Savoring Stepdaughter

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This is a story of fantasy. I have had several fantasies regarding my stepdaughter, but none have come true. Hope you enjoy my story and the wonderful thoughts this fantasy brings to me.

When I met and married my wife she had three children, two girls and a boy. Their names are Anne, 13 at the time, her sister, Patty, 11, and the boy, Brad, who was 9 years old. I have watched them grow up and of course being a red blooded male kept a watchful eye on the girls especially. In the eight years the wife and I have been married they all grew up into nice kids. The two girls went on to college and the boy doing quite well in high school.

Anne went to a two-year college and got a degree in dental assisting, her sister Patty has decided to go to a four-year school and just started the fall of 2005. Brad seems intent on automotive school, so that will be all three in college at one time or another. Anne was done with school before Patty started so that eased the bills somewhat. The school Anne attended was close by so she lived at home while attending and still lives here.

The kids have never wanted for anything, they all got cars after their 16th birthdays and our home life was filled with fun and games, a vacation every summer and more then enough presents under the Christmas tree every year.

Both girls took after their mother and were blessed with more then ample breasts. My wife has a nice set of C cup tits and from doing laundry I have discovered that Anne wears a C cup and her sister Patty wears a B cup. I have had my share of fantasies about them but never acted upon them. My mind would wander watching them buy new swim suits every year, every year them seemed to get smaller and smaller while their tits got bigger and bigger. The girls loved to swim; on vacations they would be at the pool or on the beach, sunning themselves. They always had a wonderful tan because of the pool We had at home. It seemed every summer they spent more time outside then in. They would either swim then tan or would just lay out tanning all day.

On more then one occasion I would be glad for the pool, my sanctuary. I would be swimming in the early morning and they would come outside to begin their tanning for the day, my cock would stir watching them walk to the pool, their tits straining against the light material of their suits, sometimes their nipples clearly visible through the material after jumping in for a quick dip. I tried not to look, but found myself looking more and more. I also found myself making sure that I was already in the pool whenever I could just to watch them come out to the pool deck.

When Anne was 21 I found out that she wasn’t a virgin. I gangbang porno figured that out one night when she brought her boyfriend home late one evening. It was after 1am and the house was dark and quiet. We have a finished basement with some old furniture, a TV and a bed for family relation when they visit. I knew putting the bed down there was a bad idea at the time, but couldn’t convince the wife of that. I heard Anne walking her boyfriend downstairs and soon heard the bed springs singing a tune. Her moaning was more then I could take, I got up and went to the bathroom and began to jackoff. Her moans were driving me crazy. My cock hadn’t been that hard in some time and soon I was shooting a huge load into the bathroom sink. I began to clean up the mess I had made and didn’t notice that the bed had stopped squeaking. I was quite startled to walk out of the bathroom and run into Anne in the hallway. I could tell from the night light we keep in the hall that she was crying and wasn’t wearing her top. She stood before me wearing just a half bra and jeans. Her tits were flowing over the top of the skimpy bra.

My cock began to harden again and quickly grew when she walked toward me and hugged me; between sobs she told me what she had done. I admitted that I knew and asked her if it was her first time. She almost laughed at me, and her tears quickly dried. Anne then told me that she had been having sex since her senior year in high school and called me an old fuddy duddy for thinking that she was still a virgin. She also told me that the reason she was crying was her boyfriend had dumped her that night, after fucking her. I told her that was pretty cold and she would be better off without him. She nodded and agreed with me. It was then that we both felt my cock, I had lost any dirty thoughts of her but my cock had other ideas, it had continued to swell and with the hug it was nestled nicely between us.

Anne looked up at me and wondered what I was doing up at this hour anyway. I tried to downplay it, saying I had to use the bathroom. Her face light up when she asked if I heard that old mattress. I finally had to admit that I had heard her. She laughed again and pulled me tighter to her. She told me that the basement was where she had lost her virginity and where she had sex most times, her boyfriends never had a place except for their car backseats and she wouldn’t do that. I was shocked at her admitting it, part because she was using the basement that much and part because this was the first time I had heard her. Anne laughed again when she admitted to me that she and Patty even had to schedule their dates around each other after both girls czech harem porno brought a boy home the same night and she had walked in on Patty giving her boyfriend a blow job.

So here I stood, my 21 year old step daughter holding me tight, my cock pressing into her crotch, her telling me that she used the basement quite often and adding that her sister, Patty, had begun to use the bed down there as well. I asked Anne if Patty was still a virgin. Anne responded that Patty had started younger then she had. She told me that Patty had lost her virginity when she was just 17 and brought her homecoming date home. Once again I was at a loss for words. Anne told me not to worry, their mom had made sure that they were both on birth control and added that their mom felt better knowing they were at home instead of out somewhere. I didn’t know how to respond, I was mad at my wife for letting this go on under my nose, but glad at least that the girls were being safe.

My mind rested at ease but my cock didn’t, it had a mind of its own and stayed hard between us. I knew Anne felt my hardness but hadn’t done anything about it. She continued to hold me tight to her and finally let up her grip a little. I though she was breaking off the embrace and moved back from her. I was shocked when she slid her hand down and grabbed my cock through my pajama bottoms. She had an evil sparkle in her eye as she masterfully handled my cock. I didn’t have anything to say as she led me to her bedroom, pulling at my cock. I closed the door behind me and Anne went to her knees, pulling my pajama bottoms down as she did. My cock sprang free and she let out a hushed moan as she gazed on my cock. She then whispered that her, now ex-boyfriend, hadn’t given her an orgasm and would I mind? I just smiled and reached out and grabbed her hair, leading her mouth to my hard cock. She sucked me expertly and soon had me at the edge with her oral skills.

I pulled out and let her know that I had cum once in the last half hour and we shouldn’t waste this one. She immediately nodded, stood up and pulled her jeans off, lying back on the bed. She wasn’t wearing any panties and her pussy looked wonderful. She was wet and her pussy was clean-shaven. I fell to my knees and licked at her honey hole. She moaned quietly as I licked at her and flicked her clit with my tongue. I can’t begin to describe the look on her face as I looked up at her.

The room was dimly lit and I could clearly watch her play with her tits and nipples as I licked at her wetness. She moaned more and more as I continued my oral assault. Her pussy leaked that precious liquid more and more, and I fought to consume czech mega swingers porno it all. Her juices ran down my chin and dripped onto her leg. What a sight she was, in total bliss from my tonguing her, she pulled greedily at her ample tits, stretching the nipples to an unbelievable limit.

Anne tightened her legs around my head and I knew she was very close to a huge orgasm. I moved my hand to her mouth to muffle her oncoming scream but found that she was sucking on her tit, already quieting her scream. Anne thrashed on the bed and I fought to remain in position over her wet slit and clit. Her thrashing finally slowed and she let go of her red, teased nipple and moaned. She grabbed my hair and pulled me up on her. Our mouths met in a wet kiss and our tongues explored each other’s mouths. Her hand snaked down and she guided my cock into her wet snatch. I thrust fully into her and she gasped as I hit bottom. Slowly I began to thrust into her, we fell into a wonderful rhythm and soon she was raising her thin hips up to meet my thrusts. I began to really fuck her hard and she moaned again. Her bed was shaking from the thrusting of my cock and began to squeak.

Anne stopped me and I rolled off her for only seconds, she quickly straddled me and slid down fast over my cock. She was on top and in control; it was a wonderful feeling having this young, sexy woman riding my cock. I could reach out and play with her tits and finally pulled her close enough to suck on one, then the other. I took my hands and held her ass up from my crotch. She gave me a weird look at first but that soon ended as I fucked her slit with only my cock head, taking short strokes just into her pussy then back out. Anne began to moan again and I knew another orgasm was close. I quit teasing her and thrust up deeply into her wet pussy. Her head rolled back and I continued fucking her hard. Her hair was a mess as she threw her head back and forth in ecstasy. Her pussy contracted around my cock and she looked in my eyes and growled, a truly animal sound. That was all it took as I thrust deeply into her and finally shot my load deep into her pussy. Her pussy milked my cock of every last spurt of cum and she slumped off me, totally spent. We held each other tight and enjoyed the moment.

After several minutes she asked me if I was ready for round two as she reached for my cock. I was spent and my cock was soft and shriveled. Maybe tomorrow I told her, reminding her that her mom is heading out for the day with friends. Anne nodded and made me promise to fuck her again soon.

I kissed her deeply again and ran my finger along her wet, sloppy slit before getting up quietly. I moved to the door and looked back to find Anne already under the sheets, beginning to drift off to sleep. I walked out of the door and closed it behind me quietly, knowing full well what I had done was wrong but knew that I would do it again.

Hope you all enjoyed my fantasy; your votes and comments are welcome, thx.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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