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Big Dicks

I sat in the coffee shop, a nice one, local. Good coffee and eclectic art. As I sipped my white mocha latte, I felt how all my body hair was up and attentive. Today was meeting day…or was it tease? I remembered the tease in Amelie…how she didn’t let him near until, until she was ready…

Slinking. One paw at a time. It has all day, or night, if it needs it. The prey–seemingly mindless of the threat. Looking but not seeing. Not hearing. The cat doesn’t blink. Hardly breathes. Approaches. Springs forward like it was shot out of a cannon.

Something about the air changes, not the door opening, not the fresh steam rising from the espresso bar. I look up as her eyes leave me to look out the door. Instinct lifts me quickly to follow. She knows I do, doesn’t look back. She didn’t count on the speed though…. The chase turns me on. My teasing is not as stimulating as his/her response. Watching him get hard is exciting. Watching her squirm in uneasiness can make me almost cum. The first touch. Dreaming of someone who will place the first kiss someplace different. Wanting to jump on the little girl behind the counter at Tim Horton’s. Taking a vanilla cream donut and covering her chest with it. Shit. I need to take a break.

Imagine us walking through a bright, noisy downtown. The stubble on that man’s face, he’s taller than you, his misplaced confidence in himself…if you choose he’d be left a broken shell with the merest whim of yours. You feel me focused elsewhere…follow my sight, and see her. 40? 45? Clearly getting her bearings back after 20 years of lifeless marriage…our prey for the night perhaps? We discuss the way she walks…whether she can be released from her prim life…

She’s tired. No. You’re right. Truly lonely. Second, and last, child is in college now. She’s having to be a wife more than a mother. We follow her into the clothing store and separate. I stand on the other side of the rack from her. Catch her eye once and shy away. Look back. Push my hair behind my ear and tilt my head. She’s looking again. I smile and look down. Then quickly back at her. She blushes and moves to a new rack. Her hand’s shaking. I stand five feet to her right. Then three. Where does her zone begin? A 23-year-old girl is young enough to be her daughter. Old enough to love her. Does she want a daughter or lover? Two feet. I pull out a shirt. Comment. Reply. A connection.

I love the way you’ve honed your flirt to different ages. As I watch you move in, I shudder to myself, imagining the changes in your breathing, the quickening of your pulse. Your hair now up behind your ear, I enjoy the play of light across…I move through the men’s clothes, keeping you in sight as you begin with her. I pick out a linen shirt, white, no collar, walk towards you. It clear she doesn’t speak with strangers often, and is awkward with even the simplest chat about clothing. I walk up, kiss you lightly on the back of your hand, and ask you who your new friend is. You look up at her, she stammers out “Debbie, my name is Debbie.”

“My sincan escort pleasure, Debbie,” you say. Your eyes follow your hand to her waist, legs, breasts, eyes. You don’t let go until the scan is complete. I make quick calculations. Is she attracted to this younger man or much younger girl? Which should lead? You’ve always done this so much better than me. I ask both your opinions on a blouse. You wait for her response so you can agree. I hold it up to Debbie. Let it fall against her breasts. My hand touches her shoulder. She’s done this before with her daughter. Her smile is wide and more relaxed. Your compliments are accepted with years of yearning for compliments from a man. She’s looking at you. When you turn to her, she looks at me. I suggest she try on something I saw her look at previously. She balks. You encourage her.

As I take her in I’m acutely aware that a dance requires one partner to lead. Her response to the blouse is positive but she hastens to add “But I could never wear anything so tight to me,” then blushes at her revelation. Intent on her eyes, I catch the quick slip to your breasts and back, and then you have the blouse against her, and I say “Well I’m sure it would suit you quite nicely Debbie.” Interesting, her nipples rise up to reveal themselves as the blouse comes back up with a snap of your wrist. I hear the intake of your breath as you notice, trying to hide your pleasure at the sight. I take her hand in a familiar way to focus her eyes on me, and ask if she’d like to try on a different blouse that she feels more comfortable wearing. “I’ll wait here, why don’t you go and try it on with Traci. We’ll give you our opinions and you can let Traci know how you like hers.”

“Oh, I don’t think I, what is your name?”

“Jeff,” I reply, “And how often do you get someone’s opinion besides your husband’s? Now off with the two of you.” Without missing a beat you turn towards the dressing room. Her eyes slide down from mine to my chest, hips, to follow your swaying hips.

I take a deep breath. Got to think straight. Calm down. Debbie is walking beside me, clutching a blouse. “Your boyfriend is very persuasive,” she says. I smile at her and nod. “He likes to think he’s in charge. I play along.” She giggles as we reach the first dressing room. I pull back the drape and find it empty. “Go ahead,” I say. “Take this one.” She enters. I wait. Five, six seconds. Seems like an eternity. I ease back the drape. Debbie’s hanging the blouse on a hook. I step inside. She turns and gasps, but my finger is over my mouth. “Shhh.” I put my hands on her waist, working up until I’m just under her breasts. She’s staring into my eyes. I’m trying to convey through mine that it’s alright. That I want her. Trust me. My hands are over her breasts. Then her neck. My fingers trace her chin and over her cheeks. She’s shaking, but not resisting. I unbutton the top button of her blouse.

I hear the giggles from within, sure in Traci’s devotion to this upcoming orgasm, whether hers or Debbie’s. What sincan escort bayan I am never sure of is if she wants me to participate or watch this time. She knows I love both, she knows I just want more getting off for everyone. As I hear the sharp intake of Debbie’s breath, I turn and deflect the sales person with a “She tends to take her time” and a traditional male shopping sigh. This sends her off and I can listen again to the two of you. Has Debbie dreamed of this? How long has it been since she’s been approached so directly, so wantonly by anyone not in her fantasies? The thought of this mother reclaiming her inner lover stiffens my resolve…I look about again, and duck inside to find….

My mouth between Debbie’s legs. Debbie gasps as you enter. Then smiles. My tongue is flicking across her clit as I hold her ass, pulling her closer to me. We are both naked. You are transfixed by her perfect, firm breasts. Moisture still glistens on them from when my mouth was over them a second before. Debbie’s mind is spinning. She is SO frustrated at home. SO alone. My touch sent electricity through her body. My attention now is driving her toward the ultimate reaction. She spreads her legs a little farther apart as I slide my tongue inside her cunt. Debbie rolls her head back. You take the opportunity to taste one of the breasts. She murmurs her delight. She is close now. I resume attacking her clit. With my tongue, lips, mouth. We are devouring her.

The scent in the air is overpowering, your wetness, Debbie’s wetness, making me more intoxicated than any alcohol ever could. Door pulled closed behind me, eyes aware of the curve of your ass in the mirror as you worship her wetness. “Who are you” she gasps at us, “Why me…”but we can’t answer as you drive your tongue further into her tight pussy, and my mouth takes her left breast for its own. I put her hand on my erection, and she holds it, stunned at first, unsure what to do, then begins to work me furiously. I look down at you Traci, see your own breasts moving back and forth as you work Debbie. I move to her right breast, pausing to say to her “Because you need us.”

I smile at you as you take her breast in your mouth. Your cock throbs as Debbie strokes it methodically. I love to watch you get aroused, and this woman is certainly interesting you. I concentrate again on Debbie’s clit. Her sighs fill the little room. Soon, they will be moans. You lick around the base of her breast, then around and up to her erect nipple. It is a glowing pink, sensitive beyond belief to your tongue’s wetness. I feel her body tense. My hand applies more pressure to her tight ass. She pushes her pussy hard against my face. “My god,” she cries. “No. Not…I’m going to cum.”

“Let it go, babe,” you whisper in her ear. I play with my own clit as I put my mouth tightly around Debbie’s. Her body shakes violently as her orgasm begins. She begins to cry out once more, but you put your mouth over hers. Your tongues fight against each other as she cums again and again. escort sincan She clutches my head, pulls me closer, shudders with each orgasm. The entire store would hear her if you weren’t covering her mouth with your own. I stick my tongue up her cunt and find her g-spot. She explodes in another climax, my tongue sliding up to her clit. “Fuck me from behind, Jeff. I want you in me,” I beg.

Before the shuddering slows, the blood firm and needy in me, I tear myself from Debbie’s lips and push her to sit down on the changing seat. Greedy for more of her taste you follow, never leaving her body. I see you ass waving, hips thrusting, needing to be fucked. I look at Debbie, then your ass, then back to her again. I stroke my cock and begin to unbuckle, then slide slowly out of my pants. Her eyes widen as I bend down to my knees behind you…”Traci…here I am for you” and I wet myself along your wet folds. This drives you crazy…you don’t want teasing anymore, you want fulfillment. I look back up at Debbie again and say, “I wonder which one of you I’ll come in” and push into you in one slow stroke…

I feel the long, thick cock drive into me. It hits the wall of my womb. It strokes my g-spot. I moan with satisfaction, my head in Debbie’s lap. I squeeze my cunt around your cock, feeling it throb. You tease me…stopping at the entrance to my hole, thrusting in, pulling out…teasing. Your hands are on my hips, then my breasts. My nipples ache for your touch. I play with my clit until I feel the orgasm begin. It moves through my body and explodes around your cock. I put my head on Debbie’s thighs to muffle the sounds of my cumming. Twice, three times I cum. You pound into me. Your thighs hit my ass, smacking, smacking, smacking. You’ve always been able to hold back until I’m finished. You’re amazing. Your cock is so thick is fills me beyond satisfaction. I relax. Exhausted. Spent. You move me aside gently. I know what you want. You want Debbie. You want her breasts. She watches in awe as your wet, thick cock is pumped by your hand. Suddenly, a long, thick string of cum crosses her chest, over her breasts and down her nipples. More shot of cum cover her. She closes her eyes and takes in the scent, the feel, the warmth of the fluid. She rubs it against her, over her breasts. You cum again. Again. Jerking. Shuddering. Grunting. “Oh, my God,” she cries. “Yes.”

So many different times I’ve felt this…this urgency, the way Traci moves her hips like no other woman I’ve known. And yet each time she is a revelation to me. I look at Debbie’s eyes…deep in her as I am you, and show her with my eyes how you feel as you cum around me. This starts her off again, she’s breathless, and nothing in her experience has prepared her for this, for you Traci, for us. I feel you relax; sated for the moment, knowing your thirst will soon again rise.

Turning to Debbie, I look at those 40-some year old breasts and she recognizes instantly what’s going to happen. I stroke myself, not holding back now, letting the joy of release rise in me, the pleasure of these 2 women’s scent filling my senses and then I cum…white wet cum covering her breasts, dripping off, splashing down by her thighs where you lap it up as if precious. I extend my hand to her, lift you with the other, and we begin to kiss each other when we hear a knock at the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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