The Lovely Daughters Ch. 05

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It was 10 tonight. Giovanna was only wearing a way-too-small white shirt, a short-sleeved one, and a tight pair of red panties. She wore her hair down, without the ponytail/bun, something that didn’t happen often.

When her dad came into the bedroom, expecting her to be there, Giovanna sat contently at the make-up station, her fat fist buried into her chubby cheek and the other hand placed on her thigh.

Deeply in love with his daughter, Warren stood right there in front of her, his eyes fixing on her majestic boobs. The erotic size of her big colossal thighs immediately gave Warren a big hard-on. Her mouthwatering boobies was just too much for him to handle.

The father steadily advanced to his daughter and brushed his finger tips against her breast. So full of elation, he continued and caressed the swollen softness as his fingers circled around the nipple, hardening it.

His erect dick brushed up against her pussy, right over the cotton material of his daughter’s panties and right in between her legs after positioning himself just right. Warren was in total ecstasy. Holding his daughter’s titties in his hands never felt so right.

Warren’s erection got so firm and stiff. He pushed it against Giovanna’s breast, poking the tip of it against her extended nipple.

When he had enough, Warren stood Giovanna up off the seat. Giovanna then nervously raised her arm to allow her father to caress her boobies. Warren once again admired her big pussy, despite wearing panties, it was a really escort bostancı tight, too-small one. Her pubic region was so big and round, coated with so much pubic hair which helped it bulge out so much like that. Not to mention, Warren saw the black curly hairs peek from her panties.

“Spread your legs for me,” he demanded.

Giovanna then spread open her big legs. When she did, Warren’s eyes were trapped on her pubic region, the erotic bulge. Warren brushed his penis over Giovanna’s panties, rubbing right in between her big legs.

Just when Giovanna put down her arms, Warren began stroking his erection over her bush, right over the red cotton material, and wiped the thing in between her legs.

He would then slid down her red panties, down to her knees, and her underwear descended to the rugged floor.

“What are you gonna do to me?” whimpered Giovanna as she dread the answer.

“I wanna see what your privates look like!” replied her father in his dark voice.

With that, Giovanna’s father continued to slid them down to her knees. Her panties found their own way to the carpeted floor after they reached her knees.

The father gazed mesmerized at his daughter’s naked coochie. He grabbed her bush. Feeling all the hairs, grabbing the fat meat. Now Warren wanted to give his daughter a little spa. He took a vile of baby oil.

Giovanna pulled her underwear back up and laid on the bed. Giovanna laid flat down on her stomach, her reddish-brown areola exposed ümraniye escort from under the shirt as she tucked her hands under the pillow.

Warren sat right beside her and poured some rubbing oil onto his hands. Warren began applying the oils to her legs and eventually slid his hand up his daughter’s panties and rubbed her big booty cheek, caressing the fat mound of softness, rubbing the fat in a round circle. This wound be repeated with the other cheek. That is… until Warren saw his daughter’s brown areola… the sepia dots that surrounded it.

Another one of Warren’s crazy ideas hit his mind. He already had sex with Giovanna, taking her from the behind. He wanted to get one of his daughters pregnant. But who?

The only problem was that Diamond’s breasts weren’t that much big, so to speak but they were just large enough to attract some attention. Her dd-sized breasts would look big had not been for that pregnant-like potbelly of hers but they were proportionate to her wide body. Warren thought to lay Diamond being that her slow mind made her an easy target. He turned away from Giovanna and knew where to spot Diamond who was downstairs watching a movie.

Warren, naked except for a pair of boxer shorts, rushed downstairs to the living room and suddenly grabbed Diamond’s arm, coated in her favorite pink robe.

“Git your butt down to the basement! NOW!” her father evilly and firmly demanded.

Scared and intimidated, Diamond wasted no time heading for entrance to the kartal escort bayan basement as her father followed her, escorting her down there. If nothing else, Diamond could clearly read the evil in his eyes, just as easy as she could tell how dark it was out.

Diamond turned to face her father after skidding down the final step. Warren looked angrily and fiercely at his daughter and flicked on the light switch, turning on the only bulb in the ceiling that gave off not even a whole yard of yellow light. He grabbed his daughter by the arms, tightly and mightily, and knocked her down to the ground. Mr. Banks locked his hand over his daughter’s lips as to prevent her from screaming.

He said sternly, and devilishly, “I see your lips are tight. They won’t be when I’m finished with you!”

Then the old man broke off his daughter’s panties and ripped her robe open, helping himself to her average tits. Diamond’s chocolate-brown areolas were no wider than the diameter of a quarter (maybe a bit wider).

Warren finally slid his cock up Diamond’s tight vagina lips and penetrated that thing, in and out. Warren locked eyes with Diamond as she wore a tiring look, moaning and sighing. She tried desperately to scream but his hand was tightly on her mouth.

Diamond struggled. The poor girl tried her best to pull away but her wrists were locked securely in his grasp. She tried so hard to break free but luck wasn’t with her tonight.

“Don’t be pullin’ away from me, you hear?!” Warren grunted as he struggled to keep her in his grasp.

When the time was just right… longs streams of warm cum shot up his daughter’s pussy, blasting her like laser fire. More sperm fired into her and caused her to moan. It’s official. Diamond is pregnant… by her own father…

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