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It all happened last weekend. In the area where we live in the UK there is an old steam railway which runs as a tourist event every Saturday and Sunday. Sally and I decided to go along for a ride. It turned out to be a different ride than we expected.

As it was a Sunday Sally dressed up in her Sunday best: White blouse, navy blue jacket and a navy blue three quarter length skirt. Sally always wears stockings when she wears skirts, partly to please me and mainly because she always complains that pantyhose brings her out in a rash! She made a point of keeping her other items of underwear a secret!

It was a typical November day, cold and clear. We left the house and got into the car. I drove, which was not the usual state of affairs as it was Sally’s car. After a few miles we were nearing the train station when we suddenly came up against a row of stationary vehicles. It appeared that there was a traffic hold up. We were behind a car, which had a young couple in it, both in their early 20’s. The girl who was driving looked at us through the rear view mirror. With a smile, she shifted her arm over to the lap of her boyfriend. He put his head back with a start, but then seemed to lift his hips. Still looking at us through the mirror she slowly moved her arm up and down. She was jerking off her boyfriend!

Without taking my eyes from the girl, I slowly reached across and placed my hand under Sally’s skirt and on Sally’s nylon covered knee. Taking the hint, Sally reached across with her right hand and carefully pulled down my zip. My stiff cock was freed from my shorts and Sally began to slide her fingers up and down my cock. At the same time, I slid my hand up Sally’s leg, my wrist pulling her skirt up. My fingers reached the stocking top and then arrived at kartal escort bayan the silk barrier to her cunt. I could already feel the wet patch there. Sally lifted her hips and I slid my two fingers under the material and up between the wet lips.

There we were, all four of us in the middle of a traffic jam all wanking each other off, and nobody else was the wiser! My fingers slipped easily in and out of Sally’s pussy lips. I could smell the pungent juices in the close confines of the car. Sally started to rock her hips in time to the thrust of my fingers. Her own hand increased its pace up and down my cock. I began to feel the pressure build in my balls. Suddenly the young girl in front lowered her head and leaned towards her boyfriend’s lap. She was going to suck him off!! His head started to sway from side to side. Sally at my side took her hand from my cock. I turned my head in disappointment, but quickly smiled when I saw her playing with her swollen clit just above my fingers. She gave a spasmodic jerk and then two or three more…. She was cumming.

I continued to give my cock some attention sliding my hand up and down from base to tip. I lifted my hips and placed the middle finger of my free hand up my ass hole. Lifting her bottom off the seat, Sally took off her red silk panties. She then proceeded to wrap the smooth material around my cock and continued the up and down movement. There was no way I could last under this punishment. My balls tightened and I spurted into the panties.

The white cum mixed with the already damp patch. Sally complained that they were now too sticky and lifted the material to my lips. I licked the cum and juices off. The taste was divine!! With the panties cleaned with my saliva, Sally pulled them back escort maltepe up over her nylon clad legs and smoothed down her skirt. We both sat there red faced with the effort. Looking back to the car in front I noticed they were back into normal position. My eyes met those of the girl in front. With a wink she opened her mouth to show me the white cum of her boyfriend sticking to her tongue. After 10 minutes we set off again. It’s funny but when I looked in the rear view mirror I noticed an old couple staring back, their faces extremely red!!

At midday we drove into the car park of the W**** V***** railway station. The car park was half empty and just above the grey tiled building of the ticket office we could see a great cloud of steam. Just in time!! We made our way to the ticket office and bought a return ticket to K*******. The train was due to set off in 5 minutes so we walked down the platform looking in the windows to find a suitable seat. The carriages were of the old variety, and instead of having a corridor connecting each compartment as on modern trains, all the compartments were only accessible from the outside. We chose an empty one and crossed our fingers that no one else would come in. After a few minutes the whistle blew, and slowly we pulled out of the station. We would reach K******* in 20 minutes.

I had always wanted to fuck in a train, rocking to the motion of the wagon. Sally therefore was not too surprised when I turned and knelt in front of her. With both hands I pushed up her skirt, grabbed hold of her soggy panties and pulled them down her legs. Caressing her nylon covered legs I started to lick her clit and then stuck my tongue in and out of her cunt. Sally pushed her hips forward to gain a little more tongue length. pendik escort I could hear her begin to moan, and as I took a quick look up, I could see her tweaking her nipples through the white material of her blouse. She pleaded me to fuck her from behind. I got to my feet. Sally stood and walked to the window.

There was a small table there and Sally leaned forwards over it. I love the sight of Sally’s opulent ass!! She straddled her legs, pulled up her skirt and waited for me to enter her. Keeping my balance because of the movement of the train I dropped my pants and shorts, gave a quick lick of her delicious buttocks, leaned over her back and rammed my cock into the gaping opening in front of me Sue gave a shudder as I continued to thrust in and out in time to the rocking motion of the train.

“Come on fuck me, fuck me harder you stiff bastard, I want to feel your cock split me in half.”

The torrent of abuse was a real turn on, and grabbing hold of her shoulders I rammed into her with all my might. Sally’s moans turned to shouts. Christ I thought it’s a good job this train is old and not the quieter ones we have today. I could hold on no longer. With a final thrust I emptied my load into Sally’s waiting cunt She pushed her buttocks back into my thighs, her cunt lapping up every drop of my juices. Finally exhausted we sat back onto opposite seats. Sally spread her legs and I could see the white cum sliding down her thighs, onto her stockings and onto the seat.

She rubbed the cum into her stockings and promised me I could taste it later The train whistle blew and we slowed down in order to enter K******* Station. Sally tidied herself up, re applied makeup and stuffed her by now ragged panties into my jacket pocket. I had just enough time to fasten myself up when we entered the station. With a smile of smug satisfaction on our faces, we stepped off the train and onto the platform. We made our way to a local café. A drink was certainly needed and besides, said Sally, we’ve got the return journey to do yet!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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