Lies, Damned Lies , Statisticians

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I work in commercial accounts at a major insurer. Stephanie’s a statistician. She’s got blonde hair, which I’m not particular about, but it comes halfway down her back, a real turn-on for me. Her tits are only a B cup, but they’re very shapely. We first hit it off at the company picnic, and she had a boyfriend, Steve. We wanted to make out, and we didn’t word to get back to Steve, so we found a secluded spot. All we did that day was grope each other a little, but when my grip on her butt was its hardest, she had to have been able to feel my dick. It turns out that needing to keep it from Steve was a blessing in disguise, because I checked our internal corporate website that Monday. As I’d feared, co-workers aren’t allowed to date.

Thank God for texting and IM’s. Stephanie sent me a cell phone picture that night where her T-shirt was ripped just enough at the collar for me to see part of a tattoo on her boob. (Later she explained that the tattoo was temporary, and she’d only done it for the picture.) I responded with a picture of myself wearing cut-offs tight enough that she could see my erection. We caught glimpses of each other a couple times that week but didn’t have an opportunity to say anything. Thursday she e-mailed me a picture where she’d combined my picture with another one of her so it looked like she was standing behind me and stroking me. My photo skills aren’t the greatest, but I took the head from that pic and the camera shot from before and made it look like I was holding her boobs up. She answered, “I bet those shorts are REALLY uncomfortable now, huh, Nick?”

I wasn’t feeling bold enough to take an explicit picture of myself yet, but I found an image online of boxer shorts in tent condition and sent it to her, adding, “This answer your question?”

Monday night Stephanie upped the ante. I was online when I got an IM from her. For her avatar she was using a picture of a woman’s crotch in a lace panty with her hand over it. “Nice pic,” I told her. “Is it U?”

“I’m not that good a photog,” she replied. “I was shopping online and I saw that picture in an ad. Thought it’d be the perfect reply to the one you sent.” There was a pause before her next message. “So, what are you up 2?”

“Paying bills,” I said. “U?”

“Steve was here. I told him I was going to the gym tomorrow for an hour with Lisa, a friend in Accounting.” I should explain that our company has an exercise room on site. “Anyway, Lisa just canceled.”

Not thinking, I just typed, “k”

“So, you up for a workout?”

That got my attention. “Sure!” I typed.

“Great,” she said. “I’ll be on one of the stationary bikes.”

Crap. That wasn’t a double-entendre. “I haven’t used the gym before,” I told her. “Do they have a locker room?”

“Lockers, but no dressing room. You can change in a regular bathroom and leave your clothes in a locker. Wear loose clothes.”

I still had my hopes up that this could lead to something down the line, so I showed up anyway. There were three bikes, and Stephanie was on the one in the middle. She was looking away from me when I came in, so I got to look at her firm butt while she pedaled. I went on the one to her right and said, “Hey,” as casually as I could manage.

“Hey, Nick, glad you made it,” Stephanie said. As I got on the bike, she looked at my short and added, “And you dressed right, too.” Once I was seated comfortably, she said, “Okay, let’s ride!” I hadn’t gotten any meaningful exercise in a while, so I’d forgotten how you sometimes get endorphins. For the next fifteen minutes, I just concentrated on pedaling, and then she said, “We’re almost at the top of the mountain.”

We both slowed our pedaling. Brought back to earth, I looked over at her. She must have been in good condition, because her breathing was only elevated a little, just enough for me to enjoy the sight of her chest going in and out. A couple minutes later I said, “Look, there’s the finish line!” I stopped pedaling just before she did. She brushed her leg against mine while she dismounted. From the way her shorts gathered, I thought she’d gone commando.

“Why do you think I asked you to stop by?” Stephanie asked.

I didn’t want to admit the truth. I thought for a moment and lied, “I dunno. I thought maybe you didn’t want to walk to your car alone at night.”

“Oh, good!” (Damn, I stayed for this? I thought.) “I mean, you’re wrong, but you got so into the workout, I was afraid that’s all you came for.”

Still slightly oxygen-deprived, I asked, “What do you mean?”

Stephanie pointed ataşehir escort bayan to the lockers. “I’m on the far left. Follow me.” I did, and she pulled me into the corner between the lockers and the wall. She put her hands on my neck and pulled my mouth to hers. “No one’s ever here this time of night,” she told me. “Kiss me.” We opened our mouths at the same time. We went back and forth, each trying to suck the other’s tongue in. Stephanie let go of my neck and put her hand on my butt. I ground my hard cock into her crotch. “Oh, God,” she said. I moved my hands to the hem of her shorts. I thought I felt bare skin, but we heard someone using their ID badge to open the door. We quickly separated. I went to my locker, and we both left. I had an uncomfortable ride home, and then I jacked off, wondering whether I really would have felt what I thought if we hadn’t been interrupted.

The next night I got an e-mail from Stephanie dated that morning. It said, “Thanks for the ride.” Below that was a picture of a damp thong and the sentence, “Oh, and this picture really is me.” That was the whole message. I continued the one-upmanship. I masturbated and sent her a pic of the light blue boxers I had on. She could see the shape of my cock but not the cock itself.

We flirted online a few times over the next week. Once I even passed her in the hall, and since I was sure no one could see, I ran my tongue around my lips. That night she IM’d me, “R U good at it?”

“At what?”

“When u licked ur lips today.”

“I’ve never had an unsatisfied customer,” I answered.

“I’ll be at the gym tomorrow HINT HINT,” she said.

I typed back, “:) What a coincidence, so will I.”

Stephanie was in a T-shirt and white shorts, lying on the weight bench. As I came around to face her, she did a leg lift that game me a generous view. “I guess I’m not gonna get your panties wet this time,” I observed with a devilish smile on my face.

“Nope,” she answered, returning the smile. “Let’s use the treadmills.”

“Let me put my stuff away first,” I said.

I took a locker near the one she’d used last time. The two treadmills were parallel. I stood still for a couple seconds, letting the machine move me back so Stephanie was in front of me and I could look at her tight ass. She must have known what I was up to, because when I moved back up, she did what I’d done. She went further, though, reaching across to pull the waistband of my jogging shorts down a little. All it exposed was a little bit of my hip, but knowing what she was trying to do gave me a slight erection. After we’d been on for 20 minutes, Stephanie shut hers off and said, “Meet me by the lockers.” We met at the same spot as before. Instead of my neck, she put her hands on my lower back. I ran my hands up and down her thighs. While she sucked my tongue into her mouth, my dick got hard, and she ground her hips into mine.

I got my right hand inside her shorts. Stephanie reached between us and forced my cock down. I was in loose jogging pants, so she couldn’t touch it directly, but now it was between her legs. We started kissing again, and I dry-humped her even harder. I got my index finger between her legs, but I couldn’t bend it upward to find her pussy. “Oh, fuck!” I moaned, and I started coming.

We heard the beep of an ID badge, and Stephanie said, “Not tonight.” She sent me an e-mail that night, with the subject line, “Looking for this?” It was a picture of her pussy, with cum dripping out of it. “You got me so excited that when Steve came over, I told him I’d had a hard day at work, and I wanted him to fuck me silly. Believe it or not, the picture was his idea.” Of course, I masturbated and sent her a cum shot.

The implication of what she’d said didn’t register until the next night. I opened an IM window. Stephanie was online, so I pinged her. “You mean he was gone when you sent it?”

“In more ways than one,” she said. I briefly imagined paramedics carrying a guy out on a stretcher, the sheet pulled over his face. Apparently Stephanie was too much woman for him. “He just got promoted, and he’s moving to Atlanta.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I lied.

“S ok,” she answered. “We hadn’t made any long-term plans.”

I felt bad, but I went ahead. “So, tell me about last night.” She basically repeated what she’d said before, but she added details about where they did it, the angles and the pleasure spots that he hit. “Damn,” I said. “Wish I had a webcam. I’d show you how turned on I am.” It was only after he came inside her escort kadıköy that he told her he was moving. I didn’t ask, but I had a feeling she felt hurt and she’d told him to leave.

Stephanie changed the subject. “Oh, my roommate thinks you’ve got a nice cock :)”

“WHAT?” I typed.

“I just told her I’d downloaded it from an amateur porn site. I think I embarrassed her.”

“Ya think?” I replied.

“I thought the cum dripping off you was a nice touch,” she said. “In fact, I’m looking at it right now and it’s making me thirsty. brb” I had a couple minutes to calm down. What kind of person had I gotten involved with? The next thing I noticed, her avatar changed. It was the picture of the cum-filled pussy that she’d sent before. “I’d love to get you on your back, lick that shaft and then take it inside me until this is what we see.”

“Come on over,” I implored.

“I’m not ready for that,” Stephanie answered. After a brief pause she added, “But I’ll be at the gym tomorrow.”

“I can’t wait,” I told her.

Unfortunately, two other people were at the gym with her, and one of them was my boss. I turned around before Stephanie or my boss saw me. When I couldn’t be seen through the door, I called Stephanie on her cell phone. “I can’t make it. My boss is on the jogging track.”

“Where are you?” she asked.

“Right outside the door. I can see your sexy ass from here.” I saw Stephanie turning around just as I moved back out of view. “I’m parked in the garage by the lobby. Wanna meet me there?” I asked.

“Stay where you are. I’ll call Triple-A for you,” Stephanie said.


“I’ll be there in about fifteen minutes,” she said, and she ended the call.

I walked down the hall, well out of view of anyone in the exercise room. As soon as the door closed behind Stephanie, I whispered, “I’m over here.” She came over and kissed me on the lips. “Where can we go?” I asked.

“There’s a stairwell just over there,” she said. She pointed to a door right before the exercise room. “Go out, come back in ten minutes and meet me there.”

“Why the wait?”

“They track when we use our badges to get in. This way it won’t look like we went there together.”

“No problem,” I said. “I’ll open it, and you can follow me.”

“Good thinking, Nick,” Stephanie said. We ducked so we wouldn’t be seen. I used my badge to open the door, and we both walked under the stairs. They faced the door, which was fortunate because the person walking down the stairs didn’t see Stephanie joining me underneath.

We embraced, and Stephanie rubbed my butt. This time it wasn’t urgent, like it had been before. We were French-kissing, but we were moving our tongues slowly, just like her hands. I held her at her lower back, and she pressed her breasts into me. I felt her ass cheeks again, and she stood on her tiptoes so I could get my fingers under her shorts. I unmistakably felt her underwear, but I nudged it aside. Stephanie lifted her right leg and wrapped it around my left. I eased her toward the wall, and she wrapped the other leg around me. I tried to adjust my pants so my cock wouldn’t come out, but she pushed my hand away. She looked into my eyes and said, “Let it.”

I kissed her and pounded my hips into hers. I could feel her thighs as my cock rocked between them. “Oh, shit,” I moaned.

“Are you gonna come?” she asked. I nodded. “Let me down,” she said. I backed away from the wall and she lowered her feet to the ground. “Further,” she said, and I backed away. She knelt in front of me and pointed my cock toward her mouth. If I’d known what she was up to, I would have let her down faster. As it was, she got in close enough to catch the last big spurt, and the rest of my cum got on her neck and sweatshirt. We heard footsteps, and she pulled me back behind the stairs again. When they had gone, she told me, “I’ve wanted to taste that for a while.”

“I’m just sorry you didn’t get the chance to get me on my back and ride me,” I said, tucking my dick back under my shorts.

“There’s always the weightlifting bench,” Stephanie answered.

I let go of her. “That reminds me. What the hell were you thinking when you showed my picture to your roommate?”

“My wha—” Stephanie stopped and laughed. “I don’t have a roommate. I was kidding, just to see how you’d react. Oh. Oh, my God. You remember I told you the picture made me thirsty? Well, I was about to tell you I was joking before I got up, and then I forgot to when I came back. I’m so sorry! Can you forgive me?”

I bostancı escort was relaxed now, and I said, “I forgive you.”

Stephanie wiped some cum off her neck and said, “I think your dick forgives me too.” She took her sweatshirt off, turned it inside out and put it back on. Seeing her in a sports bra made me hope I’d see her tits soon.

The next morning, Stephanie sent me a text message. “Copy rm, 4th fl, 10:30.” At 10:25 I told my boss, “I just got a message that there’s a fax for me upstairs. Someone had the wrong fax number. I’m gonna pick it up and then go on break.” He told me that’d be fine.

When I go to the fourth floor, it was almost deserted. There was only one light on in sight. I walked toward the light and entered the room. “Close the door,” I heard Stephanie say. When I did, I saw that she was stark naked, and her clothes were piled on the copying machine. “The whole department is at a conference today,” she explained. “I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this.”

“Me, too,” I exclaimed. I cupped her left breast in both hands and began licking the nipple. I moved to the other and started sucking on it. My left hand fell to her pussy and began stroking it. I could tell she was plenty moist already, and I got her lips apart in anticipation.

Stephanie stepped away and sat on the table next to the copier. Lying back, she spread her legs. “I hope you meant what you said about satisfying your customers,” she said.

“You’re about to find out,” I assured her. I moved around between her legs and put her knees over my shoulders. I started by kissing her mound. I found her clit and sucked it into my mouth. I got my right hand under her butt and started stroking the cleft between her cheeks. “Oh, yeah,” she cried. “Eat me!” I let go of her butt and moved my mouth over her pussy. I insinuated my tongue between the inner and outer cunt lips on my left and sucked the outer lip into my mouth. I eased it back and did the same with the inner lip. I moved to my right and just sucked the entire side of her pussy in. I ran my tongue across the cunt lips and rubbed her clit with my thumb. She pulled her feet up involuntarily, and the left one ran up my spine. I let go of her pussy lips and began probing her with my tongue. I’d developed a technique that women seemed to like, where I licked a five-pointed star inside her. When the ball of her foot was at my neck, I pulled her even closer to me, and soon I had her entire pussy in my mouth. I ran my tongue up and down the inner wall that was above the opening, and soon she was coming. “Oh, yeah! Oh, shit, Nick! Yeah!” I could taste her juices as they flowed across my tongue. “Fuck me,” she said breathlessly.

I backed away, took off my shoes and dropped my pants. I started to climb on top of her, but Stephanie said, “No. Just the way I said before.” She got off the table and I got onto it. I sat up, allowing her to climb up and push me back. She got put her legs over mine and started moving forward. She wasn’t sucking me like she’d described, but I wasn’t about to complain. As she moved up, her hips were pushing my cock down, and my cock was separating her pussy lips. When the head was the only part still visible, she slowed down, raised her hips and centered her gaping pussy over it.

“Do it,” I said.

She came down hard, and soon my cock was surrounded by her warm pussy and awash in her juices. She tried to buck straight up and down, but I pulled her down toward me. I got my tongue on each nipple as it wiggled past me. Even better, my cock was rubbing her pubic bone with each thrust either one of us made. “Yeah, that’s it, fuck me, Nick! Fuck me hard!” She squeezed my cock and said, “Oh, yeah, are you ready to come?” I nodded. “Come in my cunt, baby. Come deep inside me!” I pushed down on her shoulders and let loose an amazing torrent of cum. Her speech was slowing. “Yeah, baby … Yeah, fuck me …” A minute or two later, her watch went off. “I don’t know about you, but my break’s almost over,” she said, and she got off me.

“I should get back, too,” I told her. “Call me tonight?”

“Count on it.”

“I’ve got a bed, you know. It’s a lot more comfortable there, I’m told.”

“Soon,” Stephanie said. I hadn’t disrobed as much, so I was dressed sooner. I was already at my desk when I saw her walk past on the way to hers. I hoped I was the only one who noticed that her skirt was crooked.

We did try it on my bed, and hers too. We decided the sex was pretty damn good even when we weren’t risking our jobs, so we stuck to our apartments after that. Stephanie found a job with another company and moved in with me when her lease ran out. Now we fuck like minks. It’s fantastic, but I’m still hoping one day I can talk her into coming back to the exercise room and doing some intimate weightlifting.

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