Sensual Siblings

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Sensual Siblings

Bursting from the water, the wildcat gasped for air, lungs working furiously after being underwater for too long. He shook water from his ears and blinked up at the sun, gaze sweeping the gently lapping waves that stretched around him. The gentle slap of water rang soothing and he blinked sleepily, lulled into doziness in the rocking arms of the ocean pool. A resort in the Maldives had not been Cadman’s first choice for a solo vacation – hey, he would get the chance to meet up with long-distance friends a bit later on – but he certainly did not find himself regretting the warm sun and clear waters.

Cads swam to the edge of the natural oceanic pool and propped his arms up on the boardwalk to peer over the top, water dripping from his light brown striped fur to darken the pale wood. The salt water made his nose twitch and he fought down the urge to sneeze, soaked fur sticking to his body. Above the water, the heat beat down on him as if daring him to submit below the waves again and he growled softly, his mewl nearer to that of a kitten than a wildcat. He was more used to his home in the United Kingdom than this tropical climate and still found it difficult to adjust to the temperature as sunshine tickled his fur.

He kicked his hind paws lightly beneath the water, which was so clear and blue that he could see right down to the sandy white grains on the bottom. Silver fish flickered by in a school that moved almost too quickly for the eye to see and was gone as soon as he took note of them. His fur wafted weightlessly, floating away from his skin as if he was perfectly dry or even freefalling through open air. Darker stripes layered his body, running out from his spine, and he rubbed his nose against his arm, tongue snaking out mindlessly to bathe his own fur in long, relaxing laps. Cads’ ears slanted to either side of his head as he purred, muscles unknotting as his environment soothed his eyes after spending so many work days in front of a computer screen.

So lost was he in his reverie that he failed to pay attention to the otters sprawled upon the red and white striped deck chairs some distance away. Though they were male and female, the duo was similar in size and appearance, with even their whiskers trembling in like fashion. Living practically in each other’s back pockets, the twins knew the other more intimately than they knew themselves – even strangers had commented on it! Jayne flaked out on the sun bed and rolled her body into a sinuous arch that only the flexibility of an otter could make natural, so aggressive was the twist of her body. Sighing softly as the sun gleamed on her finely combed, brown fur, she pushed her sunglasses up her muzzle, balancing them there as the clips that would normally hold them in place on her head dangled loosely at the sides.

Her twin brother, Sean, was a side less relaxed than she, tail slapping the arm of the sun bed several times in swift succession. The male, who wriggled his toes every two seconds, shifted his weight, eyes darting too quickly between his book and the water, though his mind was not on swimming. Salt dried into his fur and he shook his head, hunching his shoulders forward as he struggled to focus, an uncomfortable swelling between his thighs making movement unwholesome. He should really have slipped into the water to hide his embarrassment yet he couldn’t bear to move and lose his view of the feline drifting oh so near, the closest he had been all holiday.

He tried not to look, he really did. He would have told anyone the same such in hindsight. Yet, in the moment, the temptation was too great and the otter groaned, making his sister’s ears perk up. Sean popped his muzzle up over the top edge of his book, nose quivering as he strove to look as if he was not really looking.

“You see him?” He whispered, voice carrying more than intended: the otter winced.

Heaving a sigh, Jayne propped herself up on one elbow and looked over the top of her sunglasses, rolling her brown eyes as if she had seen the display a thousand times before. Sean shook his head and scrambled over his sun bed to sit pressed to his sister’s legs, muscles trembling in nervous excitement that had him chirping like a cub all over again. He prodded his sister’s thigh with a high pitched giggle.

“Don’t look!”

“I’ll look if I want to, Sean.” She rolled her eyes a second time and sat up straighter, staring boldly at the wildcat that was yet to take note of them. “He’s busy anyway. Ogle all you want, sweet brother of mine.”

Sean licked his lips, pink tongue flicking out over a nose as black as the ocean depths.

“What if he sees?”

He almost sounded xvideos porno as if he wanted the feline to see, to turn his head and lock those sparkling blue eyes with his, allow him to fall into their depths. He had watched in the restaurant and near enough been caught staring the previous night, wondering just how the feline would feel moving over his back, his cock nudging open his tail hole to plunge in with a slick thrust. Sean squirmed and pressed a paw between his thighs, only sparing a partial glance for his sister. To him, there was little point in imagining and the thought stirred sadness in his belly, frustration rising up as he leaned forward, aching to get to his paws and move. He wouldn’t do it though. He would never make the first move, though he would imagine how it would go over and over again. Sean would play out a scene perfectly in his head exactly the way he wanted to go and never lift a paw to put it into action.

Keeping a careful eye on her brother, judging just when she needed to step in, Jayne stretched out the kinks from her arms with an overhead stretch, bosom rising up within her black bikini top as if to show off her femininity. In the beauty of the Maldives, she could have been a goddess from the ocean shaking droplets of water from her fur.

“You’re going to burn a hole in his trunks staring like that.”

He whipped his head around, eyes darkly accusing.

“You said it was okay to look!” He snapped as Jayne scooted closer to him, a wicked smirk dancing on her lips, so subtle that he could have missed it if she had been anyone other than his sister.

“Sure it is – where was there ever any harm in looking?” Jayne counted, slinking an arm around his waist as she sat beside him on the edge of his sun lounger. “It’s the getting caught that’s the fun part. And all that comes after, dear Sean…”

She pushed his book down to tumble on to the wooden boardwalk with a soft thud of pages.

“What if he sees?” Sean repeated with a wriggle that pushed his rump into his sister’s hip.

Leaning in closer, Jayne rested her chin on his shoulder, breath tickling the otter’s rounded ear.

“Then he knows you’re interested.”

“I don’t even know if I want him to know I’m interested yet!”

Wickedly, Jayne nudged her twin’s book closer to the edge of the boardwalk with a bare hind paw, pushing it cruelly close to the edge. Heart pounding, the male otter’s eyes shot wide, his body in motion before his mind caught up. Squeaking, he half-lunged for it, pausing with his paw a fraction of an inch from it as he caught sight of a feline head turning and a pair of eyes landing squarely upon him. The otter gulped and closed his eyes as waves slapped the boardwalk, water sloshing off Cads’ body as he pulled himself seamlessly from the water some distance down the boards.

Jayne sat back, yanking Sean with her with an arm around his shoulders even as he swiped helplessly for his book. He growled and shot her a look, heart in his mouth as paws padded along the boards, closer and closer. One of these days…

“Leave it! And be quiet!” Jayne sniped, slapping his rudder with her hind paw. “He’s coming by.”

The wildcat stalked along the boardwalk lazily, his stride comfortable as the wooden planks had been fixed to the seabed when the resort had first been built, only maintained as necessary. He flexed his paws, enjoying the warm feel of the wood beneath them, as he approached the otters – surprisingly much shorter than he – that took such an interest in him. He had noticed their looks throughout the resort, though it seemed to be relatively quiet in the off-peak season so there were fewer travellers to chat too. They must have been lonely, just the two of them travelling together for a glaze of a heated holiday.

Sean gulped and looked up shyly at the taller wildcat as Cadman stood near, a smile perking up his whiskers.

“Hello,” Cadman said pleasantly, long tail swishing and dripping water all over the boardwalk. “Are you on holiday together?”

Jayne jabbed her brother in the ribs, dropping Cads a wink that he didn’t quite catch as he slipped his gaze between the two otters, waiting on an answer. Sean squeaked.

“Y-yes, we are,” Sean answered after a pause that was longer than necessary, blood rushing to his cheeks: thank the heavens for fur! “We come here every year, whenever we can.”

“I guess the open water is a lure,” Cads agreed, flicking his ears. “If that’s not too forward to assume. Are you two brother and sister?”

Sean bobbed his muzzle so slightly that the motion could not be discerned by the casual eye. Sighing, Jayne slunk her arm closer around his body and leaned into him, tilting his muzzle up with one paw so that he looked the kindly concerned wildcat in the eye.

“Twins.” Jayne answered for Sean, arm squeezing tighter around his waist to rest her paw on the curve of his hip. “We tend to take our holidays together. We’re very…close.”

“That’s yerli porno nice,” Cadman rubbed the back of his neck, muscles flexing as he twisted his lips in thought. “Say, would you like to join me for dinner tonight? I’m on my own, you see, and it would be great to have some company.” He paused. “That’s not weird, right?”

“Not weird at all,” Jayne purred, flicking out her tongue to lick her lips. “We’d be delighted to join you…”

She paused, expectancy stretching out between them.

“Oh!” The wildcat chuckled to himself. “Cadman. But you can call me Cads, it’s what I usually go by.”

“Nice to know who we’re talking to,” Jayne smirked, nudging her brother as if to prompt him into action. “I’m Jayne and this…”

She waited.

“What? Um…” Sean shook himself. “Yes. I’m Sean. This is Jayne too. Dinner would be nice.”

He glanced at his sister as if for confirmation that that would indeed be nice and she nodded, kissing his cheek. Her perfume tingled in his nose and he shifted, resting a trembling paw on his opposite knee to shield the bulge in his tight swim trunks. Though they were bone dry, they still accentuated his ‘package’, as they said, to an uncomfortable degree. Jayne, of course, was the one who had given them to him as a present and subsequently insisted that he wear them for, well, the majority of their holiday together, as was her way.

Cadman stepped back, heel brushing the edge of Sean’s book. He looked at it with a raised eyebrow as if surprised to see a book sitting where it could so easily tumble into the water

“Oh!” His mouth twisted. “Best keep this safe, doesn’t look like one you’d want to lose.”

Cads leaned down to pick up, tail flicking up higher over his rump as he did so. The otter’s eyes strained and he leaned forward, only held more or less in place on the sun lounger by the iron grip of his sister, who attempted to hide her growing smirk. He couldn’t drag his eyes away, the poor cub. The damp fabric clung to the cat’s toned backside as he collected the paperback and straightened again fluidly, unaware of the effect he had had on a certain little otter.

“Here you go,” Cads said, extending his paw to hand the book to Sean. “Don’t want that getting wet now, I’m sure.”

His fingers brushed those of the otter’s as he passed the book back and Sean’s whiskers twitched. The feline’s touch was electric and the otter gulped loudly as he pulled his paw away, silently nodding his thanks with a muzzle ducked down to his chest, unable to look Cads in the eye. Jayne giggled musically, rudder thumping the sun lounger as her fingers massaged slow circles into the curve of his waist, cock-bulge pushing up behind his carefully placed arm. He hoped the feline did not notice and prayed to any listening gods that he would not require Sean to move anymore, lest he see exactly what he was hiding!

Cads was too genuine to take Sean’s quietness as anything other than shyness so he waved a paw and turned on his heel, long tail swishing as he padded away. He purred, flexing his toes against the warm wood and, as the salt dried on his fur, considered a short workout in the resort gym, only then retreating to the steam room and adjoining facilities for some much deserved spa therapy. It may very well have been the Maldives but Cads wasn’t about to skip a session when the facilities allowed. Just a light cardio routine or something with circuits to keep his muscles active and working well for him. He’d hate to waste time when lazy, long days stretched out before him in the summer sun.

Watching him walk away, Sean whimpered and licked his lips, mesmerised by the tight swimwear gleaming over the wildcat’s perfect arse. His trunks tented further and in his mind’s eye he imagined the wildcat bending him over, his cock grinding into the otter’s rump through his swimwear just moments before they were ripped off.

A half-smile on his muzzle, Sean smiled and swayed dreamily as his sister sight. Drumming her hind paws on the boardwalk, she raised an eyebrow as if to query what on earth her brother was doing – a question she asked of herself frequently.

“What are you waiting for?” She hissed, paw suddenly tight around his wrist as she leaned in, lips pursed disapprovingly. “You’re letting him get away!”

“Get away?” Sean blinked. “But we’re meeting him…meeting Cads for dinner later. How is that letting him get away?”

Jayne raised both eyebrows this time and waggled them suggestively, rising half to her hind paws.

“Oh, sweet brother of mine… Why meet him for dinner when you can have him now?”

Jayne smirked, leaping up as her rudder swung to follow her motion.

“Let us be off!”

She sprang into a light run, dragging her brother behind with a less careful yank of his paw. Jayne didn’t take into account his ‘state’ and chuckled to herself as she sped up into a sprint, glasses tumbling off her head to disappear into the clear youjizz porno waters, never again to be worn on her muzzle. Sean wheezed for breath, simply struggling to keep up as his mind tried to catch up with his body, legs not working as they should have with a hard-on between his thighs. Thankfully, his cock softened as he ran, making the movement easier and his arousal less obvious to the casual eye. But Jayne knew how his blood sang for that wildcat. She always knew. It was why he was so grateful for her egging him on and setting him up with partners. His heart thudded painfully against his ribcage and nervous energy gave speed to his paws. Leaning into his run, he overtook Jayne and laughed wildly, flying between sky and sea in a demonstration of sinuous otter sprinting.

“Jayne!” Sean threw a laugh to the wind, caught up by her wild spurt of action. “You’ll have to race me, Jayne! Catch me if you can!”

“You brat! After -“

Her words were whipped away as his paws pounded the boardwalk, closer and closer to the island with white sand and overgrown greenery that could have sprawled into leagues upon leagues of tropical jungle. In all truth, one could walk around the island in less than an hour, if at a swifter pace, and Sean had circled it at a run and at a languid front crawl swim on more than one occasion. As much as he loved to run, there was nothing that could compare to swimming. Or sex underwater. That particular act was the very best of all. His crotch stirred in memory, shaft thickening within his trunks, revealing the rod of otter flesh as he closed in on the island, his eyes bright.

Running was always better when he had a quarry. Like the whippy tail of a silver fish, he narrowed his eyes as the wildcat’s hind paws met sand, oblivious to his pursuers, and re-entered the hotel. The hotel was set some height up from the beach, steps leading up to the single door beach entrance, which was placed so that it would be safe when the waters grew high and rough. Furs could never be too careful when it came to tropical storms after all, though that was not Sean’s concern as he burst through the door, chest heaving and eyes searching for his Cadman. Unfamiliar with this part of the resort, Sean slowed to a walk, letting his sister catch up as his nose twitched and he quested back and forth.

Where had that cat gone? He couldn’t have lost him so quickly!

“Health club, silly ott’,” Jayne chided him as she darted past, lighter than he.

Cadman hummed a tune to himself as he wound through the resort’s corridors, enjoying the peace. He could only imagine what a bustle it would be in the peak months but, for now, the place was inhabited by only a few scattered furs. The gym would be even more of a haven that the warm outside and he purred as the air conditioning eased the burn of heat from his skin. Sometimes a cat could enjoy the sun a little too much, but that was a very feline problem to have.

He pushed open a side door marked with a male figure, adjusting the waistband of his swimming briefs in what he hoped was a modest fashion, even though there was no one to see. Padding into the gym’s locker room, he rolled his shoulders, muscles pumped with blood after his swim. It was the best time to warm up and work out, then perhaps go for another lazy float in the rolling waves later on. Cads smiled to himself and purred, making his way to his assigned locker for his stay, key tucked into the hidden pocket: a handy design really.

Glancing back instinctively over his shoulder at a light noise, he furrowed his brow to see two very familiar otters standing there, Jayne’s chest heaving for breath a side more than Sean’s. The male otter drew himself up tall and bold, body angled slightly to the side with a coy smile that seemed designed to lure Cads in. The wildcat gulped and shook his head, clearing it of uncouth thoughts. Why, he had only just met them. And they were twins! Related! He couldn’t think of them like that, no way in hell!

“Are you two following me?”

He smiled genuinely, the tip of his tail twitching. He couldn’t think anything bad of the twins, not when they had been so pleasant to chat to. But there was something in Jayne’s eyes that made him hesitate for the fraction of a second that it took for the locker room door to swing closed behind them.

Grunting, he leaned against his locker and rubbed the back of his head, fingers scratching through his mop of hair, ruffled from swimming.

“I’m just going to work out, not gonna disappear,” he tried to assure them, eyes darting from side to side as he struggled to discern what they wanted. “Six o’clock all right with you?”

He referred to dinner but that was the furthest thing from Jayne’s mind. The female otter raised an eyebrow, tugging the strap of her bikini top down over her shoulder so that it clung to muscle, defined in her lean yet strong form. Cadman licked his nose, wondering how many years of swimming had gone into that taut body. Likely a lifetime.

“But, sweetie…” Jayne fluttered her eyelashes. “We have a much better workout for you to try today.”

“A better workout?” His muzzle brightened, a smile gracing his muzzle. “Well, I’m always up for that. What did you have in mind?”

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