The Amulet Ch. 01

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The Amulet Chapter 1, Part 1

Cade Walker was walking home from school one day when he saw it. Lying there in the ground right next to the sidewalk. Only one third of it was out and the rest was concealed in the dirt. It looked like it could be valuable so he reached down and grabbed it. But it wouldn’t come out. It was almost as if someone was holding on to it from the bottom.

Then she walked by, walking her dog. Cade didn’t know her name but had seen her quite often when he walks home. She was one of his neighbors. The woman had slightly longer than shoulder length straight blonde hair, and a body of a pornstar. She was the definition of a MILF. She had a flower backless halter top on and it only covered her DD tits. Her long matching skirt was at her waist so her belly was exposed. The hourglass figure she had gave her the most voluptious body Cade had ever seen in person.

The teen was staring when the amulet suddenly came loose and he fell back with the green circular shape in his hand. It had a chain but it was broken. There was writing around it and Cade thought it was latin. He read it aloud to himself, but couldn’t figure out what it meant. Cade put it in his pocket and continued walking.

The milf bent over to pet her dog and Cade got a great view of her ass. He thought of just how lucky the kid was who had her as his mother. That kid gets to stare at her body every day. Cade thought of what it would be like to have her for his mother. His mom was a fat bitch. If he had that milf for his mom he would be fucking her every minute that he was home.

‘What the hell am I thinking?!’ Cade thought. He never thought like this. Cade loved his mother. And even if that woman was his mom, he wouldn’t dream of committing incest. It must have been the milf’s body getting him hard and thick-headed, in both heads.

Cade walked into his house. “Mom, I’m home!” he called out.

“I’m in the kitchen honey.” he heard a female’s voice. But it sounded nothing like his mom’s. Cade was confused and walked towards the voice. It was then that he saw something on the wall. His family pictures had been replaced. There were pictures of him and the neighbor milf. And other people that he had never seen in his life. But most of the pictures contained him and the milf that he desired. As if they were related. One of the pictures had a custom frame that had the engraving ‘Mother and Son’ on it.

Cade was dazed and he walked into the kitchen with a look of bewilderment on his face. There he saw her. The blonde milf wearing the same clothes she had earlier. She was bending over the sink, washing the dishes. Then Cade knew that this wasn’t a serious prank, she couldn’t have possibly gotten to his house before him, and his other mom didn’t have an ass like that. He just wanted pull up her long skirt and jam his teenage cock into her from behind. His look had changed to one of lust and Cade couldn’t take his eyes from her rump. It looked so luscious, so juicy, so squeezable, and so fuckable. Her ass was tempting him.

Cade moved towards her, barely making a sound, as if in a trance.

Dong! Dong! A clock in the family room went off and snapped him out of it. The milf finally turned around and saw him.

“What? Were going to scare me? Did you actually think you could sneak up on your mother?” she said. She jabbed him softly in the arm with a smile and returned to doing the dishes. Cade quickly returned to his look of confusion.

‘How is this possible?’ He thought. Cade sat down at the kitchen table and tried to collect his thoughts.

“How was your day, Hon?” His new mother asked. Cade turned his head in her direction and her ass caught his gaze again.

Cade realized he had to talk to her. Maybe she could help him figure things out. “It was okay.”

“That’s it?! Just okay? I usually get a lot more out of you.” she said while dipping at her knees to get something out from the bottom cuboard. The top of her skirt clung even tighter to her ass cheeks. Once she stood up her waist band fell down just enough to show her son a view of the top of her crack.

Cade thought about her last statement. He wanted to give her more. He wanted to give his mother all of his manhood. But then for some reason, pendik escort he thought that he didn’t have the proper sized tool to give her pleasure. It was then that his hard cock grew another 3 inches in length and expanded in girth. The teenager now had a 10 inch penis at full length. And he wanted to jam it all into his mom.

Dong! The clock once again snapped him out of it and he got back to what he wanted to talk to this woman about. And he knew how he had to do it. “Hey…. Mom…. Umm… Where is Dad right now?” Cade let a sigh of relief go off in his head. That was probably the only way he could ask her something about his new life and not sound crazy.

“Cade?” she turned to face him, leaning back on the counter and pressing her breasts out towards him. “I couldn’t possibly know that. You know that he ran off with that bitch secretary when he were born.” she took in a deep breath and returned to the dishes.

‘Wow! Things are different. That might mean I have a different name.’ Cade thought. He opened his backpack and looked at his homework. The name on his work was Cade Allen, and it was in his writing. Now he knew this was no prank. And this was somehow his real mother now. The woman who gave birth to him. ‘This woman is my mother. This hot peice of ass is my mom. What an ass! So ripe, so succulent! I must hold it.’ Cade got up from his seat.

His mother was still trying to recover from thinking of his father again. She tried to get Cade to talk to her and get her mind off of it. “Well then how was your walk home? Anything interesting happen?” Her back was still to him as her glared at his mother’s ass. But her question brought him partially back to reality.

“Oh nothing much. I found this weird amulet thing, but thats it.”

“Cool! Can I see it?” she asked turning around and holding out her hand.

“No!” Cade reached into his pocket and clutched his new possesion. He felt like it was his and no one else should even touch it. It was all his.

“Jeeeze, Cade. You know you’re acting strange. You’re not acting like my son at all.” Miss Allen turned around and was just finishing up the dishes.

Cade felt the power of the amulet now. It had changed everything. The amulet had made Cade’s thoughts a reality. His new mom, his new penis, all that was left was getting his new penis into his new mom.

The amulet had a lust of its own. It had been in the depths of the earth waiting for its chance. At first it didn’t want to go with Cade. He was just some teenager. But then the milf walked by. Cade wanted her, and the amulet pounced on this oppurtunity. He could be corrupted. It was the amulet that increased his level of lust and caused him to think of what it would be like to have her for his mother. That was all it needed to turn his world upside down. The amulet also knew that he needed a bigger penis to function with his new sexual world and helped Cade think of that too.

Now Cade holding on to it increased his lust for his mom. He never even thought how any of this was happening. The amulet had to much influence on his thoughts and body now.

Cade moved towards his mother again.

His mother had nearly finished the dishes. All she had to do was drain the sink that was full of water in front of her, but she paused to speak to her son. She never noticed him coming up behind her as she spoke, “You know, Cade, I put in a lot of work around here. I have a job that keeps me occupied nearly every day of the year. I pay for your home, your bed, your food and the shoes on your feet. And here I am on my day off doing the dishes for you. Its time you show me some more respe-” her speech was cut off by the shock of her son now holding and squeezing her ass. “Cade what the hell are you doing?” She stayed in her position, waiting for him to stop.

“Your ass is so perfect. I just had to hold it. I just have to squeeze it.”

Miss Allen could see her son’s relfection behind her through the shiny metal cover over the stove to her right. His eyes were closed and his tongue was licking his lips. She didn’t know what to say or do. This just wasn’t like him. Cade opened his eyes and stared lustfully into the crack of her ass.

His hands began to dance around the waist maltepe escort band of her skirt. ‘Why did I have to pick today to not wear any underwear?’ Cade’s mother thought. Her son’s fingers moved over her backside and around to her belly, caressing her skin.

“Your skin.. so soft, so smooth. I just have to feel it.” he was thoroughly examining her and she had to admit, his touch was soft, sensual, and electric too. Miss Allen started to get wet.

She had to put a stop to this now. Miss Allen tried to turn around, but her son just pushed her against the counter. She reached around behind her, trying to pull him away, but she grabbed his cock through his jeans. It was gigantic. Bigger than any she had before. Miss Allen was taken aback for a second. Then she tried to turn again but he pushed her down towards the sink. She put both of her hands on the counter to brace herself and she kept her head out of the water but not her chest. Her cloth covered breasts dipped into the water. They were so big that the water overflowed and seeped out onto the counter and down to the floor.

Cade’s mother knew that the only way she could get out of this was to talk him out of it. “Cade… Honey…Son… Stop this now. You don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t want to do this! Not to your mother?!?!” She spoke in a pleading voice. But it had no affect as her son’s hand moved inside the front of her skirt. His fingers made contact with the growing wetness of her outer pussy lips.

“Your pussy… so wet and tender. I just have to play with it.” Cade’s fingers rubbed his mom’s pussy. He wasn’t sexually experianced in the least, but the amulet knew what to do. His fingers rubbed back and forth, while his other hand reached in her waist band from behind and squeezed her plump ass again.

Miss Allen tried to lift herself up but the hand holding her butt cheek pushed her back down into the water. But she wasn’t trying to escape that time, it was a natural reflex to the orgasm that her son had just given to her. She let out small moans and began to move her body with her son’s hand.

Two of Cade’s fingers entered into her cunt. He banged her while moving his other hand into the sink and twisting one of his mother’s tits under the water. Now he was pressing his pant-covered hard-on against her ass.

Miss Allen bit her lip and moaned in the forbidden delight. Her son made her feel more sexually alive than ever before. She saw his covered cock in the reflection and wondered what it would feel like to have him inside her. Then she closed her eyes as another orgasm rippled through her body. Now she was rocking back against her son. Her pussy ached to have the clothes between them out of the way so that it could commence to the fucking of a lifetime by her son.

Cade removed his fingers from her snatch and tasted his mama’s juices. “Your cunt juice…. smells so sweet. I just had to taste it. Its good, Mommy.”

Miss Allen felt a shudder run down her spine but another in her pussy. Her son hadn’t called her mommy in years and yet it seemed appropriate now. She was compelled to do all the nasty things that sex had to offer. Including, fucking her son. Cade’s mother grabbed his hand with her cum on it and licked it clean. She loved the way she tasted, but she knew she would prefer her son’s cum.

Cade finally let her stand up so that she could move her entire body in rythym with his. Both of his hands grabbed her DD breasts. It wasn’t the way to win a woman but he had her now. Both of their eyes were closed as they were lost in a daze of pure animalistic lust.

Miss Allen continued to let her son have his way with her body. She grabbed at her skirt and slowly pulled it up to her waist. Her son kissed and sucked on her neck. He opened his eyes saw that she was exposing her ass. Cade finished lifting up her skirt for her. And there was her ass in all its glory. There for her son’s delight.

Cade dropped to his knees and cherished his mother’s bare cheeks. She looked over her shoulder and down at her son. Then she bent at the waist again and dipped her wet top covered tits into the water again to give her a son an even better look at the shape of her rump. He sensually kissed and licked all over kartal escort it. Then his tongue tasted the wetness from her cunt lips.

Miss Allen’s son ate her out into a mind-shattering orgasm. He lapped at her juices. Then she couldn’t stand it any longer. She needed her son inside her and he needed it too.

“Quit teasing and fuck me! Jam your fucking cock into my pussy now!” she ordered.

Cade stood up and unzipped his pants. Miss Allen looked over at his cocks reflection. It was bigger than she thought and she couldn’t wait to have it inside her. She reached around for his cock as she wanted to help her son guide it into her pussy.

Her fingers made contact and wrapped around the shaft.

“Your cock… so hard.. so big.. I just have to fuck it!” Miss Allen said to her son.

With a hand from each of them, they guided it in. Cade pushed his cock all the way inside her until all 10 inches was within his mother. The largest cock that Miss Allen had had was a 7 incher and she couldn’t get that to fit in all the way, but somehow her pussy had expanded to be the perfect fit for her son’s penis. She came again just as the tip of Cade’s dick touched her g-spot.

They stayed there for a few moments. The feeling of mother and son incest was overwhelming and they basked in the glow. Miss Allen’s skirt was bunched at her waist, her tits were under water in the kitchen sink, and her teenage son had his cock buried into her most private place.

Cade didn’t know how much longer he could hold on. His sperm wanted to be inside her also. It needed to be jetisoned into the depths of her womb so that it could find an egg and fertilize it. Miss Allen began to fuck her son. Her breasts made waves in the water. She could have lifted herself up from the sink, but she liked her tits there.

“Fuck me, Cade! Fuck your mommy! Ahhh! Ugh… ugh… ugh…”

Cade reached his hands around to grab her tits and squeezed hard under the water. They were the perfect fit in the palms of his hands.

“Ohhh Mom…. your cunt feels so good…egh…ughh..”

“Yess Baby…. fuck my pussy good…. fuck it with your big…. hard… teenage cock…. fuck my pussy… fuck my pussy…. fuck me gooooooddd… oh yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh!” Miss Allen came all over her son’s dick while he piledrived it into her. She finally lifted herself up so that she was standing with Cade. But they continued fucking, only she had him slow down while she turned her head and pulled her son into a deep kiss. The new-born slut shoved her tongue into his mouth. “Mmmmmm….” she released his head just enough so that only their tongues still made contact. And they did, very sloppily. But that’s the way she wanted it to be now, nasty.

“Oh fuck… I’m a nasty slut!” her own words made her turn away from their kiss but helped her son fuck her harder again as her lust took over again.

“Yesss…. I’m a naaaaasssty slllluutt! Fuck your nasty slut of a mother, Cade…. Fuck her good!”

Cade pumped into her with all his might. His thrusts lifted his mom’s legs off of the floor. Squishing sounds filled the room as the cum from Miss Allen’s pussy had made her crotch very gooey. And it was about to be filled with even more goo.

“Ohh my God, Mother…. I’m gonna cum!”

“Ugh… Yess my baby… Cum inside me…. cum inside your mommy’s pussy… do it now!” Miss Allen quickly pushed herself away from the counter just enough to reach her legs out behind her and wrap around her son. Her ankles locked at his legs. She didn’t want him to unload anywhere but her cunt. She needed her son’s sperm inside her now.

“Here it comes… Ughhhhhhh..”


Cade shot spurt after spurt of hot, sticky cum into his mother’s pussy. He slowed his thrusts and let his dick finish its deposit.

Miss Allen let her legs down to the floor. Her son disengaged his cock from her cunt with a squish and fell back to the chair he sat in earlier then stared at his masterpiece. Who would have thought that he would be fucking this MILF, who was now his mother. His mom looked at him from over her shoulder and smiled. She loved the feeling of her son’s semen inside her. Miss Allen turned around and leaned against the counter. Water dripped and streamed down from her soaking top on to her belly and the floor. Their combined juices streamed from her pussy down her legs. She was still in a daze. Her son had just given her the greastest experiance a son could give a mother, hot forbidden sex.

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