The Birthday Present

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It was a dreadful storm. The fierce, howling winds had already taken down a limb of an old beech tree in front of my house. It laid across my front lawn like a dead soldier. The rain was pelting down, lashing against the windows and bouncing off of the pavement on Bellevue Road running by my house. It was the worst storm in years. We were getting pommeled by the tail-end of Hurricane Cathy — hard. It was also coinciding with my thirtieth birthday.

It was only a quarter past four that afternoon, but with the sky filled with billowing dark clouds blocking out the sun it seemed much later. I peered out of the kitchen window for about the tenth time. When I saw the flicker of car headlights in the driveway I watched in near disbelief as the black Audi moved up the driveway.

“You’re insane to be out in this weather,” I shouted above the howling wind as I opened the door.

“I told you I’d be over. You only have a birthday once a year and I’m not going to miss it,” my sister called out as she dashed from the car.

Sara ran up the porch steps and scurried past me. Her auburn hair was drenched and hung limp over her shoulders. She was wearing a navy blue nylon jacket, which was also soaking wet.

Sara walked towards the kitchen table. In her hands was a birthday cake, encased in a clear plastic case. The cake was coated with white frosting, with blue trim around the circumference. Written in red frosting on the top of the cake was Happy Birthday, Chaz!. Over her shoulder hung the thin strap of her purse. Dangling from her slender left wrist was a white plastic bag, which obviously contained something. She dropped it and her purse on to the table.

“Happy birthday, little brother.” Sara’s bright blue eyes met mine as she turned from the kitchen table.

“Thanks, Sara, but I never really expected you to come out during this storm; it’s not safe,” I said.

“You think I’d miss my little brother’s birthday? It’s not every day you turn thirty.” she shot back. “Brad would have come over, but he said that it wasn’t safe to bring Jacob out, so he’s at home with him.”

At least my brother-in-law knew better than go out in this storm; especially with their four year-old son. I appreciated the effort my sister had made to acknowledge my birthday, but I feared that she had put herself in danger by going out during the height of the storm.

Sara was thirty-three. She was my big sister and always would be — something she would never let me forget. She relished playing the role of my older, wiser sister, and never failed to forget one of my birthdays. Whether I was in college, or she was doing her Master’s degree in Social Work hundreds of miles away, Sara never let one of my birthdays pass by without acknowledging it. Us being the only children in the family meant that Sara’s attention and doting did not have to be divided amongst other siblings, which was something I reveled in at times.

“Happy Birthday, Chaz.” Sara leaned towards me and kissed my cheek. Her full lips were wet from the rain, but also very soft.

I felt myself blush as I cast my eyes over my sister. She looked lovely. No. She was much more than that. She looked sexy. Desirable. Any man who saw her would have felt the same, but being her brother I felt a pang of compunction as I felt my cock stir at the sight of her. Those were familiar feelings and ones I had grappled with for years.

Sara had taken her rain-soaked nylon windbreaker off and hung it on the coat tree in the corner. Now she looked even alluring. She was wearing a white blouse and a short burgundy skirt made of stretchy, knit material. It barely covered her knees and clung to the curves of her hips and ass. Both were firm and made me wish I could run my hands over them and give them a squeeze. It was my birthday after all. Perhaps she would allow me that one discretion, I fantasized.

My sister’s blouse had a scooped neck. The row of white buttons began several inches below her upper chest, which was left exposed by the low neckline of the blouse. As Sara bent over to retrieve her birthday gift to me from the plastic bag I could see her delicate collar bones and bra strap. It was thin and white. I wondered what the rest of her bra looked like.

Sara was slim — maybe about a hundred and ten pounds or so. No one would ever describe her as “stacked”, or consider her buxom, but her breasts were still significantly more than a handful. I knew this based on the perhaps hundreds of times that I had appraised them through her tight blouses, tops and dresses over the years. There were even times that I was fortunate enough to catch glimpses of them down the front of her blouse or dress as she leaned over. Although her magnificent globes were most often held within a bra during the times that my wandering eyes moved down towards them, I could nonetheless tell that my older sister had near perfect breasts that my sweaty palms would not be able to fully hold with ease.

It wasn’t just my sister’s breasts çankaya escort that made her pretty, attractive or arousing though. She had long, lean legs that were muscled from years of jogging. Her exercise regimen had kept her body in good shape, even after giving birth to Jacob. That, coupled with her bright sapphire eyes and comely smile, ensured that she caught the attention of every man within eyesight of her, including me. For years I was well aware of just how sexy Sara was. It’s not something I’m proud of. My carnal thoughts for my sister were something I had wrestled with for close to fifteen years. For a long time I fought my emotions, then realized it was a losing battle. Ultimately I settled for rationalizing that I would never be able to act upon my feelings and that they were a private matter, so I was harming no one with my forbidden lust for my older sister.

Sara pulled a box from the white plastic bag. The box was wrapped in dark blue tissue paper. Tied around it was a white ribbon. A blue bow was affixed to one corner. She presented me with the gift, beaming a smile at me.

“Happy Birthday!” Sara’s voice was full of excitement and a tinge of apprehension. She always worried needlessly that I would like what she had chosen as a gift for me on birthdays and Christmas. The truth of the matter was that her taste in gifts was always perfect.

I sat down on a chair at the table and gave the box a shake. I heard nothing ratting inside. Sara laughed as she watched me. Wanting to prolong the process, I carefully tore the bow from the perfectly wrapped gift and placed it on the table. As I was removing the white ribbon from the box the sound of Sara’s cell phone ringing in her purse interrupted me.

“That’s probably, Brad,” she said. “Wait till I’m finished with this before you finish unwrapping it.”

I sat with my gift on my lap, looking up at my sister while she spoke into the phone. As she had predicted, it was her husband calling, or at least I surmised as much based on the snippets of her conversation I overheard. Once the conversation ended she placed the phone on the table and gave me an apologetic look.

“That was Brad, alright. He said that he heard on the radio that they’ve declared a state of emergency up in Cedar Falls. The police are telling people to stay off of the roads, unless it’s an emergency. He said I should stay here the rest of the night till the hurricane passes. Sorry.”

Sara’s eyes met mine with a regretful look. It crushed me because the thought of having her spend the night, especially on my birthday, excited and gladdened me, but if she did not feel likewise, or dreaded it, I did not want her to have to endure being storm-stayed with me.

“Well, maybe it’s not that bad out. You still might be able to make it home, if you drive carefully,” I told her.

“Maybe, but it’s not that,” she said. “I just don’t want to be an inconvenience, or mess up your birthday by hanging around.”

I let out a loud laugh at the irony of her comment. “Mess up my birthday? Do you think I had plans? Geez, Sara, you’re the only one who even remembered it was my birthday, besides mom and dad. I just feel bad that you’re stuck here is all.”

Sara stepped over to me. I felt her knees rub against my right thigh. She leaned over and threw her arms around my shoulders. Her soft cheek brushed over mine as she hugged me. Her silky golden-brown hair tickled my neck and face. The scent of her musky perfume filled my nostrils and fed my arousal. I drew in a deep breath and closed my eyes for a moment, relishing the sensations.

“Stuck here? I would have planned on staying longer if I knew I could have. I promised Brad I’d be back in an hour or so because he was planning on going out with friends tonight. Now that he can’t, I’m free to stay with you — which is what I really wanted.” She kissed my cheek as she held me tighter.

I felt myself blush and my heart accelerate as my sister embraced me. I ran my hands up from her slender waist towards her shoulders. I could feel the strap of her bra beneath her blouse, pulled tight across her back. When my eyes drifted down from her delicate neck I discovered that I could see down the front of her billowing blouse. Her round breasts quivered noticeably within her white bra. They were pushed upwards into two firm mounds, separated by a deep cleavage. Her skin was tanned and smooth. Through the silky cups of the bra I could see her stiff nipples protruding. I swallowed hard, wishing this moment could last an eternity.

A sharp report of thunder startled Sara. She lurched back, breaking her clutch on me. She turned around towards the window behind her. Lightning lit up the sky, followed by another clatter of thunder seconds later.

“It’s getting closer,” she observed, sounding frightened.

I nodded, more preoccupied with my lust than the storm. If a vengeful god was going to smite me with lightning for my incestuous thoughts, now was the ideal escort çankaya time, I thought to myself.

Another brilliant flash of lightning lit the sky, followed by a roar of thunder that seemed to shake the house. The lights flickered and winked-out for a moment before returning. Sara cast her eyes towards the ceiling fixture, looking concerned.

“You better go find a flashlight or something in case the lights go out,” she suggested.

I could feel my hard cock pushing out at the front of my pants as I stood up. I quickly turned away from Sara so she could not see how turned-on I was by her. In a drawer at the corner of the counter I found a flashlight, matches and three candles amongst the clutter of screwdrivers, pliers and sundry other items I seldom used. I placed them on the kitchen table and sat back down.

“Finish unwrapping your gift,” she coaxed, sounding excited.

Being less meticulous than earlier, I tore the wrapping from the box on my lap. Sara observed me, looking anxious. Within the box were two objects, both wrapped in the same blue tissue paper that had covered the exterior of the box. One was a smaller box, while the other was soft and pliable. I placed them on the table and dropped the box they had been in to the floor.

“Open that one first,” my sister said, pointing towards the thin, rectangular box. “I don’t know if you’ll like the other one.” Once more, she seemed nervous. She was chewing on her bottom lip.

I unwrapped the gift and gave a gasp of surprise, then smiled. It was a black ipod — something I had been considering buying for myself. I smiled up at my sister.

“How did you know? I’ve wanted one of these for months!”

“It was Brad’s idea,” she said. “He said he’d heard you say you were thinking of getting one.”

“Thanks, and tell him I said thanks too,” I gushed. “It’s exactly what I wanted.”

“You’re welcome. I’m glad you like it.” Sara paused, eying the other gift, still wrapped and lying on the table. “That other one was my idea. Brad doesn’t even know I got it.”

I picked the gift up. I guessed that it was clothing — possibly a tie or t-shirt, judging from it’s size and feel. When I tore at the tissue paper I discovered something made of black, silky material inside. I tugged at it, removing it from it’s wrapping. Once I had removed the article from it’s wrapping I discovered that I was holding a pair of black silk boxer shorts. I held them up, hopefully looking more surprised than disappointed. I smiled up at my sister.

“Every guy needs a pair of silk boxers,” she said with a devilish grin. “Women love them and I hear that they feel really nice too.” She gave me a sly smirk.

“Thanks, Sara. I don’t know if anyone will ever see them on me though.”

My smile faded for a moment as I contemplated the reality of my comment. It had been just under eight months since I had broken up with my girlfriend of three years, Krista. I had spent several months recovering from that relationship and I was still at the point where I feared that I would never meet anyone else — at least not as special as Krista was.

Sara gave me an encouraging smile and sidled closer to me. She draped her left arm over my shoulder, looking down towards me.

“Have some faith in yourself, Chaz,” she said. “You need to get out there and start looking. Krista was nice, and I liked her, but there are tons of great women out there. You’ll meet someone, if you’d only give them a chance and stop comparing them to her.”

I looked up at my sister with a dubious expression.

“Besides, even if no one sees them on you, you’ll like how they feel. Trust me; I know.” Sara gave me wide grin and winked.

My sister’s remark puzzled me. I cocked an eyebrow as I looked into her dreamy eyes. She understood my perplexed expression and smiled.

“Want to know something?” she asked, sounding secretive.

“Sure,” I said.

“I have this pink silk blouse. Whenever I wear it without a bra it drives me crazy because it always makes my nipples so hard.” Sara let out a sexy giggle, looking somewhat coy.

“Oh…” I grunted, fighting the urge to lower my eyes to her chest.

“So, I was thinking you’d like the silk boxers because they would… you know… do something similar to you when you wore them. Even if no one sees them you can still enjoy them. Maybe you can wear them to sleep in” Sara’s eyes met mine with an immodest glint as she smirked.

“Well, I… uh… don’t know. I’ve never had a pair of silk boxers before so I don’t know if –“

“Don’t worry, little brother. I’m not going to ask if you get a boner when you wear them the next time I see you,” she interrupted, giving me a teasing look.

I was struggling for words when another clap of thunder rang out, shattering the tense silence between me and my sister. She flinched and jumped towards me, wrapping her arm around my shoulder. I eased my arm around the small of her back, pulling çankaya escort bayan her closer as she clung to me. Moments later the lights flickered and went out. This time they stayed out.

“Crap!” I spat out, peering into the darkness.

“Scared of the dark, Chaz? Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” My sister’s voice was both taunting and seductive. I held her tighter to me as she held on to my shoulders.

“Good thing I got the flashlight and candles out,” I remarked.

Outside, the rain was still pouring down. The house seemed quieter now without the constant whirring of the fridge and other appliances that one normally disregards the sounds of. I was keenly aware of the feeling of my sister’s body pressed to my right side and the scent of her perfume. I was also glad for the darkness to conceal my erection.

“Do you have a candle holder?” Sara asked.

“Somewhere, I guess.”

Sara turned the flashlight on and began searching through cupboards. She found a saucer she walked back beside me. She lit a candle and held it upside-down, letting the wax drip into the saucer. Once a small puddle of wax had accumulated she affixed the bottom of the candle to it.

The golden glow of the candle flickered in the kitchen. It’s radiant light illuminated Sara’s face, making her appear more like an image of a goddess in a temple than my sister standing in my kitchen. The candlelight shimmered on her hair and eyes, making her appear even more enticing. I silently admired her beauty, feeling overcome by a mixture of lust and ardor.

“The lights will probably be out for a while. Want to go sit in the living room?” Sara asked.

“Sure,” I said.

Sara slung her purse over her shoulder and picked up the candle. I gathered up the other two candles and the flashlight and followed her.

The living room was somewhat darker than the kitchen, but the candle on the coffee table a few feet in front of the soft provided enough light for us to see. I sat down to the left of Sara, feeling thankful for the semi-darkness because it concealed the bulge in the front of my pants.

“I guess this isn’t how you planned on spending your birthday,” she said.

“No, but you had planned on being home by now; sorry.” I cast her a doleful look.

“Hey, I already told you — this is what I would have wanted to do. Well, except for the power being out.” Her voice was soft and sensuous.

Sara smiled and slid closer to me. She kicked her shoes off, then tucked her feet under her as she leaned towards me. I felt her hip press against mine and her arm brush over me. We sat in silence for close to a minute. I wondered what she was thinking and feeling. After a little while she rested her head on my shoulder and wiggled closer.

Without any encouragement I eased my arm around her waist, resting my hand on the curve of her hip. She sighed. My fingers came to rest on her ass, just below the flare of her right hip. I contemplated moving them higher, then decided not to.

“You probably wish it was Krista here instead of me,” she said, sounding sad.

“No. I don’t wish she was here at all. I’m over her. I’m glad you’re here,” I said, hoping I had chosen the right words.

“Thanks, little brother. You always know just what to say to make me feel good.”

Sara’s words flustered me. The truth of the matter was that I was over Krista. Completely. Whats more, I did not know another woman besides my sister whom I would rather be cuddling with on the couch on the night of my birthday, or any other night. My only regret was that I could not fully express to her just how special that moment was to me. I searched for words, hoping to reassure her without giving away my illicit desire for her.

“No, it’s not like that. I mean it, Sara. You’re the one I want to spend my birthday with. Not her. Not anyone else.” Once spoken, the words sounded a little too intimate to have been said to my sister. I cringed, glad that she could not see my expression.

“Really?” Sara straightened her back and looked at me with a smile.

I gave her a bashful nod, still fearing that I had overstepped the bounds of propriety between siblings.

My sister’s hand was gentle on my left cheek as she cupped my face in her palm. She tugged me closer and pressed her full, moist lips to my left cheek to kiss me. It was a tender, lingering kiss — one like she had never given me before, and one I would have to struggle to recall ever having received from another woman before. Her breasts pushed against my arm and chest. They were round and firm. My senses were flooded by the feeling of her pliant lips on my cheek and her breasts on me. My cock began to swell as I leaned closer to her, wanting to feel more of her body against mine.

“I love you,” she whispered into my ear, then rested her head on my shoulder.

“I love you too,” I replied, not as a perfunctory response, but because I meant it more than I thought she could ever imagine, or wanted to know.

“You never have to say it, Chaz. I know you do,” she said, sounding wistful.

I gave her a questioning look. Her eyes were on mine again, half closed, with a dreamy look to them. She either looked aroused or sleepy — although I would have wished for the former, I guessed the latter.

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