A Drunken Night With Sara

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A few days before christmas, my friend Steve and I had arranged to go to see the Charlatans gig at Brixton Academy. They’re his favourite band, and I like them too, they’re always good live. He doesn’t live too far from there, so was going to stay the night at his rather than trek all the way back home after the gig. It gave us an excuse for a few more beers later, too.

The gig was excellent, the band on good form. At some point during the set, Steve got a text message from his girlfriend, Julie, which he showed to me, giving me a questioning look. It asked whether he wanted to come to a pub near her place after the gig, they had a late bar that night and she was there with a couple of her mates. I looked at Steve and shrugged. We were planning on going back to his for a few late night beers, but this sounded a good option too, and it would give me a chance to meet Julie for the first time. The pub was only a mile or so from Steve’s house, and he was soon texting her back to say that we’d be there at about eleven o’clock.

As soon as the gig finished, we piled out and jumped on a bus towards Clapham. It didn’t take long, and we quickly found the pub and persuaded the bouncer to let us in. It was pretty busy, but Julie soon found Steve, throwing her arms round his neck and kissing him, before backing away and smiling at both of us. “Hey, thanks for coming along!” she shouted above the din.

Steve introduced me, and I smiled as we shook hands. I knew she was a bit older than Steve, I guessed she was in her late thirties. She was tiny, obviously well dressed and with an expensive haircut, and very drunk. Her big glass of white wine was spilt at least twice as she led us to the back corner of the pub to meet her friends.

They’d managed to find a table and some spare seats, and Steve sat down whilst I went to the bar. When I came back with a couple of pints, Julie introduced me to Alison and Sara. I say introduced me, but Alison at least wasn’t really capable of being introduced, she was pretty much slumped on the table, half a glass of wine in front of her, teasing her. Sara was clearly drunk too, but at least she was capable of saying hello, and holding a conversation, which I was grateful for as Steve and Julie disappeared somewhere for a dance or a snog or something. Probably taking coke in the loos, I thought, this crowd looked the type, rich and soulless.

Sara leaned over towards me. “Hello,” she slurred slightly. “Who are you again?”

Christ, this could turn out to be quite hard work, I thought. “I’m Joe,” I said. “I’m a friend of Steve’s. You know, Julie’s new man.”

“Ah, yes, of course,” she said. “Sorry, you said that a minute ago. I think I must be a bit drunk!”

I smiled at her. “That’s okay, does you good to have a few drinks every now and again. I’ve had a few myself tonight. Cheers!” I clinked my pint glass against her wine glass, and took a big gulp. She was, I guessed, the same sort of age as Julie, and she was clearly quite posh, even through the alcohol I could tell by her accent, and her blue jeans and black top were obviously top of the range. Her hair was blonde and highlighted, and her blue eyes shone with a boozy sparkle. She smiled at me as she took a sip of her own drink.

“So,” she said, with a mischevious grin, “tell me about yourself.”

I shrugged. “What would you like to know?”

“Well, you have a nice face. A kind face. I want to know why you’re talking to this crazy drunk girl. Ok, first, how old are you? Under thirty or over?”

I laughed. “Under. But not by much! You?”

“Oh, you’re sweet to ask, but I think you know I’m over. So, are you married?”

“No,” I replied.

“Girlfriend? Are you gay?” the questions continued.

“No, and no,” I said. “Not many yesses so far!”

“I would so like to take you back to my house tonight,” she said, suddenly.

The directness took me back a little. “Is that another question?” I asked.

“Merely an observation!” She took another sip from her wine glass. “But I could rephrase it into a question if you wanted?”

I took a gulp of lager. The evening was taking tuzla escort an interesting turn. She was, no doubt, a good looking woman, but she was pretty drunk, certainly more than I was. But I was drunk enough that I knew when I was onto a good thing. Ah, you only live once. “So,” I said carefully, “why would you want to take me back to your house?”

She leaned over the table, looking me in the eye. I felt her hand slide on my knee, and then slide up my thigh. “Want me to spell it out?” she asked. “Come on, I’m drunk. You’re a nice guy, I want to take you home.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said, laughing. “When do we leave!”

I was fully expecting her to back off at any minute, retreat into shyness, or sobriety. But she continued stroking my thigh, and said “well how about now? I’ve had enough to drink, and I think she has too.” I’d forgotten about Alison. “We share a flat,” Sara continued. “If you can help me get her home, I’m sure I can think of a suitable reward!”

She shook Alison’s shoulder. “Come on, babe, we’re going home,” she spoke loudly into her ear, and got a mumbled assent as her answer. Alison stood, slowly and unsteadily, and Sara grabbed her by one arm and indicated me to take the other, and we edged her out of the pub, which by now was emptying out fast. Sara took charge. “You look after her, I’ll get a taxi,” she told me.

I thought she’d be lucky to find a cab at this time of night, but only a minute or so later she was yelling at me from the open back door of a black cab. I helped Alison across the street and pushed her into the cab, and followed, squeezing in between the two girls. “Well done,” Sara said, and leaned over to kiss me. Mmm, that felt good, I could feel my cock twitch in anticipation as her tongue found mine, and her arm snaked across my chest and down into my lap.

She’d obviously given the cab driver pretty clear instructions, and her flat was pretty close to the pub – the trip only took five minutes. We kissed almost all the way, and it felt great. Its always such a pleasure to have a totally unexpected kiss, and this one surely was unexpected. I was almost disapointed when the cab stopped, and Sara looked and and said that we were there. She got out and, despite a few protestations from me, paid the taxi driver, whilst I woke Alison up again and helped her out the taxi and up the steps to the door. Sara found her keys and let us all in.

The flat seemed to be the lower floor of an old Victorian house. The rooms were huge, high ceilings and great windows, with ornate carvings on the walls and an enormous fireplace in what I guessed was the living room. They, or at least their families, must have some serious money to live in a place like this, I thought to myself as Sara indicated where I should take her friend to. I eased Alison down onto an unmade bed, and smiled as Sara bent over her, stroking her forehead. “I think she’ll be okay,” I said. “Bit of a headache in the morning though!”

Sara smiled at me, and moved down the bed to take off Alison’s shoes. “Help me get her clothes off,” she asked, and then added, “and then you can help me take mine off too!”

I smirked at her. “Ooh, is that a promise?”

“Yep!” she replied, and undid the buttons and zip of Alison’s jeans. I reached under her arse and lifted it up just enough for Sara to wriggle the jeans off, throwing them on the floor and adding to the pile of clothes. I thought that she’d probably leave her friend like that, but Sara seemed to want to make her really comfortable, and edged up the bed further. “Hold her up for me,” she asked, and as I did so, she pulled Alison’s top up, and over her head. “Okay, lets see how good you are with bras!”

I shrugged. I’m not an expert, but this was going to be easy, her back was facing me. I looked down, and quickly slipped the catch, allowing Sara to pull Alison’s bra straps off her arms and away. I couldn’t help looking over Alison’s shoulders at her bare tits, which looked great from where I was kneeling behind her. “Very good!” Sara smiled. “I guess you can put her down now!”

Laughing, I eased Alison down onto the bed, she’d hardly opened tuzla escort bayan her eyes whilst we were undressing her. I still expected Sara to lead me into her bedroom, so I was again suprised when she looked at me, and then to Alison, and said, “I think we’ve forgotten something.” She reached over to Alison’s hips, and hooked her fingertips into her friends knickers. Looking me in the eye, she slowly eased them down, Alison giving a slight moan as they were pulled from under her arse. I was left looking at a totally naked, semi-concious girl. “Thats better!” said Sara, triumphantly.

Alison was pretty stunning, I thought. She had long, dark hair, and a slender, toned body, but what I was struggling to keep my eyes from was her pussy, which was totally shaved, and totally visible as her legs were slightly parted. A movement from the other side of the bed jolted my attention back to Sara, though. She had kicked her own shoes off, and was looking at me again. “You’re supposed to be looking at me!” she grinned. “And helping me off with MY clothes!”

“Are we gonna go to your room?” I asked, but Sara only laughed at me.

“This is my room,” she said. “We share it. We’re not a couple, I’m not a lesbian. Its just cheaper this way! And we kind of share most things…”

This night was getting stranger. So I was going to sleep with this girl whilst her friend was asleep on the bed next to us, naked? Well of course I was! I stood up and walked over to Sara. “Well let me help you out of those clothes then!” I grinned.

I didn’t have to do much helping, Sara’s top was off by the time I reached out to her. I bent to kiss her neck, and stretched my arms around her back to unclip her bra. Sara was tugging my t-shirt up my body, and as her bra came off I allowed her to pull it up and over my head. We stood looking at each other for a second or two, naked from the waist up, giving me enough time to think how cute her breasts were, small and pert, with large brown nipples, before we were kissing again, hard and passionate. Her hands went to my waist, and she undid the button on my jeans, so I did the same to hers. We broke apart, and she quickly slid her trousers off, kicking them onto the ever growing pile of clothes. “You too,” she motioned for me to take my jeans off, which I did with some relief, allowing my erection a bit more freedom. Sara stepped forward again, her hand carressing my cock through my boxer shorts. My fingers trailed down her back, slipped across the silky material of her knickers and ran up her side. She wanted us to be totally naked now, and pushed my boxers down and over my hard cock. I kicked them off and pushed her knickers down too. She sat on the edge of the bed, and I knelt in front of her to pull her knickers totally off.

Like Alison, she was shaven, always a winning look for me. I kissed her mouth again and trailed a finger down across her erect nipple, her stomach, and between her legs. She gasped as I flicked across her clitoris, and lay back on the bed, one hand entwined in mine, pulling me up to her. I left my other hand flat on her stomach, though, and pushed my head between her legs, licking her inner thighs as I moved my tongue upwards, eventually resting it just above her clit. Her breathing was faster now, and I teased her with a long, lazy stroke of the tongue, from her pussy lips almost to her waist, feeling her wetness and enjoying her taste. She craned her neck and our eyes met again. I smiled, and looked downwards, following my eyes with my tongue and lapping on her swollen clit, making her breath in heavily. God she tasted good! I pushed my tongue against her clit, hard, and licked down to her cunt lips, wide open and so wet. Sara was obviously enjoying my tongue, judging by the noise of her breathing and sighing and the feel of her legs as they squeezed around my head, trembling. Mmm, I thought, I’m gonna make her cum like this!

I wasn’t wrong either. Sara started bucking and thrusting, almost twisting away from my tongue, but I held her tight and continued sucking and lapping her clit as she thrashed underneath me, loudly gasping. I gradually slowed my movements escort tuzla as she relaxed a little, and looked up to her. She still had one hand tightly gripping mine, and the other, I was surpised to notice, was resting on Alison’s shaven area, leaving her friends legs slightly open. I had a fantastic view of two beautiful cunts. Sara’s gaze met my eyes. “That felt good,” she said. I smiled back, hoping that had been an understatement. “Now fuck me.”

I slid up the bed, between her legs, and my cock slipped easily into her wet hole. Again she sighed, and I felt her legs wrap around my back, pulling me into her as far as I could go. She felt hot, slippery, tight. I needed to cum, and cum soon, and she seemed to understand that, as she pushed with me, helping me find a rhythm. “Mmm, that’s too good,” I said, “gonna make me cum soon.” I wanted some indication from her to tell me if I should cum in her cunt or not, and she gave it to me, wriggling out from underneath me. For a second I was disappointed, until she lay on her stomach in front of me and gripped my throbbing cock in her hand as I knelt on the bed.

Sara rubbed my slippery shaft up and down a couple of times, as if considering her options, and then bobbed her head forward, taking my cock into her mouth, sucking hard. God that felt amazing. I stroked her head, enjoying the sight of this cute older woman sucking me off, wanting to cum and being so close. Her arm moved under my cock to gently knead my balls, and that was all I needed. “I’m gonna cum,” I let her know, as I felt the familiar tight feeling inside my balls. Sara gave me a long, last suck, and eased her mouth off me. Again, I felt a quick tinge of disapointment, I was looking forward to cumming in her mouth, but it was too late for regrets, my cock shot its first load of spunk onto her face. Sara then turned away, but still gripped my penis, and pointed it towards her sleeping flatmate. My second spurt landed on Alison’s stomach, causing her to stir a little, and the third did the same.

Sara bent forward and licked the tip of my cock. I pulled her towards me and kissed her. “You are terrible!” I said in mock astonishment. “Poor Alison, she’s going to wake up in the morning with no clothes on and covered in cum! What’s she going to think?”

Sara laughed. “I know, I know, I probably shouldn’t have made you cum on her. But its nice to do something naughty once in a while, eh?” I had to agree. Sara then took my wrist, leading my hand over Alison’s stomach, and tracing my fingertips over her friends skin, rubbing my cum into it. I looked at her questioningly. “I think she likes it,” said Sara, nodding towards Alison’s legs, which had moved apart a little more.

Getting into this now, I slid my fingertips down Alison’s stomach, leaving a trail of cum over her belly, and felt the smoothly shaven area. Alison turned her head to one side, eyes still closed, and let out a soft groan. I looked at Sara, to see if I should continue, and she nodded to me, so I slipped a finger onto Alison’s clitoris, and wriggled it slowly, slowly, around the hood. Alison moaned louder now, and I quickly withdrew my touch, not wanting to wake her. I looked back at Sara, who was grinning hugely. “You’re as bad as me!” she laughed, and fell back onto the bed. “God, I’m knackered. You’ve worn me out, I’ve got to get up for work in the morning.”

“Oh, sorry about that,” I said, jokingly. “Guess I’d better get off then, don’t want to disturb you two!” I was thinking about how I was supposed to be staying at Steve’s, and wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to get back there, but it looked like I wasn’t going to get to spend the night here. Ah well.

I slid off the bed, and gave Sara a kiss. She pulled up a cover, and I got a last glimpse of these two naked women before I had to find my clothes. I pulled them on, and stood over Sara again. Her breathing was steady, she was almost asleep. I smiled as I slipped out the room, closing the door quietly behind me.

Outside the flat, I looked at my phone to see what time it was. There was a text message from Steve. “Where did you get to? Should I wait up!!” I looked around to check where I was, and started walking back in the direction the taxi had come from. “Leave the door open, mate,” I texted back. “Not sure when I’ll be there, but I’ll tell you all about it when I am!”

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