The Education of Tanya Ch. 01

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I was returning from dropping my wife at the station, she was going to visit her Mom. I was remembering her words to Tanya our 18-year-old daughter “Look after Dad for me, sweetie”. I was hoping that we could look after each other in all ways – not necessarily as my wife meant. Her breasts were still small but her nipples were large like her mothers, just the way I liked them. The light was fading and the temperature was falling and I was looking forward to a cozy night in front of the fire.

As I pulled into the driveway and I noticed a flicker of light as the curtains moved in our bedroom, which was directly above the garage. I got out of the car in the garage and could hear movement above me. Hmm! I thought I know it must be Tanya because she would be the only one home. I entered the house and walked up the hall towards the bedroom just in time to see Tanya disappearing into the bathroom she had on her short T-shirt and I noticed her nipples were prominent against the thin material. “Hi” I called out as the bathroom door closed. A muffled “Have to take a shower Dad” was the reply.

I walked into the bedroom and noticed a drawer under the bed was still slightly open – the drawer where I had my porno tapes and sex magazines. I opened the drawer and saw one of the magazines had obviously been put back hurriedly, It was one that was mainly pictures of glorious juicy demetevler escort pussies being licked and sucked, which I enjoyed immensely. I hoped Tanya enjoyed thinking about it as much as I did. I stripped off and just slipped on a T-shirt and sweatpants no underwear, I love the feeling of having my cock and balls swing free. I started to look at the magazine and to imagine what it would be like to be Tanya’s teacher and to introduce her to the joys of having her pussy licked. Her sex life was non existent as far as I knew she has never had a boyfriend and was a homebody and I guessed she was a virgin as well. I heard the bathroom door open and then Tanya’s bedroom door open and close.

I went into the bathroom expecting to find the usual mess, and sure enough there was her T-shirt, track pants. and tucked inside them was her panties. As I picked them up to put them in the washing basket I noticed the panties were soaking around the crotch. I held them to my nose and breathed in deeply enjoying the musky aroma of my daughter’s pussy juice – my cock hardened immediately as I got the familiar urge to lick and suck her sweet juicy pussy. Reluctantly I put the clothes away and headed out to the lounge room to catch a bit of the TV news. Tanya came in still toweling her wet hair and stood in front of the fire, she had her short nighty on escort demetevler and her nipples were sticking out proudly. I also noticed that with the fire behind her she was not wearing any panties, and I could see the outline of her developing breasts. My cock was growing inside my trousers and as I stood the bulge was noticeable. I stood nest to Tanya and playfully pushed her away from the fire saying “Stop hogging the heat, my old bones need it more than yours” We started to push and shove each other and she backed into me. As I caught her hands brushed her breasts feeling those beautiful nipples and her ass ground against my hard cock. I felt the immediate burst of lust and boldly caressed her breasts. I could hear and feel the sudden intake of breath as I pulled her closer to me and her hands went up to mine and I thought she was about to protest but her hands covered mine and her ass rubbed against me harder.

She reached down and pulled her nighty over her head and dropped in on the mat. I pulled and rolled her nipples feeling them double in size and harden nicely. She dropped her hands in between us and felt my now rock hard cock, rubbing it full length. I turned her round and kissed her gently but she would not allow me to be gentle as her tongue eagerly sought mine passionately. I was surprised at the intensity of the kiss she demetevler escort bayan quickly helped me take off my T- shirt and kissed my chest as I forced her down. She knew what I wanted and slipped down my sweatpants as I guided her head and mouth to my cock.

“Open wide darling, now just suck it like a big lolly pop” . She gagged as I got carried away and tried to push my cock deep in her mouth.

“Sorry sweetie, let me hold your head and fuck your mouth” I said, matching my words with action. Tanya was a very fast learner and was soon sucking and slurping like a pro, and gurgling like a baby. I was close to cumming so I slipped down beside her, lying down on my back I spun her around to “69” with her. Before my eyes was the sweetest pussy I had ever seen and I immediately started to lick and suck working the full length, giving her asshole a good lick and up to her clit.

Tanya was giving my cock and balls a great workout, but I was in heaven tasting her sweet juices which had started to flow in increasing abundance. I slipped a finger into wet pussy and let her move up and down on it as I kept tonguing her tight little asshole. I felt her pussy clenching on my finger as she started to cum, her mouth working faster on my cock. I could feel the tightening of my balls and knew I was close. Removing my finger I sucked her clit into my mouth allowing tongue to flick it quickly. I knew that would take her to the next level and the thought of it made my cock pulse as I filled my sweet daughters mouth with my cum. She collapsed on top of me as I groaned with complete fulfillment. That was the end of the first lesson. I knew over the next 5 days I would have a willing pupil.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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