Sisters Pt. 08

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As the three men relaxed at the pool edge they began chatting about other girls they knew and they compared experiences and how they managed to seduce them.

Steve being a high school teacher had often seen gorgeous girls of all ages and knew which parents were active or willing There were parents that had offered their daughter for sex for higher grades, one mother offered herself for sex and then when he had said no, she then offered up her daughter to him.

Steve went on to tell us about his wife Nikki and how she often found some girl to seduce, then would bring them home to have a threesome with him.

When I went to grab some more beers for us there was a quiet knock on the front door, throwing on a bathrobe I went and answered the knocking and opened the door to see Nikki standing there dressed in very conservative clothes.

“Come on inside were in the pool.” I told Nikki.

As I slipped of my bathrobe, Nikki asked. “How was Suzy?”

“She is incredible and so cute, naughty america porno she is a younger version of you.” I told Nikki with a smile.

As my cock twitched and started getting hard, Nikki asked. “I hope she took good care of your cock?”

“Your training her well, she sucks a lot better than some whores I know.” I told her.

Then I reached out and started to undoing her skirt as I said to her. “Let’s get you out of these clothes so you can join us in the pool.”

Nikki started undoing her blouse as I let her skirt fall to the floor then as I knelt and slipped her panties to her ankles and watched her step out of them. As she slid of her lace bra I reached behind her squeezing her ass cheeks as I pulled her pussy against my face, licking her already wet pussy I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy tunnel and she let out a low moan.

I guided her to the couch and laid her down onto it, Nikki opened her legs wide apart and with her hand she opened nubiles porno her pussy lips showing me her love hole she wanted my cock inside her. With her other hand’s fingers are pinching her nipples. I began rub my cock head up and down her slit and then push it inside her hole for a woman her age and experience her pussy is just as tight as her daughters.

When I started thrusting in and out she cried out. “Fuck me harder granddad, fuck my pussy hard granddad.”

Nikki knew how much I enjoyed being call granddad and I started slamming my cook deep into her hole my balls slapped against her pussy each time I trust my cock inside her. Her fingers were rubbing her love bud as my cock kept pumping in and out of her. She was starting to moan loudly as her free hand squeezed her nipple I twisted her other nipple, I watched the pain on her face go from pain to pleasure.

My cock was starting to squirt and fill her pussy up with my cum, as I held onto her hips holding my cock olgun porno deep inside her, I shot load after load into her love hole until I was empty. When I pulled out my limp cock out of her pussy I moved up beside her and we laid there together, I kissed her passionately and told her how young she made me feel.

After a few minutes we went outside to join the others, the first thing we saw was Suzy sucking her daddy’s cock her head bobbing up and down and with the occasional squeal she was enjoying it. As Nikki sat down beside her hubby Steve he started to blow his load into his daughter’s mouth he looked at his wife and gave her a smile.

When Suzy saw her mum she jumped up and kissed her mother’s face transferring Steve’s cum into his wife’s mouth, then Suzy pushed her fingers pushing inside her mother’s pussy and felt the wet mixture of cum and pussy juices Suzy started giggling.

“Who were you fucking mummy?” Suzy asked her mother.

Mal laughed and said. “We were worrying where you had got to with our cans of beer, now we know, by the way where is our beer.”

I got up to go get them a beer, as I watched Suzy starting to lick up the cum from her mother’s cum filled pussy. I knew it was still early and how it was going to be a long night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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