Kelly’s New Experiences Ch. 5

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Having gone home, washed her face, and replaced her blouse, Kelly was now back at her father’s office block. She was slightly nervous, as she was an hour later than expected. She made herself a coffee and made her way into her father’s office. She sat down at his desk and began drinking her coffee, hoping that her father wouldn’t notice the new blouse.

“What took you so long? You were suppose to be back an hour ago.

One of the office juniors entered and brought some papers over to the desk for his boss to sign.

“I got a puncture on the way home, I mean the way here, but thankfully a passer by helped me out by changing the tyre for me” she replied, a slight redness rising on her cheeks. She pictured herself sitting in the drivers seat with a big black cock sticking through the window while she stroked it and sucked on it. She sipped on her coffee.

“Oh I see,” replied the father, “How much did he charge you for it?”

Kelly nearly spat out her coffee at the question her dad had just asked, if only he knew!

“Nothing at all, he said he was doing it out of the kindness of his heart” and so was she when she blew him off into her mouth. She smiled now at the thought, not aware of the office junior who was staring at her, trying to figure out why she had turned all red. From his standing position, he was able to see her black satin bra clearly, was that a cum stain he saw on her bra? His cock began to grow in his pants as he waited for the final signatures on the papers he had brought in. Kelly looked up and noticed his embarrassment as she watched him try to turn away, she smiled and winked at him, licking her lips at the same time. The office junior made a quick exit.

“Daddy, the college tells me that I have to do work experience in another office if I want my degree escort buca to be legitimate!”

“No problem angel, I’ll sort something out for you next week then. I have to go to a meeting across town and I want you taking calls in my office until six, is that understood?”

The last thing Kelly wanted was to be stuck in the office, it was so boring. “Yes Daddy, see you at home then.”

With that, her father took off for his meeting leaving Kelly to mind his office. She was all hot and bothered at this stage. She opened her new blouse a little and stared at the cum marks on her bra. Maybe she should have changed her bra as well. Her mind began to drift back to her earlier encounters that day, it was a great feeling how she had managed to deep throat the second guy straight away, she must tell Sarah about that one!

Kelly failed to notice the light timid knock on the door. Stan, the office junior came into the office. Stan was on three weeks work experience from college, he was 6 foot tall and most of the girls found him attractive. He expected his boss to be sitting at the desk, but instead it was his daughter that he had seen earlier when he was in the office. She was sitting there, with another button opened on her blouse, almost completely revealing her bra and gorgeous firm chest.

“Erm, excuse me Ms.Fletcher, but is Mr.Fletcher in?”

Kelly was clearly startled by the sudden appearance of the office boy. She suddenly remembered that her blouse was revealing a bit too much, but then she thought she’d have a bit of fun and flirt with him instead.

“I’m sorry but Mr.Fletcher is currently away, what was it you wanted to talk about?”

“Well, it’s the end of my work experience you see and I was wondering about being paid for it.”

At this point buca escort bayan Stan took a seat in front of the desk. Kelly felt a sudden power trip come over her, here was a little office boy to her, looking to be paid for the experience he’s gained by working at her father’s firm. She stood up and walked around to the front of the desk and leaned her ass on the edge of the desk. She felt in control now, standing above this subordinate, she wanted to make him feel uncomfortable.

“And just how is it do you expect to be paid for the work experience that we have given you?” She knew she had him, as he sat there trying to figure out what to say, after all, she was right in a way, he had already gained the experience and was now looking for money too!

“Well, nothing to say then. After this firm offers you the work experience, you then ask it for money. And don’t forget that you have a good look at the boss’s daughter too. You think I like being stared at??”

Stan was so uncomfortable now, he couldn’t even stare at her, he could only look at the ground and hope it would open up and swallow him!

“Do you think I like being stared at? Do you not find me attractive? Does the idea of me being the bosses daughter not turn you on?”

Stan wasn’t too sure where all of this was going, and Kelly wasn’t too sure herself. She was slightly annoyed that this guy, only one year older than her, would not look at her. She opened up her blouse fully, revealing her smooth flat stomach. Her tan stood out against her white blouse, and her chest was now in full view. Kelly then grabbed the hem of her short skirt and began to slide her skirt up to her waist, revealing her matching black satin thong. She rubbed her clit through her satin thong, and stood up from the desk.

Stan buca escort was now fixed on her gorgeous body, he hadn’t seen anything as precious this in his life! Her body was perfectly proportioned and her tan highlighted the softness of her skin. He was immediately aroused. Kelly stood up and walked over to where he was sitting. She straddled him on the chair, and pushed her chest right into his face. Her hands grabbed his head and forced his face even more into her soft cleavage. Meanwhile, Stan’s hands were cupping her ass cheeks and running up and down her back. Kelly was so turned on by the attention she was receiving, she could feel his hands opening her bra, and she leaned back to allow it to slip off of her. Stan took in a good eyeful before taking a nipple into his mouth and sucking on it. Kelly reached down between her legs and opened up his pants. She pulled his hard cock out and began stroking it.

At this stage her long blonde hair, which was tied up, now became free as she straddled the office junior in only a black little satin thong. Stan was expertly sucking and nibbling away at her nipples, and clearly enjoying himself. She figured he’d done this to many other girls and that he was well experienced. In that moment of heat, she knew it was time to lose her virginity with this guy. She suddenly felt a wetness on her slat stomach.

Stan was totally engulfed with what was happening to him. He had the boss’s daughter on his lap, wanking him off, with only a little thong on. The sensation of the whole thing had been to much for him as he played and sucked on her tits. He couldn’t help himself from exploding on the spot. At the angle she had been stroking him at, Stan shot his load onto her smooth little stomach. She leaned back as she realised what had happened, and looked down to see a wad of cum roll down her stomach and across her thong.

This is not what Kelly had wanted, she was frustrated now, she wanted to lose her virginity to this guy, and he’d gone and blown his load. This wasn’t good enough for her, she was going to have him, she wanted it!

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