Sister-in-Law Lisa

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This is my first story here on this site. I would like to thank all the people who use this site and anyone who enjoys me stories. My name is Jason. I am 28 years old and married. This first story is about my sister-in-law Lisa. I hope you enjoy

When I was first married, I was convinced that my life was going to be perfect. Perfect wife, perfect job, perfect car, and a perfect life. But like so many marriages things go downhill fast. After my wife had our first child, she put on a little weight. This wasn’t a big deal for me but she lost her confidence and her sex drive. I thought that being married meant I was going to have sex 5 nights a week. I was lucky if I was getting it once a month. It didn’t help my wife’s confidence that her three sisters were all hot, thin and sexy as hell.

Her sole older sister was Lisa. Lisa was my absolute perfect fantasy woman. She was 35, successful, somewhat wealthy, and strikingly beautiful. Lisa had shoulder length brown hair with dirty brown highlights and deep brown eyes. She is approximately 5’8 and 130 pounds. She is the sister that resembles my wife the most. Before my wife was with child they could pass for twins. All I had to do was see Lisa and My penis would turn to a steel rod. Something about her looks just screamed sex. Her lips looked like they were made for fellatio. One time at a party at Lisa’s house I overheard her telling my wife that she gave her husband a blowjob while he was driving fake hospital hastane the night before. I came in my pants. I am not joking. I really had it bad for Lisa.

Shelly was the next sister. She was two years younger than my wife and I. She could easily place for 18 instead of 26. She is 5’6 with brown hair and brown eyes. I always thought Shelly was sexy but too skinny for me. I don’t mind thin girls but I don’t want to count your vertebrae. All that changed after she had her daughter. She put on probably 20 pounds and it went to all the right places. Her body went from Mary Kate Olsen to Jennifer Love Hewitt. At the same party as the blowjob comment, I saw Shelly in a hot pink string bikini. I almost came in my pants…again. Her breasts were perfect and bouncy. Unfortunately she lives out of state with her military husband. I would have to wait to see more of her.

That leaves Alisha, the youngest sister. She just turned 18 this year. She is every man’s wet dream. She is 5’11 brown hair and brown eyes. She is probably 115 pounds with a 32b bra size. (I looked through her underwear drawer) Alisha is young and slutty. That’s the best tidbit about her. Alisha gets around.

But getting back to the sister at hand. Lisa just started a business out of her home. She decided she wanted to design web pages and she needed someone else with web design experience. As luck would have it my wife knew someone with the fake taxi porno expertise who wouldn’t mind spending 8 hours a day with her hot older sister. I started on Monday

Monday morning I arrived at Lisa’s front door where I saw a note on taped to the door.


I had to get in the shower, please let your self in. I am waiting for a call from a possible customer in the office. (Aka the living room) Could you please get me if it is the customer? Thank you.


As soon as I stepped through the doorway the phone rang. I ran into the loving room and sure enough, it was the customer. I went and knocked on the bathroom door for Lisa and told her the call came in. She said, “Hold on a second Jas. Let me wrap a towel around myself.”

She came out of the bathroom dripping wet with the towel wrapped around her waist! Her breasts were better then I could have imagined, perky and glistening with water. Her nipples hard and brown. I was in heaven.

I really WAS in heaven. Lisa made no effort to cover up and I didn’t stop staring. When the call was completed she thanks me and told me, “I need to dry off now, I hope you don’t mind.”

I thought this was going to be the end of our fun. But she released the towel from around her waist and used it to dry her hair and body…right in front of me! She didn’t seem to be the least ashamed and should not be. Her body was perfect.

“I hope you don’t mind family stroke porno the casual workplace Jas, but I never wear clothes when I am trying to be productive”. (I wonder what her last workplace was like)

I could only shake my head yes. Lisa smiled and said, “I knew you wouldn’t mind. There is, however, one little catch.”

She didn’t say another word. She just walked up to me. She unbuttoned my shirt and took it off my shoulders. “If I am going to be naked you are going to have to join me”, she said as her eyes went south to my rigid cock barely contained in my slacks.

She got on her knees and pulled down my pants and boxers in one fast pull. My cock popped right out of its prison and hit Lisa on the nose. “Sorry Lisa. Your nose got in the way of my penis.”

She laughed and slowly stood up, letting my cock trace down her face, between her tits and stomach and letting it rest in her pubic hair. She grabbed her cup of coffee from a near by table and held it a few inched under on my penis. “That’s ok Jas. Don’t apologize. You can make up for it by giving me some cream for my coffee. I ran out.”

The fingers of her free hand cupped my balls and then slowly surrounded my cock. She licked her juicy red lips as she stroked my cock with a fast steady pace. This girl had talent. Within two minutes of stroking, my cock jerked as it splashed a healthy spoonful of cream into her coffee. She let go of my cock and grabbed a spoon to stir her coffee. She put the coffee to her lips and drank.

“I think we are going to have fun working together Jas. By the way, I will need another cup of coffee in about an hour. Think you can give me more cream?”

I think I made a good decision to work with Lisa.

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