My Hot Teacher

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Author’s notes.

All parties in this work of fiction are above the age of eighteen.

The teacher is based on a real teacher when I was at school.



My English Lit teacher is blonde, twenty-nine, married, with a two year old child and hot. Every male in the school over puberty lusts after her, staff and pupils.

She wore two types of skirts, both short that showed off her long slim legs to perfection, the first was really short and tight hugging her hips and barely covering her bum, the other type which I preferred was slightly longer but more flouncy and soft that moved and swayed when she walked. Also tight fitting low cut tops that had her boobs on show, the boys in my class argued whether she wore push up bras or not: she didn’t they stood proud on their own, I know.

I found out one Saturday by chance. I had turned 18 two months earlier and as it was approaching exam time and I knew I needed some extra tuition to improve my chance of getting to Uni, so agreed with my parents that I would do some private tuition on a Saturday morning. My dad had arranged a tutor through a local agency and dropped me off at the tutor’s house. I walked up the drive, rang the bell when the door opened there was Mrs Evans.

“Good morning, you must be my pupil, oh it’s you Jonathan,” She said “this is embarrassing as I shouldn’t tutor someone from my own class, but you had better come in anyway.”

I went into her house and followed her down the hall way to the living room, she looked stunning in a flaming orange micro mini skirt, low cut cropped teal top, white strappy sandals, and I could tell she didn’t have a bra on. As she walked down the hall way her skirt was swaying and I saw she was wearing matching orange panties, I took my time following her admiring the view.

“As you’re here now I think we can go through this session and I will arrange a new tutor for you for next week, is that ok?”

“Yes Miss, er are we alone?”

“Yes, my husband has taken the baby to his mums for the morning.”

We started on the tuition which was a bit funny as we were studying “Women in Love” and “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” both of which have passages with a sexual content and I was getting a little worked up, as my hot teacher was standing very close to me.

After an hour we stopped and Mrs Evans said to me.

“Jonathan, what type of literature do you think these are, erotic or pornographic?”

“Miss I don’t understand.”

She then went on to explain the difference between erotic literature where there is more of a story that builds up the tension and characters, where as pornographic is more “wham bam thank you mam”.

“Oh come here I’ll show you.” She said and opened up a couple of websites and showed me examples of both types. The descriptions in both were pretty explicit and I was getting more and more excited reading and discussing this with my hot teacher who was in very sexy clothing and standing in close proximity pendik escort to me.

“Jonathan, do you see the different genres there are, one of them is MILFs, do you know what a MILF is?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Do you think I am a MILF?”

I couldn’t believe she had asked me that I didn’t know what to say. “Er I’m not sure Miss.”

“Oh, why?”

“Well, I’ve always thought that MILFs were much older than you and not as sexy looking, but technically I suppose you are.” Oh God had I just said that to my teacher, had I just called her sexy.

She gave me a funny look then said, “Why technically Jonathan?”

“You are a mother.”

“So the M part is covered I am a Mother, what about the I.L.F., I’d like to fuck?”

“Oh yes Miss.”

With that answer she grabbed me pushed her fantastic body against mine and kissed me like I had never been kissed before, I’m not a virgin but have had very little experience with the girls in my year all sweaty fumbles, this was on a different level. She leaned hard against me as she pushed me up against the wall pinning me there.

Her kisses intensified if they could, her tongue pushing into my mouth and playing with mine, and I don’t know how but I suddenly felt her had inside my pants stroking my cock. I reached up and pushed her top up and took it off as she raised her arms over her head, giving me a view of her tits for the first time, they were firm just a handful in-size with small nipples that were standing up. I broke the kiss and dropped my head to her boobs and took one in my mouth whilst caressing her other boob teasing the erect nipple with one hand. She didn’t stop or fight me off but began to moan slightly saying “oh yes, oh yes, keep doing that.”

I dropped my free hand pushed it up under her skirt and inside her panties and pushed three fingers straight into her pussy, it was wet and hot and soft. I started to moan now.

She whispered in my ear, “Fuck me now, hard and fast, as hard and fast as you can.” At the same time she placed my cock to the entrance of her pussy and guided it in. “Go on now fuck me for God’s sake.”

I didn’t need a second asking and slammed into her as far as I could as she lifted her legs off the floor and round my waist so I was supporting her and her weight was coming down onto my cock. I kept thrusting as hard and fast as I could, feeling her velvet pussy caressing my cock. All the time she was shouting “oh God fuck me, fuck me, harder, harder, oh yes!”

Suddenly she stopped pushing back, her pussy muscles began to clench my cock in increasing frenzy as she began to pant and then with a scream came. She was going wild, grabbing my arse pulling me into her, digging her nails in, scratching my back and as she came she sunk her head into my should and sank her teeth into me in pure lust.

I was still hard inside her as she lowered her legs and stood up; she pushed away from me and pulled me out. I was devastated I hadn’t come yet. Had I done something maltepe escort wrong?

She looked at me with glazed, unfocused lust filled eyes knelt on all fours with her back to me and said, “Not finished yet, take me doggy style, but we’ll be a bit slower this time.”

Somehow in the action I had lost all my clothes and her panties were on the floor.

I knelt behind her admiring the view of her ass, her pussy lips looked swollen and the interior was wet and glistening, her skirt was still on, riding high on her hips, this seemed sexier to me than if she was naked before me. I knelt behind her, placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her wet pussy and rubbed it up and down her before slowly pushing into her, it was heaven, the best feeling I was ever likely to have, or so I thought.

As I pushed in her muscles clenched me hard then began squeezing me working from the base to the head, I kept up a steady rhythm, pushing long and slow into her pussy holding onto her hips then ran my hands up her tight firm body ending up at her boobs, I cupped them both squeezing and kneading them, then tweaking and twirling her nipples meanwhile she had reached one hand down and was playing with her clit.

I felt my intensity rising and began to increase the speed and depth of my actions, she responded in kind and began pushing back on me so hard and fast.

“I’m coming Miss.” I said.

“It’s ok just do it.” She replied.

I really began pumping into her, as she began to scream again, then it hit me, and I shot my load inside her hot tight pussy. She continued to scream and buck for a while as she hit her second orgasm. I collapsed on to her exhausted for a while, then pulled out and lay on my side.

She rolled over and draped herself over me just holding me and gently kissing me as I played with the boob I could reach I could feel her hot pussy as it dripped on my thigh.

After a while she began to nibble my ear and blow into it and started to caress my cock again, this time more slowly than the first time she had attacked me.

“Thank you, I needed that, I needed to be fucked hard and fast. I’ve not had sex like that since before the baby was born. We used to do it like that all the time, but now it has to be quieter.”

I couldn’t believe what she had said, I’d just been fucked senseless by my sexy teacher and she was thanking me for it, schoolboy heaven.

“Jonathan, that was a once off thing, I love my husband but needed what we have done but no one must know. That was for me; now this is for you, enjoy it.”

With that she kissed me on the lips and slide her body down mine kissing me all the way at time same time brushing me with her boobs, oh God it was good. She continued lower and then pushed my throbbing cock between her boobs and rubbed it giving me a tit wank for the first time in my life. Then she started to move lower, she can’t be I thought, then I felt my cock engulfed in a warm, wet soft place, she’d taken me kartal escort in her mouth.

THIS was the best feeling I had ever had.

She began to suck on me moving her mouth slowly up and down my shaft which was throbbing, she went long and slow, then increased her speed but shortening her strokes, I was getting ready to come and she knew it. She eased off and still keeping me in her mouth, turned her body round so we were nose to tail, raised her leg and straddled my face.

I looked up and was staring into her pussy, it was beautiful, pink and full, I didn’t know what to do as she lowered herself towards me, then instinct took over and I pushed my tongue out and started to lick her outer lips. It tasted so good and smelt slightly musky, a woman on heat.

She reached a hand between her legs and opened her sex for me showing me her clit, I pushed my tongue deep into her and she started moaning again. I alternated between licking her lips, pushing my tongue deep into her and taking her clit into my mouth, which I discovered drove her wild. All the time she was gently sucking my cock deep into her warm soft mouth.

Then she stopped got off me, bent over and whispered in my ear, “I want you to cum in my mouth, this is just for you, don’t tell me when you’re cumming if you can avoid it, I like the surprise of you just cumming, take your time and enjoy it.”

With that she again slide down my body and took me deep into her mouth, but what was more exciting was her long silky blond hair was hanging down and tickling my balls and groin and her boobs were rubbing on my thighs.

She intensified her efforts taking me deeper until I felt myself at the entrance to her throat, I pushed forward and she stopped and gagged.

“Fuck! I’ve blown it I thought.”

But she continued relaxed herself and got me into her throat, she held me there for a second then pulled up, then got into a rhythm of pulling all the way off and then going all the way down ending up with me deep in her throat.

I was getting near now and she could sense it, so she eased off the deep throat and concentrated on swirling her tongue round the head of my cock teasing me, this was it there was no stopping now even if I could. I came.

I came straight into her mouth, she choked for a second at the surprise but held me in place and let the rest of my cum fill her mouth, It was a feeling I find hard to describe I could feel my cum filling her mouth and coat my cock, then I sensed her begin to swallow, she continued to hold me in place until she had swallowed all I had shot into her mouth, then as my cock came out of her mouth, began to dry it off with her hair.

I looked at her in amazement, what an English lesson.

“I think you need to take a shower and calm down Jonathan, the showers upstairs, and don’t think I’m going to be joining you as I won’t.”

“Yes, Miss and thanks, I think. You are a MILF but more than that one sexy woman.” Did I just say that to my English teacher?

“Thank you Jonathan.”

After my shower I walked home in a daze, had I just done that had I just fucked my English teacher and had she asked me to cum in her mouth.

The answer is yes to both.

One happy Saturday tutorial!

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