Oil Can

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They had been sitting in the living room watching TV when they started playing around with each other. She had opened up his fly, pulled his member out of his jeans, and started stroking him while speaking dirty little nothings into his ear. She got him as close to orgasm as she could without pushing him over the edge before jumping off the couch and running up the stairs to their bedroom. It took him until she was halfway out of sight before he realized what was going on, and even longer to pull his pants up enough to follow after her. By the time he had caught up to his wife she was just inside the bedroom, halfway between the door and the bed, frozen like a statue in mid stride with one arm extended towards the bed, and one leg bent behind her.

“Catherine? Are you ok?” he asked as he approached her from behind.

“Oil can…” she squeaked out in her best tin-man impersonation.

“What was that? I didn’t quite get that.” He knew full well what she had said. This was a game that they played quite often. But his feigned ignorance was part of the turn-on for the both of them.

“Oil can,” she repeated.

“Oil can? Did you just ask me for an oil can?”

“Oil can.” Her mumble was becoming a little bit clearer, but not enough to break the continuity of the game.

“I don’t understand Catherine. What do you want with an oil can?” He ran his fingers ataşehir escort bayan up her side, from her hip to the midpoint of her ribs under her extended arm. He was trying to make her giggle, to break her, to see how far she could take it this time. They enjoyed this game a lot, but they also enjoyed other games just as much.

“Oil can,” she said yet again.

“Where would I even find an oil can? The closest I have is this right here,” he said, motioning to his half-hard dick as he dropped his jeans down to his ankles and stepped out of them. He had wilted a little running after her, but the game was bringing him back to life.

Her lips pursed up into the slightest smile she could manage. “Oil can,” she said again, staring at his member dangling between his legs. “Oil can,” she repeated again and again.

“I’ll give you an oil can,” he said as he stroked himself toward her.

He aimed his stiffening member at her hip and jerked himself into her, poking her with the tip repeatedly as she called for her oil can yet again. As his pre-cum seeped out onto her flesh she loosened herself a little, moving her back-placed leg forward to take another step towards the bed, still calling for her oil can. He moved around her and pressed himself into her other hip, allowing her to stand up straight now that she had been partially lubricated. escort kadıköy Next he aimed for her wrists, and then her back-side. She was still calling out for her oil can in little gasps When he thought her middle extremities had gotten enough he pushed her down onto the bed to get her elbows, knees, and ankles. Next were her shoulders and neck. Once he had gotten all of her prominent joints she finally animated herself and joined in on the fun.

She gabbed hold of his shaft and jerked him towards her mouth, lubricating her lips so that she could talk better. “Oil can…” she called out in a lust growl before sucking him into her mouth. “Oil can,” she mumbled throatily. “Oil can!” she called out one last time, letting him slip from her lips only momentarily before really going to work on her.

“Oh my god, Catherine! Your mouth is so hot! You’re burning up inside. You’re like a wood burning stove!”

She pulled him from her mouth again and stroked him as she called out for her oil can again, and then sucked him right down to the root. He reached down and fingered her as he called her a wood burning stove again and again. They heated each other up to boiling, her working on his dick as he worked her pussy and breasts, each occasionally calling out “oil can” and “wood burning stove” to the other.

“Oil can…” she mewled as she lay back on the bostancı escort bed, spreading her legs for him.

“Wood burning stove…” he called to her passionately as he moved along side her. He grabbed her by the waist and flipped her over onto her hands and knees.

“Oil can!” she called out. She wanted him so bad now.

“Wood burning stove!” His voice was so deep it was burning into her ears.

“Oil can! Oil can!” he was finally penetrating her now.

“Wood burning stove!” he called out with each thrust.

“Oil can!” she cried out every time he pushed into her so deep.

“Wood burning stove!” he shouted back at her, grabbing her hair and pulling her into him.

“Oil can!”

“Wood burning stove!”





Finally, he erupted inside her. They continued to thrust back and forth at each other until they had nothing left, and then collapsed in each others arms, spooning on their bed, enjoying the afterglow of another energetic love making session. He kissed her lightly as he stroked her body, calling her a wood burning stove as quietly as he could. She reached her arm behind him, pulling his butt towards her and holding him to her as she muttered oil can over and over, softly and sweetly. As she fell asleep she dreamed of her woodsman helping her all over again, and he dreamed of his little tin lady rewarding him for a job well done. And when they awoke the next morning they played their games all over again giving the weekend the best start they could.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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