Sex T.V.

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This story is for ADULT amusement only. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. If you are insulted by sexually explicit subject matter or language, please DO NOT read this!

This story is a work of fiction! It is not real! All characters and events portrayed in it are imaginary, and any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author does not condone or endorse incest in any way, shape or form!


This story may not be reproduced in any form without the permission of the author.

Copyright © 2008 L.A.Wicker. All rights reserved.

Edited by P_A_Solcrofft


In the not too distant future, television as we know it now, will be laughed at and quickly changed to the next channel. Reality shows will feature such things as, fighting to the death, public executions and of course, there will be the always popular road races with no rules, but the most popular show of all doesn’t feature someone dying or being killed, but it features sex and lots of money.

‘SEX TV’ finds people on the street willing to do any sexual act named for money, and it will be in the segment they call ‘Street Work’. The show is also fully interactive and viewers at home can submit comments, laugh at them, or whatever, but the best part is that they can vote to have you on the main show and you can really get paid a lot of money.

If a person or persons are asked to come on the main show, ‘SEX TV’ pays them thousands of dollars and it is tax free. The show’s producer is friends with the latest president and thanks to some very large money exchanges, the show breaks all laws and nothing is ever said.

Two people were walking towards the alley, when a girl jumped out from behind a truck, ten bright lights lit the night and two TV cameras came towards them.

“Hi guys, I’m Holly Lust from SEX TV and this is your lucky night!” Holly yelled and turned to smile into one of the two cameras. “How are you guys tonight?” Holly asked and looked over the young couple.

“We’re good, just finished watching a movie and were heading home.” The young guy replied and tried not looking at Holly’s big breasts.

“Awesome, so…what’s your guys’ names and are you a couple or just friends?” Holly asked and smiled at the guy.

“I’m Zack and this is my sister…s friend…um…Talin! We watch your show all the time and I have every episode! And you are sooo damn hot!” Zack stuttered to Holly. Talin hit him with her elbow. “We’re close friends and I hang out with her…brother and…she hangs out with my… sister and sometimes we go out with each other, but nothing else.” Zack added and gave Talin a big hug.

“Ohhh how sweet, but do you like each other enough to get crazy for me tonight and get nasty?” Holly said as she looked over Zack and his tall, muscular body, dark brown hair, dark eyes and a sexy smile. “How about you, Talin? Wouldn’t you like to go down on Zack and fuck him?” Holly growled, reaching between his legs and squeezed. “Holy fuck, this guy is packing a monster and I mean a god damn…monster!” Holly screamed and pulled Zack close to her. “I bet you’re ten inches…maybe more, am I right?” she asked with a sexy purr and turned towards Talin.

“So…Talin, what’s it like having ol’ Zack’s big, hard cock up you sexy cunt and fuckin’ you?” Holly asked the petite girl and looked into her blue/grey eyes. “Did it hurt the first time?” she teased and saw Talin give Zack a dirty look.

Talin looked at Zack, and she was going to kill him for this. “This is our first date, so…um…we haven’t done anything and I’m not sure if we ever will!” she snapped, giving Zack a quick slash with her eyes and she turned back to Holly.

“Oh fuck, Zack! That is bad, man! This girl is smokin’ hot and damn sexy! Hell, if I had a cock, I’d want to fuck you…Talin!” Holly said, as she hugged her, looking to her round face, her doe eyes and pouty lips.

Holly smiled and purred really loud. “Well, you know our show and how it works. Since this is your first date, I’m going to be easy on you.” Holly laughed, jiggled her large breasts towards the TV camera and looked at the sweet couple. “Talin and Zack, I will give you both, ten thousand dollars, each, if Talin will pull your cock out right here, stroke it and let you cum all over her very, very pretty face. Ten thousand bucks each and remember, thanks to Mr. Tommy Jones, the network president, it is all cash and tax free! So, you guys go over there and talk it over.”

Holly smiled, saw them both frowning and didn’t figure they’d go through with it. Every time she found a hot pair like Talin and Zack, they’d have morals or be fucking related to each other and wouldn’t fuck.

Zack pulled Talin close and thought of the money. “Hey, do you think you could, um, do it or not? That’s a lot of money, and we are flat broke!” he said to the blushing girl, and she playfully slapped his arm.

Talin heard him and her heart was pounding. She loved Zack and would love to jerk czech sharking porno him off, but if someone saw, there’d be hell to pay and a lot of explaining to do.

“Are you joking, Zack? We don’t know many people and have a ‘small’ family, but I’m still not sure about this and what could happen. The money would be really awesome, but…” Talin was saying and he cut her off.

“Screw it Talin, we need the cash and would it be so bad to, um, do that to me?” Zack said as he looked at Talin with sadness, and hoped she’d give in.

Talin pushed back her long, thin black hair and let out a sigh.

“Everybody watches that fuckin’ show Zack and I just don’t know. I don’t think it would be worth it.” Talin said and could feel her nipples getting hard. Her pussy was tingling, and it was getting very wet.

Zack wanted to beat Talin and make her do this, but he couldn’t force her and he gave up.

“Well, let’s go tell Holly and get going. I need a drink and to beat my head into a fuckin’ wall!” he laughed and walked towards the cameras and lights.

“Hey Holly, got some bad news,” Zack said. Holly grabbed his shoulders, shook him and gave him a playful slap on his right cheek.

“Don’t say it, don’t say it! If you tell me that Talin said no, I’m kickin’ your ass! You cannot let her get away with this! Talin! Get your sexy ass over here and explain to me why you won’t jerk Zack off. I mean hey-” Holly laughed, stepping back and looking Zack over again. He still looked good. and Holly was shocked. “Zack is kinda fuckin’ hot and if my guy didn’t get jealous I’d suck him off , then I’d fuck him till mornin’!” Holly said with a big grin and felt her face flush. “Do you hate him, does he stink or what, Talin? Or are you just into ‘cock teasin’ the poor guy?” Holly laughed and patted him on the back.

She heard Holly and Talin’s blood boiled. “No, I don’t cock tease him and he happens to smell really good!” she snapped back and gave Holly a cold look. “I don’t want to mess up our relationship and have us end up hating each other! I really care for Zack and that’s worth more to me than some money.” Talin added, and she turned to hug him.

Zack held Talin. His long cock grew against her stomach and he reached to hold her face up.

“You are so sweet and I’m lucky to have you Talin, but I don’t think if we do this it could ever mess us up. If anything, I think we’ll be closer,” Zack said as he pushed a long strand of Talin’s hair behind her right ear and he lightly kissed her lips.

Holly felt tears in her eyes, and she noticed that Talin had them too

“Oh Talin, that is sooo fuckin’ sweet,” Holly gushed, “and that guy is in love with you! Wow! You should do this for the poor guy. Look at his cock and see how hard he is!” Holly stepped to Zack and eased Talin back. “Oh yeah, look at it Talin, and that shit is just from hugging you girl!” she laughed and had to see these guys hook up. “Ok, I will give you twelve grand, a two week vacation where ever you want to go and all expenses paid!” Holly blasted out without thinking and hoped Tommy wouldn’t get mad at her.

Zack heard and his jaw dropped. “Talin, did you hear that, baby and what she said about the two week vacation? You’ve always wanted to see Washington in the summer time and this is your chance! Nobody will see it. Please, Talin?” he got down on his knees and held her hands.

Talin’s head was spinning and she was scared, but all that money, and the trip, was just too much to pass up. She loved Zack, and she could see that he really wanted this.

“I’ll do it for you,” she said with a soft with whisper and a smile. “Do you want to stay standing or sit on that stack of bricks?” Talin felt her throat tighten, and her mouth was now dry. Zack looked over to the bricks, pointed and they walked to them. “Are you sure, Talin?” he asked, unzipping his jeans and pulling them down.

“Oh my god!” Holly exclaimed. “I fuckin’ knew it! Zack, you are a hunk, buddy! And Talin, you made the right choice!” she smiled, caressed Talin’s face, and gave her a little kiss. “Ok, just have fun and take all the time you want!”

Zack sat down, and Talin slowly knelt between his legs.

Holly motioned for the camera guys and whispered to them., “You guys get lots of close ups, and keep one camera on Talin’s hands at all times!”

Holly went back towards the young couple. “Wow, look at it Talin, and how hard he’s getting! He fuckin’ wants you baby, and after you jerk him off,he’s gunna follow you home like a lost puppy and never leave!” Holly laughed and reached to squirt some oil on Zack’s pulsing cock-shaft.

Talin laughed at Holly’s words as she slowly lifted her trembling hands to him. “He is very big and getting bigger,” she said, and carefully clasped her ten fingers around his shaft. “Oh god, I can only get my fingers half way around him!” she smiled. She then looked up to Zack’s face, and he smiled. She felt as if she was holding a giant sausage that had just been pulled off the grill czech streets porno and placed in her trembling hands. “Oh Zack!” she moaned, squeezing him, and Talin started to stroke him.

Zack held his breath and bit his hand. “Oh shit, Talin, oh god!” he moaned as her tiny hands wrapped around his shaft. she squeezed and started stroking him. “You’ll ever know what this means to me,” He watched her beautiful eyes sparkle.

Talin smiled at him and squeezed.

“Mmmm, you enjoy, my baby, and I’ll make it really nice for you!” Talin purred as her oiled fingers slid up and down his massive ten inch cock. “Zack, it’s sooo fuckin’ hard…is it for me, your Talin? Hum? Tell me, Zack, please!” she purred with the sexist voice she could, but Talin was only an eighteen year old girl, she didn’t know that much or what to do.

He watched her eyes, and Talin’s words filled his ears. “Yes, it’s always hard for you, Talin, and nobody else!” Zack moaned, enjoying her loving hands, as they slid up and down his oiled shaft.

“Awe, that’s so sweet Zack!” Talin moaned, as she stroked him and leaned forward. She loved him so much! “Kiss me Zack and think about coming on me!” she said and kissed him for over a minute.

“Oh my god, you are hot baby and we may have to make this a regular thing! Would you like that, hmm?” Talin whispered, thinking of jerking him off every day and how hot it would be. She squeezed harder and started twisting his cock-head.

Holly walked to Talin, sat down on her knees and watched her jerking off Zack. “Is it good, Talin?” she asked with a low and very lustful voice. “You like jerkin’ that big, hard, fuck-stick? Do you, baby?” She pushed some hair from Talin’s face.

“Yeah, I love it and I’m glad I changed my mind,” she moaned and flashed Holly a quick smile. Talin was lost in the feel of Zack’s cock in her hands, and she was dying to see him come.

“I’m betting my ass that you two are going to blow my ratings through the fuckin’ roof!” Holly laughed, as she watched Talin jerking Zack’s cock. She leaned over to look closer. “Turn your hand around and jerk him back-handed!” She moaned as Talin turned both her hands around and she pulled faster.

“Is this the best cock you’ve ever had?” Holly asked.

Talin smiled.

“Oh god, yes!” Talin moaned, and she pumped Zack’s hard, throbbing cock faster, and hoped she was doing it right.

“How many cocks have you had, sweetheart?” Holly asked Talin, and waited for her reply.

Talin laughed, turned to Holly, and smiled. “Only one!”

“Oh my fuckin’ god, do you mean to say you’re a freakin’ virgin?” Holly gasped, and she found her heart pounding in excitement. “Did you hear that shit, Zack? Yours is her ‘first’ cock!”

Holly laughed, and watched Zack smile at Talin.

Talin’s face turned bright red and she nodded. “Yeah,” she whispered and felt Zack’s cock jerk.

“Oh fuck! She’s a fuckin’ virgin!” Holly yelled out, stood up and started dancing around, knowing that these two young kids, just made her the number one show in the country and that they were going to be stars. “I can’t wait for you guys to ‘cum’ on my show and I know you’ll be on, one way or another!” Holly said with a grin and heard Zack moan.

“I’ve been saving it for…Zack!” Talin whispered and felt tears in her eyes. Zack loved what Talin said and hoped she wasn’t just saying that to make him cum. “Oh Talin, yeah, I love you!” he moaned as her tiny hands pleasured him and her sexy eyes never left his. Her pretty, blue/grey eyes and they were staring into his soul and making Zack harder.

Talin watched Zack and his handsome face.

“Mmmm, god…I love to feel the blood as it rushes through you Zack and I think of it being hard…for me.” Talin purred and her hands went faster. “Oh Zack, I want my baby to cum and you can do it anywhere! On my tiny boobs, in my face or…” she stopped, looked deeper into his eyes and Talin licked her lips. “I’ll even let you cum in my…mouth! Would you like that? Hum baby?” she asked with a low purr, as she pumped his shaft and Talin opened her mouth. “Cum in my…mouth!” she purred, pumped harder and leaned to kiss his cock-head.

Zack was lost in her words and when Talin kissed his cock, he blew and he blew hard.

“Baby, open your…mouth!” he yelled, stood up and came hard. Over five years of suffering and being alone. “Oh Talin, I love you, I love you!” Zack yelled, as squirt after squirt sprayed in her mouth and he watched her swallowing it all.

Talin heard him and she wanted to climb inside Zack. She kept pumping him and without thinking, her mouth locked around Zack’s cock-head and she started sucking like a vacuum cleaner. She sucked and sucked, not thinking or caring about anything, but Zack and she was his now.

Holly stood on the side and her eyes were popping from her skull. “Holy mother of fuck! You guys are going to make my fuckin’ ratings even higher than they already are!” she yelled and moved to sit with Talin on the czech super models porno ground. “Wow girl, I told you, didn’t I! That guy fuckin’ loves you and there is no hiding it!” Holly said as she wiped a tiny drop of Zack’s cum from Talin’s lower lip and rubbed it on the young girls’ lips.

“He’s silly and should go after somebody else.” Talin said, feeling her face turning red and she licked her lips.

“If you say so girl, but only a fool would let that boy and cock get away!” Holly said and stood back up. “Time to vote people, do they deserve a one, two, three, four or a blistering number five! I know what I’d give them!” Holly moaned, as she fanned her face with one hand and the other started fanning by her pussy.

“And…we’re out!” she said and all the lights went out. “Ok guys, that shit was hot as fuck and I’m sure you’ll be voted to come on the main show. Is that cool with you and if it is, I’ll need your phone numbers and contact info.” Holly said as she grabbed a cold beer from the network truck, drank half of it down and told them all of the details.

Zack looked at Talin and she pulled him close. “No Zack, you lie and give her fake info!” she whispered in his ear and wanted to leave.

He heard Talin and figured he best do as told. “Yeah, I think we could do that!” Zack smiled and after zipping up, he gave Holly fake contact info and they parted ways with their money. “She said it would be on sometime this week and I’m glad they pay in cash or we wouldn’t have got crap! I still can’t believe that you’ll finally get your dream of going to see Washington!” Zack stopped, grabbed Talin and pulled her into his arms. “Thank you, it was really nice and I hope I never forget it,” he whispered, leaned to her and lightly kissed her on the lips.

Talin felt as if she was floating on air and her young heart was fluttering. “You’re welcome, baby and…um…I liked doing it for…you too,” she replied and knew her face had to be red from embarrassment.

Zack held Talin and he wanted to tell her just how much he loved her, but he couldn’t and it tore him in two. “Did you mean what you said…about…making it a regular thing and…” he paused to brush a string of her hair behind Talin’s left ear and he looked into her eyes.

Talin heard Zack and she wanted to pee in her panties. “Did you really…like it, Zack?” she asked with a teasing, little smile and hugged him. “Maybe, we’ll see ’bout that!” Talin giggled with a low voice, enjoying him growing hard again and Talin knew it was for her. Zack held her and caressed her face. “And…the other thing about…saving yourself for me? Is that true or was it just to help me…cum…faster?” he asked and hoped it was true , but they couldn’t do anything together.

Talin smiled and her juices were running down her thighs. “I don’t know…um…maybe, maybe not,” she purred, chewed her lower lip and knew they had to get going. “Come on, we need to hurry up!” she said and they walked on.


The screen went to a close-up of Holly’s big boobs, she shook them at the camera and the audience went wild. “Thank you, thank you!” she laughed and shook her boobs more.

“Alright, already…I’ve got a wild show for you tonight and I promise my ass…you guys are going to cum in your fuckin’ pants!” she yelled and walked back and forth across the stage. “Last night, my people and I went roaming the city!” she yelled out and the people went crazy. “We found a hot, young couple going home from the movies and after some persuasion, I got this hot little chick by the name of…Talin to…um…., but wait…wait a minute and you’ll have to wait!” she paused to look into the camera and flashed her white teeth. “After talking to her for a few minutes…I found out that, she was a freakin’ virgin and it was the first cock that this little hottie had ever…well, you’ll see!” Holly yelled out and the people in the studio were crazy yelling too. “But, you gotta wait…you know how we work, all the really good shit is last and that way, we keep you guys watching and buying all the dumb things that pay to advertize on our show! He-he-he!” she giggled and watched her producer going crazy. “Ok, so our first treat for you tonight is, a young black guy we found and a hot white lady that was walking by…enjoy!” Holly said and they played the video.

“Damn it, Holly! You can’t keep saying shit like that! Our sponsors are already pissed off at you and that didn’t help much!” Kyle, the show’s producer said as he followed Holly towards her dressing room. “You have to stop saying shit like that or we may lose them!” he added as she flashed him a smiled and went to change.

“Oh shit, Kyle, they won’t leave the country’s top show and after tonight…we will be on fire and nobody will come close to touching us! You’ll see in a little while!” Holly smiled and went into her dressing room to change.

Kyle just shook his head, hoping this couple Holly found is as hot as she claims and it wasn’t just a plot to keep people watching. “I can’t believe she wouldn’t show anybody the fucking CD and that we’re putting it on without seeing it first!” Kyle said and back went towards the stage. “People, we have five minutes until we go ‘live’ again, so be ready!” he yelled out and watched the stage being transformed into a romantic-looking bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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