t notice all this before?

Even more than his physical presence, though, the way he was treating me was really starting to make me aware of him. He had a kind, easy way about him, a quiet confidence, a way of looking at me and speaking to me, that made me want to crawl up in that warm lap.

And so I did.

David brought two steaming mugs of coffee, sitting down beside me on the couch, setting the mugs on the table next to him.

“Are you getting warmer? In a minute I’ll go try your car door…”

I was kissing him. I don’t know what possessed me, but suddenly I just needed to have that mouth on me. I’d taken his face between my hands, licked my lips, and touched them to his softly, then more firmly.

Surprised, his hands fluttered, not knowing quite where they belonged, finally coming to rest on my shoulders, still under his coat.

We kissed for long, long minutes, and when he moaned into my mouth, I felt euphoric. It had been so long since I’d felt someone’s hot desire for me. At first I was in control of the situation, but as the kiss broke for a second, he pulled back, fiery green eyes roaming over my face, and asked, “Where did THAT come from? You know what, fuck it, I don’t care.” With a ragged, aching groan, he slanted his mouth across mine, his tongue probing, questing, tracing my lips, then invading deeper. I wound my hands into the hair that lay on the nape of his neck, opening my mouth to give him more access, teasing him with my dancing tongue.

His urgency took me by surprise, and I began to moan softly in response. He took my bottom lip between his own, pulling gently on it, peeling it back to touch his tongue against mine. He teased me with the soft, soft hair of his beard, rubbing it against my face and neck so gently, sending sparks over the buttery-soft skin there. His hands were suddenly everywhere, reaching under the parka, slipping it off my shoulders and arms. He wrapped his arms tightly around my waist and pressed me against his torso almost roughly, my full, round breasts crushed to his chest, nipples hard, yearning.

He shifted, taking my weight onto his lap, his cock already stiff under my hips. We both stopped at the same time, gazing at each other in wonder, his green eyes searching my dark ones, a little bewildered, but unable to stop himself.

I smiled down at him, his eyes, beard and smile soft, and whispered, “I know. But I don’t want to stop, do you?” I leaned in and kissed my way down his jaw, over his chin, licking lightly down his neck, burying my face in the juncture of his neck and shoulder, planting my lips firmly there, moving my head in a circle, flicking that sensitive spot with my tongue. I felt his cock twitch under me as he grabbed my hips, rubbing me firmly against his throbbing erection.

“I’m not sure I could stop, even if I wanted to.” He frantically worked my jacket off, then set to work on the little pearl buttons of my blouse. Under the bra, the deep pink peaks of my nipples were so apparent, he actually gasped when he saw them. His fingers slid up from my hips, cradling, cupping my heavy breasts in his hands, first thumbs, then fingers and thumbs, teasing the nipples, drawing them up into brilliant points of sensation.

Feverish, I finished the blouse for him, accidentally ripping off the last button as I spread maltepe escort it open, tugging on the front clasp of my bra. Stilling my hands, moving them out of the way, he locked his eyes onto mine, wanting to see my face as he touched my bare breasts for the first time.

“Ohhhhhhh…” I felt his hands close on them, lifting one of them to his waiting mouth, feeling the hair of his beard tease them, his mouth drawing, sucking, keeping the nipple warm as his tongue sweetly, wetly tortured the upright flesh.

I threw my head back, still grinding on his lap, feeling his erection becoming more intense, my skirt riding high on my thighs, stockings gone, soft, wet panties rubbing against his crotch. He moved his mouth to the other nipple, his tongue blazing a hot, wet trail down into my cleavage on the way. Moving my hand to cover the nipple he left, his fingers pressing mine onto the taut flesh, wanting me to tease my own nipple, the one he just left, as he sucked and licked the other.

Moans became cries as he urged my legs further apart with his hand, rubbing two fingers firmly against my panties as his mouth continued to devour my breast. He pulled my nipple firmly with his mouth, tugging it, so that it made an audible ‘pop’ when it tugged free of his lips and tongue. I gasped and began to whimper, reaching under me feverishly to stroke his cock through his pants, to free him from the cloth. I tugged at his fly, unzipped him, and reached inside.

His groans were so sexy, so raspy and hot, as I touched his bare cockskin, the silky flesh raging under my hand. I wet my fingers and circled them around the head. Immediately, his jaw went slack, his eyes closed, and he leaned his head on the sofa back, groaning.

I wrapped my fingers gently around him and started to stroke from the base of his cock, about halfway up, teasing the head with my other hand. Meanwhile, he’d snaked two fingers into the leghole of my panties, his fingers beginning to explore my slick wetness, as my cries were becoming more urgent.

His eyes softened as he looked at me, nearly paralyzed with longing. “I guess it’s been a long time, huh?”

I gave him a shaky grin and nodded. “About eight months. God, I’ve needed this so badly.”

“Well, then!” His eyes twinkled, those perfect lips spreading into a teasing grin. “Let’s make sure the wait’s been worth it!”

And with that, he lifted me in his arms, turned to the side, and deposited me so gently onto the sofa, my head supported by the pillowed armrest. Slipping of my blouse and bra, he raised my skirt up the rest of the way, bunching it around my waist, slipping his fingers back into my now-drenched panties. Wetting two fingers with the moisture that was now collecting at my aching cunt, he pushed two fingers deep inside me. I arched my back and practically screamed, digging my fingers into his shoulders. “Yes, oh God, yes, please…please fuck me with your fingers!”

He needed no urging, pistoning his fingers in and out of my sopping pussy, my scent rising with every thrust. He leaned in to inhale deeply, then continued with his sweet assault on my cunt. My legs, belly, and pussy were all spasming, shaking, as my hands went back to my own breasts. I didn’t even know I was doing it. He inhaled sharply and said, “That’s it, baby! Pull those nipples. Play with your tits while I make you cum.”

And with that, he thrust his fingers into me, leaving them deep, pinning my pussy in place, his fingertips pressing my g-spot firmly as I writhed and moaned. Then he leaned in with that marvelous, firm-lipped mouth, and slowly licked a trail from where his fingers penetrated my cunt, up to the top of my clit. I actually screamed as he continued to lick in long, firm, slow strokes, from his fingers to my clit, over and over. He seemed to enjoy the licking for its own sake, rather than wanting to hurry up and make me cum!

He carefully explored every inch of my sex, every fold, every crevice, while I moaned and pleaded for him to continue. When he finally fastened his lips around my clit, sucking it into his waiting mouth, flicking his tongue over the engorged flesh, sucking it rhythmically at the same time, his fingers continuing their hold on my g-spot, curling, curling, curling. I felt the familiar stirrings of my first orgasm at a man’s hands in quite some time.

“Oh God, yes…baby, please don’t stop, don’t stop, I’m so close…”

He moaned against my flesh, vibrating my clit, one hand firmly on my stomach, holding me in place while he sucked and licked, his tongue a wet, hot, fiery dream against my clit. He continued to curl those fingers as he felt me tighten, quickening his kartal escort gentle flickering of his tongue on my clit. I felt my body almost hurtled into the orgasm, felt it wash over me, spasming wildly, eyes sightless, gripping his head in my hands.

“OH GOD! OH YES BABY I’m CUMMING…I’m cumming so hard for you! OH, OH…”

I shook and spasmed as he kept his fingers inside me, slowing his licking and sucking as I bucked hard against him, crying out, sobbing with every quake of my starved pussy. He held me close, his arm wrapped around my hips, almost rocking me as I came down.

As my breathing slowed, I took his head between my hands, pulling him up to my ravenous mouth, kissing him greedily, tasting my honey on his lips. He smiled under my grateful kisses, returning them, probing my mouth with his tongue. Sitting up suddenly, pushing him back into a sitting position, I slithered to the floor, the blanket warming my bare knees as I knelt between his hot thighs, his cock beginning to soften a little, so focused he was on my pleasure. But I took care of that when I looked him in the eye and said, “I can’t wait to get you into my mouth. I’m dying to find out what you taste like!”

He groaned audibly as he saw my deep pink lips, tongue slipping out, reaching for the head of his cock. My fingers gently pressed and rubbed the base as I wet the head of his cock with gentle kittylicks of my tongue, swirling it around the engorged head, taking the head into my small, tight little cave of a mouth and sucking, using my tongue along the underside, flicking along his tiny circumcision scar.

“AHHHHH….” he let out a loud, ragged gasp, twining his fingers into my hair, pulling hard before he could stop himself. I moaned onto his cock as I felt the tugging, loving the intensity of it. Keeping the head of his cock deep in my warmth, I began sucking and licking it at the same time, swirling my tongue around it over and over again. Making my tongue into a hard, tiny little point, I dipped again and again into the hole, lapping up the precum, pressing as far into the hole as I could, moving my tongue in a tiny circle, stretching the hole.

“OHHHH GODDDD…I’m trying not to fuck your face like an animal….” He lost the battle, starting to guide my head back and forth on his cock with gentle, but firm direction from his hands on either side of my head, still tangled in my hair. I kept firmly licking the underside of his cock from base to tip, over and over, then wetting his entire cock with firm strokes of my tongue. Slowly, I slid my tight, hot little mouth over his cock, inch by inch, getting as much of him inside me as I could. I started to gag a little when the head slipped into my throat, but I was so gratified by his moans, his breathy urging, that I didn’t care. I just kept going, wanting him to go someplace he’d never been before.

Keeping firm pressure on his cock with my fingers, I pulled my mouth from him and moved lower, drawing his balls gently into my mouth one at a time, rolling them around in my wet little tunnel, licking them, teasing them, then moving my mouth to the ridge of flesh between his balls and his tight pucker. Flicking my tongue hard and fast over that area, I heard him groan with surprise and lust. Smiling to myself, I licked back further, teasing his asshole with my tongue, pointing my tongue and thrusting it into the ring of muscle, loving the shuddering it caused. Cuddling his balls with one hand, I wet the finger of my other hand with my own juices, so hot and musky, and spread them over his asshole, easing a finger inside.

“OH MY GOD!” David cried. This was apparently new for him. After a few shocked, breathless moments, he actually began moving against my hand, and I felt that tight ring of muscle slipping over my finger. I moved back to his cock with my mouth, determined to take him over the edge now. Firmly, inch by inch, I took as much of him into my mouth and throat as I could, moving my mouth up and down, up and down on his shaft, massaging his balls, slipping my finger in and out of his asshole. My wet, warm mouth began to alternate between focusing more on the head, and going deeper, filling myself up with his hardness, his taste.

With his groaning, his hands tightening in my hair, he thrust hard and fast, rubbing his cockhead against the roof of my mouth. When he let out a shout, cum boiling up his shaft and into my hungry mouth, I swallowed for all I was worth, eagerly lapping up his cum as he cried out and thrashed.

“So good…Janie…” he gasped, trying to catch his breath. I wiped the few droplets of cum that had escaped from my chin, and smiled up into his tender expression. He urged me up by the shoulders, snuggling me into his warm lap, arranging the blanket over both of us. We dozed until the early shift stumbled in for their morning coffee and found us, a tangle of arms and legs and clothes.

c 2000, Mandolin Erotica

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