Mornings in My Mind’s Eye

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I woke this morning under heavy blankets, the bed warm from our naked bodies, sunshine appearing over the mountains to the east blazing light into our bedroom.

Your head was resting on my stomach and your body curled up perpendicular to mine. Your hand was still cupped around my balls gently. Apparently sometime in the night, you decided you wanted me in your mouth and lucky me was softly awakened to the rustle of the bed covers as you maneuvered slightly and began licking and sucking my sleeping cock. Your warm mouth and wet lips soon energized my body and as my cock grew you became more and more enamored with playing with me. I drifted in and out of fantasy thinking at one point this was a fantastic dream and yet knowing this was for real. I was in bed with an incredibly beautiful, sexy, erotic woman who just happened to have a cock fetish. You certainly had your way with me as I lay there helpless, your mouth exploring every inch of my cock, slipping it deeply and holding me inside you before you slowly withdrew and took another breath. It felt wonderful and I wondered how long I could prolong this ecstasy.

My hands held your head and gently encouraged each deep swallow while at the same time caressed and gently combed your hair with my fingers. One hand slid up and down your back massaging your muscles as I went. My hand explored lower and found the beginnings of your sweet ass but could reach no further. I scootched over as much as I could not wanting to pop my cock out of its sweet embrace. You sensed my need and hiked your buns closer to me so I could reach all of your treasures. I love the feeling of your ass and spent time there just caressing. I ran one finger down the crack of your ass playfully gently brushing spots I knew you enjoyed. All this while you continued your fascination with my cock, running your lips up and down my shaft, teasingly sucking just the head and licking wherever you wanted. I wanted to please you as kartal escort bayan you were pleasing me and indicated that to you but you were not to be deterred. You wanted your fun and I was to fend for myself. I like that in you.

Giving up on getting my own licks, I determined to use my fingers to best advantage. As I ran one finger down your ass I met your pussy and was surprised to feel so much wetness. I know you can make yourself wet in many ways certainly not the least of which is when you take the initiative as you have done tonight, and find your satisfaction. You have made known to me that sucking on my cock, whether in bed or while we are driving or watching TV or even out at a nightclub in some dark corner is one of your passions and never fails to make you wet. Tonight has been no exception.

I explore your pussy and enjoy your wetness, sucking it off of my finger and then reinserting it deep inside you. Now you squirm and moan a little in essence protesting my intrusion on your play. I can’t help but smile and continue my distractions, pumping your pussy slowly at first and then with greater speed and intensity, eventually using not one but two and then three fingers in my assault. You open to me… one of the things I love about you… your surrender…. and I am able to go deeper still. We both are having a hard time concentrating and I think we both are beginning to lose any control. Yet I want this to last forever, to go on all night. I want all of you every which way I can take you and I don’t want it to end. That thought alone is enough to make me explode in your mouth and it is all I can do to hold back. I know you want me to just let go but I cant… it has to last just a little bit more.

My fingers in and out of you are causing you to moan louder and louder. I know you are ready. I want one last piece of you. One more piece of you to open to me and then I know I won’t be able to stop the escort maltepe rush… and I know you won’t be able to either.

One of my wet fingers withdraw from your wet and swollen pussy and begins a teasingly slow stroke up to your ass. You can feel my trail and know exactly what I want to do… and know exactly how this will end for you. Another violent explosion for both of us is near. This finger circles your ass still wet from your tasty juices… juices I have in my mouth from earlier tastings reluctant to give up. I feel your ass tight against my finger but as I massage and circle you open again to me. You relax and open, anticipating the pleasure you are about to receive all the while sucking deeply for extended periods on my cock, kissing and loving the only part of me available to your mouth, not wanting to move and miss what’s coming next.

As you open to me, my finger slips slowly and gently inside your ass as my other two fingers continue to stroke your pussy, now very wet and swollen. I work my finger in and out, deeper each time until I am full finger length inside your ass. I pause and let you feel the sensations. It is almost too much for you. My cock filling your mouth, occasionally gagging your throat, two fingers sliding in and out of your pussy and now one finger deep in your ass. You shudder at the thought at being so filled, so possessed, so vulnerable and open, so desired and pleasured by your lover……. Another shudder and I know you will lose it at any time which I know will trigger my explosion.

I begin now to pump my hand, one finger in your ass and two in your pussy, slow at first building up to a quicker pace, fucking you with my hand while my other hand presses down on your head shoving my cock deep down your throat. Unfortunately, this does not last long. The build up has been so long and held up at various times for effect. We are both primed and ready to release. You gag on my cock pendik escort now deep in your throat and my hand pumping your pussy and ass now all combine for one great orgasm as you finally release and shudder and squeeze your body. It is a whole body workout as every inch of you is compressed and intense. You keep my cock in your mouth to feel that softness, anticipating my release of that warm thick fluid. Once you have had your pleasure, I now allow myself no restraint and my orgasm overwhelms me and sends me into spasms of sheer pleasure, releasing all of the tension and anticipation of the night in one long loud explosion. I yell at my release in your mouth and drive as deep as I can go down your throat, shooting wave and wave of cum inside of you.

You hungrily swallow and suck every drop down, leaving nothing to waste, cupping my balls for safe keeping.

We lay there stunned for minutes before you roll over on your back with your head still on my tummy with a smile of content and wickedness. You love being possessed, being taken, taking your own pleasure and making me lose control. You love being the lover, the whore, the wonton sex goddess you are when we are together. It is another persona that at once is a big part of you but never seen by those not intimate. Your secret fetish. Our secret life. You know that this is but one scenario we have played, one of many yet to be played of infinite possibilities and combinations. It is safe and secure because of the love we share… we can be anything, anybody with anyone we choose and we know if will be safe and secure and full of love for each other………

You turn to me and we smile. We kiss a full, tender, erotic kiss, tasting my cum on your lips and mixing it in our mouths, sharing all we have. You give me one more smile before you roll back over on my tummy and kiss and caress my now half asleep cock. Tenderly you care for him as my hand caresses your body softly. Tenderness follows great sex. Great, hardcore, wild sex makes for the best love and that is how we fell asleep in the middle of the night.

And that is how we awoke to the sun.

No, it was not a fantasy, it was real and will be real. Again and again and again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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