Siama’s Choice Pt. 03

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I don’t know what the plans of my brothers were. I was getting hornier by each passing minute. But I could do nothing but wait. Thankfully I had my son to distract me. Little Kashif was now in a very good mood. I played with him and after some time, fed him again. I got so busy that my heart skipped a beat when I heard the main door open. One of my brothers was back! I felt a chill in my spine and an itching sensation in my pussy at the same time.

It was Niaz. I ran to him and kissed him on the lips. He held me in his strong arms and kissed me back. It was electric. I hated to be separated from him but I needed to get a few things done before I could get busy with him. So I told him to have dinner while I put Kashif to sleep.

In the meantime, I heard Aziz come in too. I resisted the temptation to run and kiss him too because Kashif was still not asleep. It took another half an hour for me to put Kashif to sleep. By then I assumed that my brothers would be done with dinner. I decided to make a noticeable entry. I took of my Kameez and was only wearing a Shalwar without underwear, revealing my milk filled tits. I arranged my hair and checked myself out in the mirror. I was pleased with image. I could bet that I had a certain glow about me. Finally I applied some lipstick and left the room.

I found out that I was completely wrong if I thought that I was the only one who could surprise. The boys had already started without me. There was an erotic display in the living room. Both my brothers were totally naked. Aziz and Niaz were sitting down on the sofa and Niaz was bending over to his sucking Aziz’s cock.

Aziz acknowledged my entry with a smile and gestured me to come forward. Niaz got up and made room for me on the sofa. I sat between my brothers and without wasting anytime, we three began to kiss alternately. I was kissing Aziz as Niaz was sucking milk out of my tits. He took a few swigs and then said, “wow baji, your milk is delicious” and then got back. After sometime, Aziz decided to taste my tit juice so he grabbed the breast on his side and began to suck it. My brothers were sucking milk out of my both boobs. It was a remarkable sensation. Kashif was a child and his sensation on my breast was altogether different. But this was amazing, with every little suckle, I was feeling my pussy getting wetter. Thankfully, one of my brothers’ hand found my crotch and he began to rub my pussy over my Shalwar. I came almost instantly. Arching my back, I made a very good spectacle of someone having an ecstatic orgasm.

I told the boys to get it going so they left my boobs alone. Niaz lied down on the carpet with his dick pointing towards the ceiling. I family stroke porno took the cue and squatted over him. I let my pussy positioned over his dick and eased my pussy on his dick. As we were getting in a rhythm, Aziz came up and offered his dick to my mouth. In a few minutes, I had a cum load delivered to both my holes.

Aziz looked more exhausted than Niaz and lied down on the sofa. I was still sting on the limp cock of Niaz. I bent forward and began to kiss his lips. He grabbed my ass and pulled me towards him as we made out. This went for a few minutes and soon I felt his dick stirring up again in my pussy. I took my hand backwards and began to stimulate his balls to entice him further. This worked out well and soon his dick was back at full potential and ready to fuck. I started to lift my ass up to start riding his dick, but he stopped me and said “I think your other hole needs some attention too.”

He pulled his dick out of my pussy and positioned it at my asshole. It needed no lubrication as it was well oiled by his previous ejaculation. He gave a node for me to begin and I sat down on it. His dick went home without resistance. I loved the sensation of it filling my ass. I slowly moved up and then sat down again. I was trying to build a steady pace. But suddenly He grabbed me under my arms and in a swift turn, I was below and he was on top. I had to hold my legs near my head to grant him access. He began ramming it really hard. I was at a point where you can’t tell pain from pleasure. It was all a blur. I was yelling anything that came into my mind. He was remarkably fast. The sensation in my rectum was consuming my senses. I was sure I was going to pass out. Then suddenly he froze and I felt the warm sensation of his jizz filling up my bowels.

I closed my eyes and decided to enjoy the sensation. My whole body was exuding pleasure. At that moment, nothing in the world could make me feel bad. I felt Niaz pull out of my ass and lying by my side. I let my body loose and let the air of the room try to dry some of my sweat. I was again congratulating myself for the way things turned out. I never realized what time it was and drifted off to sleep. I remember somebody picked me up later and put me in bed. I don’t know who it was.

When I woke up, the call for the Morning Prayer was being made. I hurriedly took a shower dressed up and said prayer. Then I fed Kashif and tended to his needs. My brothers were still asleep in their rooms. I decided to make breakfast and do some chores.

I was in a good mood and humming my favorite tunes while cooking. I was just about done when Niaz came into the kitchen. I hugged female taxi porno him and told him to sit on the table and have breakfast. He announced that he had to meet a few friends but he promised that he would shirk them off as soon as he could and run back to me. I told him that I think I should give him something to remember me by. As he ate his breakfast, I opened his shalwar and began to suck his dick. By the time he had finished his breakfast, I myself had a bellyful of man juice. Niaz gave me a kiss and left the house.

Aziz hadn’t woken up yet. I decided to do a few chores and wait for him. When he finally came out, he had already taken a shower but thankfully hadn’t bothered to dress up. He had just tied a towel around his waist and his beautiful body was at display. I eagerly jumped at him and he lifted me in his arms as I began to kiss him frantically. Our tongues were dueling in our mouths and was searching for his cock with my hand. I yanked off the towel and Aziz put me down. I looked at his beautiful cock and gave it a gentle kiss admiring in my heart its beauty. Soon I began to suck it good. It wanted to lube him up and then have him fuck me but as I was thinking of stopping the sucking, he grabbed my head and began to fuck my face. I wasn’t particularly happy at letting another load of cum going down my stomach instead of my pussy. But that did not make my blowjob any less enthusiastic.

However I was in luck as instead of leaking in my mouth, Aziz stopped me after a couple of minutes and made me lie down on the bed. He placed his wet cock on my pussy and I opened my legs wide to accept him in. We did it in the missionary position for a few minutes and Aziz was pressing my boobs and pinching my nipples. It did not take long for me to have a toe-curling orgasm. I felt my body tightening and my pussy clasping to Aziz’s dick for life. Incredibly, Aziz was still going on. He stopped and gave me time to recover from my orgasm. He began to kiss all over my body. Starting from the mouth then lowering himself on to my neck. I cherished the feeling of his lips on my neck. Then he gave a kiss each to my boobs and then his tongue found its way into my belly button. That made me feel giddy but it was sexy nonetheless.

Then Aziz lifted my legs and my hips exposing my pussy and my asshole. I was a bit surprised when he put his mouth on my asshole instead of my pussy, but again, I wasn’t complaining.

He lubed my asshole with his mouth and even put his tongue inside as far as it would go. Then after ensuring that it was well-lubed, he placed his dick on the threshold. A chill went down in my spine as he gently but female agent porno firmly entered his prick into my poop hole. He began to fuck my ass slowly at first but he was building up pace with each thrust.

Sadly when he we were about to get in sync, the phone rang. We both grunted in disappointment and Aziz went into the living room to pick up the phone. He called for me as it was for me. It was my husband. He had called to check up on myself and Kashif. As I was talking to him trying to finish off the call as soon as I could, I could see Aziz trying to keep his cock busy in his hands. Suddenly a wild idea occurred to me. I held my had over the microphone and asked Aziz to come over. He practically ran behind me. I told him to continue what he was doing as I resumed taking to my husband.

You can only imagine the sensation that was. It was almost as if we were doing right there in front of him. I had bent slightly to give Aziz access and he was pounding me so hard that I was amazed that my husband could not figure out what was going on over the phone.

Suddenly, with a deep thrust, Aziz released his fertile juice in my poop-chute once again. He slid out and went to lie on the sofa. I finished my call and went to sofa where I just lay on him with my head on his chest. We both drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up, there was soreness in my asshole. I needed to pee also so I went to the toilet to relieve myself. Aziz was still asleep with his naked body at full display. It was dusk and I could hear the adhan for Magrhib prayer. But I just did not feel like praying.

I peed and washed myself and then I heard Kashif’s crying so I went to tend to his needs. While walking there, I suddenly became aware of my nakedness and decided to at least wear my shalwar before I saw my little boy.

Kashif was a happy baby and as soon as I lifted him up my arms and offered him a teat, he became calm and began to suck away happily. Aziz woke up and after taking a shower, said the Maghrib prayer. By that time, I had fed Kashif and now the baby was in the mood to play. So, his uncle Aziz and mama played with him.

After a while I asked Aziz to sit with the baby and went to ix the kitchen. Kitchen was connected to the living room and was directly across the master bedroom. So, while fixing dinner, I kept talking to Aziz. We discussed that how this was the best sex that any of us had in our lives.

By then Niaz had also arrived and asked for dinner. It was ready and we sat down to eat. I had made their favorite bhindi and chapati (ladyfinger and bread). As we were eating, I said how I wished that mom and dad stayed at the relatives for ever so we may continue our sex-capades. At this Niaz said something outrageous.

“Why don’t we include them in?” he said calmly as if it was a very obvious and natural thing. Both other siblings laughed but then they saw that he was being serious. What was he trying to say? Could it be…

[to be continued]

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