Sensualist Pt. 02 Ch. 11

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Kimmie Needs a Refill – Kimmie Demonstrates Squirting – Kimmie invites Don to a Squirting Party

After returning home from Nikita’s, I found that sleep was not going to available to me that night. I lay there, thinking and rethinking the events at Nikita’s and how they would impact me from that point on. It was a useless endeavor, rendered meaningless by my very actions afterward.

But it left me tired and listless the following morning and I broke with my personal tradition and called Coach Flippen, telling him I had diarrhea, and that I would be missing swimming practice that morning.

He thanked me for calling and seemed to accept my excuse. It was the first practice I’d missed and I suppose he thought it a reasonable enough excuse.

In retrospect, I had been leading a rather frenzied lifestyle, even for a newly turned nineteen year old. Swimming practice at six in the morning and again at five in the afternoon—classes from 9 to 4 and sex with Nikita, Winnie and others, like Nina, who I intended to touch base with to see if it was possible to double-team her and her blonde friend, Reggie.


Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men, right?

It just so happened that Kimmie—to whom I’d become a sperm donor for facial problems–-caught up to me as I left my French class. She’d run out of my special moisturizer and needed a refill.

Aware of her special needs, and feeling a certain sympathy for her problem as well as the fact that strangely enough it appeared to help her quite well–-I never knew if it was my actual sperm or a psychological thing that did the trick for her.

But Kimmie was a charming girl, certainly innocent as compared to the typical college freshman, and deserving of my assistance. It also helped that she gave a fairly decent blowjob in return for a small amount of sperm and as we had about an hour and a half before our next class I invited her to my place for a quickie.

As I recall I’ve covered this material earlier. Anyway, this particular visit requires telling as it leads us into other occurrences of some import.

Kimmie was enticing enough, wearing a frilly, black and white flowery frock, with a deep,

V-neck showing off her cleavage, which was being shown to great advantage thanks to the latest version of the Wonder Bra.

Kimmie’s tits were actually plum sized morsels. She was a swimmer remember, and the exercises and swimming she did on a daily basis served to curtail her development in that particular area. Ah, but her legs and ass were spectacular; and more than enough to whet my sexual appetite, especially after being forced to watch Landry fuck Nikita the night before.

Unfortunately Kimmie got caught in a quickly developing shower and was drenched by the time she’d walked from the campus to my place. I handed her a towel as soon as she stepped inside and as she dabbed away I took in the points of her hardened nipples pressing against the front of her frock.

When I managed to wrest my eyes from her nipples, I saw that her lips were wet with tiny beads of raindrops. Being a woman, she noticed where I was looking and licked her lips in a sensuous manner. For a supposedly innocent girl, Kimmie was catching on to the feminine wiles of planned seduction fairly quickly.

I made a mental note to explore any sexual activities she’d had since the last time we were together. But then Kimmie spoiled that thought by saying: “I bet you can’t wait to spill your cum on my lips and other places, huh?”

Now talking dirty always excites me. But when it comes from a girl I consider ‘nice,’ it’s especially arousing.

And yet Kimmie didn’t stop there; oh no, someone had been whispering in her ear for she continued with: “Imagine me sucking and slavering over your cock. Imagine my face looking up at you, my lips pressed tightly against your slippery tool, kissing and pouting and slicked in your pre-cum.”

It was the ‘slathering’ and ‘slicked in pre-cum’ that signaled she’d been coached on things sexual.

Had I been older and wiser I might have realized that I was being set up by someone more sophisticated than myself. But I decided that she’d talked with some of the girls and they’d told her to talk to me like that to get me hot. Like I wasn’t willing to donate all the sperm she needed to keep her face clear.

Somewhat later on I would realize that there was someone out there, probably a female, with an intense dislike toward me in particular; and men in general. I was never certain as to who it was, but have since narrowed it to three people–-all of whom are involved in coaching the girls swimming, and/or diving teams.

At any rate, I began kissing those wet lips while I groped those plum-sized tits and nuzzled her neck voraciously.

As hot to trot as she was, Kimmie caved immediately. I had her lean over the kitchen table, hoisted up her frock, tugged her panties to one side and sent my dick inside her.

She would later say that she kartal escort hadn’t expected me to do that, and it might be the truth, but I guarantee she expected something because it was like plunging my dick into a pit of molten lava; she was that hot.

I humped her hard, while reaching around and opening her top and after pushing her bra up under her chin, gave her plums a nice heartfelt squeeze.

But then the phone rang. It was Coach Flippen, wanting to check on my diarrhea, or recovery from it. I disengaged myself from Kimmie and took the call. Telling the coach that I felt better but still had signs of an upset stomach, but thought I would be at that afternoon’s practice.

I was still talking to the coach when I felt Kimmie’s mouth close around my dick. My guess is that she wanted to demonstrate her newly discovered proficiency in sucking cock.

Kimmie spat on my throbbing member several times, and then rubbed the head all over her lips and face as she slowly jerked me off. She looked up at me with a somewhat slutty look in her eyes.

Now I happen to think that a woman’s face is prettiest when it’s looking up at you. It’s why it’s such a popular angle for photographers. It makes a girl’s eyes look disproportionately large and cute. In this case I found myself looking down at Kimmie and the angelic expression she wore while rubbing my spit slickened dick all over her face.

“Gonna gimme some of that special face cream, baby?” she cooed while licking the tip of my dick.

“Oh, yeah,” I replied as I enjoyed her BJ.

She continued talking between slurps–-“I love being such a sticky mess, all covered with spit and cum.”

“I haven’t cum yet, Kimmie.”

“I know! I know, but I can still feel it gushing all over my lips and cheeks and dripping down on my breasties from the last time.”

She went to work on me about then and shut up while jerking me off at an insane pace against her pouting swollen lips.

Spittle was flying everywhere.

I was about to cum big time.

“Cum on my face, cum on my face, cum on my face,” she chanted, looking pleadingly into my eyes.

Then her eyes seemed to roll back into her head. She began to drool and spat on my cock. Feeling the end nearing, I took hold of her shoulders; she opened her mouth and gobbled me up, taking me deep. I was impressed she had learned a thing or two since our last get together.

Taking me from her mouth after several rousing sucks, she spat on my erection, gave me a sort of silly, embarrassed smile and renewed her jerking me off, slapping herself in the face with my tool in the process.

“C’mon, Donnie, cum on my face, cum on my face, cum on my face!”

I could feel the sperm welling up inside me. I recall thinking when I unload on her she’ll be an unrecognizable mess.

Kimmie’s hand was a blur as she kept saying: C’mon Donnie, drench me with that cum!” over and over again.

My cock began to swell and I felt that sensational urgency that preceded a gusher load from my cock.

Kimmie sensed it was almost time for my seminal release too. She grunted once then yelled happily, “YES–-YES–-YES!

I took possession of my cock from her, gave it a good squeeze and two quick strokes and groaned with unmitigated joy.

BAM–-eight consecutive lines of ejaculate spurted from my cock into Kimmie’s face, hair and neck while she yelled, “Oh, my God! Yes—Yes—Yes!”

And not meaning too, I found myself laughing at her facial expressions and the results during the ejaculation.

Once I’d finished, Kimmie got busy and rubbed cum into her facial pores, and then rubbed the remaining residue into her plum shaped breasts.

Kimmie was delighted with the results, and was quick to confide that her face had been clear of blemishes ever since the first application of my sperm.

“Excuse me, Kimmie, but it sounds like you’ve tried someone else’s cum besides mine, is that the case?”

“Umm, yeah, I did … but only because you weren’t available when I needed it. And–-and it didn’t work!” The exasperation of that failure was evident on her face, along with the sheen of the still drying cum.

“Who was the donor?”

“Umm, you really need to know that?”

“If you expect another sample in the future, yes.”

“It was a friend of your Roomie, Dolph. His name is Monte.”

I knew Monte. He was a member of the baseball team. I decided to forgive and forget, and told Kimmie so.

She had been holding her breath expecting me to end our strange relationship. My forgiveness was met with an unexpected offer. “We … that is, some of my girlfriends have a sort of a club, you know?”

I nodded to keep her talking.

“And–-and I think you’d like it … I mean I know you’d like it as horny as you get, you know?”

Before I could nod again she interrupted to say, “You don’t know! And that’s the point. I want you too!”

“So tell me!” I said revealing my impatience with the way she was dragging things out.

“Don’t interrupt me. I’ll get there. It’s maltepe escort bayan just–-just that it’s difficult to tell a guy something like this. I think you’ll understand and all, but–-but I can’t be sure.”

“So tell me and we’ll both find out, okay?”

“Okay,” she said “I told you about this girl I met?”

“Yeah?” Kimmie hadn’t mentioned any particular girl, but I didn’t mention it fearing she’d go off on a different tangent and we’d never get to the real point of the matter.

“So … she has this friend,” sounding a bit flustered “She throws these really wild, you know, squirt parties.”

Maybe four or five seconds elapsed before I could bring myself to speak. “What do you mean squirt parties?”

“It happened like this,” she said, ignoring my question. “One evening Amber told me we’d been invited to a party. I figured it was a normal, typical, party-party. And in fact, Amber didn’t tell me anything about it until we’d actually pulled up in front of her friend’s house. That’s when she first told me what kind of party it was we were going to. That’s when Amber explained to me that she and her girlfriend used to get one another off when they were in high school.”

“That’s interesting,” I said, meaning it was unusual for a girl to reveal lesbian tendencies between other women she was planning on introducing me too.

“But why invite me? I mean, I’m a guy!”

“Please stop interrupting, Donnie!”

I had to laugh for as Kimmie was berating me, she was rubbing cum into her cheeks.

I mentioned it to her and she joined me in laughing at herself.

“Silly me … I get distracted so easily,” she said and giggled. “Anyway, during their fooling around in high school they discovered that they both squirt.

“Umm, you know what that means, right?”

“I do. I’ve seen a woman squirt before, Kimmie.”

“You have? Wow, I thought …”



“Oh, yeah … well that’s when she told me that her girlfriend Stacy had answered this sex study the Psychology Department was conducting on the subject. Through that, she met a number of other women who also did. Well, some of them learned how to squirt after joining the study.”

“How long has this study been going on?”

“I don’t know. I mean, it’s a done deal. It’s finished, but the girls … umm, they decided to keep it going. They even opened it to other women–-like me, and to some boyfriends and even a couple husbands.”

“Husbands?” I had to ask.

“I know, but the study ended some time ago and the original girls have graduated … well some of them, but they live in town and they saw no harm in bringing their husbands along. Neither did any of the other girls. Although some of them drew the line at sharing their men for … you know … sex and stuff.”

“You mean to tell me that every woman at these parties squirts?”

“Yes, of course they do!”

“I didn’t know that you could squirt, Kimmie.”

“Well I can!” she replied haughtily. Sensing my displeasure t hearing her say this, she gave me an apologetic look with those doe-like eyes and admitted that the girls had taught her.

“You know, Donnie–-like you showed me how to give head.”

“I taught you how to give a blowjob.”

“Oh, yeah–-but the girls, umm, they call it giving head. That’s all right to say isn’t it, baby?”

“I suppose it is. It means the same thing, right?”

“Right!” she chirped as her disposition brightened noticeably.

“Pardon me, but I’d like to see you do it. What I’m getting at is that when we first met, and that wasn’t very long ago, you hadn’t had sex with anyone. You were saving it for your future husband, a man you’ve yet to meet as I understand it.”

“Soooo?” she replied, dragging out the one word.

“Soooo,” I shot back, dragging the word out every bit as long as she had. “I’d like a demonstration.”

“You … You want me too …?

“Yeah, I want to see you squirt.”

“Umm, I just started, you know?”

“Can you do it?”

“I can do it!” she said defiantly.

“Then show me,” I said just as firmly.

“Just so you know I haven’t done this in front of any guy before. In fact, I’ve only done it with two of the girls after watching them do it a couple times.”

“I won’t take points off for style, Kimmie.”

“What?” she blurted as she reached for her purse. She seemed flustered and when she took the fairly large double headed dildo from her purse I could see why.

How the hell she’d fit that thing in such a tiny purse remains a mystery to me even to this day.

“Front door only, right, Kimmie?”

“Huh? I don’t …”

“I meant you don’t use that on your back door, do you?”

She still didn’t get it. I knew the answer to my question was no, but now I had to let Kimmie in on the secret.

“That thing there … you only put it in your pussy, am I right?”

“Oh, for sure! God, it would tear me in half if I … well I couldn’t get it in there, you know?”

“Actually … and I’m not trying to scare you, escort pendik Kimmie … but there are women who can fit that baby in there with the use of some KY-jelly, or other lubricant. I’d say a lot of lubricant. But it will fit. You can probably get it in there as well. But I’d rather put my cock in there if you’re interested in anal sex.”

“Well I’m not!” she said huffily.

“It’s a woman’s prerogative to change their mind. So if you DO get a yen for anal sex, please let me know. I have experience in such things and would do my utmost to make it a pleasant experience for you.”

“I doubt that I’ll have any such … yen, as you put it, thank you.”

“Do you have a problem getting that into your pussy?” I pointed to the two-headed dildo to make certain she knew what I meant.

Kimmie was staring at the dildo as if seeing it for the first time. Now she pointed at the ‘thing’ as I had termed it.

“Does one end go in the front and the other in the back?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “No, no, Kimmie. The fact that it has two heads is actually for a different purpose. Umm, how shall I phrase this?”

“Plainly would help,” she said starting to get mad, thinking I was teasing her when she’d asked a serious question.

“Okay, okay,” I said, “Your girlfriends have shown you how to squirt, right?”


“They masturbated themselves or one another to achieve the required result, am I right?’

“Yes, you’re right. But what’s your point?”

“Did they use a dildo?”

“Sometimes …”

“Have you tried it?”

“Ummm …”

“You have haven’t you? I mean, you’re carrying around in your purse.”

Blushing, Kimmie nodded, affirming my accusation.

“So let’s see how you use it.”

“It’s kinda private, you know?”

“Kimmie you’ve just given me …” I paused then used her word for what she’d done. “Head.”

“I know! I know … okay, okay … I’ll show you.”

“Oh, before you start. Are you wet enough down there?”

“Umm, I don’t …”

“Then allow me to service you in that regard,” I said, sounding like an English gentleman rushing to hold a door open for a young lady.

Taking her hand I led her to a seat at the kitchen table and had her sit. I dropped to one knee and slowly pulled her thighs apart.

Kimmie finally got the idea and helped by spread herself even further. My mouth was on her cunt seconds later.


“Like what I’m doing?”

I asked her.

“OH, JEEZ!” She gasped and began to shudder.

I worked her clit for several minutes. Kimmie came and came again.

I decided she was wet enough, after all she was the one giving the demonstration, not me.

I repositioned Kimmie so she could lean back safely if she chose too. Then I handed her the two- headed dildo.

“This end up,” I said kiddingly.

She giggled in response and placed one end against her pussy.

“I want you to describe what happens to me, Kimmie, okay?”

“Sure, why not?”

“Be sure to wet it good, Kimmie.”

“Mmmm, will do,” she replied and did just that, rubbing the head over her vaginal entrance until it had a veneer of her juices sluicing over the surface of the dildo’s cockhead. Kimmie giggled inanely as she spread her legs as wide as she could and began to push the dildo in very carefully, very slowly, making steady progress.

Her eyes found mine and she giggled again and told me, “This … this doesn’t really feel like a cock, you know?”

I didn’t ask how she could tell, for as far as I knew mine was the only cock she’d actually felt; and I thought it imprudent to point that out, for Denise had told me the night of her wedding, that women never tell their lovers just how many men they’ve bedded. She suggested that I double the number they provided, if they provided any number at all.

On asking why, Denise answered, ‘Perhaps she doesn’t want to appear to whorish. Then again, it could be a form of sexual amnesia. When actual sex lasts only a few thrusts; or she was drunk or on the rebound, she may convince herself that the sex never occurred and simply deletes the man from any score sheet she might maintain on such matters.”

With regard to Kimmie I was compelled to ask why it didn’t feel like a cock, and did.

“Well,” she responded after a moment’s hesitation. “It’s not anywhere as warm as your penis, was Donnie.”

AH HA! I thought, she’s covering her tracks!

Kimmie continued with her description. “And the surface is smoother, mmmm, I can bend it to get the angles right without having you growl in protest and, best of all, there isn’t a man attached to it, trying to balance his performance anxiety with his urge to cum as quickly as possible.

“Oh boy, that cinched it. She had fucked some other guy or guys. I take a certain pride in angling my dick to hit all the woman’s spots, and I most certainly wasn’t in any hurry to cum and get things over with.

But Kimmie was absorbed in her own pleasuring at the moment and didn’t take note of the consternation that might have been evident on my face as I figured the foregoing out.

“OH, YEAH!” Kimmie moaned happily.

“What is it?”

“Umm, I … I just worked the head up against that … you know … that cum-for-momma spot.

“Where’s that, Kimmie?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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