A Panty Fantasy

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Susan’s note read:

Dearest one.

I was really excited when I saw you on campus today. I was wearing the red thong panties that you sent me in that “Confidential” distribution envelope. I was so hot that I stopped off in the ladies room and fingered myself through those panties. I know you like to have them sopping with my juices when I send them back to you.

I wanted to send Ann over to the mailroom and pick up the distribution all day, but I knew that if I did she might get suspicious. Well, at 3:30 your “Confidential” envelope arrived and it took all of my will power not to rip it open in the work room, but I waited till I got to my car at 4:30 to open it. I had stopped in the ladies room on my way out and took off the red thong you sent me and put it in my purse. By the time I got to the car I could feel moisture dripping onto my thigh. I hurriedly stuffed a couple of tissues between my legs before I got into my car because I didn’t to stain my skirt. Once the door was closed I ripped open your envelope and picked up the baggie that dropped out and opened it to smell your cum. It had soaked the new black thong that you had bought me. I looked around before I brought the panties to my nose and inhaled your wonderful, rich aroma.

Then I ran my tongue over the crotch and tasted your cum bursa escort for the first time. I rocked my hips back and forth as I sucked your cum out of those new panties. I was gasping and thrashing around in my car and the smell of cum was everywhere. I came with one of the most powerful orgasms that I have ever felt. Before I realized it I was slumped behind the steering wheel with one hand buried between my legs and the other holding the panties in my mouth. When my eyes fluttered open, I looked around to see if anyone was watching, but no one seemed to notice me thrashing around and moaning like a mad woman. I pulled out your note and the second pair of panties fell out. I quickly read the note and realized that I had made a mistake being a greedy little slut. I put on the second pair of panties and drove on home. I had an idea about the time that I pulled into my driveway. I pulled off the second pair of panties and put them back in one of the Baggies and put on the pair that I had been sucking on. I rubbed the crotch of them over the outside of my vagina before I pushed them inside and got them sopping with my juices as well as yours.

My husband was tinkering around his workbench when I went into the basement so I pressed my body against his back and stood on my tiptoes as I whispered in his ears that I was bursa escort bayan really excited and I wanted to 69 with him right now. It only took him a minute to agree. He bolted the basement door and I stood next to the old raggedy couch slowly stripping for him. I took my time undulating my body as I pulled each article of clothing off. I stripped down to my stockings and panties while I watched him hurriedly pull off his clothes and toss them in a pile on the floor. I told him to kneel in front of me and eat me with my panties on. He fell to his knees and put his mouth on our panties and sucked my pussy lips into his mouth licking our juices from the panties. I was so excited by the image of you jacking off into my panties that I grabbed my husband’s head and ground my cunt into his face and came in long body racking spasms. I just could not stand after that and collapsed onto the old couch that we had moved from upstairs.

My husband took his position above me ready for our 69. I usually don’t like to suck him so this was a real treat for him. I stopped him when he tried to pull our panties off of me and told him to eat me through and around them. I fondled his dick with one hand as I took the red thong you had given me from its Baggie. I rubbed his cock with the cum soaked panties and sucked his dick while escort bursa it was covered with the red thong. We both groaned loudly as I savored the flavor of you’re cum on his dick.

I lost track of the number of times I came before he finally blew his load into my mouth. I pushed him onto his side and we rested for a long while before I started sucking him again. It didn’t take too long for me to get him hard again. I had him turned him over and tugged my panties off and mounted his awakening hardon. I leaned forward and gave him a really sloppy open-mouthed kiss before I took my panties and rubbed them on his lips. My husband sucked your cum, my cum and his own cum from my panties I closed my eyes and imagined your dick spreading my pussy lips. I could feel your big dick forcing my anus open while my husband was banging away on my pussy. I came again and started getting sore from all of this lovemaking.

The rest of the evening was a blur. My husband fucked me two more times when we went to bed.

I washed the panties as you instructed then fingered myself with them on to soak them with my juices for your lips. I followed your lead and am packing them in Baggies so that you will have my juices fresh.

I can’t believe how much of a slut I have become since you gave me those first thong panties. When I am not fingering myself, I am having my husband eat your cum out of my soiled panties. On top of all of that, I just love it.

Someday you will suck my juices directly from my pussy.



Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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