Saturday Morning

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“And don’t forget to make a start on your chores please. Don’t spend all morning in bed.”

“No mum.”

With that my mother left my room, closing the door behind her.

Saturday morning. No school. Thank god. I lay in bed staring at the ceiling. The bright sunlight outside was fighting to break through my closed curtains. I lay quietly, trying to decide what to do. I had just started the fourth in the series of the George R.R. Martin Game of Thrones books. I might read that. I was also thinking about Martha, a girl in my year at school who had caught my attention. I reached into my boxers and touched my soft cock and considered jerking off. Alternatively I might just lie quietly in bed for a bit longer and do nothing.

My parents had just gone shopping. They would be out for a couple of hours, so I had the house to myself. Well not quite. My elder sister, Rebecca, had gone out last night with her friends, and I had heard her come home at about two thirty in the morning. I knew it would be lunchtime, at least, before she emerged from her bed.

Becca, as I called her, or Bec, was a couple of years older than me and in college. I only ever called her Rebecca when I was angry with her, which was quite often. Since she had started college she had formed a new group of friends and went out quite a lot, especially at weekends, when more often than not she would stay out till the early hours. I guessed, though I didn’t know for sure, that boys featured a major part of these evenings out. She was quite a pretty girl, I have to admit. Slim, about five feet six tall. Light brown hair that reached down between her shoulder blades.

Anyway I lay in my bed, wearing only my boxers. still not really having the energy or desire to do anything just yet, when I was surprised to hear a knock on my bedroom door. I glanced at my bedside clock. Twenty past nine.

“Matt? Are you awake?”

It was my sister.


My door opened and my sister walked in.

“God, you’re up early. You feeling ok?” I asked her.

“Mmm, can I borrow your cd player please?”

We both had the same radio/cd players, a present from our parents about five years ago. But the cd part of hers had broken and she often borrowed mine. Quite often without asking.

I nodded, still feeling too lazy to bother about anything. I watched her walk over to the table by the window to fetch my cd player. She was wearing a light gray vest and a pair of really horrible bright yellow shorts.

She took out the cd that was in it.

“What’s on this?” she asked.

“Just some stuff I burned on the laptop. Nothing too exciting.”

She put the cd back in and pressed play. As the music began she smiled at me.

“Oh wow! This is what I was dancing to last night. At the club! Cool!” she exclaimed.

At that she began dancing to the music. A bit self consciously at first. I just stared at her in disbelief. She carried on dancing, seemingly oblivious to my presence.

“What the fuck is she doing?” I thought to myself.

The song finished. She pressed the pause button.

“Shit I’m really hot! Do you have a drink?” she asked me.

I stopped staring at her long enough to nod to the glass of water on the shelf czech experiment porno at the side of my bed. She leaned over me and took a gulp of water, before returning to the cd player and playing the next song.

“Oh I like this one too! Good music bro!” she laughed before resuming her dance routine in my bedroom.

I just lay there staring at her, not sure what to think. I looked at her dance. There was a sheen on her skin, like a layer of fine sweat. She was surely on something, either still drunk, or maybe ‘on something’. Then she grabbed the bedpost at the bottom of my bed and started twirling around like it was a pole dancers pole.

My mouth fell open in shock. I was confused, amused and worried all at the same time.

Confused because I had never seen her behave like this before.

Amused because it was quite a funny sight.

Worried because of the above two sentences.

I also realized, with a certain amount of shame, that I was turned on. Watching her dance in this way had caused my cock to start twitching.

This wasn’t helped when she turned her back on me, bent forward and began rubbing her ass.

The song finished. The next one started.

“Oh I don’t know this one,” she said as she tried to dance to it.

She soon gave up and skipped to the next track, evidently one she knew.

“Do you like my dancing, Matt?”

“Err, yes, err, it’s different. Not what I was expecting on a Saturday morning.”

She continued to dance, pausing occasionally to sip some water. I noticed her dancing become more expressive, more confident and a bit more, well, raunchy.

To my amazement she peeled off her vest during her dancing, revealing a lacy white bra. If my mouth had been hanging open already, my bottom jaw must now be reaching down to the floor. During the next song she pulled down her shorts, revealing a matching pair of white lacy panties. I stared at my sister’s scantily clad body, something she clearly noticed.

“Do you like my dancing?” she asked me again.

“Err, yeah, suppose.”

“Is it turning you on?” she asked as she looked down at my bed sheet.

“No, it’s just weird,” I answered hoping she wouldn’t notice the tent in the sheets.

Another song started up. She spun around, using the bedpost to perform her pole dance. Then she smiled at me, turned her back on me then unhooked her bra straps. She turned to face me, her hands covering her breasts. Then slowly she slid her hands away, exposing her naked tits.


She didn’t care. She continued dancing. I stared at her boobies. Not big. Not tiny. Just a good handful. Not that I would know. I was a virgin. My knowledge of sex was looking at magazines and watching videos on the computer. But to my inexperienced eyes her breasts looked fabulous. And my penis obviously thought so as it was twitching furiously inside my boxers.

My sister must have noticed this. She turned away from me, shook her ass, then pulled down her panties. She turned round, her hand covering the space at the top of her legs. Again slowly she slid her hand away, revealing a bald shaved pussy. I think my heart stopped beating at this point. My sister was dancing naked in front of me. She danced for one more song, then turned the music off, standing in front of me.

“Did you enjoy that?”


“Are you turned on?”

“Bec? Why?”

My sister czech first porno video sat on my bed, facing me. She pulled on my bed sheet, emphasizing the tent that my cock was making.

“God I feel so horny right now,” she gushed.

I tried to ignore that comment.

“Can I see it?” she asked me, nodding her head towards my crotch.

“Bec, we…I… we can’t.”


“I’m your brother. It’s not…it’s not right.”

“Hello…” she replied, pointing at her own nude body.

“Bec, I just can’t. It doesn’t feel right.”

I knew but she didn’t that my resistance was weakening.

She reached across for my glass of water and took a sip. As she reached to put it back I leaned forward and touched one of her nipples.

“Ah!! So you are interested,” she laughed.

“I never said I wasn’t, it’s just…”

She raised her right leg, bent at the knee, higher up onto my bed, exposing her bare pussy. I saw the gleaming folds of flesh around her cunt lips, soft, wet and silky.

My sister pulled at the bed sheets again. This time I just let them slide down. All that remained was my boxers.

“I really wanna see it…” my sister purred.

I hooked my hands into the sides of my boxer shorts and yanked them down. My erect penis sprang free as the shorts went down.

“Oh my…now…oh…” Becca smiled.

She stared at my cock as I stared at her naked body. After a few moments hesitation she leaned forward and touched it. Her hand tightened its grip and she started to stroke my member.

“That feels good,” she laughed.

I continued to stare at her. I might have been a virgin but I had seen enough videos and read enough stories to know what to do. And I had imagined enough scenarios in enough jerking sessions. But what was holding me back was the knowledge that this was my sister. It was one scenario I had never prepared for!

But again my resistance was crumbling. My naked sister was jerking me off and it felt awesome. Finally I reached forward to touch her breasts. Gaining a bit of confidence I leaned further forward and licked her nipples. With a bit more boldness I sucked them. She moaned as I did.

“I’m going to cum soon,” I warned her as her stroking got faster.

“Don’t. Not yet,” she told me, as she pulled her hand back from my shaft.

She sat and let me suck on her titties. I noticed she was rubbing her pussy and moaning. After a few more minutes she stopped and looked at me.

“Have you calmed down now?” she asked me.

I nodded and she moved, straddling me. Taking hold of my penis she lowered her vagina onto my tip, then gently eased herself down as my shaft slid inside her. When she was happy that I was fully in her she moaned slightly and began to rock her body. My cock was inside her. I couldn’t begin to explain how it felt. Soft, warm, wet, but above all it felt beautiful. I was keeping still as she rocked her hips back and forwards. Eventually I took her lead and thrust myself up and into her. It obviously was the right thing to do, judging by her moaning.

“Mmmmm…yes…oh…oh…yes…oh that’s it…that’s good…oh…”

“Bec I’m going to cum…” I warned her again.

“Mmmm…do it…cum in me…”

“Is it…ok?””

“God yes just do it…”

“What about…?”

“Oh god …yes…oh…oh…yes…I’m on…on the pill…oh god just cum in me…PLEASE!!”

I could czech game porno hold on no more. My cock twitch and I fired several jets of semen deep into my sister’s cunt.

“OH…OH…OH GOD…OH YES!!” she screamed as she rocked against my twitching member, her own orgasm biting.

Finally we were done. She collapsed onto me and I wrapped my arms around her bare back. I could feel our hearts pounding together. After a few minutes she rolled off me, my now soft cock slipping out of her cum filled cunt. We lay side by side for at least fifteen minutes before either of us spoke.

Rebecca laughed as she looked at me.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked me.

“What we just did,” I replied.


“I don’t know. What about you? What are you thinking?” I asked.

“Did you like it? Was it ok?”

“I guess.”

“You guess? Did you enjoy it?” she asked again.

“I mean yes. It was…beautiful. It’s just that…I never thought that my first time would be with…you know…my sister.”

“I guessed you were a virgin. Well if it helps I never expected to be the one to take my little brother’s virginity but it’s fine. Don’t worry about it.”

“Will it change things though? Between us? What if mum and dad find…?”

She interrupted me.

“They won’t. Not unless you tell them. And it won’t change things between us, if you don’t let it. Remember all those games we used to play as kids?” she asked me.

I nodded.

“Well just think of this as one of those games. But an adult game. It doesn’t have to be life changing. We’re just experimenting. Trying new things. This way we can be close. Real close, like we always used to be, just a new game.”

I nodded again.

“Tell me. When you came in here, were you planning to do this?” I asked, curiously.

“Ha! Fuck no! I was just still on a high from last night. I had such a great time dancing and I just wanted to carry on. Then I suppose I kinda got carried away.”

“Yeah, having sex with your kid brother is definitely getting carried away!” I laughed.

We lay together a while longer. Her hand strayed down to my cock which responded to her touch.

“Hmmmm…ready to go again I see,” she laughed, feeling my stiffening member.

She sat up and leaned towards my waist. Before I knew what was happening my cock was engulfed in her mouth and she was sucking me like crazy. I lay back enjoying the sensation. I stared at her ass and started stroking it, and then I slipped a finger inside her pussy. She sat up and twisted round, straddling me again. Within seconds we were fucking madly. I was more confident this time and matched her rocking with strong thrusts of my own. We both moaned and screamed loudly as we fucked. She encouraged to me to fuck her harder and I pounded into her. This time we were so desperate to make each other come our sex was almost brutal as our bodies crashed against each other. Finally I came into her, shooting my seed deep into her sore cunt. She screamed as she came, before again collapsing on top of me.

“Fuck that was awesome!” she exclaimed.

We giggled as we thought of how bad we had been, yet we just felt so excited at what could be a new adventure. My sister stood up and walked to the window. She pushed open the curtains and opened a window, before crossing the room to open the door wide.

“Better get some fresh air in here. It must stink of our sex,” she smiled, before climbing back into bed.

We lay in each others arms for at least another half an hour, before we heard a car pull into the drive outside. Becca jumped out of bed and peeked out the window.

“Mum and dad are home. See ya!” she giggled, picking up her clothes and walking calmly out of my room, still naked.

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