Sexual Encounters Ch. 01

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My name is Andy and my eighteenth birthday is tomorrow. I’m glad tomorrow is Saturday so that I don’t have to attend school and mom will be home. She usually comes home from work to make dinner, does house work and then goes to bed. But tonight, I noticed she had been to the beauty parlor to have her hair done and she put on a dress. Evidently she wanted to look nice when she gave presents to me. I gave her a small gift and she hugged and kissed me to thank me. I think she is a little depressed about her age and was trying to put on a good front. Our birthday’s are on the same day and she will be forty tomorrow.

Mom has always been very good to me and I love her very much. I feel so sorry for her since dad left about a year ago to marry a twenty five year old beauty. I know mom has been lonely and I often try to cheer her up.

I returned to my room with my presents to prepare for bed. Once I was in bed, I got to thinking about my girl friend, Janice. We will both graduate from High School this spring and I want to get a job so we can get married someday. She is very pretty and sexy and tells me she is still a virgin. I’ve dated her for two years, but she insists we can’t have sex until we are married. She lets me play with her bare breasts, but refuses to let me touch her pussy. I get so worked up with our sexy kisses causing my cock to actually hurt until I get home to masturbate. I’m wondering how much longer it will be before I can have sex with her or any girl. I hate to admit it, but I guess you could call me a virgin.

I often look on the internet to see naked girls having sex. When I do, I have to masturbate before I can go to sleep. I’ve seen pictures with young guys having sex with older ladies. The caption reads, “Mother and Son”, but I doubt that. I often think about having sex with mom, but don’t think it will ever happen. I’ll admit I often peek at her when she is partially dressed. Guess I want to see a live naked female body. Sometimes I sit in the living room where I can see down the hall. Our house is small and has only the hall bathroom. I watch when mom goes to or from her bedroom to the bathroom with just a towel around her. One day, she dropped the towel and I saw her completely naked for a few seconds. I noticed her breasts looked very full and nice, and I saw her pubic hair. I had to go in my bedroom to masturbate after seeing her like that.

My cock was now very hard thinking about Janice and mom. As my hand was slowly moving up and down my cock, I thought I should think of only one person to fantasize about. Would it be Janice or mom. I decided to think of mom and the day she dropped the towel. My eyes were now closed as my hand was going back and forth faster and I was thinking about mom’s body. I was now fantasizing that I was on top of her with my cock buried. I fantasied she was bucking up to me as my cum exploded into her pussy. I was disappointed when I opened my eyes to see the towel I was holding over my cock. I cleaned up the best I could and went to sleep.

That evening Alice was happy to make a special dinner for her son and give him some presents. She was rather depressed turning forty. That rat of a husband left her for a young girl after having a good marriage together for so many years. Her older daughter had her own apartment, but she still had Andy living with her to keep from being so lonely. However, she would like to meet eligible men. She had a good sex life with her husband, but now was missing sex in her life. She worked in an environment with mostly women and rarely had a chance to meet men.

Alice had now retired to her bedroom, undressed and looked in the full length mirror. She knew she was no beauty, but she did have a nice body. Her breasts were full but did not sag. Her butt had spread a little and she might be a couple or so pounds overweight, but her body was shapely. Maybe she would find a man to love again someday.

Alice knew there was an eighteen year old male living in her house, but he was her son. She knew he masturbated because she could find traces of semen. She saw spots of it on the sheets when she changed his bed. Also, there were traces of it on the commode where he evidently jacked off in the bathroom. Too bad all that “hand work” was going to waste. During the past weeks, she had thought about inviting him into her bed, but that would be incest, an unthinkable idea.

Alice laid flat on her back in bed. Her hands roamed over her breasts and felt her nipples harden. One hand moved down to her stomach, then on to her crotch. One finger went up and down her slit a couple of times, then lightly rubbed her clit. She started thinking about her ex-husband, then her thoughts turned to her son. She reached over in the night stand drawer to get the vibrator. She moved the tip of the vibrator up and down her slit often letting it stay on her clit. By now her juices were flowing enough that she easily inserted the vibrator in her pussy, slowing pushing in deeper. Then her grup sex porno thoughts turned to Andy who she suspected was masturbating in the next bedroom. Her finger lightly rubbed her clit as the vibrator went back and forth. She even mouthed the words without actually saying it, “Andy, fuck me, fuck me.”

Alice was thoroughly enjoying herself with her eyes closed and continued to think of Andy’s body on top of hers. She started rubbing her clit faster while her hips were pushing up, then her body sexually shuddered and jerked though a very satisfying orgasm. She laid still allowing her breathing to become normal again. She had made a decision, she would like to have sex with Andy, although she didn’t know how he would feel about it . She knew he often took advantage to peek at her and was curious about her nakedness. Tomorrow morning, she would take the initiative and invited him to have sex with her as if it was another birthday gift. Surely, he wouldn’t refuse a birthday gift.

The next morning Alice was already up to make coffee. She was rethinking her decision to have sex with Andy and decided to just give him a show for his birthday. To actually let him put his cock in her was going too far. She wasn’t worried about pregnancy because she had her tubes tied shortly after Andy was born. Evidently, he had always wanted to see her naked since he took every opportunity to peek, so she would let him look and maybe touch.

Alice dressed in a short nighty and looked in the full length mirror. She thought she looked rather sexy for her age. The hem barely covered her crotch, but when she bent over, she showed it all. She had finished one cup of coffee, then decided to wake Andy.

I heard mom knock on my door causing me to open my eyes. Mom walked in, “Happy Birthday, Andy, it’s time to get up on your eighteenth birthday.”

I responded, “And Happy Birthday to you, mother.” Then I looked at her. I could hardly believe she was practically undressed. She usually wore a long robe when she was around me.

Alice gaily said, “Stay in your pajamas and come in the kitchen for some coffee. Let’s celebrate our day, and I have another gift for you.”

I wondered what she meant about another gift since she gave me several gifts last night. I got up to follow mom down the hall. I kept looking at her long bare legs and caught a glimpse of her bare butt. I was getting an erection by watching her butt wiggle as she walked. We went in the kitchen where she poured a cup of coffee for me.

Mom turned toward me with a smile on her face to say, “I’ve noticed you often try to peek at me when I’m not dressed.”

I felt very embarrassed and said, “I’m sorry if it offended you, Mom, I’ll stop it from now on.”

She quickly responded, “No, that’s all right. You aren’t a boy anymore, you are now eighteen and a man. I might add, you are a very handsome man.”

I’m sure she could see a puzzled look on my face as I was wondering what she was going to say and do now.

“Andy, I’m going to give you another birthday present. You’ve wanted to see me naked and now I’m going to let you see me. You don’t have to sneak around anymore to peek.”

We were both standing facing each other while I watched her slowly pull up the hem of her nighty. Her eyes were watching my eyes to see if I would glance down. My eyes explored her body as the nighty moved up over her breasts.

She continued, “You can touch me if you want to feel my breasts.”

I set my coffee cup down and moved to touch one breast.

She smiled, “That feels good, you can touch my other breast, too. When you were a baby, you sucked on my nipples and you can do it again now.”

I took one of her nipples in my mouth. I had a little experience with Janice because she liked for me to suck on her nipples.

Mom’s breath became a little uneven, then said, “Do you and Janice have sex?”

I let the nipple fall from my mouth to say, “She lets me do this, but she refuses to have sex until after we are married. She won’t let me touch her crotch.”

Mom responded, “I thought all high school kids now had sex. Andy, do you mean to tell me you have never had sex with a girl?”

I was a little embarrassed when I said, “Guess you could consider me as a virgin.”

She quickly responded and slightly parted her legs, “In that case, you can feel between my legs.”

I was now really getting excited. I lowered one hand down to feel. I had never had my hand on a girls pussy before this. I knew she had a hole somewhere, so I moved a finger back and forth looking for it.

She realized I was looking for her hole and decided to say, “I think you are having a problem spreading me. Wait a minute while I sit up on the edge of the kitchen table and lean back.”

I watched as she scooted her butt up on the edge of the table and spread her legs as she leaned back on her elbows.

She instructed, “Now spread my lips and then your finger will find my hole.”

I latina fuck tour porno parted her lips then saw the beginnings of a hole As I pushed my finger in, I could see her hole widen to envelop my finger.

She instructed, “Now put two fingers in as far as they will go.”

Her hole widen even more as I put two fingers fully in her.

She responded, “Now you know what’s between a girls legs. I see your pajamas pushing out. I’ve shown you mine, now let me see yours.”

I was now embarrassed to show her my raging hard on.

She said in a teasing way, “Come on, show it to me. I saw it many times when I changed your diapers, but I haven’t seen it big. I knew it would get big someday and make the girls happy.”

I removed my fingers from her pussy while she sat straight up on the table. I was still standing between her knees as I lowered my pajamas to free my cock. It popped right out with a curve upward ready for action. I knew I would have to masturbate when I went back to my room.

Mom’s eyes looked excited as she said, “Son, that is a big one. I know it is longer than your Dad’s cock. Let me hold it.”

I felt mom’s hand take my cock and slowly jack it a couple of times.

Mom said, “That is really hard. You’re dad’s cock didn’t get this hard any more, but he is much older than you. Someday your wife will really like this.”

I was standing between mom’s legs while she was still sitting on the edge of the table. She was holding my erection and didn’t seem to want to let go. I started slightly moving my butt back and forth just enough as if I were fucking her fist. She was beginning to cooperate by jacking my cock. It was pointing straight at her crotch just a few inches from her pussy. Mom seemed to get carried away with the excitement as she put her other hand on my shoulder to pull me closer to her.

My cock was now so very close to her pussy. She spread her legs even more and started to lie back which put my cock touching her pussy. She raised her legs up to open her pussy even more. I moved closer and could feel my cock head lightly punching at her entrance. I put a hand on each of her ankles to pushed her legs back toward her breasts. I saw her pussy was gapping enough to see her hole. I pushed forward a little more then looked down to see my cock go deeper and deeper. That gave me the most erotic feeling I ever had in my life. I felt like I was in dream world.

Mom said in an exciting voice, “Come on, give me all of it. Oooooh oooooh ……….., this is so good.” Her voice trailed off to a gasp for air.”

I plunged in her and drew back for another plunge as my cum blasted in her, spurt after spurt. I had never felt such an exotic sensation before when I masturbated. This was fantastic. I wanted more.

After my cumming had subsided and I found that I could talk, I jubilantly said, “Mom, Mom, this is wonderful. I’ve never felt like this before. I want to do it again.”

“Alright, son, you can do it all you want, especially today on our birthdays.”

I repeated my words a couple more times, “Mom, I never knew it could be so good. You are a wonderful mother to do this for me. It’s the best birthday present I’ll ever have.”

I didn’t want to pull out and kept my cock in her. It felt as if it was going to stay somewhat hard, so I started moving my cock back and forth. She responded by moving her butt.

She quizzed, “Do you think you can do it again this soon?”

“I feel like I can and I want to try. Are you comfortable sitting on the edge of this kitchen table?”

“I’ll be alright, go ahead. I promised you a special birthday gift.”

I fucked her fast then slowed down. She responded by moving her butt the best she could. She had laid completely down on her back on the table allowing me to take all the time I wanted. I was holding her ankles to push her legs back to her breasts. I looked down at my cock moving back and forth in her pussy. Each time I pulled back, some of my previous cum would ooze out on the table. Her ass was probable getting messy. I could feel her beginning to move her butt with small jerks while her breath was very irregular. Then she started moaning and grunting as I speeded up my plunges. Her body began jerking and I thought she was choking the way she was gasping for air.

I asked her, “Are you alright?”. She didn’t answer as her body was still jerking. With my cock buried deep in her pussy, I started shooting cum in her for the second time.

We soon relaxed and she opened her eyes. She said, “Hand some tissues to me so I can get up.”

I pulled out while she held tissues underneath. I saw my cum running out of her on to the tissues. I followed her into the bathroom where she sat on the commode.

I asked, “I was worried about you when your body began jerking and you seemed to be passing out.”

She responded, “You’re not used to a girl having an orgasm. Didn’t you realize a girl can lezbiyen porno have an orgasm and her body goes though sexual contortions very similar to the way a man’s body does?”

“I guess I never thought of it that way. Your orgasm seemed to be so intense.”

She quickly responded, “Yes, I enjoyed that one very much. I’ve missed having a man in me instead of a vibrator.”

She put her nighty back on and we walked in the kitchen.

“Andy, let’s have some breakfast before you decide you want to do it again.”

After we ate, I put the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher while mom cleaned up the food. Then we sat in the living room for more coffee.

To get the conversation going, she asked, “Well, now that you are no longer a virgin, what do you think about sex?”

“Mom, that was great. Does this mean I won’t need to masturbate and can sleep with you?”

“Well, we can have sex now and then, but I think we should sleep in separate bedrooms. I have to get my sleep during the night in order to get up and go to my job. There will be plenty of time in the evenings after dinner to take care of our needs.”

I was facing mom in the chair across the room. The short nighty was up to her butt, but I couldn’t see her pussy because she was sitting on it.

She noticed I was looking at her legs, “Son, are you ready for more sex this soon?”

From the way she expressed that question, I was a little embarrassed to say I was now ready.

I answered, “In a little while I want to do it again.”

“Son, why don’t you go out and mow the back yard while I get dressed and tidy up the house?”

“Alright, mom.”

I followed the mower around in the back yard for the next hour thinking about what had happened this morning. I had fucked my mother and it was wonderful. I wondered if it would be the same way with Janice. Guess I’ll never know until I marry her, if I ever do. My cock was beginning to get hard thinking about fucking my mother again today, maybe before lunch.

I was very sweaty when I went in the house. Mom suggested I strip off and shower before touching her.

I was in the shower when I heard her say, “I’m coming in the bathroom. When you step out of the shower, I’ll help you dry off.” My cock became hard again thinking about her holding my cock when I got out of the shower.

As I stepped out, mom handed a towel to me. She sat on the commode to dry my cock and balls. Her mouth was near my cock. I could see she took delight in looking at my cock and balls as she fondled them.

“Son, your cock in longer than your dad’s cock and it gets so much harder, too.”

She leaned forward to take the head in her mouth. I had seen pictures of this on the internet, but now my mom was here in person taking my cock in her mouth. She seemed very experienced the way she licked and sucked on it. I assume she had given dad many blow jobs.

She began to deep throat me, and at the same time pulled my butt toward her as if suggesting I could make back and forth movements to fuck her mouth. I took the hint and started vigorous back and forth movements as she fondled my balls to keep them from swinging. I could feel my cum beginning to eject out of my body as my knees became weak.

Mom held on to my butt so that I wouldn’t jerk out of her mouth as my cock spurted. She kept holding on to my legs to help steady my weak body while she sucked the last remaining cum from my cock. Evidently she consumed all of it because I never saw her spit any out. I don’t understand why dad left her when she was so sexy for him. That young girl he married must really be a wild sex pot to be better than mom.

She asked me, “Well, do you still like the birthday present I’m giving you today?”

“Oh, yes, mom”, I blurted out, “You are so very sexy and pretty for your age.”

“You didn’t have to add that last little bit, but I understand. I can’t compete with a girl your age in beauty. I assume I have more experience with sex and can understand what a man likes in bed.”

I quickly responded, “You sure know a lot about pleasing me. Guess there is something to be said about an older girl. On the internet they call her a mature woman.”

“Oh, so you look at the sexy pictures on the internet. You’ll have to show me sometime, maybe this afternoon. Right now get dressed and let’s have lunch.”

Later that afternoon, I was getting horny again. I asked Mom, “Did you want to look at pictures on the internet?”

“Sure, I’d like to see what’s out there.”

We went into my bedroom to turn on the computer. I found a site that showed Barely Legal girls. They were pretty young girls having sex with guys. I noticed mom was wide eyed, but wasn’t saying very much.

She asked, “You said there were mature girls on the internet.”

“Yes, mom, let me find them.” I surfed to find Moms and Grannies on one page. It showed older women being fucked by young boys my age. One grannie at least sixty years old was naked and giving a young boy a blow job.

Mom commented, “I didn’t know there were pictures like these for everyone to see.”

I executed a movie clip about a mom and son having sex. The clip ran for about ten seconds and showed a boy with his cock going back and forth in a forty year old naked lady.

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