Spanish Hairlem Ch. 3

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From the corner of my eyes I saw Miguel and Isabella hugging each other like long lost friends. “I love you, baby,” she said, as she held his face and kissed him. I knew it was only a matter of time that they would get back together. They seemed so much in love and the expert cocksucker that Isabella was it would not be long before she would take his monster dick into her hot mouth and whatever anger they had would disappear.

Juan sighed, “I knew she was using me to get back at him,” he whispered to me. “I thought I would finally get to make love to my sweetheart but it is not to be. Look at my massive erection” he said taking my hand and putting it on his bulging crotch. “Wow” I said “You have a large cock can I please stroke it” He nodded and I put my hand on his raging erection. I had to make my moment with Juan work and my only special feature as against my sister was the excessive hair in my bushy underarms. Would that alone be enough against the natural cocksucking ability of my talented sister? But there was no looking back I was in the field and I had Juan’s dick and I had to make it count. It had to be my last chance and I knew I would never get a better chance as I looked at the hurt handsome stud with a monster cock and I decided that I had to have Juan now.

Before long Isabella had moved back down to the floor. She wasted no time and went right back to what she really loved the most, sucking cock. She sighed as she settled in between Miguel’s legs. She buried her face between his legs and began lapping his balls with long flat strokes. She sucked noisily through his pubes and around the base of his cock and swallowed all she could get. I was definitely getting a lesson on cock sucking as I watched her suck the massive shaft of Miguel.

She slid her hands under his thighs and lifted his legs higher to izmir escort bayan fully expose his balls and lick beneath them. She opened her mouth wide and then hummed contentedly as she sucked them gently and lapped with her tongue. Miguel now wanted to fuck her as we watched.

Juan was looking forlorn so I took his hand and put it in my underarm armpits. He looked at me and I knew I had to fish out his penis. I unzipped and removed his cock. I was shocked at its size. It was huge and I bent down and kissed it. I don’t know if it was hard because of seeing Isabella or me but frankly I didn’t care. I licked the entire length of his shaft and I noticed that his fingers were still in my bushy underarms as he twirled the long bushy hair in my unshaven pits.

Miguel in the meanwhile had withdrawn his cock from Isabella’s pleading mouth and I could see in his eyes that he wanted to fuck her. I think he needed his revenge for the resounding slap, which she had given him and he held his cock to her cunt and moved it up and down between her huge hairy pussy lips. She was so wet and lubricated that he had to hold it back to keep from slipping in.

Juan looked wistfully as Isabella moaned “Oh fuck! Yes. Rub it on my clit. Yes, yes, just like that. Oh my God! Oh, it’s so thick. I can feel it. So thick. I love your cock, Miguel. Rub your cock all over me…spread me open and slide it around me. Oh, God.. Rub your beautiful cock all over my hairy pussy.” “Fuck me!” she screamed. “Put it in me, please. No more, I can’t take any more. Fuck me now, Miguel. Give me that cock. Fuck me hard. Please. Make me cum!.” He came in torrents and he flooded her pussy as they fell exhausted to the floor.

Juan was now getting excited. His cock though massive was semi hard as I stuffed more of it in my mouth. It was getting larger escort izmir maybe due to my ministrations or possibly because of Isabella’s wanton cries. I licked his shaft and the underside of his cock as I thought I heard him moan with pleasure.

Miguel plunged back in and immediately began to stroke her steadily. Deeper and deeper her fucked her until the whole shaft was buried inside her hot cunt. Juan I thinking as getting upset and he stood up I though to leave but he grabbed me instead. I looked at him as he took of his shirt. I saw his broad hairy chest, the bulging muscles of his arms and legs, and the tightness of his trousers. He stood and peeled the trousers from his hips, letting his thick penis dangle between his legs. I Managed to get his dick out of his pants as he fingered me and mauled at my tits and tugged angrily at the long hair in my bushy underarms. I wanked on his dick, it grew hard, Christ it felt good having it in my hand again. I saw Miguel and Isabella lying on the floor; she had his dick in her hands and was sucking on it as his fingers played with her pussy and cunt.

I wanted to suck on his dick but for now had to be content with wanking on it as we lay together on the couch. I could hear moans coming from them as they rolled about on the floor. Juan stripped off his clothes, his hard dick stood out nicely as I took hold of his dick and began to lick and kiss it; he held my head as I took as much as I could manage into my mouth, fucking hell it was huge and hard! Miguel and a much chastened and less fiery Isabella joined us, she too knelt on the floor next to me and as I sucked on his dick she did the same for Miguel.

Here we were two sisters kneeling next to each other sucking on the engorged pricks of two hunks. Sure Miguel was much bigger than Juan but then Isabella was the expert izmir escort cocksucker and she easily had him inside her mouth while I was still struggling with Juan’s phallus. However there was no competition as far as our hairiness was concerned. I was far and ay much more hairy than she was and it clearly showed even with our arms bent my armpit hair thickly showed as it was only inches from the floor. It seemed really long and I wondered if it really looked that good. So much hair hanging down from my armpit forests didn’t seem o look so good even though it was twice as hairy as Isabella’s underarm jungle. It hung down but not as much as mine and it looked a lot more sexy than my overgrown untrimmed hedges in my underarms. Thought I didn’t see either Miguel or Juan complaining about the excessive growth of hair in my unshaven pits. With my mouth still on Juan’s prick I consoled myself that my mother Conchita had even more hair in her unshaven underarms and I am sure an army of cocks would have got lost in her untrimmed armpit jungle.

Miguel had now stuffed his massive dong right down the base of her throat as her head bobbed up and down. She was loving it as he fucked her mouth deep, right up to his balls, I saw her grip his ass as she deep throated him, and she took his entire dick so easily. Juan was watching and he wanted to exchange places, which I wasn’t quite looking forward to. The guy’s swapped places and Isabella quickly swallowed Juan’s dick. I heard her splutter a bit as she took most of his dick into her mouth. Miguel was pressing his cock against my mouth but there was no way I could take more than half of his throbbing member. She suddenly stopped sucking off Juan to see how her kid sister was coping with the horse cock of Miguel and she knew I was struggling. Juan pulled her and she resumed sucking his massive dong taking it easily to the base of her throat while I took in a bit more of Miguel’ massive cock

We were all moaning and groaning. Miguel and Juan were stuffing their cocks in our mouths and in all that nice I suddenly heard…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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