Sister Mine Ch. 01

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I come from a small and not particularly close family. Each of us seemed to grow up and go off in different directions without ever really getting to know one another. My sister is 7 years younger than me so at a young age that distance seemed a lot. When I was a senior in high school she was still in grammar school and so it went. As a senior I was on the varsity football team, middle linebacker, and for some reason my sister decided it would be cool to see her older brother on a team that was the talk of the valley. I found out years later that it was her girlfriends who thought it so cool to actually know a senior who was also on the football team. I had to admit it was nice that one person from my family actually went to some of my games. Both my parents worked Saturdays so it wasn’t something they could do. It did bring us a little closer and I, for the first time, thought fondly of her. Before that she had been “the brat.” She did admit years later that she knew she was a brat and prided herself on it.

So I went off to college, graduated and ended up back in my hometown. I didn’t see as much of my family as I should have. My mother insisted I come to Sunday dinner frequently and I usually accepted and then she’d get me to come by for supper on the odd night. By this time the only person left in my house, my brothers having vacated and moved away, was my sister. She’d always ask me who I was seeing and why wasn’t I working out and that I was getting fat. That wasn’t true but she loved to needle me just the same. I liked that she did that and we seemed to get closer as time went by.

Erica, my sister, turned 18 on February 22. Being the only girl my father spoiled her to no end and she played on it as well. I told her she was shameless and she’d say, “yeah, so what’s your point?” So she planned this huge birthday party to celebrate her coming of age, as she put it. I think it was just an excuse to drink to excess legally for the first time. That was not long after the drinking age had been lowered to 18.

My parents wanted to go away that weekend on a skiing trip to Killington Vermont and asked me if I would mind chaperoning the party. After a lot of hemming and hawing on my part I reluctantly agreed. “Why doncha bring a date!” Erica said sarcastically when she realized our parents weren’t backing down on my being there and she would have the house to do with as she pleased. Not that I could have done so but I couldn’t think of a worse place to take a date so of course I declined as politely as I could.

My mother called that Friday to give me all her last minute instructions which were fully a repeat of what she had said before but that was mom. They were off and my Saturday night was being killed by my kid sister at least as I saw it.

I got there a little early, about 7 as I remember. “Jack, do you think this is enough?” Erica asked motioning to the bar area. Oh yeah, I’m Jack, obviously.

“I think you could easily serve the whole town with what you’ve got here!” I said. “How many are coming anyway?”

“I dunno, maybe 30?”

I moaned, “Oh god, I hope you didn’t put this out like it’s going to be a kegger or something.”

“No! Of course not. Mostly my girlfriends and their dates.”

That wasn’t a particularly reassuring statement to hear. Erica was very popular and I figure half the high school would be in on this. As her guests started to arrive and after a few awkward introductions I told Erica I’d be up in my old bedroom and to try to keep things under control. My breaking point was when one of her 17 year old girlfriends called me hot in what she thought was out of earshot. While it may have been a compliment it wasn’t quite what my 25 year old ears wanted to hear.

As the night wore on I checked in on the party about once an hour. It was obvious most of them were getting pretty drunk but they weren’t destroying the house so I didn’t see any reason to apply an restraints.

It was a little after midnight when I went back down and saw most of the people were gone. Those left seemed particularly intoxicated.

“Erica, bangbross porno I think the party is over,” I said in a low voice in her ear.

Erica had thrown her arm around me and slurred, “You might be right.”

There were two couples left and both seemed extremely trashed. I told them I didn’t think it wise for any of them to be driving. I expected an argument but surprisingly got none. Since there were three bedrooms upstairs, not including my parent’s bedroom which I considered off limits, I suggested they stay the night there, girls with girls and guys with guys. I got a little moaning about that but none of them were up for arguing and it was easy to settle them in. The problem was, one of the bedrooms was Erica’s and as we left there she said to me, “So where do I stay hot shot?”

Erica was still holding onto me to keep from falling down. “Well,” I started, trying to think of a good answer. Suddenly Erica was dead weight in my arms as she seemingly passed out. Not knowing what else to do I took her to my room and put her in the bed. I considered, briefly, taking her dress off but then decided it was probably dirty from the party anyway and so her sleeping in it would be of little consequence. I got her into the bed, not easily, and got her to lie on her stomach. I stripped down to my underpants and undershirt, my usual sleep attired, and crawled into bed next to her. I was very self-conscious about how we were but tired quickly overtook me and I was asleep.

As I started to wake up in the morning I quickly became aware that I was in someone’s arms. My mind quickly went from who did I come home with to oh shit it’s Erica. I could see she was still in her dress and she was resting peacefully. I couldn’t help but smile as I looked into her face and thought how sweet she looked.

But then I noticed something I hadn’t before. Erica’s body is one I’d call cuddly if I were looking at her as someone other than my sister. As such her breasts were full and now quite noticeably pressed against my chest. And that was all it took for me to become a little aroused. Something inside me screamed to push her away but another side said I should just let her sleep and get over myself. Well, I did the latter, somewhat. I tried to push the thoughts of how she felt against me with thoughts of a woman at the office I had the hots for. So I was replacing one erotic thought with another which of course turned out to be a very bad idea. I became more aroused instead of less.

It was just about then that Erica stirred and I could see her eyes start to open. She didn’t move otherwise. As her eyes opened I could see in them her starting to realized her situation. But instead of protesting the first words out of her mouth were, “oh my fucking head!”

Escape! I had the perfect excuse now. “Okay, you stay there and I’ll get you some Alka Seltzer!”

“No!” She protested. “Don’t move, it hurts too much.” I didn’t understand what she meant but wanted to appease her. My sister had a sharp tongue and I expected some sort of a tongue lashing for our being in bed together. So far that hadn’t happened.

We lay there quietly for a few minutes when Erica suddenly asked, “Jack, are you naked?”

“Of course not!”

I felt Erica pat various portions of my body to check that out and then said, “Good, I thought maybe you were perving me.”

I protested what she said and we went back and forth about that for a few minutes. But during that time I could feel her body moving against mine and in particular her breasts moving over my chest a little. I love breasts and even though they are my sister’s breasts it still turned me on. But so far Erica hadn’t noticed but then she moved in one particular direction that brought her thigh in direct contact with my cock.

“Oh! What have we here!” Erica said.

“Ummmm….” I was truly at a loss for words. Erica wasn’t though. She never was.

“My big brother is perving me! He’s got a hard-on! You lied!”

“I did not!” I protested.

“Yeah, well this says otherwise,” and bangbus porno with that she reach down and grabbed my cock with her hand. Her brazenness surprised me but when she only held on briefly I thought she was just being her usual wise ass self. But then with a dead serious look on her face she asked, “So I do turn you on huh?”

How do I answer that? She asked the perfect question and I didn’t have what I thought was the perfect answer. I literally sucked in it and blew out a breath and said, “Well, you are sexy and you are a woman and you are right next to me! How was I supposed to act?” I protested my innocence hoping she’d have enough and let it go.

Erica screwed up her face a little and then moved away from me and got out of bed. She stood facing me and said, “Well, I need to take a shower. Are you gonna make some coffee for us?”

“Sure, of course!” I said happy to change the subject.

But Erica just stood there and stared at me.

“What?” I said.

“Nothing.” She replied. But then she reached behind her and pulled down the zipper on her dress and let it drop to the floor. Now she stood before me in only her panties and bra. She stood there for a second like that and then said, “Well.”

“Well what?” I said. “You need a bigger bra!” I followed trying to lighten her up.

She looked down at her breasts which were overflowing the bra cups and as she took them in her hands said, “Yeah, I do.” Then she undid the front clasp and let the bra fall free to the floor. “Ah, that feels better. Relief from the boulder holder. Megan says I have boulders.”

I hadn’t seen my sister naked since she was a toddler and now this. Still, Erica being a prankster I expected this was one of them and in a second she’d run off to the bathroom. She didn’t though. Instead she hooked her finger in her panties and pushed them down. Now she was standing before me fully naked. “Jack, would you fuck me?”

“You’re my sister! Of course not!”

“But if I weren’t your sister would you?”

I couldn’t believe how seriously she was asking me this and wondered what was behind it.

“Well, yeah, I would.”

Erica practically jumped into my arms and hugged me and said, “Thank you, thank.” She was softly crying into my chest. I had no idea what this was all about but decided she was going through something and comforting her was a good thing right now. I rubbed her back as she sobbed and she buried her head in my chest.

“What’s this all about?”

She told me the story of how a teacher had sexually assaulted her when she was just a Freshman in high school and when she had successfully fended him off he had told her she was a homely girl who no guy in his right mind would really want to be with except to fuck. I assured her as best I could how wrong he was in so many ways.

We lay there like that for quite a while. I rubbed Erica’s back until she stopped sobbing and then I heard her breathing change and I could see she had fallen asleep again. I let her stay like that and fell of myself. We both slept for about another hour but this time she woke up before me and nudged me away.

“Thank you,” Erica said. “You’re the best brother a girl could have!” Then she gave me a quick kiss on the lips but it was still a very warm kiss. When our lips touched something electric went through me.

I smiled at her and said, “You’re welcome. Thank you for being my sister.” I gave her a kiss on her lips and once again felt that electric pulse. That wasn’t supposed to happen. I was becoming aroused again. A minute passed and Erica reach between us and touched my cock.

“Wow,” is all she said and smiled.

Things were changing, quickly, suddenly, spinning out of control so it seemed. I reach up and placed my hands on her breasts and even though she had touched my cock I fully expected her to slap me way. When she didn’t I gently caressed and pinched her breasts. Erica had her hand back on my cock and was now gently stroking it. My mind raced from loving what she was doing to wondering where it was going to how wrong beurette tour porno it is regardless. But like so many guys once I got this aroused it was near impossible to stop it.



“I love you.”

Now this was something I assumed but had never heard her say.

“I love you too Erica.” As I said those words they felt strange. It felt like words I was saying to a lover and not my sister. And so my mind scolded me about that. I knew I should stop but what had gone between us thus far was relatively innocent.



“When you touch me is it the same as when you touch other women?”

What was this all about I wondered. “Well, no, yes, I don’t know! This is a little confusing you know.”

“I know,” she said sheepishly, “but do you think I’m bad? Do you think I’m a bad person because I like you touching me?”

“Oh course not!” I protested. Suddenly there’s this sense of protecting her ego and than I thought, but it is wrong, but… but…

“Thank you, you’re the best!” Erica wrapped her arms around me and hugged me and then she kissed me only this time there was nothing quick about it. I mean it was a little tentative, I could tell that much. But her first soft gentle kiss was followed quickly by another and I felt her tongue push against my lips. I felt I should resist as I parted my lips. Whatever battle I was fighting to keep this from going further I was losing. I was giving into all my carnal urges but not just because all of my sexual energy was in motion but because I felt a type of love for Erica that I had never before felt for anyone.

Our kisses of passion were accompanied by searching hands. Erica would stroke my cock and then clutch at my ass and not only did I no longer desire her to stop but I wanted more, much more. And for my part my hands wandered from clutching and squeezing her breasts to pushing down to her sex. When my fingers push through her pubic hair for the first time and found her wetness Erica took in a sudden deep breath and just as quickly as she stiffened she relaxed with a moan and pushed herself slightly into my hand.

We weren’t kissing at that moment but after my finger pushed deeply into her wetness Erica withdrew her hands from me and once again kissed me with wild abandon. As she did this she pushed her hips inwards towards me and I could for the first time feel my cock rubbing against her wetness and it seemed it wanted to push into her.

I looked in her eyes with a questioning look and she knew immediately what I wanted to know. “Jack, yes, it’s okay, I really want this.” Erica was practically panting as she spoke the words.

As I slowly entered her I heard her take in a breath and as my cock fully engorged her she let out a very soft “oh yeah!” I couldn’t believe my own sister wanted this so badly from me. That I was so willing was more believable as more than once I’ve been called a horndog but that’s another story.

I started stroking her faster and harder. “Jack, fuck me real hard!” Erica almost yelled out.

Suddenly I stopped and said, “We’ve gotta stop. I haven’t got protection on!”

“No honey, it’s all right! Please don’t stop!”

Satisfied I once again starting fucking Erica, my sister, and was quickly banging my hips into hers as fast and as hard as I could. My cock felt so full and swollen inside her and it wasn’t long before I yelped, “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!”

“Oh yes honey, cum in me! Cum in me!” Erica dug her fingering into my back and scratched and as she did I started to cum in her. She must have felt the surge because at almost the same time she started to yell, “Oh yes oh yes fuck yes! Oh baby fuck me! Make me your slut!” Her words though shocking made the climax stronger and seem to last longer.

We fell to our sides and held each other for a long time without saying a word. What had just happened was still sinking in for both of us.

Finally I asked, “What happens now?”

“I don’t know,” Erica replied, “but I do know I’m totally in love with you.”

The words “in love with you” were not lost on me and I fell back into my thoughts.



“Will you always love me like this.”

“Erica, of course I’ll always love you. You’re my sister!”

“No,” she said quietly, “like this?”

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