Sarah’s Diary – Entry 16-18

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Entry 16: Exposed

Very early yesterday morning I woke up to my brother feeling along my back with his hand and kissing the back of my neck. He whispered into my ear how’s the sexiest girl alive today as I couldn’t help but smile. He had some really romantic moments when he wanted to. He started whispering how much he loved me and my body and then that he had a surprise for me. As i was getting more awake I got a little more curious. He asked me to meet him in his room as soon as I could. Sleepily I wiped my eyes and headed to the door but decided to make sure I had my lube and condoms just in case. I decided to surprise him a little too and started taking my pajamas off and looked in the mirror for a while. I traveled my fingers along my boobs and down across stomach, reaching down and spreading my pussy to look at it a little then turning around a bit and rubbing my ass and spreading it the same.

I remember at the time still thinking I’m nothing amazing why does he like me, but shook it off and got more in the mind set of he thinks I’m sexy, time to be sexy. As I gazed at my back my thoughts shifted around, I wondered if Amy, or any of my other friends ever questioned their body types. Girls that I thought were definitely sexier than I was. I let them know all the time id kill for bigger boobs and a fuller butt and most of them had one or the other or both like Amy , but then sometimes they will tell me I’m lucky to have my type.

I started daydreaming for a bit about having a sexier body until I eventually I started thinking about what exactly he had in mind right now. Before I could think through the list in my head my bedroom door swung open and he tugged me out towards his room. I was giggling the whole time as he tugged on my arm. After we got to his room he looked my body up and down then pulled me close and kissed me, my naked chest was pressing against his t shirt, my nipples started getting hard with excitement as I pressed closer, feeling his solid frame pushing into mine, he was so warm.

We kept kissing until I softly breathed out I was still on my period, but I could do something else to him and reached my hand down to his jeans zipper. He said he had something else in mind and started moving his hands down my body and massaging my hips then gently pushed me back into the bed so he was looking down at my naked body. He looked at me with a sort of curious look and started kissing along my legs, up to my thighs and ended leaving long tender kisses just next to my pussy, he was making me really excited.

Just as I felt he was going to go for it, he took me and gently turned me over so my back was facing him and stuck his tongue gently into my vagina causing me to squirm a bit as he brushed my clit gently with his finger. I was more than a little surprised and it was kind of embarrassing thinking about having a tampon in there but he seemed to like what he was doing and it felt amazing. As he licked along my pussy lips from that angle and kept his fingers making a slow circle around my clit I couldn’t stop thinking he was so much better at teasing me now.

He kept going for a bit then licked up gently to an area of skin between my pussy and my ass and eventually he took be by surprise. He spread my butt wise and ran his tongue quickly and roughly across my asshole. I jumped in reaction to the sudden shock but not before letting out a tiny moan, I admit it felt good just odd. I know there are a lot of nerve endings there I just wasn’t ready for the feeling having never messed with it myself yet besides that one time.

I flipped over really quick pretty wide eyed and said something like “whatcha doing?” His response was how his buddies had told him all the “good girls” like me love to have their ass played with during sex because it’s so dirty to them and he had to try me because it was so sexy to look at. I had to laugh a bit at their theory but I couldn’t say I didn’t like it. I felt really dirty, and made me feel exposed but in such a good way. He started apologizing as I guess I was just sitting there thinking until I told him not to worry, but let me explore myself there a little more first before we do anything together.

He made a significant aww sound but then laughed and tackled me kissing along my neck and down to my boobs slowly sucking on my right nipple while his fingers twirled my left one causing me to moan again softly. I whispered in his ear there was a condom on the floor next to the bed if you don’t mind me bleeding a bit. The look he gave me made me so happy , like he desired me and couldn’t look away as he leaned toward across the bed and opened slowly taking out a packaged condom as he eyed me. I was so horny and dying for him to penetrate me that I didn’t hear the first car horn beep but luckily I heard the second.

Our mom had come back from work and I jumped out of the bed quickly racing to get some clothes on, nearly tripping but the whole time in my head I just kept thinking how I wasn’t going to get fucked now, it felt dirty asyalı porno and a bit hot to be disappointed that my brother couldn’t fuck me because our mom was home. I raced to the door after tossing on a t shirt as I heard my brother head back to his room. We didn’t get to finish and it was back to school again. something tells me our summer there will be much less interrupted experiences, and on a positive note, my brother clearly thinks my ass is super sexy, so it’s helping me to see it that way too. I can’t stop thinking about how good it felt to have his tongue there.

Entry 17: Naomi

I’ve known i was bi since pretty much forever but i’ve only seriously crushed on two girls, my best friend, Amy, and this new girl, Naomi. So because of my period there wasn’t anything super sexy between my brother and I until later in the week, but I wanted to vent a little about school earlier in the week and into one of the most pleasurable things he’s done to me so far Saturday afternoon and my crush on a girl at school. Starting earlier in the week i was pretty excited about seeing what they were offering for our usual summer programs because there’s a girl I’ve been crushing on a little that I’ve never talked to and I knew she was going to be a counselor for some of them. As much as I just want to be with my brother all summer I’ve been doing some activity of some kind over every summer so I figured I had to at least keep up appearances. She was the only girl besides Amy I really couldn’t get off my mind. I figured I had to take a chance and talk to her a little or I was going to drive myself crazy. I told my brother about her a lot before and asked if he would mind if I tried flirting a little and he said not really at all , he liked the thought of me flirting with another girl. I was just wrestling with my own nerves as far as talking to her goes, after all I hadn’t done so all year.

It was easy enough to make her out today, she had her uniform open to be pretty revealing, under her blouse a white tank top with plenty cleavage showing that I could see her black bra through hugging to try and contain her large bust. She is definitely one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever met and I’m crazy jealous but also really into her body. She has long dark wavy honey colored hair, big bright brown eyes that always seem bright, lightly tanned skin, full lips and a perfect almost hourglass figure plus she’s taller than me which is attractive as hec for some reason. If I wasn’t so infatuated with her I’d be more jealous, I definitely still am of her boobs, they just look so perfect and her tummy is to tight with thick hips. I’d love to have her body.

Due to my instagram stalking I also knew she had a tattoo on her inner thigh of her left leg I’ve only seen once and a couple piercings that only added to my attraction to her, she gives off a bad girl vibe and maybe it’s just because of being raised in our dad’s super religious house but to me it’s super attractive. I’ve always had the hots for the bad girl types and she was older than me which made me sort of happy. The bold girl type has always turned me on, especially taller and older bad girls that i would just want to make me super submissive for them as they take charge. My stomach hurt and my throat got pretty dry as I approached and asked if I could sit with her, except it came out, “HEY, canisithereplease?” , a small yell and me talking really fast from nerves but I figured she got the message as she kicked a chair slightly out with her leg and looked at it briefly, she still had on a pretty relaxed or serious look though.

We sat awkwardly for a bit until the teacher announced what we’d be doing today and basically we had to fill out forms or different sections we would be interested in attending during the courses. I tried to look at things she was filling out and I figured I’d use the topic to ask her a bit but about her but don’t think it went over that well. The first box she’d circled was actually a pride orientation which is basically a get together group for lgbt supporters , and she had some art boxes checked as well as music. I figured I’d try and get us common ground so didn’t think much when I asked if she had come out to her parents already, and briefly told her about my experience with my mom and dads strict household stuff.

She just looked at me for a while and said “your parents won’t care you know, you’re a princess type, nothing bad happens to girls like you”. I was a little confused by what she meant so I asked her to elaborate and she went on to explain how I seemed like a spoiled child who never had to worry about anything because my parents would bail me out and I couldn’t really know what real problems were if I tried. I was upset about this sure, she didn’t know me, but I was also worried I guess that she’d had a rough time so I wasn’t sure what to say.

Ultimately I just decided to go with it, I’d never said anything like this but basically I was trying to be flirty and told her “listen castajans porno if I’m such a princess , I demand you to be nice to me and answer my question” She squinted at me for what seemed like forever and I realize how silly I probably sounded but she lost her serious look and for a brief moment chuckled slightly and asked me what my name was again. I told her Sarah and she started to say Naomi but I finished for her and said I know. She eyed me for a few more minutes and said “alright princess we should probably work on this now” I gave her a pout and asked her to call me by my name but she shook her head and said princess sounded better. She never answered my question.

That was the rest we spoke for the school day and she definitely didn’t meet my exact expectations but at the same time her bad/tough girl vibe and attitude were like chocolate to me, I just couldn’t eat enough, the “bad”/”tough” girls have always easily stolen my heart and she wasn’t much different. Everything I couldn’t get in my own life i was attracted to , her tattoos her tongue and nose piercings , her super revealing way she wore our school outfit just I would never be allowed or have the courage to wear, all drew me in like a magnet and I could barely look away.

I really can’t wait to talk to her again and hope maybe I can get a little more personal with her. I also really hope she didn’t notice I could not stop staring at her body, her chest down to how tight her clothes were and then back to her lips over and over, she was so beautiful and all I wanted was to have her jump across the table and kiss me just to see what would it was like, her to tear off my clothes to see underneath and let her know how bad I wanted to try being with a girl like her but I kept it to myself and just imagined her taking me and making out on top of the table and tearing my clothes off before going down on me. I told my brother about everything and he actually seemed really excited for me. I think the thought of a threesome possibility just crossed his mind too much, but I know it won’t happen for a while.

Entry 18: Blind and Bound

I don’t like having so many secrets from my parents and I kind of want to know if Naomi is right. I know my dad won’t be happy I also like girls, but I think my mom would be ok eventually if I told her and it would draw attention away from our relationship I hope. I think I might tell them I’m bisexual and I really am considering telling my best friend Amy about me and my brother. I’m finally off my period soon so I can’t wait to get back into bed with him, I’ve been fantasizing about tonight for a while, I think I’m going to let my brother try a little of what he wants and just give him control.

That letting go of control experiment I decided to enjoy led to one of the best orgasms I’ve had with him and every moment was amazing. It all started Saturday morning when we were getting ready to visit morning service at our church. I couldn’t get him off my mind and getting off my period always makes me crazy horny. I couldn’t stop thinking about wanting to jump him and just having him take me right there but obviously that couldn’t happen. I went to take a shower like I do every morning and normally I’d never do this because my mom and I get ready at the same time and she’s almost always doing hair/makeup or something while I get in the shower but I couldn’t help reaching down between my legs and rubbing along my thighs eventually getting to my lips. Even with the hot water running down my body I could feel how wet I was, god I was so ready for sex again. I was a little lost in the moment, pushing a finger inside and massaging myself while another finger rubbed over my clit.

I’d never masturbated in the shower before and aside from trying to keep myself upright it was pretty good. The thought of my mom possibly catching me right outside was actually kind of a big turn on. I felt myself getting closer and closer to an orgasm before my mom yelled to hurry up I was taking too long. It scared me a bit so I stopped, just before I was going to release and felt hornier than before. The whole church service I was sitting next to my brother squirming trying to get myself under control but just kept imagining unzipping his pants and sucking on him right there. I’m sure that would have got some reactions.

I couldn’t even pay attention during the prayer and felt pretty bad for feeling like this where I was but I couldn’t help it, I was next to him and he was so warm, so hot. After dropping us back at our house our parents went to their usual lunch date, I knew they would they would be gone for hours and apparently he wasn’t going to wait either. My brother rushed into my room and said he had a surprise for me but I had to trust him completely. I wasn’t going to be skeptical , I just wanted him to fuck me at that point so I told him I’d do whatever he wanted.

He told me to sit in my computer chair and gave me a black strip of cloth telling me to tie it around bangbros porno my head. After doing so I couldn’t see much of anything but I figured that was the point and smiled a little, thinking about what he was going to do to me. We’d never done anything like this and it was exciting. I felt his fingers move along my arms and start to move them, slowly behind my back as he started to kiss my thighs below the skirt I was wearing. Pretty soon after that is when I felt a cold touch around each wrist and heard a small click.

I didn’t need to ask I knew he’d used some kind of handcuffs to bind my arms to my chair and now I was a little scared but actually more excited. What was he doing to me? I couldn’t help but imagine all the scenarios but it was better than I thought when it started. I felt his fingers rubbing along my shoulders down my body and across my legs, he started low and worked his way up to my thighs. His warm touch and my state of excitement was definitely building my arousal and curiosity. I suddenly felt his lips pressed into mine and gave in completely , letting him take the lead as I felt his tongue enter my lips, massaging mine with his.

He’s definitely become a much better kisser than he was before and just the fact that I was only sensing and feeling it all was exhilarating. He kept kissing me, I couldn’t help but whimper a little into his mouth as his hand kept running further up my leg until I felt him tugging at my skirt, pulling it down. He kept going, slipping off the underwear I had on as I sat anxious for him to go down on me, touch me, fuck me, anything. I wanted him to take my body and make it his. Then I heard him shuffling through my stuff and I was a little confused until I heard a familiar buzzing and I couldn’t help but shiver with excitement.

I felt the warm touch of the material of my toy start to rub between my pussy lips, slipping easily up and down with how wet I was. He kept going, teasing me as he turned the setting up and pushed the cock shaped part inside me, as it swirled around my body twisted and squirmed uncontrollably, holy god it felt good, I couldn’t even make out a word and just moaned wanting to reach out he grab him but moving my hands just felt the binding. He started moving it in and out at a slow and steady pace and then he turned the ears on, vibrating them just over my clit.

My legs instinctively pulled up and apart, giving him full access as my body started shaking as he built up my orgasm and then he kept going harder until I couldn’t take it anymore. I came, hard and couldn’t help begging him to fuck me, I told him I wanted to feel him inside me but his only response was to turn the setting up higher. It was an incredible sensation to have that much stimulation after I’d just cum and as he kept going I came again, this time I was helpless, I couldn’t speak or even make an audible sound that made sense only moan as my whole body shook with pleasure and as I was finally coming down he did it one more time.

I came a final time and i was stunned as it seemed ridiculous , he’d built me up and brought upon three orgasms pretty quickl in succession when I usually need to work my way up to them. After that point I was a mess, there was a little spit on my face from not being able to close my mouth and he knew I was loud when I came so we definitely lucky no one as there. He took the makeshift blindfold off and I looked around, my body was sweating and my chair smelled completely like my pussy juices. My lips were trembling as I told him to kiss me and he happily replied.

He was so hard, I could see his cock fully outlined in his pants as I licked my lips. I wanted him, more than I had ever wanted anything but he wasn’t done with me. He didn’t say much besides he wanted to try something while I was so wet. I didn’t have the strength or willpower to deny him anything at that point as his finger traced along my pussy, going inside and seeming to reach around until it was covered with me. He stared into my eyes as he started to rub his finger down lower, moving my body forward and my waist up higher so he had access to my ass.

He rubbed his finger just outside of it in small circles. It was warm, and it felt good and oh my god was I hot and then he took me completely by surprise and pushed his finger inside. I clenched down hard, wincing as he pushed all the way in. I asked him what he thought he was doing i told l him not until I was ready but despite how tight and uncomfortable the surprise intrusion was at first, it felt good, really good. I let out a small grunt of a moan as he moved lightly in and out. My body kept shaking, I was tingling everywhere and I think at that point I would have done anything he asked me to until he pulled out his finger.

He said that I was such a perfect slutty good girl and gave me another kiss before undoing the cuffs which I had to ask about. I felt so naughty but in such a good way. I had to ask where he got them and when he planned all this, but none of this until after I recovered. I didn’t even have the energy to put my underwear or skirt back on and fell asleep on my bed with just my top. I collapsed as a soaking mess pulling over my blanket trying to come down a little. Even collapsing in bed i wanted his cock in my mouth, in my pussy, anywhere.

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