Julie: Ch. 4

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Groping Breasts

Julie Ch.4 : The seduction of Jeffrey’s dad.

Jeffrey had displayed an amazing amount of stamina, and an almost inexhaustible supply of hot, juicy cum, most of which was either in me or on me when Cindy came bursting through the door. Jeffrey froze and stared wide eyed at her.

“Well, what have we here?” she said, grinning, “Jeffrey, how could you? And all this time saying it was me you loved and me you wanted, when all you really wanted was to give my mom a cum bath”

“Oh god” Jeffrey, groaned, frantically trying to pull out from my tight pussy, but I was holding him in, continuing to milk his hard cock with my extremely flexible pussy walls. But then I suddenly released him and out he popped …. Just in time to shoot his load all up my stomach and over my breasts!! and all he could do was kneel there shaking and shuddering and spurting as he gazed almost painfully up at my grinning daughter.

Then she looked at me and grinned widely, “Mmmm, mom, he sure looks like he’s been cumming a lot, do you think it runs in the family?” she asked.

I heard Jeffrey groan, I grinned back at her, “Oh, I don’t know, do you think his father would be upset that he’s been naughty with me?” I asked.

Again Jeffrey groaned. “Mmm, I don’t know” said Cindy, “But it wouldn’t really matter if we had something on him too … something like cheating on his wife with a hot young lady, would it?”

I grinned even more widely, “Oh, you’d do that for Jeffrey? Seduce his father just to get him off the hook?” I asked, and Jeffrey gasped loudly.

“Well, I don’t know, do you think he’d like some 18 year old Pussy, Jeffrey?” she asked coyly.

Jeffrey couldn’t answer, just knelt there still spurting, mumbling, “Oh god, oh my god”

Cindy lifted up the hem of her dress, revealing that she wasn’t wearing any panties, “Pussy like this, Jeffrey?” she asked, “Do you think he’d like to see it, to touch it, to fill it with his big, beautiful cock? … oh, we know he’s big, we saw it when he came to pick you up from the party and couldn’t keep his eyes off mommy’s tits, is he bigger than you Jeffrey? Do you think he’d like to fuck me the way you want to do?”

Oh I loved the way she was twisting him around, flattering him and teasing him, arousing and exciting him all at the same time, not even giving him time to think straight. And , of course, all the time I was loving the view of her hot, juicy pussy every bit as much as Jeffrey!

“I’ll tell you what Jeffrey, I promise I wont say anything about catching you fucking my mom if you …. well … if you tell your daddy that both of you have been invited for dinner and a small, private pool party tomorrow night” she said, and I gasped at her audacity. She grinned again, letting her dress hem drop, seeing the sudden look of disappointment on Jeffrey’s face …and mine!!!! …”Mmmm, I should think the thought of seeing mom around the pool, perhaps in a Bikini will bring him running, and then he’ll see me too, and of course, between the two of us he wont stand a chance” she threw her head back and laughed, “Hey, you’d have something on him then, something that will allow you to wrap him around your little finger, watching him fuck me and mom … grin…oh wow yes! and he can watch you fuck my mom again, but he wont have the same hold on you…grin .. don’t you think that’s a fantastic plan Jeffrey?”

Well, Jeffrey was just gaping, a dumfounded look on his face, but I could almost see his brain cogs whirling around, a chance to get a lever on his dad, Mmmm, and watching them, wow! and having me again .. Mmmmm, and maybe even …Cindy!! I saw his eyes light up. Cindy saw it too, and slowly lifted her dress hem again, spreading her gorgeous legs wide and letting him see right up inside her glistening, pink pussy, “Well, Jeffrey?”

His throat moved half a dozen times before anything came out, and even then it was barely audible, “Yes” he croaked, “I’ll … I’ll .. ask him”, and a huge shudder wracked his body.

Cindy dropped her hem again, “Well I’ll leave you two to finish up, and see you tomorrow night” she said, and blowing me a kiss, turned and almost danced off into the bedroom.

As soon as she was gone, Jeffrey scrambled, red faced to his feet and grabbed his clothes, “I’d better go” he stammered, “Uh … Uh…thank you Mrs ….”

“Don’t you dare!” I said, “It’s Julie, remember, you’ve been screaming it out all afternoon”

He flushed, “Sorry” he whispered and quickly scrambled into his clothes, hesitated a moment, then started for the door. Then he halted and turned around, “Did, Cindy mean that?, about bringing dad over and about…?.” He asked tentatively.

I nodded, “Oh yes, I’ve never known Cindy to say one thing and mean another … grin … I think it’s going to be quite a night, don’t you?” I answered.

Another shudder ran through him and he turned and rushed out of the door. I quickly got to my feet and marched in to Cindy’s bedroom, she greeted me with a smile, “Was he good, brazzers porno Mom? You did want him, didn’t you?, I saw it in your eyes when you looked at him” she said.

“So you set me up! set the whole thing up! asked him over then made sure you weren’t here” I said sharply.

She grinned and nodded, “Was he good?” she asked again.

I flushed slightly, then nodded, “Yes he was good, bloody good, and if that’s any reflection on his father, you’re going to have a hot night tomorrow!!” I said.

“You mean both of us are” she said, her grin widening, “You’re going to fuck him too aren’t you?, just like I’m going to fuck Jeffrey”

I must have looked a little shocked, I certainly felt it, “Wow, when you come up with an idea, you sure make it a doozy!, both of us? Mother and daughter fucking father and son, wow, that’s wild!!” I gasped.

She grinned up at me, noticing that my nipples had instantly hardened, “Why don’t you grab a shower and maybe I’ll come and soap your back” she said.

I couldn’t get into the bathroom quick enough! and it wasn’t long before she was there too, soaping my back …. and my front … and my breasts … and my pussy!! And then we were on my bed and we were kissing and licking and stroking, and I was tasting her fantastic, sweet juices, and she was tasting mine, and I was taking her swollen clit into my mouth and she was taking mine into hers, and we were like two wild animals, devouring each other’s bodies, devouring each other’s sexual organs … and exploding, and exploding, and screaming and screaming, oh god I just couldn’t seem to get enough of her hot, juicy cunt!!

In the afterglow of our sex we planned the seduction of Jeffrey’s father, which got us hot all over again, so we licked and sucked each other all over again! well, it seemed perfectly natural at the time! I have to admit I really did love her young, tight body, her breasts weren’t large, but there was something about them, perhaps the perky and slightly enlarged nipples, that made them absolutely magical … and as for her pussy, Mmmmmmmm, sooo succulent! I could have spent the whole night – perhaps even the whole week – just lying there slipping my tongue in and around her hot, juicy pussy, caressing her beautifully sculptured pussy lips and sucking on her amazingly large and sensitive clitoris … Mmmm and when she came, god, it was like a gigantic lava flow pouring down into my mouth … so sweet, so tasty, damn I really could get addicted to it!

But, night turns into day, and day turns into evening, and all the preparations were made, and Cindy and I were sitting on the couch, sipping a long cool iced drink waiting for Jeffrey and his father to arrive .. oh yes, even though we hadn’t heard anything, we knew they’d be here, knew it in our bones, knew it in our pussies! Cindy was wearing a micro bikini that was little more than a couple of postage stamps fitted together with a thin strap, and was wearing a see through top that came down to the tops of her thighs. She looked absolutely mouth watering! I was wearing a slightly less daring bikini, but one that still showed off my larger breasts to perfection, and I had on a slightly less revealing top too. Although it was still see through, it was made of latticed cotton in a fairly dense pattern, so you had to look a little more closely to see through it. The whole idea was for both of us to excite, but to draw Jeffrey’s dad’s attention more to Cindy – initially at least!

Then the doorbell rang and I went to answer it. Outside stood a slightly red faced Jeffrey, and his dad. I stuck out my hand, “Hi, I’m Julie, glad you could make it” I said, brightly. I saw his eyes dilate slightly as they feasted on the swell of my breasts, then dropped quickly to the bikini bottoms peeping out from under the top.

“Hi, I’m Brian, Jeffrey’s father, I wasn’t sure if Jeffrey was having me on when he passed on your invitation, but then I remembered you saying at the party the other week that we might get together sometime.” he said, and just held my hand, squeezing it slightly.

I smiled widely, “Come on in, the others’ haven’t arrived yet, but we can have a drink while we wait” I said, and immediately saw the flash of disappointment in Brian’s eyes, and the flash of surprise in Jeffrey’s. I ushered them inside and closed the door, directing them to the lounge room. I heard the sharp intake of breath from Brian as he caught his first glimpse of Cindy, heard her greet him in a soft, sultry voice and heard his stammered reply, and grinned to myself. Jeffrey turned and looked at me quizzically, and I slipped my hand forward and stroked his cock through his trousers, “Don’t worry, everything is going to plan” I whispered, and felt his cock harden instantly. Then we went inside and we sat down and we all chatted for a while, and had a couple of drinks, and waited.

I guess half an hour had gone by, and Brian in particular was beginning to relax, becoming clip4sale porno more expansive in his talk, and more bold with his eyes as they roamed incessantly between me and Cindy. We were both on the couch, our tops barely reaching our upper thighs and giving Brian and Jeffrey a teasing view of our bikini clad pussies from time to time. Then the phone rang, and I jumped up to get it. It was the automated time check call we had ordered earlier, but I spoke to it just the same, “Oh I am sorry, Mavis, Harry’s come down with food poisoning you say, not too serious I hope. Oh, I see, it just means you wont be able to make it tonight, well, can’t you leave him at home and come along anyway if he’s not too serious, you know how much we enjoy having you over. Oh, ok, I understand, husband’s can be such a pain sometimes, always think they’re dying with the slightest illness” I said, laughing, taking the opportunity to look in the mirror and watch for any reaction from Brian. I smiled to myself as I saw him relax into the chair, a knowing smirk coming onto his face, then turn and look at Cindy, a hot, smoldering look that she returned in full. Suddenly there was a degree of tension in the air that hadn’t been there a few moments before. “Ok, then I guess it will have to be a rain check, no, no problem, our other guests have arrived so we’ll just party on without you, see you soon, bye”

I put down the phone, and Cindy gave me a discreet thumbs up for my acting performance, then I explained to Brian and Jeffrey that the other couple we’d invited wouldn’t be able to make it, so if they wanted to leave it for another night?, Brian almost fell out of his seat in his eagerness to assure me that it was ok, they wouldn’t dream of letting us down. I smiled and suggested that it was probably time to eat anyway, but perhaps Brian and Jeffrey would like to wash up, and perhaps slip into their bathers as the meal would be taken by the pool. Both blushed slightly, but there was an eagerness in their stride as they followed Cindy out into the corridor and she showed them to the bathroom. She came dashing back in and threw her arms around me and gave me a full on mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue passionate kiss, “Oh Mom, you were fantastic, you should have been an actress, wow you should have seen Brian when he realize the other people were canceling, I’m sure he got an instant boner!!” she said.

There wasn’t time for any more as Brian and Jeffrey came back, Jeffrey in a cute pair of boxers, but Brian in a standard speedo, one which clearly outlined his well proportioned cock! I could almost feel Cindy start to drool! We led them outside and served up the salads and cold meats that we’d placed there earlier. Cindy sat alongside Brian on one lounger – much to his initial discomfort – and I sat with Jeffrey on the other, and we all chatted as we ate. Small talk, with an occasional slightly risque joke thrown in, Brian was a little surprised when I told the first one, but once he got over his slight shock, he regaled us with a few of his own, some a little beyond risque, testing the waters I think. When we accepted them and laughed at them, he relaxed even more.

The meal was soon over and we sat and sipped our cool drinks, then Cindy jumped to her feet and lifted her top over her head and tossed it aside, revealing her postage stamp size bikini top clearly for the first time .. along with the rest of her small but deliciously firm and succulent breasts .. “I’m for a swim, how about you mom?” she said, happily.

I grinned up at her, about to say yes, when I suddenly threw my hands to my head, “Oh hell, what time is it?” I cried.

Brian took a quick look at his watch, “Oh, it’s almost 8 o’clock” he said.

“Damn, I promised to have that cleaner I borrowed back to Wendy by 8 as she has guest arriving later, I’ll just have to rush it over there” I said. leaping to my feet.

“Aw mom, can’t it wait” said Cindy.

“No, I promised” I answered.

“But it’s too heavy for you to carry” said Cindy.

I looked around, “Oh Jeffrey will help me. won’t you Jeffrey?’ I said, grabbing his hand and almost hustling him to the kitchen door, “We shouldn’t be too long, you two just entertain yourself until we get back” I said, and disappeared inside. I pointed out the cleaner to Jeffrey and he picked it up and carried it out to the car as I nipped into the bedroom and dropped a track suit over my flimsy outfit. I rushed out to the car and jumped in and sped off down the street and around the corner, then turned suddenly into a drive way that wound around a little, but stopped well before reaching the house. I sat back with a sigh. Jeffrey looked at me with total bemusement etched into his face, and I grinned at him, “Oh this is Wendy’s, but she’s away for the weekend” I said. He looked even more bemused!, “Well, we have to give Cindy some time to work on your dad, don’t we?, but don’t worry, we’ll be back before the action really colette porno starts” I said.

Enlightenment finally dawned and he started to grin, and his grin widened even more when I reached over and started to stroke my hand up and down his thighs,, each stroke getting closer and closer to the growing bulge in his boxers … then I was sliding it inside and clasping my hand firmly around his hard shaft, and he was groaning rather than grinning! Then I was easing it out into the open and into my hot welcoming lips, and he was shuddering … leaning back into the car seat, legs wide spread as I stroked and sucked his beautiful cock. Mmmmmm, I did so love having a firm young cock in my mouth! Oh I took my time, playing him like a fisherman playing a trout, bringing him to the edge, then holding him back, making him whimper and buck and cry out for release, then letting him simmer, mmm I sure did love sucking on his hot young cock, and I made sure he loved it too, until finally I relented and pumping hard and sucking hard, allowed him to explode his juices down into my eager throat … and I sucked and licked and lapped up every copious drop of his cum! Leaving him momentarily at least, a shattered boy!

I turned his wrist over and looked at his watch, Mmm, we’d been gone just over half an hour, plenty of time for Cindy to have worked her magic, time to get back and join the party. Jeffrey hurriedly stuffed his depleted cock back into his boxers as I started the car and reversed out of the driveway, sitting there with a silly grin plastered all over his face.

I pretended to be annoyed and upset when Mom and Jeffrey left, stomping up and down the patio muttering about how inconsiderate mom was, always forgetting, always ruining things with her last minute rushing about, but all the time I made sure I was wandering up and down in front of Brian, giving him a good close up view of my tight teenage body. Once I even stopped where mom had been sitting and bent over to pick up her glass and put it on the table, hearing the sharp intake of breath, totally aware that when I bent down the thin string of my bikini bottoms disappeared so far into my ass crack as to be almost invisible, giving Brian every impression of seeing my completely naked ass. When I straightened up and spun around, his eyes were still glued to where my ass had been and his eyes were filled with lust, just like I wanted them to be! I grinned to myself.

“Oh well” I finally said, “There’s no point in waiting around for mom, I was going to take a dip, would you like to join me Brian?… oh … smile … you don’t mind me calling your Brian, do you?”

He gulped a little, his eyes still trying desperately not to fall to my breasts or my pussy, “Uh … I …uh .. don’t mind at all, guess a dip would go down well now” he said, but made no attempt to get up … and I knew why .. grin… his bathers were just about losing the battle to contain his rampant cock!

I turned away from him, hearing his slight sigh of relief, and walked to the edge of the pool, stood there for a moment, lifted my arms above my head, giving him another good look at my tight ass, then dived in. The water was surprisingly cold, but I knew that was only a momentary thing, and I swam for quite a way under water before erupting to the surface with a yell. The reason for swimming quite a way was to give me time to unhook my bikini top and send it fluttering to the bottom of the pool, so when I erupted from the water with a yell, I was genuinely able to cry out that I’d lost my top, and clasp my arms fairly loosely around my breasts and beg Brian to find them for me, before I died of embarrassment!

Well, what gentleman could resist such an impassioned plea? Certainly not Brian, and he even forgot about his own embarrassment about his erection as he lurched off his chair and threw himself into the water. He surfaced quite close to me, rubbing the water from his eyes, “Where? Where are they?” he spluttered, and I pointed to a spot a little behind him and to the right. To do that, of course, I had to uncross my arms and point, giving him a completely uninterrupted view of my tight, firm breasts, with their beautiful puffy nipples that mom loved so much. And if the fact that his eyes almost popped out of his head was any guide, Brian loved them as much as mom!

Then he twisted and dived down to the bottom again, searching for the bikini tops. The water was crystal clear and the garment was clearly visible, but Brian seemed to be having directional trouble and kept on coming up for air and asking me to point the way again, which, of course I did happily. Finally I think he realized he couldn’t keep up that pretence any longer and I saw him swim slowly over to the garment and pick it up. By this time I had moved back towards the shallow end, so when Brian arrived with the Bikini top I was standing only waist deep in the water, not bothering to cover my breasts any more. He stood there a little uncertainly, the tops dangling from one hand as his eyes drank in my naked breasts, “Do you like them?” I suddenly said, softly.

His eyes jerked up, “Oh, I didn’t mean to ….” he stammered.

I reached over and took the bikini top from him and smiled, “But you were, so do you like them?” I asked again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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