The Secret Life of Simon and Debbie Ch. 03

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Throwing the phone down I wondered who would be sending messages like that, and what they were getting at. I knew nobody had seen me arrive at Debbie’s and no-one definitely saw me leave. I was too tired to let the messages stop me from sleeping, I would talk to Debbie when I saw her, and I stripped off before climbing into bed. Pulling the covers right over my head I drifted off to sleep.

I don’t know how long I slept for but when I opened my eyes the light was flooding into my room, I had forgotten to close my curtains. I jumped out of bed and stretched. I walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out some black jeans and a t-shirt and, after getting fresh underwear, I went to get dressed. That was when I saw someone watching me. I stared out of my window and could see someone from the house opposite peering from behind net curtains. I stood and looked back, trying to make out who it was, but they quickly moved away.

Getting dressed quickly I bounded down the stairs and out of the front door, straight to the house where the person was staring and banged on the door. After banging for a couple of minutes nobody had come to the door and I turned to walk away when my phone bleeped. Opening the message I read the words and turned back to the house.


Peering through the window to see if they had really gone out I wondered who actually lived there. The house had been up for sale that long and I was sure that no-one had moved in. The house was devoid of any furniture but I supposed that someone could have bought it and were just looking around before their stuff came. I would definitely come back and catch them when they had moved in, for now though I had more on my mind.

Looking back at my house I saw my mum at the window watching me and smiling, something she never seemed to do. I nodded at her and set off to Debbie’s, I needed to tell her about the messages, and about the person who was watching me.

When I got there I let myself in, as usual, and called for her. There was no answer and, thinking she must be upstairs, I went to find her. At the top of the stairs I stopped and listened, in case she was in the shower, but heard nothing. I walked along the landing towards Debbie’s bedroom and knocked gently on the door. When no answer came I held my ear to the door and listened. I could hear music coming from within, very faintly, and knocked again. There was still no reply and, slowly, I pushed the handle down and eased the door open just wide enough to get my head in the room.

Debbie was there lying naked on the top of her bed with earphones on, that is why she didn’t hear my knocking, and the CD player was on low. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and instead of going over to her, I stood rooted to the spot watching. Debbie was writhing on the bed two of her fingers plunging in and out of her pussy rapidly, pinching her erect nipples and flicking her tongue across them. As I stood watching my cock stiffened in my jeans. Debbie moaned loudly as she had her orgasm, shocking me as I heard her whisper my name, before removing her fingers and sucking her juices from them.

I was about to shut the door when Debbie rolled onto her side, away from my direction, and reached into her bedside cabinet. Her beautifully rounded ass was staring at me and I wondered what it would be like to slowly slide my cock deep in to her in that position. Debbie rolled onto her front and, holding what she had pulled out of the drawer, she lifted her ass slightly into the air.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, or luck, as she reached behind herself and started to ease a small anal plug between her cheeks and into her ass and switched it on. Transfixed, and with a full on erection, I watched Debbie ram the plug deep into her ass screaming in pleasure.

Unable to stand and contain myself any longer I closed the door quietly and went downstairs. Pretending I had just arrived I opened and slammed the front door.

“Debbie are you here?” I called ataşehir escort bayan out loudly.

“Oh hi Simon I will be down in a minute put the kettle on.” She called back.

“Okay and I need to ask you something when you come down.”

“What is it?”

“It’s okay I shall tell you when you get down.” I said before walking into the kitchen.

As I waited for the kettle I got the cups ready as I heard Debbie coming down the stairs. By the time I had made the coffee and taken it into the front room Debbie was sitting on the sofa in the front room, wearing just a thin satin dressing gown.

“Are you okay Debbie?” I asked pretending not to know what she had been doing.

“Yes thanks Simon I was just…showering.” She said. “What did you want to tell me?”

“When I left you this morning I had a note in my trousers.” I told her.

“I didn’t put it there what did it say?” She asked.

“All it said was hope you had a good night.” I replied. “And at first I thought it was you but I know it can’t have been.”

“How do you know?” Debbie asked looking puzzled.

“Because I got exactly the same message on a text as well and I know your number.”

Debbie took a sip from her coffee before moving up next to me.

“What do you think it means does someone know about us?” Debbie asked worried.

“I can’t see how they can no-one saw me arrive or leave.” I reassured her. “And then when I got up I got another from someone in the house opposite.”

I explained how I had got up and while I was getting dressed I saw the figure across from me, but when I got there they had gone.

“It sounds like I might have competition.” Debbie said draping her arm across me.

“Don’t worry about that and I am not going to just go and finish what we have.”

“Yes but what if you find someone who you can legally be with?”

“I won’t and we will make sure that we don’t get caught.” I told her pulling her closer.

Debbie nuzzled closer and lightly kissed my neck. I leaned back and closed my eyes, the messages still playing on my mind, wondering if we would be able to keep our relationship secret.

We just stayed it that position for what seemed like ages when we both jumped. Someone was opening the front door. As quick as a flash Debbie dived off the sofa, and into the armchair, while I sat up and reached for my coffee.

“Hello mum are you up yet.” It was Sadie.

“Yes love I’m in here with Simon.” Debbie called back. “What are you doing home?”

“There was a problem at work and they had to shut.”

Sadie walked into the front room and looked at me.

“You here again Simon are you sure you haven’t moved in?” She laughed.

Before I could say anything Sadie burst out laughing and went into the kitchen. I looked at Debbie and saw her smiling at what her daughter said.

“That would be nice.” She whispered across to me and winked.

“If I didn’t know better I would swear you two were at it.” Sadie called from the kitchen.

I gulped, looked at Debbie and saw the look on her face, a look which needed no explanation.

“Sadie how could you say such a thing.” Debbie shouted trying to sound serious.

“Fucking hell mum calm down I was joking.” Sadie shouted back as she stormed out of the kitchen.

“I think I better go and let you two talk.” I said getting off the sofa.

“Okay Simon you have that appointment anyway remember.” Debbie said and gave me a sly wink. “I’ll ring you in a bit and see how you got on.”

Saying bye to the two women I went out of the house and wondered what I was going to do now. I liked the way Debbie had said what she had and the way she had made an excuse to ring me later.

Walking down the road all I could thing off was the image of Debbie with her ass in the air and wondered if, secretly, she knew I was there. One thing was for sure though if Sadie hadn’t come home when she did I didn’t think I would have been able to keep my hands off Debbie escort kadıöy much longer.

I had only been out of Debbie’s for half an hour when my phone went off. Debbie had sent me a message to say Sadie had gone and she now had something to tell me. Quickly I hurried back to find out what had gone on, and hoped that Sadie really had gone and wasn’t hanging around waiting somewhere.

Walking in I called out and Debbie shouted from the front room.

“You will like what I’ve got to tell you.” She said as I walked in.

“Hopefully it’s nothing to do with messages.” I replied.

“No it’s not it’s about Sadie she is moving out.”

“Where is she going to?” I asked.

“Apparently some man she has been seeing for ages on the quiet has bought a house and she is moving in with him.” She said excitedly. “That means I shall be alone everyday unless…”

I smiled at her as I knew exactly what she was trying to say. There would be no-one to stop me spending all my time with Debbie anymore.

“How would you like to help me celebrate?”She said with a wink.

“Whatever could you mean?” I asked feigning ignorance.

Not saying a word Debbie stood up and went and made sure that all the door were securely locked, even if Sadie came back she wouldn’t be able to get in. As she came back into the front room she closed the curtains and then turned to me.

“If anyone comes I shall say I felt unwell.” She said as she dropped her gown to the floor.

Standing before me Debbie looked stunning. She had been wearing a white lace camisole, lace boy shorts, stockings and suspenders underneath the gown all along, I was just glad I didn’t find out earlier or we would have been caught.

“I put these on when I knew you were here earlier.” She said. “What do you think?”

“I think you better come over here that’s what.”I said holding my hands out for her.

Debbie reached for me and as our hands met I pulled her down onto me. I kissed her gently on the lips and face before pushing my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues danced together as we kissed each other hungrily, my hands rubbing down her body and snaking under the material over the camisole. As soon as my hand hit the bare flesh underneath my cock was straining to escape from my jeans. Debbie let her hand fall to the bulge in my jeans and squeezed gently. Slowly she undid the buttons holding my cock back, freeing it, and wrapped her hand around me.

I was in ecstasy as she slowly moved her hand up and down. Sliding down the sofa so I was flat, my head resting on the arm, I watched Debbie as she wanked me occasionally stopping to squeeze my balls. I was putty in her hands and at that minute she could have done anything to me and I would have let her. The image of her with the anal plug inserted in her ass came back to me and I wondered what it would be like to let her do that to me, and maybe one day I would let her.

Debbie gripped my cock tightly and slowly lowered her head. Flicking her tongue across the bulbous end, pre cum started to leak out, she then ran her tongue along the whole length of my cock before taking it in her mouth. Her warm mouth engulfed me and I bucked my hips gently, pushing my cock further until it touched the back of her throat. I held her hair as she began sucking my cock faster. I was desperate not to cum in her mouth, I wanted to cover her tits with my fluid.

“Debbie let me cum over your tits.” I said through gasps.

Debbie slowed her sucking and freed her tits from the camisole, her nipples so erect and inviting. Still holding my cock she took her mouth away and held her tits over my cock as she continued to wank me.

“Lie back Debbie let me finish myself off I want you to see me cum.”

As I gripped my cock, holding her hand for a second, I began to stroke myself slowly as she let herself fall back onto the sofa. I looked at Debbie lying back, holding her tits together, and continued to wank my cock, I got faster as I felt the build up of cum in my cock, maltepe escort my balls tightening, and then I gasped. Cum erupted from the end of my cock, splattering over Debbie’s tits and face, jet after jet covering her. Debbie massaged her tits, spreading my juice all over, and lifted one of them up and ran her tongue through the cum as I squeezed the last drops from my cock.

Looking down at her I watched as she continued to run her tongue all over her tits, making sure she didn’t miss any of the cum, and slowly pulled at her lace boy shorts. Debbie looked gorgeous lying there virtually naked and I ran my finger down her front towards her pussy. Parting her legs for me Debbie continued to massage her tits and I ran my finger along her opening, down towards her ass. Clenching her cheeks tightly together Debbie reached a hand down and stopped me.

“Not yet Simon.” She whispered breathlessly as she guided my hand back towards her pussy.

Desperate to take our relationship to the ultimate high, but not wanting to ruin what we had, I rubbed my fingers over her before gently pushing one into her wetness. Debbie gasped as my finger penetrated her. Moving my finger in a circular motion inside her I gently pushed a second finger in and began fucking her with my fingers slowly. I could feel her juices covering my fingers and I removed them. As I went to suck her juice from them before going down on her Debbie stopped me. Grabbing my hand she raised it to her own mouth and sucked my fingers dry, pulling me down to her after she had and kissing me passionately on the lips. I could taste her sweet pussy and pulling away I ran my tongue slowly down her body, stopping briefly to suck and bite her nipples, before my tongue came to rest on her pussy.

Debbie’s hands brushed against my face as she held herself open, the sweet aroma of her juice attacking my senses, as I flicked my tongue over her swollen clit. Greedily I lapped at her, tasting every inch of her sweetness, before Debbie screamed out as her orgasm flowed through her body.

“Fuck me Simon let me feel your cock inside me.” She panted.

“Let me take you from behind Debbie.” I said lifting my juice covered lips from her pussy.

Debbie rolled onto her front and lifted her ass so I could enter her.

“Please don’t try to fuck my ass Simon I’m not ready yet.” She said.

“I won’t I promise, I won’t do anything to hurt you.” I replied.

Positioning myself behind her I gently pushed my cock against her dripping pussy, sliding in easily, and began to thrust into her slowly. Debbie was moaning softly as my cock went deeper into her with each thrust, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold back very long. Debbie pushed her ass back to feel my full length and I felt her fingers as she reached between her legs and started to massage my balls. That was all I could take and, with one final big thrust I flooded her pussy with cum. Debbie screamed and pushed her head into the sofa, her ass pushing as far back as it could, as I emptied my thick juice deep inside her pussy. My cock twitched for a final time and we both collapsed on the sofa, my cock still inside her, our juices mixing together.

We lay together like that for a few minutes, my cock gradually softening before falling out, when Debbie turned her head towards me.

“Thank you Simon for respecting my wishes.” She said. “And soon when everything is sorted I will let you fuck my ass.”

“What do you mean when everything is sorted?” I asked slightly puzzled.

“Well after Sadie told me she was moving out I had an idea but I need to work things out before I say too much.”

“If you need anything you know you only have to ask don’t you?”

“I will need one thing and when that time comes you will be the first to know.” She told me. “Now hold me tight Simon.”

While we were lying there we must have dozed off because neither of us had heard another message come through on my phone, which I found when we got dressed.


I showed Debbie the message and asked her if she had a clue who the number belonged to and, although she said she didn’t, her face told me something different.

“Don’t worry about them Simon it will soon be over.” She said and pulled me tight to her.

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