A Whole New Experience Pt. 02

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The drive home from the beach was perhaps the most awkward 48 minutes in my life. What is one supposed to say after losing their virginity to their best friend, thanks, it was great. I sure didn’t know so I just sat in silence. That wasn’t the only thing making the ride so weird thou. My, shall we say, performance was also weighing on me. Charlotte hadn’t seemed to mind but I knew it was definitely faster than it should have been. I had told her when we first got in the car it was just my first time jitters and she nodded in agreement. I don’t think she believed me but it made me feel better, even if I didn’t believe it myself. Besides that the rest of the ride was quite. When we finally made it to my place I thanked her for the ride and went off. Just before I got to my front door she shouted out “My place tomorrow at 10, don’t forget.” She was out of my driveway before I could say anything back, leaving me to think about what would happen tomorrow.


I was on my way to Charlotte’s not in the best state. I stayed up most of the night thinking about everything that had happened yesterday and everything that would happen today. Whatever sleep I did get was spent worrying about what to say and do once I got to Charlotte’s house. The walk over was long and I really began to realize how tired I was. When I got to her door I started shaking to wake myself up and to build up the nerve to knock on her parents door. This was their place but they would be gone on some business trip for the entire summer. After shaking for awhile I finally built up the courage to knock on the door. I was shocked when Charlotte answered not wearing her usual tight jeans and tank top. She was instead only wearing a lace purple bra and thong. Anything I was going to say to her got stuck in my throat. I just sat there with my jaw on the ground, taking in everything to see. Any thoughts of being nervous or tired were replaced with pure desire.

“Well don’t just stand there, come on in.” She said grabbing my shirt and pulling me into the living room. I stumbled in still eyeing her great body. She looked at me for a minute before saying “I was going ask if you like the way I look but I can already see the answer to that.” Her finger pointing out to my crouch.

I embarrassingly looked down at the tent I had already unknowingly formed. “Well you see that’s kinda um what I wanted to talk about Charlotte. I don’t know…” I was once pendik escort again cut of by one of her passionate kisses. Her lips were still as soft as I had remembered.

“I’m going to stop you right there. I know your worried about how you did yesterday. You must have been so excited that you lost control but, today we’re going to go slow, ok?”

I nodded my head as Charlotte guided me to the couch in the middle of the room. I sat down still in a daze watching her back up to the middle of the room. She started to slowly move her hands up and down her body while cutting me seductive glances. She, to my enjoyment, popped off her bra and let her big tits free in front of me. She began to push them together making me squirm in my set.

“You look so uncomfortable in those ruff jeans. Why don’t I help get them off and make you move comfortable.” She said walking toward me. Her hands made their way to the top of my jeans and pulled them and my boxers down together. My cock spring out into the fresh air. “Whoa you really are excited. You’ve got to calm down. We don’t want you blowing your load before we even start.” She said rubbing my legs.

Even as she was talking I knew I was going to lose it. The feel of her hands on my legs was pushing my limit but her smile, her seductive smile really put me on edge. I wasn’t going to last long but everything was sped up when Charlotte leaned forward and kissed my cock head. I grabbed her hands as a last ditch effort to control myself but, it just wasn’t enough. I tensed up and began to squirt load after load out of my cock. Charlotte moved her head out of way just in time. I was doing the one thing I didn’t want to do, shot my load prematurely. When I was done I felt so ashamed but at the same time I couldn’t help but to enjoy it. I looked down to see I had coated Charlotte’s legs and feet in cum.

“Oh baby I was only teasing you. You weren’t supposed to cum. I hardly even touched your little cock.” She said with a small smile walking to another room. She came back with two towels, throwing one on my lap.” Here, you can clean yourself up. I would help but I don’t want you to have another accident.”

I took the towel and started cleaning myself off. I probably would have had an accident if she helped. Charlotte sat down next to me and begin cleaning herself off too. Seeing Charlotte’s legs and feet covered in my cum got me hard again despite my embarrassment.

“I see escort pendik someone is ready for round two already. What a apatite you have for someone with no self control.” She said looking at my growing cock.

I didn’t respond. I was lost in thought about how I just lost it. We finished cleaning ourselves in silence until Charlotte finally spoke up.

“So why are you so down and out all of the sudden?”

“I…I can’t get you off can I?” I said with a blank face. It was a question I already knew the answer to but I had to ask.

“Are you saying this because you have an issue with controlling your little guy?”

“I just can’t hold myself back to have sex and you can’t get off because of it.” As soon as I said this a short little giggle rang through the air.

“Well you couldn’t get me off sex wise with what you’re packing, premature or not but they’re other wa…”

“What do you mean? I’m 5.5 inches.” I said cutting her off.

“Oh honey you’re not that big.” She says in a caring voice. “And have you ever checked your girth. You’re just so thin.

“I’ve measured it. I’m average, right?” My voice has no confidence in it. I know I always had to stretch to measure 5.5 inches.

“Well let’s check right now.” She said while getting off the couch. She walked over to a desk with a drawer and pulled out a rolled up measuring tape. She unrolled it and put it up against my rock hard cock.

“Looks like a whole 4.5 inches. With a girth of not even 3 inches. I’m sorry but you’re not average.”

“I don’t understand. It was always 5.5 inches when I measured it.” I actually did understand but what could I say.

“You must have been pushing down on your body to much or you miss measured because you are definitely not 5.5 inches.” There’s a minute of silence before Charlotte perked up again. “It’s kinda sweet you wanted a nice big cock that could last to please me but they’re somethings you can’t help.”

I looked down at my twitching cock and for the first time realized I was kinda small. I wanted to leave and never face Charlotte again until she spoke up.

“Now Robert don’t get all down on yourself. I think your little premature dick is cute. The fact that I can make you pop so fast turns me on. Then all it takes is a peek at my breasts to get you hard again.”

I continued to look at my twitching penis not saying anything. I just didn’t fully believe her.

“How about I pendik escort bayan prove it.” She said getting down on her knees in between my legs.

I was caught off guard and asked what she was doing.

“I’m going to let you fuck my big tits.”

My eyes grew wide hearing what Charlotte said. I had fantasies about doing this but never thought I actually would.

“Only if you want to, you do want to fuck them right?” She said with her head cocked to the side.

“Uh ya… I do want to” I said with a bit more confidence.

“I thought you would.” She said pushing my dick in between her cushioning breast. I could barely see it in her massive breast when she pushed them together. The pleasure of my cock just sitting there was unbelievable but it got so much better when Charlotte began to rock back and forth.

“You love my big tits don’t you?”

Words were a bit hard for me at the time but I managed to gasp out a yes.

“Good and I love your little premature cock.” She said rocking faster.

I had been close before but now it was taking every muscle in my body from popping.

“You’re So close. I can feel the precum leaking out of your little hard on. Don’t try and fight it. I want you to cover my tits in your premature cum.

Her last words barely escaped her lips before I began to cum. My whole body was shaking as I shot load after load. Charlotte grabbed my cock, her hand could completely cover it, and pointed it at her breasts. They were completely sprayed as I continued to cum. When I was done I leaned back in the couch and looked at Charlotte who had a huge grin on her face.

“I can’t believe you lasted so long. You did so much better then last time.” She said moving a finger up and down my now limp cock. I know she’s just saying that to make me feel better. It would be generous so say I lasted 15 seconds but, I took the compliment anyway.

She got up and laid on the couch next to me “So how was that?”

“That was incredible. It was the best sex I’ve ever had.” I said looking into Charlotte’s gentle eyes.

“Well by the amount of cum on my tits I would say it must have been the best.” Charlotte said while moving her hand across her cum covered breast. “Do you believe me now when I say I like your little premature cock?”

“I do, I really do believe you now but I still want to get you off too. I just feel bad that you’ve do so much for me and I haven’t done anything with you.” I said brushing away a piece of hair on Charlotte’s face.

“Well just watching you gets me excited but I guess there’s something you could do.” Charlotte said with a growing smile.

The End?

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