Sex Ed

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…Happy Birthday tooo, yooooou! Angela took the deepest breath possible and leaned forward, blowing out all eighteen candles with one breath.

She was laughing as she leaned back in her chair, her straightened fingers covering her mouth as if she was a bit embarrassed while friends and family that were gathered around the table cheered and clapped. Her mother, Molly, stood to give Angela a big kiss on the cheek.

“I can’t believe my baby’s all grown up!” Molly exclaimed, her voice cracking a bit with emotion.

After filling up on cake and ice cream, the party was moved to the back patio where the adults sat and talked while the kids played games and chased each other around the yard.

I found a nice quiet spot at the back of the yard on a bench beside Molly’s flower garden. As I watched the festivities I saw Molly walking toward me with two glasses of wine. I smiled as she handed me one before sitting next to me.

“So what are you doing back here all be yourself?” Molly teased. “Being antisocial are we?”

Laughing, I said, “No, it was just that your Uncle Billy was telling me all about his hip replacement surgery, for the third time.” I said quietly as I leaned into her.

“Oh, no!” Molly laughed. “I’m so sorry!”

“That’s OK,” I assured her. “Besides, I love sitting here in your garden. It’s so beautiful!”

“Awww, thank you!” Molly replied with a smile. “I do love working on it. It’s very therapeutic.”

We sat quietly for a while before Molly broke the silence.

“Eric, how long have you been friends with our family?”

“Oh wow, let me think.” I replied. “I would say it’s been at least fifteen years. Ever since I started doing your financial planning.”

“And do you know why we home schooled Angela?” Molly asked, as the mood of the conversation seemed to be taking a serious turn.

“Well, yeah, I think so since we have discussed this before.” I replied. “It was because you thought you could give her a better education than she could get from the public schools. And by the way, you did a great job. She’s the smartest kid I know!”

“She is!” Molly beamed. “I am so proud of her! But that’s not the only reason.”

She continued, “Kids are not the same as they were a generation or two ago. Many don’t have good parents and are not disciplined or taught how to behave in a respectful way. Some are just downright animals and are vicious bullies and sexual predators. Especially in a big city school like the one she would have gone to.”

“Yeah, I would have to agree with you.” I interjected.

“Now some people have accused me of stunting her socially, but that’s not true!” Molly insisted. “Angela has lots of friends, but they are ones her father and I approve of.”

“I can’t argue with that.” I answered in agreement. “In fact I have always thought that Angela was one of the most well adjusted kids I have ever known. She and I have had many wonderful conversations, and I know a lot of teens that aren’t comfortable talking to adults.”

Molly smiled at me. “Well, Angela loves you, you know. We all do.”

I returned her smile. “And I love you guys too.”

“Which leads me to what I wanted to talk to you about.” Molly continued.

I sat quietly, feeling a bit concerned.

“During our home schooling sessions, we have had some, well, Sex Ed classes for lack of a better term.” Molly explained. “Since we are so protective of her, you might think I’m a prude when it comes to sex, but nothing could be further from the truth.”

“Oh heck, I never thought you were a, well. you know…uh, don’t let me interrupt,” I stammered, “you were saying?”

“I want her to have a great sex life. I want her to be comfortable with herself as a sexual being, and to be able to express her sexuality in whatever way gives her the most pleasure, even if it’s with the same sex.” Molly explained passionately. “I think too many people have a frustrated, unfulfilled sex life because they grew up being told that sex was dirty and wrong. Don’t you agree?”

“Oh, yes…YES! You are absolutely right on the…barrel head with that one for sure!” I replied, tripping over my words as I tugged at my collar.

“Relax Eric!” Molly said, smiling at my uneasiness. “We can discuss these things like adults, can’t we?”

“Of course we can.” I replied trying to relax a bit. “You just took me by surprise, that’s all.”

“Well, try to hang on to that relaxed demeanor because here comes the big part.” Molly warned. “Angela is eighteen now and I think it’s time for her Sex Ed classes to be, well, more ‘hands on’ if you will. And we would like you to help out with that.”

There was suddenly a tension you could cut with a knife. Molly looked casually at me with a pleasant smile as I sat dumbfounded, my mouth hanging open.

“Well, I can see you are curious,” Molly understated, “so this is how it would work. So far our classes have involved anatomy and there have been a couple of sessions where we were both nude so I could teach her about her body. czech first video porno We have practiced with dildos so that her first sexual experience wouldn’t be painful, but we haven’t taken it too far yet. Angela has never had an orgasm.”

“We have watched some tasteful soft core porn together, so she has a good idea of what men and women do with each other. It’s time though that now she is mature enough, I want her to learn how to have sex in a safe and loving environment. That’s why we need your help.”

“So…you want me to have sex with your daughter?” I asked in a way that made it sound like I must have misheard what she said.

“Yes, and me too of course.” Molly replied. “Some techniques we will demonstrate for her before she gives it a try. So what do you say Eric? Can we count on you?”

With my legs now crossed and my elbow fidgeting across my lap in an attempt to disguise my raging boner, I think I squeaked out something like, “Sure, why not?”


I arrived at their house making sure I was punctual. I sure didn’t want to be late for class on this day. As I rang the doorbell, Angela opened the door to greet me.

“Hi Mr. Jensen!” She beamed with a big bouncy smile.

“OK, first of all, we are all adults now so please, call me Eric”

“OK…”Eric.” Wow, that’s going to take some getting used to!” She giggled.

We walked into the living room where Molly was waiting for us. Seeing the two of them together would leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that they were mother and daughter.

They were both tall and slender. Molly’s figure was curvy while Angela’s had a more adolescent appearance with narrow hips and very small breasts. They both had straight, raven hair worn just past their shoulders, and had brown eyes and dark complexions that became very deep in the summer.

“Well!” Molly exclaimed. “I don’t think we need any small talk here. Besides, Angela has been waiting a long time for this.”

“Yeah! Like eighteen years!” Angela replied with a bit of sarcasm as we all laughed nervously.

“Well OK then,” Molly announced. “Lets get out of these clothes.”

Without hesitation Angela grabbed at her T-shirt, pulling it up and over her head. She was already tugging on the button of her shorts when she scolded us. “What are you guys waiting for?”

Molly and I looked each other and laughed. I shrugged as I pulled off my shirt while Molly did the same. Within minutes we found ourselves standing in a triangle, completely naked. Angela stared at my crotch with great fascination.

Normally I would be hard as a rock with two gorgeous women standing naked before me, but opposing the urge to get hard was an equal tendency for my dick to retreat like a frightened turtle in the face of this freaky and somewhat scary situation. The average result was a nicely filled out flaccid cock that hung at it’s maximum soft length. A very flattering look indeed!

“Well then, there it is.” Molly announced, trying to be as matter of fact as possible. “Let’s sit down on the couch. Eric, you sit in the middle.”

“Mmmmm… I like this.” Angela observed. “This is not just a sandwich, but a MANwich! Hahahaha!”

“OK Angela, that is enough silliness.” Molly replied through a grin she couldn’t suppress.

Molly continued, “I know this might seem like jumping into the deep end of the pool right away, but I think Angela should explore your cock to see what it feels like when it’s soft, because before long she won’t have the chance if you know what I mean.”

“So would that be OK Mr. Jens… I mean Eric? Angela inquired.

“Of course it would be sweetie.” I replied softly. “Please do.”

I put my arm around her shoulders as she scooted in next to me, extending her hand to place her fingers on my soft shaft, exploring the textures. Moving out to the end she squeezed the head, fascinated by it’s soft spongy feel.

“Oh my God!” She exclaimed excitedly. “It’s getting bigger! Am I doing that? Is that because of me?!”

“It sure is!” I assured her, feeding into her excitement. “You obviously have the magic touch!”

With a huge smile on her face she instinctively wrapped her hand around it and started to slowly stroke it up and down as she felt it stiffen and harden under her touch.

“Holy shit!” Angela exclaimed. “It was soft just a couple of minutes ago and now it’s rock hard!”

Angela leaned into me and spoke softly into my ear. “So Eric, how do you like the feel of my hand stroking your hard fucking cock?”

I turned to Molly and exclaimed, “Did you hear what your daughter just said to me?”

Molly laughed and explained, “I told Angela that during sex, anything goes. Dirty talk just adds to the experience.”

“Eric,” Molly suggested, why don’t you give Angela some digital stimulation?”

As Angela stroked my cock, I reached down between her legs, sliding my middle finger down through her smooth slit, separating her moist tender lips that were czech game porno as soft as rose petals. As I moved further downward I curled my finger under, finding the entrance to her tight little pussy, invading it with just the first joint of my finger to massage the opening.

“Oh shit, Eric!” Angela moaned, arching her back and opening her legs. “That feels amazing!”

I looked over at Molly and though she was watching the proceedings with a smile on her face I couldn’t help but think she was feeling a bit left out right now.

Since I was hot for teacher anyway, I slid my hand over her soft tummy and ran my finger tip over her clit, circling it and teasing the swollen bead from under it’s hood.

“Mmmm, that’s nice, Eric.” Molly purred as she leaned into me, resting her head on my shoulder.

Molly completed the chain by cupping her hand over the head of my cock, rubbing the spongy flesh between two fingers and her thumb, giving special attention to my V, flicking it lightly with her fingertip.

I laid back, my head resting on the top of the couch with my eyes closed, feeling the sensory overload starting to overwhelm me. My hips began to spasm involuntarily, thrusting my cock upward, fucking their hands.

“OK guys, we need to take a short break here or we’re going to loose Eric, and it’s too soon for that.” Molly said.

After a short breather, Molly continued, “Eric, why don’t you give Angela some oral?”

For the first time, Angela appeared bashful and withdrawn.

“I’m sure that would feel good,” Angela admitted, “but I don’t want him to put his face down there because it’s sticky and smelly and gross.”

I looked at Angela and said, “Sweetie, believe me. Anyone that cared enough about you to be your lover would think that is the most wonderful place on earth, and would not think it would be gross.”

“Well…maybe, but Mom, could you at least do it first?” Angela asked softly.

Molly smiled and replied, “Sure honey, if that would make you feel more comfortable.”

Now if I had heard that exchange from any other mother and daughter, I would have been shocked. But coming from these two, knowing what a close, intimate bond they had, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world.

Molly got down on the floor and walked on all fours over to Angela. Smiling up at her daughter she gently opened her legs wide before snuggling in between them.

“Baby, I haven’t seen this much of you since I changed your diapers.” Molly teased.

“Mom!! I can’t believe you just said that!” Angela replied in horror.

“I’m sorry baby.” Molly apologized. “The truth is you have a gorgeous pussy.”

Molly placed some soft kisses along her thigh. “And it has a heavenly scent.”

She slid the tip of her tongue through the lips of her open slit, licking upward over her clit. “And a wonderful, sweet taste.”

Angela smiled as she flinched from the first touch of her mother’s tongue.

Molly covered Angela’s tiny pussy with her mouth, licking and sucking on her delicate lips as her daughter’s back arched with her chest and tiny breasts jutted forward.

I brought my face to her right breast and engulfed her small, boyish nipple in my mouth, teasing it between my teeth.

Amid the intense sensations from between her legs, I moved my face up to hers to kiss her sweet, tender lips, our tongues finding each other in an instant, melding together with a passion that surprised us both.

We looked into each other’s eyes as our lips finally parted. Without averting her gaze she spoke. “Mom, I would like Eric to take over now.”

“Sure honey, of course.” Molly replied, looking at me and smiling.

Molly and I got up to trade places and as she snuggled in close to Angela, I positioned myself between her legs as they both watched me in anticipation.

I placed my hands under her legs behind her knees and lifted them up and back while spreading them wide, my eyes glued to her tiny virgin twat which was now pointed straight up at me.

I stiffened my tongue and immediately slid it deep into her tight love tunnel, making several long strokes. Angela whimpered and whined as she squirmed from the intense sensations, the sounds rising in pitch with each stroke. Adding to what her mother had started I could tell it would not be long now.

Molly brought her hand down onto Angela’s breast, kneading it gently as she pinched her tiny, erect nipple between her finger and thumb.

As Angela’s breathing became deeper and quicker she exclaimed, “Mom, I’m starting to feel really different, like it’s getting to be just too much!”

“It’s OK baby, don’t try to fight it.” Molly told her reassuringly. “Just let the feelings flow over you.”

No sooner had those words escaped her lips than Angela’s whimpers changed to a shaky high pitched scream as her torso jerked upward, her thighs trembling. Her head was thrown back and her face wore a tight grimaced expression. Her hips twitched upward uncontrollably several czech gangbang porno times before her orgasm began to slowly dissipate.

With the tension gone from her body, her limp form collapsed back onto the couch.

“Holy mother fucking fuck, that was awesome!!” Angela exclaimed breathlessly. “I want to do that all day long!”

As we laughed Molly replied, “And I have a feeling you will.”

After giving Angela a few minutes to compose herself, Molly turned to her daughter and asked, “Do you remember when I told you that sometimes girls like to have sex with other girls?”

Angela nodded.

“Do you think you would like to make me cum like you just did?”

Angela’s eyes lit up. “Do you really think you would cum if I licked you?!”

“Oh, I’m more than a little sure I would.” Molly said as she took Angela’s face into her hands. “There is no one I would rather cum for than my sweet girl.”

Molly scooted back to the end of the couch and I moved in closely to her as Angela got down on the floor to sit between her Mother’s legs. Molly smiled lovingly as she opened her legs wide, the lips of her pussy opening like a flower as an invitation to her daughter.

Angela smiled as she explored the soft skin of Molly’s inner thighs, sliding her hands gently toward the center before moving up and over her legs, to now change directions, caressing and sliding past her knees.

She then started placing soft kisses along her thigh, just as her Mother had done for her.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice, baby.” Her mother cooed.

Angela playfully kissed Molly’s pussy before she took her tongue to separate her meaty labia and lapped upward through her wet slit and up over her clit as she got a good taste of her mother’s nectar.

“That feels wonderful baby. Now move up to the top and lick my clit.” Molly instructed.

Angela dutifully obliged as she used her thumbs to pull apart the folds, exposing her mother’s tight, swollen bead that was now mostly exposed from it’s fleshy covering.

She used the tip of her tongue to dance over the top of it, circling then licking.

“Oh fuck, yes baby girl!” Molly exclaimed as she started to lose control, writhing on the couch cushion. “Keep licking my cunt just like that!”

Angela responded to the encouragement by increasing her speed and intensity, exploring every fold and crevice.

At this time I took Molly’s breast into my hand and while hefting it I brought my head down and took her stiff nipple into my mouth, sucking on it and nibbling it between my teeth.

“OK Angela, now take two fingers and put them inside me as far as they will go then move them in and out.”

Again Angela complied and pushed two fingers deep inside her mother’s pussy. She loved how her slick, smooth walls felt on her fingers. She then rhythmically stroked Molly’s cunt with great zeal as she continued to lick her clit.

“Oh, fuck yessss!” Molly wailed with helpless abandon. “Fuck Mommy with your fingers, baby! Yes, just like that! That’s my good girl!”

Molly worked her hips up and down to rub her cunt all over Angela’s face as she finally screamed out, “I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum on your face, baby!”

Molly let out a guttural groan and her chest flushed beet red as she came hard, the contractions squeezed tightly around Angela’s fingers and her hand felt suddenly warm as her mother’s pee flowed uncontrollably.

As Molly’s contractions subsided, Angela withdrew her fingers and sat back with a big smile on her face.

“That was awesome, Mom!” Angela exclaimed, giggling with joy. “I really made you cum!”

“You sure did, baby. You were amazing!” Then Molly added, “But look at you! You are such a mess! I’m so sorry! Come up here and give me a hug!

She took Angela’s hand and pulled her up onto the couch before wrapping her arms around her, holding her sweet naked body against hers.

“You know how much I love you, don’t you?” Molly whispered into her ear as she gently patted Angela’s bottom.

As they laid together in a warm afterglow, Molly finally looked over at me and said to Angela, “Is that the saddest thing you’ve ever seen?”

As Angela turned her head and looked down at my still hard cock she gasped. “Did he cum already?!”

“No baby, that’s called precum.” Molly explained. “That’s when just a little bit of semen leaks out during sex. But one thing is for sure. That cock has been neglected for too long. There are a lot of other things we could still teach you but I believe we will save them for later. I think we will move on to the grand finale while Eric stills has a bit of stamina left.”

“You mean fucking?!” Angela squealed with excitement.

“Yes baby, having intercourse.” Molly corrected gently. “Now I’ll show you how we are going to do it. Eric will sit there and you will straddle his hips, facing him. Then you can lower yourself down onto him. The good thing about this position as that you can control the rate of penetration so that you can make it comfortable for yourself. I’ll go first so you can see how it’s done.”

Molly threw her leg over me and started to lower herself as I grabbed the base of my cock to guide it in. As my head parted her wet lips, she relaxed and allowed herself to descend slowly, engulfing my cock until she was resting on my hips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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